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ZetaTalk: Starvation
Note: written Dec, 2002

In many parts of the world, diet is restricted to what the community can grow for themselves, or catch, or kill in the forests or grasslands. There may be berries in the summer, but not in winter, fresh vegetables in the summer, in season, but only dried roots in the winter, essentially dehydrated for preservation. Meat may arrive only occasionally, after a successful hunt, and be cause for celebration. Where the community is close to fishing, rivers or lakes or perhaps the seashore, a steady diet of fish can be expected in some manner. Modern man has grown accustomed to the super market, where fresh produce from around the world is in abundance, available. If not fresh, he has come to expect frozen foods of great variety, or dried, so that his diet is without seasons and can span the world. Bored with simply doing away with the seasons, modern man experiments with recipes from different cultures - Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Indian. What will this modern man find he has to EAT, after the shift, when the super markets are looted and no new distributions on the way? We will address this by population type, as the results vary:

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