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ZetaTalk: Faith Healers
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The dramatic moment is well known to humans - the faith healer approaches another riddled with disease or stricken with a new affliction, lays on hands, and the pain and disability are gone. Is this fraud? Yes and no. Given the driving desire of the afflicted to be relieved of their distress, it is no surprise that con men and women arise to take advantage. This is a scenario well known to humans, as it is much played out in the movies where almost invariably the faith healer is revealed as a charlatan.

But there are cases where measurable changes take place in the afflicted, for various reasons.

How do the body, mind, and spirit get misaligned? There is a tug of war, of sorts, between the various parts of man. The body, which traces its ancestry way back, wants to live simply and to focus on bodily comforts such as shelter, food, rest, and sex. The body cannot be truly put aside without repercussions. Its demands are ever present and pronounced. The mind, which has been superimposed on the human body by genetic engineering, has its own life and is driven by curiosity and obsessions. That the mind has a life of its own can be demonstrated by placing a puzzle before a bright, curious human. The human will ignore defecation and urination demands, hunger, and the need for sleep in order to complete the puzzle. The mind and body can work together, and most often do, but can at times pull in opposing directions. Now comes the spirit, incarnating. Yet another focus, which may be in sync with the body, at times, as in the desire to commune with another of the opposite sex when both are, as you say, horny. The spirit may also be in sync with the mind, at times, as when the desire to be of service to others melds with the opportunity to do research.

But the body, mind, and spirit may all be pulling in different directions, and thus make the body sick. The faith healer discerns the misalignment and discusses this, nonverbally in most cases. Counseling occurs, with suggestions on how better to proceed. As the faith healer may be in touch with higher entities, they can be assisting in this action, the faith healer having in essence given The Call to those in the Service-to- Others. The faith healer convinces the parts of the afflicted to adjust to each other, so that the mind and spirit take each other and the body into consideration more effectively. Were this to be a verbal communication, there would not be so much mystery about faith healing, which can and does occur.

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