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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 2, 2011

Did the Zetas pick up any Service-to-Others before the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan? In order to prevent their death and allow them to continue their incarnation for the benefit of mankind. Or is this temporary lift only apply to the hour of the pole-shift?

We confirmed that highly Service-to-Other humans were rescued during the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, where so many dead needed to be buried that mass graves were the only option. Under ordinary circumstances, where these humans were facing certain death, they would be merely moved to their next incarnation, in this case into hybrid bodies, as infants in the high tech hybrid communities. In essence, the souls of these highly Service-to-Other human have been given the choice to remain in human form, the better to serve their fellow man during the time near at hand, the time of the pole shift. Certainly, a hybrid infant could do little. But in human form, speaking the language and knowing the culture, these souls could assist others greatly.

We can certainly confirm that the same situation existed during the great quake that struck northern Japan recently. Those missing are presumed washed out to sea. No recovery is possible. Those taken in human form and given the choice of remaining in human form are those who would otherwise be dead.

The Earth will be home for the Service-to-Other in the future, regardless of the physical form these souls assume. Those in the Service-to-Other long to help others, and there will be immense opportunities in the coming times, not only during the hour of the pole shift but afterwards, when injury and starvation and despair will be rampant. There are humans, incarnated by highly Service-to-Other souls, who have chosen to locate in areas that will be devastated, where despair will be the greatest. Rather than seeking to save themselves, to ease their personal situation, these souls are seeking to be of the greatest service to others. It is these we rescue, to aid them in their quest.

It seems natural that after any disaster such as a tornado or earthquake (and of course, the upcomming pole shift) that people work best with a goal in mind (such as rebuilding homes, restarting civilization etc.). Considering that the human species will for the most part be non-existent on Earth within 100 years, what is the best goal to focus on when considering a small community of survivors post-shift? Survival seems the most obvious as does reproduction and continuation of the species, but once a soul's lesson is complete, as in the poleshift, metaphorically speaking: what is the point of remaining in the classroom? I ask this because I am not someone who lies to others easily, even if doing so is for a good purpose, and I want to be able to give a clear reason for persisting to my fellow survivors after the pole shift.

Why not run away as quickly as possible, on whatever excuse? As we have endlessly explained, your life, your travails are not about gaining some material advantage for your physical situation! Those who think in terms of the physical think of returning to what mankind terms modern civilization, as though this were a worthy goal. Man is in the process of poisoning his environment in his greed and careless treatment of his biosphere. He spends his spare time playing video games and becoming obese while lounging in front of the TV. Each country builds a military so that war games can be used to keep the arrogant and greedy in power. This is the civilization you think needs to be rebuilt? If this is your argument when trying to motivate potential survivors, you are speaking the wrong language and to the wrong people. Those who deem this important are not those who are primarily concerned about others.

Likewise those who think about continuing the human race as a goal are hardly concerned about helping others. This is clearly a goal of the Catholic Church, which has done much to create a population explosion on Earth. This is the cry of those who wish to boost their sense of control over others, the larger the numbers, the greater their control. This is the mark of those in the Service-to-Self. Those aware of the soul, of the larger Universe, know that the physical form assumed does not matter. Continuation of the human species is the cry of those who resist the reality that intelligent life in many forms exists throughout the Universe and is currently visiting Earth. This viewpoint is narrow, territorial, full of fear and assumes somehow that the human body is superior to all others. If this is your argument when trying to convince potential survivors, your are again speaking the wrong language and to the wrong people. Those who deem this important are not focused on helping others.

How can it be imagined that once the pole shift has been experienced, that the life lessons have been completed, learned, and now one can run away? How do you know what your lessons are? This is soul knowledge, seldom something consciously known. This is not like your superficial experience with lessons on Earth. Your exam is over, so put down your pencil and paper and rush out of the school room to play? Soul lessons are never completed, they are just augmented, moving to larger and more complex lessons as incarnations proceed and the soul grows in mass and wisdom. Where you are hoping to run away, you are merely running to your next incarnation, where you will be faced with the same dilemmas. When faced with horrible situations, do you think of the others who will be affected, and how to help them? Or will you once again think of how to run away, as quickly as possible?

Hundreds of dead starfish wash up on Talybont beach [Mar 24] Council maritime officer Barry Davies said it is common for starfish to be washed ashore during spring tides but it was not clear why they had migrated so far up the shoreline. He said that the common starfish - found around the UK coast - feed on mussels and other crustaceans and while there is no clear reason why the starfish migrated so far along the coast he felt one reason could be a shortage of food. [and from another] A story posted by a ning member this week about dead starfish washing up on a North Whales beach is curious in that it is seemingly only starfish, no other collateral sea life or echinoderms visible that is included in the mass kill. Adding to the mystery is that only the same family of starfish are washing up dead across similar events: England (Devon) march 19 2010 and another on November 6 2009 on a Northeast Irish beach. The only cause I can imagine would be that these are the only starfish in the area and they migrated to the beach to escape a particle flow danger and died on the beach for lack of food. From what I understand of this area, it is a stretch zone, so very likely the sea bottom is releasing methane, but if the cause of death was methane release, surly we would see many diverse life-forms in the mix? Would the Zetas care to comment on why just this particular kind of starfish are being killed and why not other sea life in the area?
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This is not an instance where creatures are running from electromagnetic screech from rock under stress. These starfish are not running from something, they are chasing after something particularly tasty. As noted in the article, starfish often appear in the spring tides, this instance where they are higher on the shore, and now dead. What has changed this spring? The tides are more erratic, the waves rolling further up the beach, and the crowds of starfish in greater numbers because the their food source has migrated up the coastline. When beached such that they cannot return to the sea, starfish die. These are star fish. They breathe via processing water and do not have lungs to draw in air. Without water, they suffocate.

