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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 6, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Over 50 unexpected CEO and DFO Resignations in the Last 3 Weeks! These are almost all in the last 3 weeks, with about 15 in the last week. I follow the stock market closely, just anecdotally I have never seen this many in a year, let alone a month. This is all around the world, the part that really caught my attention was telecom. Zain Telecom, France Telecom and Syntel were all within the last 2 days, telecom would be heavily affected by solar flares and would likely know what was coming. Please add any more you can find here. I stopped at 50 just to get it posted, but there are more, including lots of board members and other executives. [and from another] CEO Departures Break Record [Jan 16, 2009] According to new data from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, 1,484 CEOs headed for the exits in 2008 -- which works out to an average of six every business day, the most since Challenger first began the survey in 1999.

As with the sudden and unwarranted resignations of Police Chiefs recently noted, there is more to this than meets the eye. Whereas CEO resignations are common, particularly during tough economic times when the stockholders are restless and boards determined to show some type of action on the leadership front, this recent spate of resignations is unusual because of the size and industry leadership of the companies involved. Someone watching the financial pages, where a certain weight must be attached to a corporation before warranting a mention, would notice the spate of resignations as unusual. These are corporations that translate to public policy or international influence or the state of the economy overall. These are not the corner grocery store, or the local bar. Thus, the comment by the poster, who stated he is "following the stock market closely" is pertinent. Many resignations are sudden, without a replacement in hand, or give vague reasons for the resignation. What is going on?

Where Police Chiefs are getting lectures on what steps may be required to quell riots in the near future, heads of corporations get a different message. Many have indeed heard the rumors about coming global catastrophes, and given the contacts most of these individuals have, have verified the rumors are being based on facts, not theory and speculation. Such verification can be nothing more than a raised eyebrow or a moment of silence where silence speaks volumes, but the message has been delivered. Many view the requirement that they stand in place, pretending that all is well, to be unbearable. Most of these individuals have climbed to the seat or power by being ruthless, putting themselves first, and would not operate out of a sense of duty while the ship goes down under any circumstances. They foresee being asked to maintain a façade that all is well when more than the economy crashes. They see what is coming and want to pull their wealth from stock and put it into things more substantial, to move inland from the coast and not be required to maintain a residence in any area that might become unsafe. They want their freedom to move, in short.

Earth's Rotation Slowing [Jan 13] Scientists say they have detected a slowing of our planet's rotation, and predict the Earth will stop spinning altogether in as little as three years! The slowdown will lead to steadily longer days and nights and could cause everything from disastrous floods and earthquakes to mass starvation. "This is by far the most serious and immediate problem now facing mankind," declared geophysicist Joseph Jankowski, who first observed the phenomenon. Scientists have long believed the Earth's rotation is slowing. It's estimated that three billion years ago, a day zipped by in about 13 hours, while now one full rotation of the Earth on its axis takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds. Old theories held that the effect was gradual, with the length of an Earth day increasing just .002 seconds per century. But now new sophisticated measurements show that changes in the Earth's rotation have become more dramatic than ever before. "By summer of 2011, a day will lengthen to 38.6 hours," revealed Prof. Jankowski. And according to his chilling calculations, the Earth's rotation will wind down to a dead stop by January 16 of the year 2013. Several other scientists have cautioned against panic, calling for calm until the phenomenon can be "studied thoroughly." But Prof. Jankowski warned: "Governments around the world must begin planning for this inevitable catastrophe right now!" [and from another] A common name, 114 listed in the US alone, 134 on a Google search.

This article is a serious attempt by those controlling the media to test the reaction of the public to such news. The Earth's rotation is slowing, as we identified going into the year 2003 when Planet X entered the inner solar system and began its slow creep past the Sun. However, the gradual slowing by some 37 minutes overall essentially ceased when Planet X aligned with the Sun, in the Earth's view. However, in that the last weeks are predicted to bring dramatic and swift slowing, with half the world on a long day and the other half in a long night for some 5.9 days, the public is expected to encounter what is being described in this article. How will they react, at the end? Reaction to this article will be studied closely before Nancy is allowed greater access to the public. The mysterious "geophysicist Joseph Jankowski" does not exist, but there is enough confusion in any web search to hide this fact.

