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Issue 41, Sunday September 16, 2007
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Sumatra Quakes

Sumatra was once again the site of powerful earthquakes and tsunami worries.

Powerful Indonesian Quakes Leave 10 Dead; Trigger Tsunami Alerts
September 13, 2007
The 8.4-magnitude quake that shook Southeast Asia yesterday was the strongest this year. An expert says luckily the huge force of water it spawned was pushed out to sea rather than onto land. That spared the region the type of devastation caused by the tsunami of 2004. Two other powerful tremors, magnitudes 7.8 and 6.2, prompted tsunami warnings today, but they were later lifted.

The location of the main quake was very close to the site of the massive 9.5 Sumatra quake on December 26, 2004. The exact Richter is in dispute, but that it was greater than a Richter 9 is not in dispute. Aftershocks continued for days, surprising geologists as the aftershocks moved to outlying areas in an atypical fashion.

Powerful Quakes Terrorize Indonesia
September 13, 2007
An 8.4-magnitude quake that shook Southeast Asia on Wednesday was followed by dozens of strong aftershocks - including one measuring a magnitude of 7.8 and another 7.1 - that killed 13 people, damaged hundreds of houses and spawned a 3-metre-high tsunami. On Friday, a 6.4-magnitude temblor hit the area again, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, triggering the latest in a string of tsunami warnings that was later lifted.
Geologist Says Serial Sumatran Quakes a Surprise
September 14, 2007
Big earthquakes pounding Indonesia like clockwork for the last three days have surprised Indian geologists, who say the tremors go on for some time. "It looks like it's not going to stop for some time," said Vineet Gahalaut, a senior seismologist at the National Geophysical Research Institute in Hyderabad. Three big quakes and dozens of aftershocks since Wednesday's 8.4 magnitude quake - the world's biggest this year - originated from a patch called the "Mentawai section" southwest of Indonesia's provincial capital Padang. "It is becoming a remarkable series of earthquakes, in which one event is probably increasing the stress in the neighbouring region and triggering the next event."

As the Zetas have stated, the plates have become loosened, the rock fingers holding the fault lines together having broken off, so the plates are now more fluid, more free to move.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2006: We have mentioned that the steady approach of Planet X, as it slings toward the hapless Earth trapped in front of it, will only increase the pace and severity of Earth changes such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, tears in the stretch zones, and the pending diagonal rip of the N American continent. Where such activity was more lineal in years past, it will become exponential at some point, and this turning point has already arrived. What will happen to the Earth? Certainly her plates will move, and where this occurs in subduction zones, jolting quakes and volcanic activity will follow. And where this occurs in stretch zones, the sinking and thinning ground will create chaos for cities or infrastructure above and will also allow magma to bubble up to the surface. The quakes are quickening.

Cayce Predictions

These recent quakes are very reminiscent to those almost two years ago, on December 23 and December 26, 2004. On December 26, 2004 Sumatra sustained a 9.5 quake, though it took the USGS several months to admit it was anywhere near that strong. The rip along the fault line between the Eurasian plate and the Indo/Australian plate shared by India and Australia was ultimately deemed to be 700 miles long. This was also the quake, per an Edgar Cayce reading, that would start the march toward the end times. The December 26, 2004 quake was preceded by two December 23 quakes, an 8.1 in Tasmania and an 8.2 in Auckland, in rapid succession, both close to the magnetic S Pole. Cayce had stated:

Q: How soon will the changes in the earth's activity begin to be apparent?
A: When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that's almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the Aetna area, then we may know it has begun.
311-8; April 9, 1932

These original breaks very close to the magnetic S Pole are in an area directly opposite the Mediterranean. Cayce states that sinking or rising in the Mediterranean would occur next. By January 13, 2005 reports were coming in that the Mediterranean level was astonishingly and unseasonably low in Venice during the flood season. Off the coast of Barcelona to the West and to the East in Croatia, beaches were so low the populace could not remember such a time. As with ZetaTalk, Cayce predicts a pole shift in our future, but does not give a firm date

Q: What great change or the beginning of what change, if any is to take place in the Earth in the year 2,000 to 2,001 A.D.?
A: When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins.
826-8; August 11, 1936

