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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 20, 2010

I've read the information given by the Zetas concerning Sweden ../info/tinfx025.htm and Norway ../info/tinfx021.htm. It's known that Sweden/Norway before and after the pole shift will accept migrating crowds from the countries of northern Europe (GB, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland), the western Russia, the Baltic countries, possibly from others. And therefore their big movement will be there anyway. Thus, my Q is, in the future how much Sweden/Norway can expect big pandemonium? And, thus, how much they will be safe then, one way or another, because of this?, As I assume that elites of some countries-drowned, also as and the usual person, will go there.

Of course Norway and Sweden are seen as desirable countries to immigrate to as they are high ground, social democracies that take care of their citizens, and in the case of Norway, wealthy. One should not expect their immigration polities to change. They won't become more lenient, as we stated when questioned about the reaction to drowning neighbors after the 7 of 10 tsunami there. This is of course in the hands of man, and could change, but we are giving you our best assessment. All countries will be increasingly strict about immigration. Then the issue becomes what this or that country might do with uninvited guests! Will they intern them in camps, as Australia does? Will they force them to march back across the border at gunpoint? All this and more, depending upon the country's propensities.

There will of course be huge numbers of migrating people from western Russia, Demark, Finland, and the lowlands of Poland and Germany and other lowland countries. They have few choices. They can push into the highlands of Sweden and Norway and take their chances at being expelled, or migrate south into the Alps and other high ground where they will likewise meet hostility, or in the case of Russia migrate toward the Urals where they will find intense crowding. As we described for Kazakhstan, such drowning migrants will get repeatedly pushed along, by lack of space and lack of food. Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.

Can the Zetas give their take on the G-20 meetings that just ended? It sounded pretty tense, currency wars etc. Who is pleased/not pleased? [and from another] Obama: Seoul G20 Meetings Strengthened Hand In Global Dealings [Nov 12] His speech came on his first full day in Japan, following a divisive G-20 summit in Seoul where he failed to win the backing of other international leaders for a get-tough policy toward China over on its currency stance and also missed his goal of reaching agreement with longtime ally South Korea on a new free-trade pact. [and from another] Why world leaders smacked down Obama at G20 summit [Nov 12] Leaders at the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Seoul, South Korea - China and Germany topping the list - made it clear that they feel freer than ever to stand up to the United States on global economic issues. And South Korea refused to bow to Obama administration demands for reworking a US-Korea free-trade agreement dating from the Bush administration, putting off conclusion of the trade pact until at least next year.

This is not so much a failure on Obama's part to secure the deals he wanted as a sign of the economic desperation all countries are feeling. We stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, a decade before the Wall Street crash in the fall of 2008, that there would be a market crash, describing the economic depression that was to come. Unlike the Great Depression in the 1930's, there is no engine at present capable of pulling the world out of its economic depression. All countries are depressed, and are trying to gain the upper hand in trade agreements. They are reluctant to anger China, which has a huge market and could punish those who join with Obama to put pressure on China to adjust its currency. The slide into a deeper and deeper depression is ongoing everywhere. If there were no happy results for Obama, no other country faired any better. As the president, he of course had to at least try to put the US in an advantageous position. There may not have been any losers, but likewise there were no winners.

Could you explain a little more about the pacific 'folding' ? It's a big ocean. Will it 'fold' more or less the same from the northern to southern hemisphere and does the folding process create events unique to itself or will these be minor compared to the shift events.

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align="right" hspace="0" width=375 height=195>We addressed the fact that the Pacific plate is not one plate, as assumed. In fact, it is at least four plates. The rise and incident of islands from Kamchatka to Hawaii to the Society Islands shows this to be a plate boundary, down the center of the Pacific. Call that land to the east of this plate boundary the East Pacific Plate. There is also a triangle of a plate between the points of Hawaii, West Samoa, and the Society Islands. Call this the West Pacific Plate. Below the Society Islands is a plate which could be called the South Pacific Plate. And the portion of the Pacific Plate pushing under Japan and pushing under the Philippine Plate could be called the North Pacific Plate. All these plates are folding now, as a close examination of the live seismographs shows. Take a look at where magma sloshing is ongoing!