Could you talk about the "Nahuales" entities who can change into any animal form? This is part of the Mexican mythology. [and from another] In Mesoamerican folk religion, a Nagual or Nahual is a human being who has the power to magically turn him- or herself into an animal form, most commonly donkey, turkey and dogs, but also other and more powerful animals. The Nagual can then use his powers for good or for evil causes according to his personality.

The myths about shape shifting have a long history in South and Central America and for good reason. The aliens conducting visitations in those areas preferred screen memories during contact to avoid having their contactees recall their actual appearance. We have stated that most intelligent life comes from water planets, and that the crop circle architects are in fact intelligent water babies, their ships filled with water. The next most prevalent type of species is reptilian, and this includes lizards and bird creatures. Thus, during contact, it is highly likely that a contactee will encounter anything from a greasy toad to an octopus, and their reaction detracts from the communication that both desire. Contactees in N America report screen memories of an owl, for instance, even though they are likely to have been contacted by ourselves, the Zetas. Such screen memories have been used for eons, in such circumstances, and depending upon the appearance of the visitors assigned to work a particular continent or area, will be heavily used or seldom used. Shamans, simply expanded on the experience, incorporating spirit flights in animal form.

Why Pluto became red? Or is a myth for reason?

This is a sad attempt by NASA to focus the public away from the Sun, but rather looking outward to the outer bounds of the solar system, for any explanation of a red color. Of course the red dust is everywhere in the area near the Sun, wafting toward Earth, and getting in the way of the Hubble too! NASA releases photos from the Hubble as though to say, "if it were there, we'd surely tell you". But they lie, all the time.

Can people who communicate with spirits get information about the PS "date" from them? I mean, are spirits allowed to speak about the timing of pole shift through people who really can communicate with spirits? Or they don't know about it?

These spirits must be in the know, and this information is not provided to them by the Spirit Guides, who are of course aware of what the Council of Worlds has decreed.

Are the Annunaki effectively quarantined even from leaving their planet right now? Or are they allowed to fly their shuttles around still, as long as they don't come to Earth?

The quarantine is to keep humans and the Annunaki from interacting. Since man is limited to the Earth and trips to the Moon, the Annunaki collecting gold from their various mining operations does not pose a problem.

Would you please comment about the special location chosen by the G7 in the Arctic's meeting?

They wish to avoid protests, and the cold effectively does that.

Is war ever justified? In my lifetime, it seems that wars, such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, have been waged for self-serving economic or political reasons, unquenchable imperial ambitions, or misguided religious zeal. My father served proudly in World War II, which I was always taught was a justified war. But was it really? Were peaceful and diplomatic solutions overlooked?

This is a complex issue, one where violence is used to protect, to block harm. It is not an easy call, nor is any stated solution appropriate for all occasions. Most countries, during WW I and WW II, were reluctant to join the war and only did so when they saw the outcome of being passive. However, an earlier war effort would have resulted in less death and destruction. Thus, our advice would have been to intervene earlier!

Were any of the Service to Other Haitians that were trapped under rubble given a "lift," and are now living with the hybrids? Similar to those who were thrown off a cliff, or kids that Nancy rescued? It's such a horrible way to die, buried alive.

Yes, they were. There was sufficient confusion about the identity of bodies recovered, who were quickly buried, that such an arrangement was possible. If the body was never recovered, never found, it was assumed to have been buried already in the mass graves.

You say during the PS there will be a true rain of stones from PX tail. Should not they had fallen long ago at its surface under the influence of gravitation?

Their primary attraction, while being in the charged tail of Planet X, is to the body of Planet X itself, swept along, as it were. The secondary attraction is to the charged dust cloud, as any object inside such a charged cloud develops its own charge via friction and motion. Being deposited on Earth only occurs because Earth gets in the way, causing a collision of sorts, being captured in the gravity field of Earth.

At the article "Slowing influences" you say PX increases its speed "… to leave the inner solar system as the laser blasts of gravity particles coming from the Sun added to the momentum past the Sun already in place combine to speed it on its way." I want to specify this moment. What is a "laser blast of gravity particles from the Sun"? Repulsion force? And another question - when PX stopped near the Sun it lost kinetic energy. Do you state that repulsion force will be enough to "return" it to PX and if yes how? Because I can not understand from where PX will take kinetic energy to fly away.

