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ZetaTalk for July 9, 2011

With recent Hugo Chavez announcement about his cancer could the Zetas comment what made him so "disappointed" that he doesn't want to live? Why did he develop cancer, as he surely must have a role during the coming times?

We have stated that the primary reason creatures develop cancer is due to despair, a desire to die. This is not 100% the case, of course, as there are genetic factors as well as exposure to radiation or pollutants that create an overwhelming number of cell mutations and depress the immune system. But the healthy body with a healthy immune system is producing cancer cells all the time, and eliminating them. We have stated that Chavez is highly Service-to-Other, and that angels stood around him during his trials with the CIA in the past, and that he is considered instrumental in developing democracies in S America. Why then is he not being healed of cancer?

There is a misconception about those at the forefront of the battle between good and evil - the battle between those who operate with empathy in the Service-to-Other and those who are driven by self-focused motives. Those humans who are leading the charge are often granted protection by the Council of Worlds because they are risking their very lives to operate in this manner, fearlessly. Does protection not equate to receiving healings, as needed? We have stated that suicide is allowed in our orientation, the Service-to-Other orientation. Protections and healings are not forced upon the human, thus.

Do you suppose that those who are at the forefront of the fight do not get weary? Do not get discouraged? Do not despair at ever winning the war? Often it is at the point of getting seriously ill or facing death that a decision to continue the fight is made. The warrior looks back at what he has accomplished, and looks about him to see what his absence would mean in the lives of others. I could go, could escape, but what would the repercussions be? He changes his mind, is filled with resolve to help others, as those strongly in the Service-to-Other often are. It is by comparing the grief in his own life to the grief that others will have to endure in his absence that his life suddenly has meaning. This type of battle happens far more often among the warriors leading the charge than the public presumes.

Can Zetas comments this crop formation? Barbury Castle (2), Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire.
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Many crop circles depict the wobble, as this is the immediate and most obvious sign of the presence of Planet X. The establishment has tried to cloud the issue by claiming the erratic weather and rising seas are due to Global Warming, but having the Sun and Moon appear in the wrong place is clearly not caused by the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. In the Barbury design the Earth is primarily leaning away from the approaching Planet X, the cooler weather for the northern hemisphere we predicted. But on occasion, as she did recently, she points her N Pole toward the Sun and the oncoming Planet X, leaning into opposition. This influence, the influence of Planet X's magnetosphere, is dominant for the Earth, unlike any influences from her sister planets - Venus and the Dark Twin, which are also shown. The Dark Twin stands behind the Earth at present, and Venus to the side.

Could the Zeta's please comment on the recent generous donation to the Qld Government (Australia) for $30 million from Abu Dhabi. The premier matched the donation with $30 million announcing the State would build 10 category five cyclone bunkers in selected towns on the coast. Each bunker will cost $6 million and shelter only 600 people. Why would Abu Dhabi donate to us in the first place? If the government could develop an emergency evacuation plan I believe they should be focusing on setting up lots of smaller bunkers or centres inland from the coast and not just one big one here and there that would only take a few people. [and from another] Ten cyclone shelters will be built in north Queensland after a $30 million donation from the Emirati state of Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates Minister of State Reem Al-Hashimy announced the donation while visiting Brisbane. It was immediately matched by Premier Anna Bligh, who said the $60 million would be used for multi-purpose shelters along the north Queensland coast. She said the exact locations had yet to be finalized, but would likely include Cairns, Townsville, the Cassowary Coast, Proserpine/Airlie Beach, Mackay, Rockhampton and Weipa. [and from another] The Mackay shelter will be built to a category 5 standard, providing protection from winds up to 300kmh and will be completed by the time the secondary school opens in 2013. An expert panel determined the centre's location, which was deemed to be outside potential storm tide inundation.
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Is Australia for sale? It is certainly assuring the elite, who make inquiries, that they will be welcome there, as long as they bring along their cash. Reem Al-Hashimy visited Brisbane to ascertain for himself that salt water was backwashing up the river there, as reported by a nursery owner who complained that the salt water killed his plants. Abu Dhabi is certainly aware of ZetaTalk, and its accuracy. They know that their small state will disappear under the waves in the Aftertime, if they even make it through the pole shift, and that their oil will thus be worthless along with the value of their paper money or precious metals.

If charity were their motive, then why not give to the poor of Indonesia? They are purchasing their welcome, having heard that Australia is brutal to those among the poor who are desperately trying to climb onto Australian shores. The elite are welcome, but the poor can drown and starve. Just the climate the wealthy elite of Abu Dhabi desire, along with the high ground that the eastern shores of Australia will bring, and the large aquifer inland that we have stated will be available in the aftertime. A warm climate, fresh water, and plenty of slave labor washing ashore. Certainly, at $30 million dollars, the price is right!.