Earth Torque

What makes this part of the globe so important, quake and timing wise? The Himalayas are the highest mountains in the world, mountain building caused by the force of the Indo/Australia plate being pushed under the Eurasian plate at that point. Per the Zetas, it is because the Earth's plates pop at that point when the Earth is put under a torque, and this torque is caused by the near presence of Planet X during a periodic passage.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/23/2005: What would cause a plate as large as the Indo/Australian plate to pop, springing from its lock of jagged rock all along its edges, miles deep and snagged in an infinite number of places resisting any motion at all? What force would cause these rock fingers to rupture along a 600 mile length along Sumatra? We have previously described the torque the globe endures as the magnetic N. Pole is pushed harshly in one direction while the magnetic S. Pole is pulled in another. These days, months later, this stress has increased as Planet X has not only moved closer, and more centered between the Earth and Sun, but is swinging its N Pole, that hose of magnetic particles, toward Earth as it maneuvers into the magnetic flow lines above the Sun's equator. Thus, the pull on the magnetic S Pole of Earth is stronger. Thus, the repelling of the Earth's magnetic N Pole is more violent.

The entire Indo/Australian plate is now loosened and on the move, starting with breaking rock south of Tasmania where the plate touches the magnetic S Pole, and twisting this spot to the left, holding it back from rotation as the magnetic N Pole of Planet X is loathe to release it, and twisting the magnetic N. Pole of Earth to the right in an accelerated rotation as the magnetic N. Pole of Planet X is repelling it, the plate popped from its wedge where it snuggles against New Zealand. Within days, the rock along the curve of Sumatra gave way.

Notably, the Zetas had described this Earth torque 9 months earlier, the December 26, 2004 earthquake yet another example of Zeta prediction accuracy.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/1/2004: The overall effect of this drift, which will increase in speed and force as the whiplash proceeds, will be a torque. Hold the globe with the left hand on the N Pole, the right hand on the S Pole, and turn in opposite directions first this way, then back. The N Pole going in the direction of rotation with the S Pole held back, the torque forces the N American Plate down and into the Caribbean, East moving in the direction of SE. The S Pole pulled back by a grab on the Atlantic Rift in the Southern Hemisphere with the N Pole held rigid has the Indo-Australian Plate plunging under the Himalayas and Africa likewise plunging into the void, again East turning to SE.

IRIS Charts

After the December 26, 2004 Sumatra quake, this Earth torque could be clearly seen on the IRIS charts. The West Coast of N America was virtually free of quakes!

This was the case until recently, when activity picked up.

The Zetas warned that as the stress on the globe caused by Planet X increased, that the N American continent would no longer be exempt. The increasingly violent tugging and pushing against the Earth's magnetic poles would cause the plates to adjust such that Mexico would slide toward the west, putting a diagonal pull on the N American continent, eventually resulting in a bowing of the West Coast and New Madrid Fault area adjustments.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/10/2006: The giant plates of N America and Eurasia are locked against each other, unable to rotate against each other due to their shape. Slip-slide along the West Coast, measured as a creep by geologists, is due only to slight adjustments along that edge of the plate, primarily due to adjustments within the small plates to the west of the N American plate, which move to accommodate pressure. The N American plate does not move, per se, but other dramas occur. We explained, months before it expressed enough to show up on IRIS charts, the Earth torque caused as the N Pole continuing to rotate to the East while the S Pole was held back by Planet X, tending to open the globe like a jar of pickles. This creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West, so the New Madrid is put under slip-slide stress where one half, east of the Mississippi, will move toward the NE while the other, west of the Mississippi, moves toward the SW. The virtual hook of land in the N American continent near the Kamchatka peninsula is solid rock and will not snap off to become a separate land plate, nor would this ease the deadlock along the N American and Eurasian plates even it if did. These massive plates cannot move.