What we refer to as the folding Pacific is more than this, however. It is primarily the plates abutting Asia. The Mariana Trench will collapse against the tiny Mariana Plate which will tilt and fold to push under the Philippine Plate. The Philippine Plate is likewise tilting to fold and push under the tongue holding Indonesia, which is itself buckling and sinking. Where the Pacific plates are almost constantly adjusting, the north and west Pacific plates riding over the east and south Pacific plates, this is silent and virtually unnoticed by man, who cannot place his monitors under the deep sea. Hawaii is known to be steadily rising, however, as a result of this. Thus, when we refer to a folding Pacific, we are referring to the plates tilting and folding against Indonesia and Japan.

align="right" hspace="0" width=324 height=175>In Russia from many cities messages on tremors (Chelyabinsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Volgograd, Orenburg) have arrived. In Chelyabinsk within the precincts of houses there were small cracks. The authorities explain it explosions on range, technogenic earthquake. But capacity of explosion obviously should be very big, the sound from it would be audible in a city. But nobody heard. Except that earthquake were and in other cities. Probably the government lies. In these regions there are no seismic stations, it is impossible to measure magnitude. Earlier in these cities there were no earthquakes. What Zetas can tell about it? What reason of earthquakes?

These cities lie along rivers. Rivers, as we have often stated, are there the plate is thin, thus sagging, and thus low points where the water finds its level. The Eurasian Plate is pulling apart, except along the Pacific, where the great Eurasian Plate is encountering the compressing Pacific. Thus a new seaway will appear running up through the Indus Valley in Pakistan and thence into Russia. The river bottoms in western Russia are pulling apart, and where the stretch zone is normally silent, earthquakes are certainly part of the process.

What Saffir-Simpson Scape (or off-the-scale) category of worst case scenario hurricane force wind speed/s may be expected, on a global average, during the hour of the pole shift? ZT content mentions "hurricane force winds" many times in answering a plethora of questions, yet nothing more specific as to a range of approximate wind speed/s, and I can find no ZT reference to a ZT projected category (?) of wind speed, at least according to the well known Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale of Cat 1 through 5. As such, the ZT mention of "hurricane force winds" covers a tremendous range of possibilities, ramifications, dangers and destruction, and it would seem wise to narrow down the worst case scenario, average upper limit range of pole shift wind speeds a bit to help people properly prepare, or at the very least, not allow people to mistakenly get a very wrong impression that they may simply expect Cat 1 "hurricane force wind speeds" if, in fact, such hour of the pole shift winds may be much, much higher and far, far more dangerous. However, official hurricane wind speed charts indicate that category 5 sustained winds -- the highest category in mankind's Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale - are classed at/above 156 miles per hour. (In the post Katrina environment, some suggestions abounded regarding upping the ante to create a new category 6 level with sustained wind speeds at/above 180 miles per hour.) ZT references Velikovsky's recount of Maya documents that describe a "hurricane [that] carried away all towns and all forests." ../info/tinfo07b.htm The US NOAA table of impacts for category 1 through 5 hurricane force winds indicates that in category 4 winds, "most trees will be snapped" and in cat 5 winds, "nearly all trees will be snapped or uprooted." So, by referencing the NOAA table and then one-to-one mapping the implications to Velikovsky's recount of Maya descriptions of pole shift winds, the ancient equivalent to today's category 5 winds apparently would have been required to fell entire forests in the Maya region. Therefore, one might surmise that it is the Category 5 wind speeds of approximately 156 miles per hour that one may expect during the hour of the pole shift. However, I suspect this [156 mph] is not the worst case scenario average upper limit wind speed range for the hour of the pole shift, probably far from it. As a matter of fact, an Internet search reveals that "Hurricane Camille (1969) broke the equipment at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi when her winds reached somewhere around 205 to 210 mph." This apparently stands as mankind's record for modern accounting of the highest hurricane force wind speed ever recorded. So, when the ill wind blows during the hour of the pole shift, what can mankind really expect?

Our prediction did not specify a hurricane category because the wind speed will vary, around the world, and will vary at different times during the hour of the pole shift. Hurricane winds are known by man to go up to 155 mph or so. By crouching in a trench, below ground level, as we suggest, or in a bermed structure, it should not matter if the winds are 95 mph or 155 mph. What of man's structures survive the force of the winds might differ, depending, but what lies below ground level will survive not only hurricane force winds but even in most cases the passage of a tornado overhead. Any measure during a hurricane of winds higher than 155 mph was taking the measure of a tornado spawed by the hurricane, and these wind speeds, as are known, are much higher.

My question: when the 7/10 adjustment occurs, would it be correct to assume that the reverberations of the plate movement will be felt all around the world to some degree?