FauxNews Twitter feed announced the assassination of Obama this morning. They are claiming it was the work of hackers. Is that true, or was a successful assassination attempt expected to occur? That this happened on Independence Day seems significant also. [and from another]
Hackers broke into Fox's political Twitter account, posting updates saying President Barack Obama had been assassinated. A series of six tweets coming from the FoxNewsPolitics account reported that Obama had been shot to death in Iowa and the shooter was unknown. In a statement posted on its website later, Fox News called the tweets "malicious" and "false." It said the hacking is being investigated.

Certainly if the FBI can be hacked, the Fox twitter account can be hacked. But what would be the purpose and agenda of such a hack? This twitter account boasts some 34,000 followers, so is hardly the general public. It is a fan club, and as such a fan wanted to give his fellow Fox fans a treat. These individuals were in the main enraged when Obama won the election, have clung to the birth certificate hoax as though it were a religion, and have been disappointed in the 2012 opposition to Obama to date. It's Independence Day, the 4th of July. Keep hope alive, was the message.

In past chats, Zetas said about a bunkers of Russian elite. They are in Ural. Can Zetas said more information, where bunkers are created (south, mid, north or polar Ural?) and where is danger for Russians, that survival after shift in Ural? [and from another] Deep in the Urals, in the region of Beloretsk, rises a mountain called Yamantau. The Russians have constructed two entire cities over the site, known as Beloretsk 15 & 16, which are closed to the public, each with 30,000 workers. A separate facility, located 850 miles east of Moscow at Kosvinsky Mountain in the Urals, has been designed as the Russian equivalent of the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center in Colorado, where the United States can track incoming ballistic missiles and command U.S. forces to counter-attack.
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Yamantau mountain in the Urals is as well known as the Denver airport in the US. These are openly known to be secondary government sites, in case Moscow and Washington DC become inoperable. In that both are lowland cities, due to be swamped during the coming pole shift, moving government operations to the secondary sites will occur gradually. This will occur increasingly as the Earth changes announce that the time of the pole shift has arrived. Such moves are in operation already, though are not highly publicized as they are likely to give credence to what we, the Zetas, have been saying about the coming times.

Just as the US has sites backing up the backup site, this is the case in Russia as well. Mount Weather in the US is close to Washington DC, and is still considered a bunker of the elite, as is the site near Kokomo, Indiana. But the US has dozens of other sites where bunkers have been dug and furnished, and this is true in Russia too. One need only follow the conspiracy web sites to get a picture of where these might be. They are invariably well guarded, with exploration by the curious public aggressively discouraged. Equipment, workers, and supplies come and go but there is no explanation.

In the US, we have encouraged the public to avoid the general Denver area, as the military operation assigned to defend a secondary site of government will take some time to implode into infighting and turf battles. If the military units will have the capability of moving overland, or enough fuel to muster helicopters, then survivors nearby must consider them a threat. In the case of the Urals, which are a continuous mountain range that will not experience volcanic upheaval or mountain building, the Russian military could traverse the entire length, and will do so. Why would they not? There will be a vast flood in all directions, so there will be no external threat or challenge to the Russian military. We have referred to the Urals as an island in the Aftertime. Put an armed bully on an island with starving desperate people and the bully is only encouraged to be more brutal. .

I'd like to ask about the fate of Athens, Greece, during the unfolding of the 7 of 10 scenarios. Is the city to expect as devastating an earthquake as the one predicted for Instanbul? My hopes, backed by my petty grasp of the situation, are that it's gonna be spared, being situated at a distance from the separating faults. I expect the African roll and associated Mediterranean bottom drop, to be the argument convincing my family and friends to heed my example, bugged out 6 years ago, and leave the death-trap that Athens is. So long as they can, first, survive it. Great tsunamis shouldn't worry us, from what previous ZetaTalk help me glean, but any quake bigger than, say, 7.5, is more than likely to turn Athens into rubble.
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Will Athens survive the 7 of 10 dropping of the African Plate, unscathed? We have stated that the dropping of the African Plate will not be accompanied by great quakes, as this is primarily a stretch zone episode, a pulling apart of the plates. But clearly there will be choppy water when the Mediterranean widens and waters rush to fill this void, and then rebound. Due to the increase in overall volume of the Mediterranean during the African Plate drop, Athens will not be swamped, nor will Athens, which is of sufficient elevation to be above the waves, even register the event in its tides. The time of the pole shift is another matter altogether. As we have mentioned, the fact that the Straits of Gibraltar will have spread by 125 miles, and that the Sinai Peninsula will be 50 miles further from Egypt should be evidence enough that our warnings about the coming pole shift are true.