The stress on the N American plate will resolve by ripping. Ripping the St. Lawrence Seaway open. Pulling the SE down into the crumbling Caribbean and into the widening Atlantic, as neither of these sinking fronts will be able to support the edge of the weighty N American plate. There is pressure along the West Coast, of course, and as the N American plate confronts the compressing Pacific, this will only result in the predictable volcanic increases and West Coast earthquakes. But the primary drama preceding the pole shift will be the ripping action that a plate unable to move must endure. The notable area of catastrophe during this is the eastern half of the continental US. From Houston to Chicago to New England, the diagonal pull will tear the underpinning of cities and create a catastrophe for the US that will make the New Orleans disaster appear trivial. A widening Seaway also does not affect just those land masses bordering the Seaway, as buckling occurs inland and afar. What does man assume caused the Black Hills to be so rumpled, with the appearance of a recent buckling and heaving? This is the center of a land plate! The tearing of the Seaway does not end at Duluth, Minnesota. It travels underground to S Dakota!

Scripted Drama

The Zetas point out that Earth changes during the time leading up to the pole shift are predictable, as the current position of the plates and the stress they must endure is a scripted drama.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/23/2005: Man looks at what he calls Continental Drift and cannot imagine what set Pangaea moving in different directions. The forces that would cause a rock plate to rip apart and continue to do so, as recently as 3,600 years ago, are something he would rather not contemplate. Why would the Indo/Australian plate plunge under the Himalayas? We have described the Scripted Drama as a dance that has been scripted by the positions of the plates today, but what placed them into those positions? Why does the Seaway rip, the African Rift Valley rip, the Atlantic rip, while the Pacific compresses? Why would this rock not simply resist, a status quo persisting throughout time? We detailed the torque the globe was enduring when we did go on record, as we specifically detailed the stress the Indo/Australian plate would experience due to this torque. Now this description is prophetic. There is more than the Indo/Australian plate popping due to this torque at the magnetic S. Pole to indicate this is part of the stress the Polar Wobble is inducing. This wobble is where the magnetic N. Pole of Earth is pushed away, violently, when it faces the emerging N. Pole of Planet X. There is also the odd lack of stress along the N. American plate, presumably subject to the same compression stress as the rest of the Ring of Fire!

The Zetas have stated that pre-shift quakes, where not as severe as the pole shift quakes, will be similar, following the scripted drama they laid out. Thus, we hapless humans know what to expect!

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/15/2002: The stage having been set, then, the crust movement steps during the hour of the shift are as follows:

  1. As the South Pole, gripped by the passing North Pole of the 12th Planet, moves north, the crust is torn from the core and freed in this way, allowing pre-existing stress points to relax. Thus, Europe and Africa move further east, allowing the Atlantic to rip apart during the slide northward.
  2. The immediate effect of the massive plate housing Europe, Russia and the Near East to move is felt most strongly in India, as the Himalayas are driven over India at this point, effectively submerging this country in a wink.
  3. The effect of the Indo-Australian plate taking a dive under the Himalayas is to relieve tension along the African Rift, such that this tears, promptly, but in shuddering steps with halting adjustments and pauses between shudders. In essence, the movement eastward of the African continent is a momentum creating this tear.
  4. During the tearing of the Atlantic Ocean floor, and the dragging north or the North American continent, an already existing tear in the St. Lawence Seaway tears further, essentially the weak link in this landmass held at so many points to the further side of the Atlantic Ocean. Canada moves north, while the rest of the Americas cling to the Atlantic Rift while it separates.
  5. The movement of the massive plate housing Europe, Russia, and Asia to the east also is expected to rip this plate along the Himalayas, as we have stated, creating an inland bay into the Russian lands just to what is now the north of the Himalayas. This follows, in jerks and tears, over the hour of the shift, along with the tearing of the African Rift.
  6. When the ocean off the bulge of Brazil has reached the position of the current North Pole, crust slippage stops, creating yet another drama. The major Northern Hemisphere plates stop, and whatever follows crashes into them. In the case of the Americas, this causes Central America and the Caribbean to crumble.
  7. In the case of Africa, already sliding eastward, the force is further movement eastward, as subduction of the Indo-Australian plate has already begun, the weaker link already established and momentum in process.
  8. The pileup is in what was the former Northern Hemisphere, and the compression of the Pacific is creating resistance as plates are subducted under the Americas, and then Japan explodes and Indonesia crumbles.
  9. This frees the plates south of the tips of South America and Africa of stress. As the Pacific adjusts, reluctantly, pressure toward Antarctica, the one place on the globe not experiencing plate pressure, allows new land to pop up between the tips of South America and Africa.

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