You have said that only 1 out of 20 contactees go on to do whatever it is they want to do after becoming contactees. What about star-children? How many of them fail in their missions?

Star Children have great flexibility in their missions. Jesus would not have failed in his mission to leave guidance for man had he died in his infancy of some childhood disease. He would have picked up with a different incarnation, or perhaps assumed another form as a walk-in. Obama is an example of a Star Child who was determined to assume the Oval Office during this time, and arrived there as planed. But what is not known is that he was a walk-in of the Obama persona as a teen, and not born into the body. He altered his course from the original route, to avoid problems that loomed on the horizon. Most Star Children have rather open-ended missions, to assist with the Transformation. This can be as broad as the goal of increasing Service-to-Other vibes in the area, being an example for others, extending a helping hand to alleviate anxiety and fear and thereby setting the tone. Due to the flexibility Star Children have in maneuvering, few find themselves in a situation they would deem a failure, thwarted. They are by nature resourceful!

I'm soooo excited about the up come pole shift, For the fact that there are infinite possibility's for what we can evolve in too. Social, technologically, environmentally and spiritually and what new wonders we will see! So what I'm asking the zeta's, When it's come to the handing of new techologys from other alien races after the pole shift,
1. What kind of time frame will the technologys be handed to us? (e.g. a decade or 50 years)
2. Will the technologys be given to individuals or a group or organization?
3. As to current new alternative techologys like what come out of the free energy movment, are we on the ball with them? As there is some wonderful work out there been produced which make me extra exicted for what coming after the pole shift.

We have repeatedly stressed that alien technology, or alien assistance, will only come to those who are highly Service-to-Other or to groups that are so dominated by this spiritual orientation that there is no chance of a takeover by others. This omits any group in a heavy traffic lane or within communities of undecideds or with Service-to-Self gangs in the vicinity, as takeover of the technology is then possible. Upon hearing that technological assists, and interaction with aliens and the hybrids as neighbors, is something that human survivors can look forward to, there are often inquiries about the particular of the hand-over. Such inquiries are almost invariably not from those in the Service-to-Other, who have another focus entirely.

Those in the Service-to-Other do not have time or energy to focus on a fast track to a high tech existence in our cities, or any shared technology. They are focused on the pain and despair that is to come, on the sense of abandonment that so many will feel when government assistance does not come, on the fear and loneliness that children will feel when separated from their parents by death or desertion. The least of their thoughts is on new technological toys! If they ponder this possibility, of alien assists, their thoughts are on how those injured or bearing almost unbearable memories might be assisted. How nutrition in those communities where poor planning has left them with a limited diet can be improved.

Thus those who are eagerly asking for details about alien technology need not bother, as they are highly unlikely to be on the receiving end of such assistance.

I have a question about the overall movement of the two American continents during the PS. Right now, they are in a certain relationship to each other (longitudinally speaking). For example, right now New York City is directly north of Bogota, Colombia. We know that South America will move 250 miles to the west during the 7-of-10. The Zetas have also said that "the S America Plate crunches through much of what is now the Caribbean Plate". Can the Zetas give us a better idea of just how much further to the west (and north?) the SA continent will move in relationship to the NA continent during the PS? (For the sake of clarity, we're still using the current directions even though we realize that north will become west post PS.) There are many of us in North America who are still trying to get a realistic idea of our future climate, and we cannot get any kind of good fix on where the new North Pole will be without knowing more precisely how the juxtaposition of the two continents will be altered.

Despite numerous responses by ourselves on how to determine the new geography, confusion still exists. Apparently, nothing short of a new globe, drawn by ourselves, will suffice. This, despite Nancy providing the new Equator on the New Geography map she provided at the start of ZetaTalk. This, despite the fact that one can cut out Nancy's map and tape it together and get a new globe. This, despite Mike drawing the new geography on a globe so that there is no question on the location of the continents, post pole shift. This, despite ourselves giving the exact Lat/Long of the current land that will become the new N and S Poles. All you have to do is buy a cheap globe, trace the continents on a piece of paper and cut them out ready to paste, paint the globe so it is a blank, and paste the continents in their appropriate places aka Nancy's map and Mike's globe photos. Simple.