I want to ask the Zetas whether the ruling and business elites in Singapore have made plans to move to Taiwan once Singapore begins sinking 60 feet under the sea, as the Chinese on both sides are quite close to each other in terms of ancestry and dialect.

We were asked in 2003 what sites, around the world, had been selected by the elite for their survival bunkers. At the time, Bush was in office and the Earth changes were primarily personified in our predictions, not in actuality. Yes, Planet X had been tracked in from the night sky, from the direction of Orion, and was creating Second Sun sightings during the latter half of 2003. Yes, the weather had begun to be erratic, breaking records, but this was still easily covered by talk of Global Warming, all the rage in those days. Thus, the elite were primarily looking for an ultra-right political climate, a suitable Aftertime climate, a ready and compliant slave labor class, and a defensible position.

At that time, based on the plans of the elite (whom we can read like a book, telepathically), the sites were central Africa, Argentina, eastern Australia, Kazahstan, and Wyoming. The Bush family was sniffing around Paraguay, and the elite of Indonesia had made arrangements with Australia, in exchange for an agreement to keep the common man in Indonesia trapped in their cities until it was too late. The Arab Spring had not even been imagined, and most emerging democracies in Africa barely had a foothold on a continent used to colonial rule. Our 7 of 10 predictions had not been made public, nor was the reality of a more violent wobble creating weather extremes anything but a prediction in 2003. Crop shortages are now pinching all governments, a second Great Depression has emerged worldwide, and what plate movements do to mankind's infrastructure is now painfully obvious.

The elite, therefore, are no longer comfortable with merely selecting a likely spot and establishing a second home there. It is not a matter of slipping away from life in a big city along the coastline and going to the country home. In 2003, per our White Lie, the elite were assuming that the pole shift would descend quickly, so their chosen getaway sites would be untouched when the time came. Now the elite see a lingering 7 of 10, and in the meantime what they considered firm now seems like shifting sand. Obama has replaced Bush and Obama is not open to inviting the elite into the US, though has been asked by many including the Queen. China has now established Ghost Cities on their vast lands but as a communist country is not in sympathy with the western elite. Now what?

The list of countries considered ideal for the Aftertime has not changed. S America has increasingly become democratic, and all attempts by corporations to turn back the clock to former days when the common man was considered a slave class, and brutal treatment the rule, are not working. Scratch Argentina and Paraguay. Eastern Australia is still seen to have a welcome sign out for the elite of Indonesia and the UK, and as recent news articles show, even the wealthy of the Middle East. The elite of Russia are eyeing not only Kazahstan but also are now considering the Russian mountains bordering Mongolia, all scarcely populated and within Russian territory. And as interest in the Arab Spring has shown, in particular the interest from France, many in Europe are still eyeing Africa as their safe place.

But the elite are nervous about these changing circumstances, and especially nervous about their ability to travel when the Last Weeks finally do arrive. Many of them now fear a lingering 8 of 10, after the populace has already been alerted to the presence of Planet X by a severe wobble, the Sun and Moon out of place. There are increasing crop failures and a press to migrate that is already growing out of control. Might the mob be at their door? The elite fear that stability anywhere might not be possible, even in a well guarded bunker. They would prefer to live in their mansions and near the coasts until the last minute, but might they then be trapped and unable to travel? They see air travel increasingly risky, and are aware of our warnings about electronic failures. Just when does one dash for the bunkers, without giving the location away? And should one have multiple bunkers, one for every possible location?

Thus, like the common man, the elite are not free of these fears. They worry about travel, about timing, and thus are making multiple plans. Most often, the elite are trying to secure a local site as well as one at a distance. In many cases, they are trying to get a foot hold in several sites, in case one becomes devastated by a natural disaster or is overrun by hungry and desperate mobs. They may have several at a distance, likewise, in case the political climate changes, or air travel becomes impossible, or giant whirlpools develop in the oceans making travel by boat risky. Thus is it likely that you will find your elite near at hand! Perhaps dressing like the common man, hoping not to be recognized. We have stated that their enclaves will be fraught with pecking order battles, their guards taking over with much brutality. For all their options, they are likely to find, in the end, that they have not chosen well, ending up no better off than the least among you.

