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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 14, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I was wondering if you could comment on the perception of linear time. Is this a human phenomenon or do most beings perceive it the same way? Is there really a concept of time? Can we alter our perception?

Time is one of the physical factors you must deal with, as your body is in a physical world. We have detailed what time travel involves, and it is not what humans often imagine. Time travel does not occur unless the Council of Worlds gives approval, and is never allowed for those in the Service-to-Self. When people state that time is moving too quickly, or too slowly, they are describing their reaction to their situation, as time proceeds evenly for all.

Is it possible that the ending of the spring trimester will contribute to the ending of the current Earth Changes plateau? What influence or effect will the upcoming summer trimester have on the Earth wobble?

We have explained that the summer trimester, May-August, is the strongest, September-December diminishing, and January-April the weakest. Thus, significant Earth changes can be anticipated this summer. Just what will occur, and in what timeframe, we cannot say.

Given that sea levels are to rise globally by 675 ft in the two years following the Pole Shift, will the Svalbard seedbank facility be submerged? Could it be used in the Aftertime to re-seed parts of the world, perhaps by the seafaring Norwegians? Is there anything Bill Gates, etc. can do now to optimize the future usefulness of the seedbank?

Those in Norway will realize the fault with the current location in time to relocate the seeds and to a new location. Norway is high country, and has other options. It is likely that some of these seeds will find their way into lands where the climate has changed, to assist settlements. But primarily survivors will be using the seeds they have carried and cherished and grown in the past. Just as those migrating from Europe in the past brought many new plants to the Americas, and the Americas introduced many new crops to Europe.

Regarding this wobble, can you and the Zetas explain the Clifton Suspension Bridge Solargraph? It's an extended exposure taken between December 17th, 2007 and June 21st 2008. It shows no evidence of the wobble.

This is a NASA chart? Ask no further, you have your answer. It is not by accident that the professional debunkers have been posting, for the past several months, about extended exposure. This was the plan, to present a NASA exposure as proof that a wobble does not exist. Never mind satellite problems. Never mind what the public can see with their own eyes! Check where the Sun is on rising or setting, where the Moon is, and check these locations against old and established planetarium data. This is what you should believe. Not the professional liars at NASA who have been denying the alien presence, and the Face on Mars, all these years.

A few days ago the ISS could be hit by a so called piece of space junk (according to the news and to NASA) yet I think ther was more too it. That this was not a piece of metal but part of the tail. Could the Zetas comment on what realy occured during that day?

Just as the story floated about the crash of the Russian and US surveillance satellite was a false story, to spread the impression that space trash was increasing and now a danger to satellites, this story about the ISS is also a false story. How would the public know? The video of any emergency could have been obtained during an exercise in the past. The establishment expects satellite failures to increase, so had to arrange a crash in the satellite zone to explain increasing failures to the public. They also know the ISS must be closed if those manning it are to be brought back alive, and you can be sure those who are manning it are pressing for this. What would NASA do if the ISS crew rebelled and refused to do anything? How would this be explained? The story of space junk endangering the ISS is a cover in case an evacuation is done.

There is a webbot prediction about global coastal events. And this seems to correlate with what the Zetas said about sloshing, the wobble, tidal waves. What about this prediction, any comments. Does this prediction has ring of truth to it withouth saying yes or no or when?

We have addressed HalfPastHuman webbot predictions in the past, as they do have a documented accuracy track record. What should be born in mind is that the collective conscious not only picks up information from the minds of others, it also picks up information from the Internet, and that includes ZetaTalk predictions as well as other predictions. There are those who say that ZetaTalk has few fans. This is evidence that the opposite is the case, and the predictions made by ourselves are broadly known and discussed.

Can the Zetas shed some light on the Mounds of N.America? One belief is that many are the burials of giants, and that the Indigenous Indians of the time fought a great battle with and destroyed them. It is also told that as many were destroyed by the great migration of the White Man and their settlements, along with the subsequent scientific explorations of the mounds, the Smithsonian Institute went to great lengths to destroy evidence by 'disposing' of said evidence in the ocean. What's left in the Ohio area alone are but a fragment of what was found; many being destroyed because of what was found. When I asked a friend about the mounds, a Hunkpapa Sioux, he said that his people have stories of giants that existed here millions of years ago, and many elders, today, of the First Nations Peoples (Indigenous Native Americans) say, "we have always been here." Are these giants in their stories the Annunaki? Or other "visitors" to Earth? Who lies buried in the mounds?