Throw away Newton's "laws" and think in terms of the various forces we have described. If, for instance, you have a ball held up in the air by a blast of air, it is floating on air. Given that the blast, or float, is even, the ball can move across that blast of air from one side to the other, can it not? The blast is not horizontal, it is vertical, in one direction only. In similar manner, Planet X is held away from the Sun by the Repulsion Force of gravity blasts outbound from the Sun. Once Planet X has wrestled through the Ecliptic, where there is a massive amount of particle flows returning to the Sun, it finds it no longer has a head-wind but instead only the Repulsion Force blast at its backside. It is then it zooms away.

I have been dreaming very weird since a couple of weeks and I find myself restless and confused. At random times I feel like I am falling back into my body, so to speak, and I also seem to get glimpses of the (possible?) near future. Some people I have met recently spoke of the same strange experiences.

Explore the possibility that you have become a contactee.

Do Zetas have pets or the equivalent to the dogs and cats and other animals who offer so much love and fulfillment to humans?

We interact with each other, instead. Unlike humans, who often desire to isolate themselves because interaction with others is exhausting or frustrating. In Service-to-Other societies, exhaustion and frustration are not the norm as we communicate and share burdens.

About that meeting Obama had with George H.W. Bush. Last week the zetas said he was asking Obama for protection from the mobs that he expects. Doesn't he still control enough of the mercenaries and black-ops crew that he has no need of Obama to help him? And doesn't Obama know a lot of 41's history in the Coverup? Or has he been able to get enough of his own people in place to root out any moles that were left from Bush 43's administration?

As we stated, we will not reveal Obama's thinking. But in addressing what Bush 41 was thinking - he is concerned that his normal Secret Service detail will not suffice. Mercenaries, like Blackwater, are known to be less trustworthy and more prone to power plays themselves, so the Secret Service is preferable. That or a contingent of US military, also hand picked by Bush 41. All this was refused.

Having different races - black,white, red, and yellow. Was this done so unless you got along,polarity in play was perfect for deciding your choice - STS or STO or undecided?

The various races were done for a number of reasons, primarily that some or one should survive and thrive on Earth. Secondarily, they were introduced, as Chinaman man was, to balance the character of man, as the Chinese are given to consensus and the other races were more aggressive.

Planet X is currently moving outbound from the sun. Could the Zetas mention at what speed per km?

By the time we would have Nancy write it down, it would have changed.

The tail of PX is showing up more and more in the NASA imaging, showing moons and other objects. The "string of pearls" has even shown up a couple of times. Does this mean that PX is getting closer to Earth, away from the sun glare and close enough that NASA's cameras are able to pick up the smaller details? Also, is the PX complex almost beyond the range of the NASA cameras, so one day it won't be showing up again on the NASA imaging? Will NASA say it was an asteroid that has gone away?

The corpus of Planet X has been in range on the SOHO cameras since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. But the Earth and the SOHO satellite were not buffeted around as they are today. Thus, NASA was able to program air brushing programs to alter the images as they were being received, to effectively replace any sign of the corpus or its tail with predictable backgrounds. At times, the programming failed, but quick adjustments were made. However, this year things have gotten out of control. The corpus is not where expected, due to the Earth or the satellite being buffeted around, or Planet X itself moving. The tail has likewise blown into view, after having been blown out into space for the many years Planet X was slowly turning its N Pole toward Earth. Now the Moon Swirls are visible, even strung out into a String of Pearls. NASA has no choice but the ratchet up its asteroid excuse, that a swarm or asteroids has entered the scene. This will hardly impress anyone able to think, and thus this excuse too will fail just as blaming the Sun for the Earth changes has failed.

The Zetas explained that Australia has "hidden discoveries" (paraphrasing). Could the Zetas elaborate ?

The Annunaki traveled the globe, and where it is little known that they resided in Australia, there are traces there too. Since this is irrelevant to man's current challenges, we decline to be more specific.

I was wondering if the Zetas could comment on the recent occurrence of earthquakes and weather patterns we are now experiencing. I live in southern Arizona and I can't remember a winter where we have had any rain much less the current downpour we are experiencing right now. Its been raining for weeks, we usually get this kind of weather in the Summer with monsoons. Very strange. The seasons do appear to be blending in with one another as the Zetas have predicted. And also whats up with the recent earthquakes in California?