Why is there this continuing confusion? This is at base a gasp of disbelief. One does not want to contemplate such radical changes, so one simply does not grasp the outcome. The outcome is what should be focused on, for understanding. To avoid being bogged down in contemplating the wild ride, just focus on the outcome. Don't focus on what exactly will happen when the S America roll moves the top part of S America 250 miles further to the west. Don't focus on the excruciating bow the N American continent will be placed under before it finally adjusts, the New Madrid sliding diagonally. Don't focus on how these two giant plates will be juxtapositioned vs a vs each other during these gyrations. Just look at the outcome. The interim steps are something we will detail as the 7 of 10 changes progress.

The Zetas recently made additional comments about Boulder, CO and its proximity to Denver and DIA. This information is invaluable, and applies to all areas around Denver. Thank you! You have said that the Denver area will be one of the hubs of future world government, if not the central hub. Can you provide any additional information about this region, related to survivors? Could you clarify what "virtual slaves" means? Will law-obiding land-owners be allowed to stay on their property? Will the government sieze/take privately owned and stored supplies? Will they force survivors into camps or force them into work camps? How does the line where civility and legal ownership get crossed? How does that line get passed in communities where the rule of law, the politicians, or the generals in charge of troops move to be, in essence, brutalizing the natives? What is the progression, etc. Any additional info would be appreciated, and could make a difference in what people of this region decide to do. Thank you so much for your help and guidance!

For a people used to thinking that their military is there to protect and rescue them, it is a difficult leap to what we have described as essential martial law and virtual slavery of survivors in the Aftertime. In those regions close to military bases and the enclaves of the politically powerful and wealthy, known collectively as the elite, this will almost always be the case. This is not only the danger for those living in the Denver, Colorado area, but anywhere such an enclave may develop or is being planed. We have long warned survivors to avoid government installations or military bases. How does a body such as the US military move from being a protector and on occasion in an emergency response capacity to being an oppressor?

Martial law is envisioned as an order from the top, carried out by obedient soldiers who do not question the chain of command. In fact, this is anything but the truth. As we have explained, for martial law to be imposed in a location like the US, where democracy has been in place for hundreds of years, is not likely. The citizens would be impatient, and resist restraints, and soldiers who are likewise US citizens would be reluctant to impose these restraints on what they would deem, potentially, could be their families and friends. Martial law is something those at the top desire, to prevent erosion of their control over assets and manpower. The migration of mindset from the soldier as sons of the common man to oppressor is thus a multi-step operation.

The US military has long been nervous about the soldiers under their command. Composed predominantly of members of the US underclass - primarily poor blacks and Hispanics - their loyalty is not certain. They are expected to go AWOL, absent without leave, in great numbers when the Earth changes become extreme, certainly by the last weeks. Soldiers are anticipated to have as their first loyalty their families, and to seek to be united with their families. Thus, rather than face rebellious troops, one they cannot feed in the Aftertime, the US military is planning to release most of these soldiers ahead of the pole shift. Those that would remain to protect the enclaves of the elite would be those whose skill set is needed, and who their superiors feel they can control by threats. If a soldier's family are dependents on a base, and the soldier at a distance, this is leverage.

Martial law is presented to the soldier base which must enforce it as a matter of national security. Devastating cataclysms have occurred, the populace subject to roving and looting gangs, and re-establishing the US government a top priority associated with retaining and re-establishing civilization itself. Any citizen resisting this concept is painted as a virtual terrorist, thus, an enemy of the state. Those soldiers who show reluctance to treat the nearby surviving civilian populace as such is removed, by one means or another, either by exile or execution. Once civilian resistance is treated like a type of terrorism, an attempt to sabotage the re-establishment of civilization itself, practices like torture and indifference to pain in the civilian population follows.

Could Zetas comment about the situation of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant now, would it be worsening and the effect to Japan and the whole world.

We stated that the Fukushima plant had received alien assistance, as it would have arrived at that point or worse without such assistance. By this we meant that explosions would have occurred, spewing immense amounts of radioactive dust into the atmosphere. This did not happen. We also stated that the plant was not protected completely from damage, as the point was to awakening the establishment and the public to the dangers of nuclear power plants during a time of geological change. A lesson the public has learned, but the establishment is choosing to ignore. Thus the lessons that Fukushima holds for the establishment are being continued!

The answer is to stop building these plants, close down those that do not have safety measures built in, and prepare to close any operating plants at the first sign of large quakes. This means the public must make do with less electricity, with strict conservation methods in place, with the governments firmly behind such moves. There is no evidence that the establishment is willing to make such moves, but rather they are all pretending that Fukushima is an aberration, something that will not happen again anytime soon, if ever. Are such earthquakes not in Japan's future? Are nuclear power plants not proliferating all over the world, even placed on known fault lines and near large cities?

The Japanese government in particular has resisted admitting the reality of what was happening at Fukushima. Only when the hard facts were in the hands of the public did they admit what was happening to the reactors which were in the process of slow meltdown. The full facts are still not known to the public. Many deaths will result from the Japanese government sending in workers to their certain death, all to save face and attempt to save the reactors. These were financial decisions, as well as face saving maneuvers, none of which are gaining the sympathy of the benign aliens who helped moderate the disaster during the quake. Thus the reactors are being allowed to proceed in their death march, as the area will be too radioactive for operators, the two working reactors buried alive along with the four that are disabled.