Certainly the Annunaki walked the Earth, and recently, so many cultures have this in their verbal history. The Great Pyramids were built by the Annunaki, and this was certainly not done millions of years ago. But when the Smithsonian Institute destroys what they took from the mounds, they are getting rid of the evidence of their missteps. "What grave robbery," would be their claim in court. "Prove it." Mounds were of course burial sites, as sacred as cemeteries are in today's world.

There does seem to be a lot of earthquakes in the subduction zone of "Puerto Rico Region" for the past month or so. Just a hair under 50 small quakes in that area on 3/12/09 were reported on the USGS and wonder how many went unreported or downsized. Was just down in that area and everything was going along like normal. They did say they "felt" an earthquake about a month ago in St. Thomas but otherwise couldn't feel the rest of them. Anything up down there?

We have stated that the Caribbean Plate will not fare well during the coming pole shift, as it is a small plate and the two plates it will be squeezed between are massive. The N American and S American plates will grind the Caribbean up into gravel, such is the devastation that will result. Nancy has documented, and will present in her forthcoming newsletter, an example of the entire plate of S America moving at once, with quakes on all sides of the plate. This occurred this past March 12, 2009. What happens to the minor plate that is a neighbor when something like that occurs?

In the Myth section of ZetaTalk Chi is described as not viable. Does this apply to Falon Gong, method of energy thru exercise.

There are many practices that benefit humanity, but not for the reasons given. Exercise is relaxing, gets rid of nervous tension, and it is well known that nervous tension can give rise to heart and blood pressure problems.

I am curious about the topography at Vantage, Washington where I-90 crosses the Columbia river. The region slopes for ten miles from the west, beginning at roughly 3,000 feet elevation down to cliffs ranging from between 400 to 600 feet above the river's edge. The river sits at approximately 600 feet elevation at Vantage, where a man-made lake currently exists behind Wanapum dam. The eastern slope virtually mirrors that of the western side until it plateaus at about 2,000 feet and then maintains approximately that elevation all the way to Spokane some 130 miles east as the crow flies. This topography travels north to south paralleling the river for miles. In essence, it appears land collapsed on a colossal scale on each side of the river and then the canyon was later carved by the river. The Zetas have said many rivers lie on fault lines. Can the Zetas give their assessment of this region?

You've assessed the region very accurately, but are ascribing the valley to the wrong factors. Mountain building is a process whereby pressure builds and then suddenly releases when overriding rock slides over an underlying strata. There is a bounce back, as any sudden movement will encounter blocks or resistance. This is why in mountain building areas the terrain looks like a rumpled blanket, with mountain ranges and valleys in between. Naturally, when rain drains, it will find the lowest spot, the valleys. It is true that rivers are often flowing along a fault line, which has partially collapsed due to the friction, the constant rubbing, but not in all cases.

Would the Zetas like to comment on an age old saying that says, 'Love Your Enemies'. Can I Love those who trespass against us. Can I love the dictators and oppressors of our Lives.. The drunk that wiped out a whole family or the person that robbed everything the person ever worked for? Can it work in this world at all? I read the Dali Lama is failing at this. What can you say to Him?

This adage has as its goal to spread the practice of compassion. Many times a transgressor is an injured person, and in those cases where kindness will result in less violence all around, this is a good practice. The adage is advising against violence to solve violence, as it is well known that someone in a rage of grief or anger will expend their grief or anger if all around them remain calm. But of course, such an adage does not work against the hardened Service-to-Self individual. Will not work with the sadist, or the power monger, etc. A different approach is needed there, as we have advised. You resist them, completely, and defend yourself.

My question is about mind-altering substances on 3rd Density worlds because I suspect humans on Earth of course aren't the only ones getting high. What is the need of getting high if it's not related to a problem that one is having in life? So why do that? Do 4th Density STS aliens use mind-altering substances? I know STO obviously avoids them.

We advise against this as this is a form of skipping out of school, the Earth being your schoolhouse. Of course other 3rd Density worlds have their escapes from reality. And we have detailed that those using drugs are often in pain, and that this pain needs to be addressed.

The Zetas have said weather will become increasingly erratic as the wobble grows. However, with the fracturing of faults and as a result, the gradual draining of various lakes and rivers, along with heat from a more active core, can we anticipate a near global drought at some time prior to the passage?

We predicted more tenacious drought and deluge in 1995, alternating and unpredictable, when no one else was predicting the problems with the weather now at hand. The primary cause of the weather changes is of course the wobble, which we knew would commence. The wobble is only going to get worse as we approach the pole shift. But a statement that the entire world will experience drought is incorrect. The whole world will experience weather extremes, with the seasons almost seeming to blend into one another, and while some areas continue to experience drought others will almost wash away during deluge.