During the December 26, 2004 adjustment in Sumatra, which affected an estimated 700 mile long rip in the plate border, the live seismographs went black, and for days showed magma sloshing. The USGS described this as the Earth "ringing like a bell" due to this sloshing. Clearly, the dropping of the plate tongue holding Indonesia would do no less. We have described several 8-9 magnitude quakes during the roll of the S American Plate, and that the New Madrid would certainly be a magnitude 9. Likewise the series of quakes in Japan, preceding the New Madrid, are predicted to be in the 8-9 magnitude range. But the plate movement we have described will do more than merely slosh magma about, as it is not jolts but movement. There will be domino quakes rolling around the globe, but of course these will be of a lower magnitude than those affecting the plates that directly move. One plate bumps another, and this other bumps yet another, and on it goes around the globe.

Could you please comment the strange pentagram in diameter of 400 meters in Kazakhstan region? What purpose of it formation? align="bottom" width=570 height=222>

As we mentioned when hieroglyphs were discovered in New Jersey, as seen from a satellite view, the Annunaki took many precautions against getting lost when landing on Planet Earth after thousands of years had passed since their last landing. They had arrived to pick up gold and refurbish their outstation on Earth, but since their last visit there had been a pole shift and the geography had been rearranged! Symbols, seen from space, told them they had gone too far in this or that direction, or were guiding them to a landing strip.

I was wondering the Zeta's could say as to how far will the western 2/3's of Australia drop below sea level. I guess the Western part of this 2/3's will be more than the eastern 2/3's - and as there are areas that are fairly high would these end up being islands where people could head for if they can't relocate early enough. [and from another] Mawson Peak, Heard Island, 2 745. Mt Kosciuszko, NSW, 2 228. Lake Eyre, SA, 15 m below sea level.

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align="right" hspace="0" width=125 height=191>We have described the plunging of the western 2/3 of Australia as quite dramatic and steep. Meanwhile the eastern part levels off due to a bending of the plate through the center of Australia. This can almost be seen if one looks at a relief map of Australia, as the lowlands of Australia, where the bending occurs, are between the eastern and western mountain ranges. But there is more than a bending though the center of Australia. Some consider the Indo-Australian Plate to be two plates, one holding India, the other Australia, though they both operate as one. The reason for this theory is fault lines though the center, which can be seen on undersea relief maps. The eastern part of the Indo-Australian Plate will be raised, including New Zealand and eastern Australia. This is heavy lifting, and more than mere bending in the center of Australia can alleviate. As the plate is hammered under the Himalayas, there is pressure on these fault lines to bend, and bend they do in such a way as to drop that portion of the plate sliding under India sharply. This causes that portion of the plate holding western Australia to rise from that drop point at a steeper angle, but when the climb reaches the center of Australia, it levels off toward the east. Will the entire western 2/3 of Australia be under water at the hour of the pole shift? If not, any high peak will be so washed over by the ocean in turmoil, rushing into the void, that survival clinging to these mountain peaks will not be feasible. We advise no one to attempt to survive in western Australia for this reason.

There is a tv show called, What Would You Do? Hidden cameras capture actors in different situations trying to elicit a response from bystanders. For example a case of domestic abuse at a local park. Some people simply walk by and don't even stop when they see the male abusing his girlfriend. Others stop immediately and try to help, calling 911. Are undecided souls more likely to be the ones walking by the abuse and ignoring it? Isn't this somewhat like a test of spiritual orientation? [and from another] The young soul and STS soul have almost identical spiritual level. But the essence having a young soul, can not be the tyrant or the head of criminal group. Old soul STO are active and have high spiritual potential, they can become prophets or leaders who struggle for freedom of slaves. Young souls have not activity in life of society. If spiritual level is not the factor, what is responsible for activity?

The hero is acting on several impulses. First would be a personal interest in the situation. It might be his house, his wife, his child, or his standing among macho men in the community. The second is action taken based on a sense of empathy with the victims. Certainly, the more incarnations a soul has, the more its opportunities to experience similar situations and thus have a sense of empathy, so in this sense an older soul is more likely to be empathetic. But if this soul is leaning to the Service-to-Self, of course, they would use the opportunity to harden themselves against empathy, even lingering in the area to watch the scene unfold for this reason. On the other hand, an Service-to-Self soul might be the hero, calling the police, in order to manipulate others who would be impressed. Most people who ignore an incident of domestic abuse are simply trying to keep themselves from harm. If they get in the middle of the spat, might they themselves become the abused? Might they become legally responsible in some way, subject to a lawsuit? Courage is not something that automatically comes to a soul with wisdom and experience. It is possible for a young soul to have courage, not having experienced the horror that can come from physical confrontations, but an old soul to be overly cautious. Thus no generalities can be stated about what causes a particular soul to become a hero in a particular situation, nor any assignment of soul age or even spiritual orientation to actions taken.