My question is connected to possibilities of transport in future days after Shift, especially in Europe, between UK and Czech rep. And also I would like to know about ways to communicate between countries and between each other in longer distances. Electricity and telecommunications of coarse will be the biggest problem. My daughter, son and I live in very safe location, al in Easter Czech R. But my son Ben is now very often with his British dad in UK/ luckily also in not bad location. Always for a few weeks. I'm worried about him, about the way to communicate in problematic period and also about small chance to have time enough to bring him back to safe Czech home in time.
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We have stated that Europe will be a series of islands in the Aftertime, and the results of survival after the pole shift tidal waves is not much different. Europe is a land of coastlines, already. Fortunately for the survivors, travel by boat will not be that difficult. The climate will be almost ideal, access to the sea at hand, and boat building and fishing a skill in many European countries. Short wave communication, from towers on one high point to another, will be quickly established, thus, to share news and locate loved ones trapped on another island. In such situations, it does not take long for a type of written communication, mail routes, to become established. But long before the Last Weeks have arrived, with their threat of government imposed travel restrictions, families will be making hard decisions about travel, opting out of all but what is absolutely necessary.

At the end of 2010, the Zetas said that the sinking of Indonesia would take 2-3 weeks. On March 5 they said that the sinking is proceeding in 1/5 segments so it would take 10-15 weeks. Now, 27 weeks have passed, and although there is a massive media blackout from that part of the world, we can guess that the region still has around halfway or more to reach the predicted height. Can the Zetas provide us with an update of the sinking process? Also we can see that the next predicted steps (like South America and Africa roll) have already started, but they can't pick up a pace. Once that tongue holding Indonesia unlocks, can we expect a swift unwinding of the events predicted for the 7/10?
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The 7 of 10 scenarios are based on the known effect of an increasingly violent wobble on the Earth plates. One can see, historically, that the Sunda Plate has sunk under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate, and that the Caribbean has sunk over time. It is also clear that the Atlantic has historically split open, and that the Red Sea has pulled apart and Africa dropping as the Rift Valley pulls apart. Beyond what past plate movements have left as clear signatures and indicative of their intent in the future are the many silent faults and weak points in the crust that we, the Zetas, are aware of. We are aware, for instance, of the four parts of the Pacific Plate, which are overlapping to compress the Pacific. And we are acutely aware of the dynamics of the Earth wobble, which can switch into and out of an opposition lean quickly as well as go back and forth in a daily polar wobble.

Thus, we are quite confident of the ultimate result of the 7 of 10 scenarios, even if the timeline appears to be delayed. The interaction and domino effect of the scenarios has not changed. The tilting of the Indo-Australian Plate is logically the first move during the compression of the Pacific because to drive India under the Himalayas takes more force. The Sunda Plate noses into the curve, and tilts India. This occurred during the last half of 2010 and is of record. Then the Sunda Plate begins to plunge and fold accordion style, which it did.

We predicated the S American roll to potentially quickly follow the drop in the Sunda Plate because they are closely related. Look across the Pacific, on the same latitude, on the line of the Equator, and one sees the Sunda Plate and the drama of the S American roll on this line. As the Indo-Australian Plate lifts at New Zealand, sinking India, more than the sinking of the Sunda Plate is facilitated. Compression in the Pacific is encouraged, and thus there is the possibility of the S American rolls proceeding, possibly quickly. We have given our prediction on the sinking of the Sunda Plate and the S American rolls our outside guess on timing, as to do less would be a disservice to mankind. Would you rather we be vague, giving those poor souls the impression they had all the time in the world?

What has occurred to seemingly delay the complete sinking of the Sunda Plate to the degree we predicted? If we predict that the hinges on a door will break, snap as pressure is pushing the door from the side, causing the door to fall sideways onto the floor, this can occur quickly or be delayed. A later stage in the house collapse is for the door frame to skew while the house begins to lean, but we are giving the likely outcome of this collapse - the door will first fall sideways to the floor. But if after the door hinges snap but the door cannot fall because the frame suddenly skews, the door might get temporarily held in place by friction, by a pinch. We anticipated plate movements in the Northern Hemisphere, in the northern Pacific, to occur after the Equatorial plate movements, but the Northern Hemisphere has begun some of its movements early.

The great quake in Japan created a slight shift in the Philippine Plate, such that it cannot tilt and fold, and is jammed at the southern end. This has likewise created a delay in the S American roll, though the Mariana Plate is free to tilt and fold and is doing so, as are the plates in the northern Pacific. This does not mean that the New Madrid will occur out of sequence, as without the complete folding in the central Pacific we have predicted, there would not be the room for the N American continent to shift, nor would it move prior to completion of the S American roll. What a jammed door means is that the house and door will fall together, not in turn. It may seem there are delays, but the plate borders are fracturing, loosening their grip upon one another, and the inevitable will arrive without an overall delay in the schedule.