Please, what is going on at Hanford Nuclear in WA State. Harmonic tremors? Within 7 min a 'known' GLP distractor jumped on this thread and continues in an abusive manor, which, to me indicates that we have indeed touched on a 'hot' spot here.

We have stated that all volcanoes active within the past 10,000 years should be expected to become active during the forthcoming pole shift. Natually, volcanic ranges that have been active recently, as is the case along the West Coast, will show a lot of activity prior to the pole shift. The N American continent has given signs of being under stress, such as snapping rock causing booms across many states in the central US. If the S American plate can roll, having earthquakes along all sides of the plate almost simultaneously, then what is happening to the N American Plate which is under a diagonal pull stress? The New Madrid is booming, and the West Coast is heating up!

If Planet X is always moving closer to earth, how are these so called plateus explained?

There are many more factors involved than simply magnetic clash and gravity pull. If the solar system has magnetic trimesters, then what is causing these thrice-a-year changes? These are phenomena that mankind does not understand, and cannot explain. The atmosphere has high pressure and low pressure air masses, and this causes wind. That mankind understands. The child might ask why one day is calm and another has a thunderstorm, and in the past man explained that as the anger of the gods. The Earth changes leading up to the pole shift have active times and plateus because of many factors, which would take endless hours to explain so we decline to do so.

As a physician, it appears to me that the majority of chronic illnesses result from a disruption within the immune system. Can you comment on optimizing one's immune system most efficiently. Does the psychological component far outweigh the nutritional? What would be the most crucial factor?

Genetics play a great role, in fact the major role. Heightened tension, whereby the body feels itself under threat and raising the immune system to prepare for injury during battle, is the next major cause, causing autoimmune diseases. Depression, whereby the individual has decided to die, will depress the immune system, causing cancer which in the main is caused by this type of decision. This is why spontaneous remission can occur, and why other instances of cancer are resistant to all treatments. Least of all is the nutritional component, although this gets a lot of attention because it is something the doctor can address.

Do you think Hawk is right about nukes going off in our cities?

We have stated that we do not anticipate any nuclear war, nor any nuclear explosion such as terrorism (or false flag terrorism caused by the establishment trying to trigger martial law). This is, however, in the hands of man to a great degree. During the Bush administration, there were dozens of attempts to detonate a dirty bomb in a US city, with these directives coming out of Cheney's office. None succeeded, because of a combination of our efforts in reading minds and our communications to humans working with us who blocked these attempts.

Are emanations from the Earth's core playing any part in the current phenomenon of male fish developing female traits across the globe?

This phenomena, the feminizing of the male, has been around for several decades and affecting more than just fish. It affects humans and many species of wildlife. PCB's were known to mock estrogen, and when those in industry who profited by using PCB's were informed of this, they continues to use PCB's which spread into the water systems and soil by many routes. This is documented, and in history, so if you want to know who to blame, you can discover the villains.

The Brazilian president came to visit with Obama in the White House today. Was the presence of Planet X discussed? Did Obama brief him or was it the other way around, heads of state asking Obama based on what they were told by Bush.

We stated previously, when asked endlessly about Obama's intentions, that we would respect his privacy, as he requested this of us. His conferences with heads of state certainly would reveal much about his thoughts and plans. Thus, we decline to answer.

Have the people who make the chemtrails had a CIA style brief to convince them of Planet X? How are they so sure it's there and what is their vested intrest?

There is of course contention among the wealthy, some feeling that an educated public would better prepare for survival, would form communities that could be self sustaining and therefore help all who survive. But others feel that their personal enclaves must be protected by all means, and this includes preventing the public from an awareness of the presence of Planet X until the last moment if possible. As long as there is funding for this effort, and crews willing to earn the money, this practice will continue.

Please tell us who is responsible for the Conficker worm that is infecting millions of computers and whether it is suggested to set off on April 1st, and if so, what will be the consequence of this worm in millions of computers around the world.

The individuals responsible will hardly be arrested on our say-so, as evidence would be lacking. There is no point in your question, as this matter is in the hands of man and can go in many directions, thus.