I have a question regarding today's NASA press conference. They said in the lead-up that they would announce a "mystery" object in our "cosmic neighborhood". Then today, at the conference, they announced a young black hole some 50 light yrs away. Now, I was not expecting an announcement of PX, but this seems like a minor discovery that they could have just issued a press release for. My question is, did NASA package this conference as it did in order to gauge the interest level of the public? And if so, for what reason exactly? It doesn't seem that the public interest level really concerns them, as far as determining their actions in regard to disclosure.

This is an astute observation! We have mentioned that the establishment monitors chatter on the Internet, the number of hits on certain websites, and the number of emails or postings that reflect curiosity about the rumors about Planet X inbound or in the vicinity, as well as frankly listening to talk at bars of cafes. The spy software, which monitors what flows on the Internet or over the phone lines, can relate the planned announcement date and place to the words "Planet X" for instance, and thus gauge the degree of suspicion among the public. The level of disinformation, or type of disinformation, would be planned based on the results.

What would you respond to the statement that after the PS the vegetation will die almost everywhere and there will be no food for animals that future agriculture would based on? (Fishing is irrelevant at this point.) Another point to make it clear is the darkness that the Zetas forecast for a long period (a couple of decades). Will such conditions be acceptable for any terrestrial animal life at all? The food chains on the ground will be desperately broken... The Sun is known to be a sole life-giver here on the Earth. And what about pollution of soil and water by the red dust, heavy metals, and radioactive isotopes? Some people including me would like to get a clarification on the above.
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The first reaction of those hearing that the Earth will have her volcanoes burping and spewing ash is to assume what is termed a "nuclear winter" - the end of life on Earth due to lack of sunlight and cold. The food chain starts with vegetation and vegetation needs sunlight to grow. We have stated that all volcanoes active within the past 10,000 years should be assumed to react during the pole shift. How could it, then, not be a nuclear winter? This is the first reaction, but should not be the ultimate conclusion of anyone who thinks things through. Do you only think of one thing at a time, and not see the whole picture? Pole shifts have happened to the Earth regularly, for countless times, and each time the volcanoes react and life is gloomy afterwards. The last pole shift, during the Jewish Exodus, had Moses wandering in the "Valley of the Shadow of Death" for 40 years, because he was downwind of the large volcanic eruption at Thera. Yet Moses and his people survived!

Then look around you at the current rich vegetation that exists on Earth today! Did this all evolve just since the days of Moses? Did all life die out during the time of Moses? Yes, extinction happens for those species caught in a new climate and unable to adapt. Extinction happened to the Mammoth, who flourished in Siberia but found themselves thrust into the Arctic, suddenly. Vegetation may die out in one place, but in another, where the cloud cover is not thick but thin, it struggles on. Mankind knows they can get a sunburn under a cloudy sky. Have you considered that fact? The gloom also diminishes over time, gradually, so is not a steady state for the 25 years we have predicted. And some parts of the globe will even get direct sunlight on occasion, from the start. The vast oceans will do the best, simply because they cover so much of the globe, that someplace the sun is shining on the oceans. Mankind has discovered that the combination of CO2 (which will be in the air due to the volcanoes and fires) and iron (which will be dropped on the surface from the tail of Planet X) incite lush vegetation growth in the oceans. This is the basis of the food chain among fish. Thus, the abundant oceans will offer both vegetation and protein for man in the Aftertime. Pollutants disburse and life goes on.

2010.11.14 around Yemen has occurred 49 (!!!) earthquakes for 24 hours. It specifies in the beginning a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop. Zetas have told that the first will occur a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking and as have told that it happens til the end of 2010 and error possibility is excluded. Truly? Zetas spoke that before movement of platforms stronger and frequent earthquakes will be observed. Why in Indonesia doesn't occur similar (as in Yemen)? Till the end of 2010 remains a little more than month. And signs in Indonesia possibly already should be shown. Or has probably begun 7 of 10 will be sudden, without what or signs?
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Africa has begun to roll. Just as in July, when Pakistan sank approximately 10 feet in elevation, indicating the plate holding India was tilting, this does not mean the big 7 of 10 prediction is occurring in Indonesia. Jakarta began to sink in September, and again, this does not mean the big 7 of 10 for Indonesia is happening, nor did the many volcanoes erupting in Sumatra and Java in October signify the 7 of 10 had occurred. Towns along the coastline in Columbia began crumbing and sinking, and villages on the N Andes fault line in Colombia and Ecuador were clearly mountain building in late October, and all this following oil rig eruptions in rigs in Trinidad and Tobago and the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean. But all of this did not indicate the 7 of 10 roll for S America had occurred. We stated the sequence of events would be Indonesia's drop, then S America's roll, then Africa's roll. What you are seeing is a warmup, precursors, in all these regions. We stated that the trend would be obvious before the actual event, and you are seeing the trends.

