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ZetaTalk: Martial Law
Note: written on Dec 15, 2001

Martial Law is a device that cuts both ways, so will not be used lightly by those in power, and only if they feel they have no other recourse. The threat of Martial Law is tossed about a great deal, as it seems an obvious trend given the nervousness of governments and the power they hold in wielding their military. But this conclusion assumes the status quo to be continuing. In other words, adequate food for the troops, and stability elsewhere. Martial Law can be quickly wielded to quell a riot, or quarantine disease, and is accepted by the populace. In these cases, the troops consider that their own families are being protected by these acts, and go along with the orders. The riot is being prevented from spreading to family and friends, or at least the soldier comforts himself that should such a riot spring up in his neighborhood, the same means of quelling it would be used.

What would the attitude of the soldier be, if starvation were rampant, news of this coming from home, and the soldier asked to protect the rich and powerful from demands from the starving? The willingness of the soldier to go along with this erodes, rapidly. Especially if it is apparent that the government, the elite, have not been open and honest about what is besetting mankind. Desertions would occur, erosion of the troops such that the generals soon find they have left their posts, leaving the defenses vulnerable. The military knows this, discusses this, endlessly. They have great history to examine. The common phrase that an army marches on its stomach is a clue. This is known. One cannot fight an effective battle unless the troops are heartened, and feel that there is a general advantage to continuing. Only groups of thugs operate solely for themselves, and these are not what the military accepts in its ranks.

Martial Law will be utilized only as a last resort, often dropped as soon as possible thereafter, and we anticipate only in those countries where the rich strong-arm the poor today. In those countries, this will be no change from their status quo, in essence no Martial Law being enforced. Martial Law is in effect today in some countries, for instance China and Indonesia, though they would not call it such. Human rights are nonexistent, and the government uses the military to support itself. To the extent that governments use these techniques today, they will continue up into the time of the shift. To the extent that these techniques would be a new imposition, they will not, we predict, be deployed. This is, of course, in the hands of man, something we do not control, and therefore could change. Britain and Canada likewise are exploring their limits. These also are countries with a strong history of human rights and law. Like the US, we expect they will conclude that such measures are counter-productive. The repressive will get more so, the democratic or socialistic remain so, with the coming changes not addressed in the media.

Countries are striving, at this time, to do the least that will disturb their populace, already uneasy due to weather and crop changes and a world-wide depression not yet called that openly. Thus, they will not rock the boat, but will to the extent they can impose Martial Law techniques without fuss from the populace, do so. Thus, the US has the Bin Laden crowd not on US soil, and are not calling them prisoners of war, so they can torture them freely without challenge. Even this has not passed without challenge, and they have taken note of this. Thus, Martial Law in the US is not expected. We anticipate, rather than a Martial Law setup, that troops will be sent home just ahead of the shift, to be with their families. In this way, they will be disbanded, less of a threat, and more likely to assist their families than run as gangs. We anticipate that the rich and powerful will go into enclaves, with immense stores of goods, with armed guards often gathered from the military. These will not prove to be a good setting, however, and will become the worst hell for those expecting to be protected and live well behind locked doors. Thus, Martial Law will become a reality only for those rich enclaves, where the strongest and most ruthless will rule.

Note: below written during the Mar 29, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

There has been speculation that the Iraq war was begun to remove US troops from their homeland, to lessen the likelihood of a coup during the coming times. There is truth to this, but to only a small degree. Securing the oil interests is prime, and the expectation that the troops would simply move to take over the Saudi fields after winning in Iraq. The troops are deemed an enforcement mechanism, thereafter, an occupation, despite empty words that they would be resident only until democracy could be installed. These empty words are coming from an administration that is busy removing liberty from its own people, as fast as the people will allow. There are many agendas among the elite, and where a plan can mesh several agendas, it gets faster approval. Thus, the invasion of Iraq, allowing reserves less aggressive to be the defenders of the homeland, suited more of the power mongering elite than not.

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