Michael Tellinger This video is saying we are several different race groups, each coming from a different extra terrestrial world. And that the similarity discovered early on by the Human Gnome, is now, after further research, far more different than first believed. Hence, we cannot truly call ourselves, collectively, the Human Race. The Lakota/Dakota/Nakota peoples have an axiom: Mitakuye Oyasin-We Are All Related or All My Relations. They also have no separate word for animals-to which they say, the Four Leggeds, the Winged Ones, etc., and honor the buffalo, deer, eagle, etc. as Brothers and Sisters. They believe we are all related-the rocks, trees, and the races. There are also Indigenous elders who say, they have always been here. Can the Zetas please comment on this?

We will not address what others say about mankind's history, except to address our own statements about the family of man and the history of the American Indian. Some are transplants to the Earth, as the American Indian and Bigfoot and the Men-in-Black are. The races of man were primarily genetic engineering of various apes already on Earth, with various DNA from elsewhere, in stages.

Millions of people belonging to several religions keep track of the heavens as part of their rituals. Along with amature astronomers and sailors all over the world why is it that these folks, especial people who's faith would be dramatically shaken if the heavens behaved abnormally, don't notice anything wrong?

They do notice, and Nancy's email queue is filled with such notice. The issue is not whether people notice but what happens when they try to take this to an authority. The aberrations they note are denied. Those making inquiries are told they are in error, are incompetent, and are treated with distain. If the information reaches a website, it is debunked by professionals paid to watch for this. If the website or posting cannot be discredited, then the webmaster is leaned on, and assassinations have occurred because of these matters.

What's the truth about the MIAC report? Disinfo to tar the administration, or is it real?

Consider the source. Do you believe everything that is posted on the Internet?

You have said that life in the cities will start being unlivable, that sewers and water pipes will start to crack; power shortages increasingly happening; the internet, phone, and electricity being down. Can you tell us if these things will happen enough for the average city dweller to notice them well before the 3 days of darkness, is this what you meant by "you won't be surprised" without weeks of warning. Is that weeks of warning before the poleshift or the 3 days of darkness? I hope it's weeks before the 3 days so that I can convince the people around me.

This is happening now! New York City has had massive steam pipe breaks. Nancy has lists of such occurrences for 2004 and the few years following, showing the increase in these incidences. Her newsletters have many instances. Check the newsletter archives. This is all explained away as aging pipes or temperature extremes affecting the pipes. Certainly, as the tail of Planet X points increasingly toward the Earth, there will be electromagnetic disturbances as was experienced in 2003 when the tail wafted past the Earth. Just what degree this will occur prior to the last week, we cannot say.

I know you guys have said the best way to go about telling people about the coming changes is gradually, but you do understand that it is kind of hard for anyone to just say "you gotta believe what I heard this lady say". We'll just be ridiculed, and no one will even give it a serious thought. For the few who are wise enough, they do sense something is up, but for the most they just don't believe. The people around me do sense something is up, but I dont know where to go from there. They've just given up all of this as conspiracy theories.

We have been asked this question repeatedly and have given the same answer. Some will deny and their denial only harden as the Earth changes increase. Others will resist, being skeptical, but at some point will break and make plans. You can often sense who is who in this regard during your discussions. Don't pressure those who will be in hard denial. It is fruitless.

I would like to live through the pole shift becuase I think it'll actually be fun experience trying to help people. But if I have family most of whom I feel may go into the "denial or crazy/panic-struck state", would it be better to get them to a safe place, or have them make peace with death and ask them to die with their relatives who have no choice other than death? I understand this is their choice, but what would be better for them.

This is your choice, and your decision.

What is it with the whole turn the lights off for one day here in Toronto? Is it genuinely driven by people who care about the environment, or a money issue that saves the city some, or trying to condition us to the times ahead of us.

All cities are stressed, and none want to alarm the public as yet about the coming pole shift. Thus, if there weren't a financial motive, these moves would not occur.

Were the Polynesian idols or gods called Tangaroa the Zetas in their past?


Can the Zetas comment on this story during the previous Christmas holiday? Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) Provost Marshal (head of a unit of military police) and the local California Highway Patrol office will begin working together 12/12 - and through the holiday season - in a joint effort to reduce accidents and drinking and driving. The combined mutual cooperation between the Marine Corps Military Police and State enforcement officers will begin somewhere along Highway 62. The CHP will set up DUI roadblocks with the presence of Military Police. A violation of the Posse Comitatus Act.

The Bush administration was in charge in those days, and it is no secret that their intent, their agenda, was to invoke martial law. They were merely exploring various means of reaching their goal.

Will the ruling elite kill most of us off with a war or a plague?

Some may want to, but blocking this sort of action is why we do not give specific dates for disasters, or for the pole shift itself, as without a date certain they cannot make a move without being called to account.