According to satellites density of a solar wind is very low. Indicator ACE 0.1 p/cm3, it is almost close to zero. According to SOHO it is a bit more than 1 p/cm3. It has begun in the end of summer 2010, since then is observed often as shown on ACE, Spaceweather, SOHO, and STEREO. Why density such low, almost 0 (ACE)? This is effect of magnetic field of the Planet X? Why indications of satellites strongly differ?
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The solar wind heading toward Earth is low at this time because of the influence of Planet X, which is pointing its S Pole toward the Sun. This has a quieting influence because the S Pole of any magnetic body is an intake, and the S Pole of Planet X is gathering magnetons, sucking them up like a vacuum cleaner from the surface of the Sun facing the Earth. Particle flows do not stand alone, and if the flow of magnetons was being disrupted, the flow of other particles likewise moved in other directions. NASA has been forced to admit that the solar wind is the lowest in 50 years, despite the approaching solar maximum. In essence, Planet X is blocking the way, so what arrives at Earth is minimal. There are variations in what the common man is told because NASA is struggling with several lies they are foisting on the public. The discrepancies in the message have been noted before.

I am aware of the Zetas' opinion as to the probable success of any LHC experiments - and that there will be no mitigation of the P/S. It occurred to me that one aspect of LHC had not been asked before: What are the intentions of the human creators of the LHC; that is, what is the Secret Government attempting to do? This is a question regarding human activities which are already a matter of record, so I was hoping that perhaps the Zetas could offer some insight.

Is there a secret agenda beyond what has been officially stated, for the LHC experiments? Always, as those among mankind who are power hungry are highly ambitious, and see in every advent a new opportunity for them to achieve a super-weapon by which they can dominate and rule over others. We are speaking, of course, of those in the Service-to-Self among mankind. Look at the history of mankind. Were bombs or the atomic bomb necessary for man to protect himself from predatory animals or disease? Star Wars, whereby satellites with lasers could zap those on Earth not complying with demands is another such weapon. The official reason for development of weapons is some threat. In the case of the atomic bomb, it was the threat of invasion by the Germans and Japanese. For Star Wars the threat being touted was asteroids heading for Earth. LHC had several factions interested in particle research. The faction allowed press coverage was scientific study. Just why man needed to know about this particular particle was never explained or justified, yet funding was made available. A clue as to the real reason for the research is the word used to describe the device and the process - collision. Included in the agenda of the sponsors would be the ability to destroy Planet X before its passage, creating a second Asteroid Belt within Earth's orbit but avoiding a pole shift.

Will Karachi sink during 7 of 10? Or will Karachi sink when we reach 7?

We have predicted that the western edge of India will only lose 10 feet or so of elevation during the 7 of 10, and given the degree of flooding that Pakistan is already experiencing, Karachi has already experienced some of this elevation loss. The flooding in Pakistan, however, is afflicting the Indus River valley to the east of Karachi at this time, on that portion of Pakistan lying on the plate holding India. When the tongue holding Indonesia drops, Karachi will experience great quakes and crumbling, but overall this city will not yet sink.

Could you specify the most threatening forthcoming diseases and epidemics? So we can be forearmed. I have reviewed search results in poleshift.ning and ZetaTalk.

After the pole shift, there will be many opportunistic diseases that will afflict mankind. This does not require an imagination, as today they afflict mankind after disasters. The primary affliction will be from sewage laden water, which will pollute the drinking water man is forced to use. We have been adamant about mankind distilling their drinking water after the pole shift for this reason. Distillation removes heavy metals as well as killing microbes by the boiling process. Any disease that flourishes in malnourished bodies and in areas of poor hygiene will take advantage of the pole shift disasters. Scurvy due to lack of Vitamin C will occur, with bleeding gums and even death if not corrected. Many weeds are high in Vitamin C and survivors should arm themselves with knowledge about the vitamin content of weeds. Unprotected sex by survivors either taking advantage of the weak, as in rape, or by simple distraction and grief and a lack of contraceptive devices will spread AIDS and hepatitis. Morgellons, which is caused by a synergy of parasites and microbes when the immune system is low will likely increase. There will be outbreaks of diseases which were endemic in the past, such as small pox or measles, but in those survivor communities where the members have been immunized in the past these will be limited and quarantines can help in this regard.