Everytime we are asked about the weather or earthquakes, our answer has been the same. We told you the weather would get more extreme, with temperature swings, drought and deluge switching about and more extreme, and the seasons seeming to blend into one another. Please do not ask us to repeat this everytime it gets a tad more extreme in your area! Likewise with earthquakes. We told you the N American continent is in a bow, with the worst stress at San Diego, the center of the bow. We told you that earthquakes are increasing steadily, exponentially rather than in a linear manner. Please do not ask us to comment on every quake! There is nothing more we could add!

Humans have thought and we think to ourselves. If one is highly Service to Others, how much influence does the soul have? In other words, are my thoughts purely my own?

The soul dominates, but any given incarnation has more or less cooperation between the soul and the body.

Is Swastika a representation of Planet X?

No. A Red Cross is, however, an ancient symbol of Planet X, as is the Winged Globe.

What would be the most helpful piece of advice you could give to the people of this planet to bring relief??

Love is indeed the answer!

They claim non interference so as not to effect free will a "quarantine" yet is not sharing this info and making these claims not interference?

Interference is with your right to self determine your actions, not to allow your current schoolhouse to become messy. The Annunaki were, in essence, interfering with your right of self determination, by enslaving man in a manner they had little hope of escaping. Thus, this was stopped.

Can the Zeta's confirm if the spiral petroglyphs found in mountainous areas all over the world are depicting phenomena people witnessed such as the Norway spiral in our own time?

Yes, confirmed in recent ZetaTalk. The Spiral, as seen in Norway recently, is seen leading into the pole shift, and thus memorable.

Is Earth being helped with boosting our magnetosphere with an Earth Protective Shield as depicted in this video starting at 3:00 to 5:00?

The Earth magnetic field is not being assisted, it is being twisted into compliance with the magnetic field of Planet X.

How can it be that the surviving humans of the PS would be split up into drastically different lifeforms after already living side-by-side each other as humans? One, a 4th dimensional hybrid and the other one moving what would best be called a primitive form of life as an octopus. Why is there no desire to keep the human race as another oppurtunity for souls to reincarnate?

This decision is not yours to make! Bear in mind that an intelligent octopi might consider life as a human a horror, and protest. It's all relative.

Can the Zeta's please discuss what causes the Ice Ages on Earth? Is it Planet X ?

Yes, as pole shifts result in crustal shifts, so different parts of the globe are places where the new poles are to be.

Any comment on all the earth quakes this past week? 2 6.+'s in Cali alone, others around the planet, very active. Will the Caribbean plate be going under soon?

We of course cannot answer the question about when the Caribean Plate will experience more pressure from the rolling of the S American Plate, squeezed between that and the rupturing N American Plate as it is. Steps can be detailed, but not specific dates and times.

Is the X shaped asteroid story, resembling PX, a NASA hoax? [and from another] On the Huffington Post: NASA scientists have spotted a mysterious X-shaped debris pattern with trailing streamers of dust that is unlike any image astronomers have seen before. The behavior is not typical of comets, UCLA investigator David Jewitt explains, and researchers believe something unprecedented has been spotted: This is quite different from the smooth dust envelopes of normal comets. The filaments are made of dust and gravel, presumably recently thrown out of the nucleus. Some are swept back by radiation pressure from sunlight to create straight dust streaks. Embedded in the filaments are co-moving blobs of dust that likely originated from tiny unseen parent bodies. [and from another]

This is a pathetic attempt to explain the many times that Moon Swirls are showing up on SOHO and Stereo images. Never seen before? Not that the public has had access to, that's for sure. Liars, everyone of them at NASA.

When they return will they demand slavery? Or will the leave us in peace?

The Annunaki? They are quarantined from man, so you will not be encountering them, as we have repeatedly stated.

Is the Plunge Protection Team still dutifully buying stocks to keep the market from taking any more steep dives? Also, how were the banks able to reacquire so much wealth so soon in order to repay the gov't. the bailout funds? Not as if the economy is booming enough to warrant it?

Of course the Stock Market is still being manipulated, as the times are even more desperate. In essence, the bailout of Wall Street and the gamblers in the derivative and hedge fund markets was done because the Bush administration had allowed things to get so bad that to do otherwise would have ramifications throughout the business world and in human society. It was too late to enforce rules, to rein in the rip-offs. Corporations, who are required to maintain pension portfolios, had worthless derivatives based on worthless mortgages. Should the public be informed that their pensions would not be forthcoming? The federal government in any case was going to have to pick up the bill, as defaulting banks were insured under FDIC. The awful truth was not presented to the public,who was only told by grim faced Congress people that they had no choice.

Last week I was listening to George Noory's show on my way home late at night. I had tuned into it on the way home and there was an old man talking, of all things, about Nibiru, the 12th planet! George gushed over him the whole time. Finally they gave his name. It was Zacharia Sitchin! The only real difference between your message and his however is that he believes that the planet won't return for a 1000 years or so. Regardless, the fact that he was talking about it at all was quite unexpected. Is this the start of greater open discussion on the topic?

Let us hope so. It is primarily the accuracy of our predictions that has caused a ban. If what we have said is true, then what we have said about the future is likely true also. As we said, the full message may be allowed to be relayed to the public, but first here will be tests.

Queen Elizabeth is planning to deliver a speech in July at the UN. Since her last appearance was in 1957. Is this just a coincidence or is she preparing to release information on Planet X?

This would be the last source you might expect to honestly disclose the reality of Planet X. The Queen will desert her people, leaving Britain, all without saying a word to her people.

According to ZetaTalk, earthquakes were supposed to have started increasing exponentially beginning in 2006. ../index/zeta342.htm But as you can see from this chart, they haven't been increasing exponentially:

Quakes were being downgraded over a decade ago, and dropped from the databases. Astute people have noted that the magnitude of a quake does not seem to have relevance to the destruction that ensures. If you claim that a magnitude 8 is merely a 5.9, what does this do to your statistics?

Are the changes in Pluto a result of Planet X?

Pluto is unaffected by Planet X, but NASA is desperate to point away from the Sun, as we mentioned.

The Council of Worlds puts microbes on primordial worlds that might be habitable some day to speed things up. Then they uplift the best candidate species to 3rd and then 4th density. Is there much tinkering in between. For example, did the lemure take the path of evolution towards apes by itself? Without this tinkering, wouldn't the alien life be so "alien" that the biochemistry would be totally different and there would be no "alien reptiles" or "alien birds"? Do the Annunaki have more than one racial line (like our blacks, whites, asians, etc)? Were they hairy apes at one point?

Evolution, allowed to progress without interference, evolves intelligent species very similar to the result of genetic engineering. Of course, there would be some differences between man as an evolved ape, and man as an evolved ape with some inserted genetics. But the ape was winning the race and thus was the species to be engineered. Genetic engineering only speeds the process, does not dramatically alter the process. The Annnunaki had a similar background, and were a transplant onto Nibiru, aka Planet X. They do not, however, have various races, though they certainly have a cast system.

Have 4th or higher density worlds created megastructures like Ringworlds or Dyson's Spheres?

Nature does not comply with man's fantasy. Why would it? Fantasy worlds imagined by man, based on his power needs, are too limited. Next you will be asking where, in such a fantasy world, we aliens plug our devices in.

What other symbols in ancient times depict Planet X? In China there is a dragon chasing a "peril". Is this represenative of Planet X?

We have mentioned, repeatedly, that during the last weeks, when Planet X comes close and seems to eclipse the Sun with its writhing dust tail and swirling Moon Swirls, that this has the appearance to ancient man of a dragon in the skies.

What does the " White Brother" mentioned in by both the Hopi and Edgar Cayce mean?

The White Brotherhood was originally a valid alien group, but left the vicinity of Earth, leaving, as we have mentioned, a completely valid name to be grabbed by the CIA. It is currently used by the CIA to deflect and influence authors or others susceptible to telepathic messages.

It seems to me that the STS aliens care a little more about our advancement as a human race more so than the STO. The reason for my saying this is due to the fact that the STS aliens seem more inclined to teach such things as astral projection, Magick, the powers of the mind and spirit. Where as STO would like us to struggle and wallow in the mud all in the name of learning our "life lessons". STS tells us that we must be strong, to follow our true wills upon the face of the earth. To take charge in our own lives, that we are all individuals. You consult STO for answers and all they can tell us is that we can't "skip out of school". And they can't seem to tell us any specifics, they stick with vague answers, often "beating around the bush". I fail to see whats wrong with their message. Care to comment?

You apparently have not had contact with true Service-to-Self behavior. You've heard the promise, but not experienced the result. "Hey", says the drug dealer, the sex slaver, the thug. "Drop out of school and come join me! We'll go have a picnic, to heck with checking in with your parents Here's some candy!" Per your argument, all will be well!