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Issue 356, Sunday July 28, 2013
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times
Half Past Human Demise

Clif High’s work, published on his Half Past Human website, was considered by the Zetas to be worthy of a comment as his analysis of the collective conscious, as defined by the content of Internet postings, bore some validity. But per the Zetas, Clif High cooperated with the cover-up, giving into intimidation.

ZetaTalk Analysis 10/16/2010: HPH prides itself on relaying the future with enough accuracy that its clientele continue to pay generously for the reports. But they have deliberately stayed away from any predictions on the crustal shift which is in mankind's future. In fact, they have gone out of their way to cast aspersions on ourself, as aliens who could not be trusted. Meanwhile, all our predictions keep coming true! There stands Planet X next to the Sun, displayed on SOHO images almost daily. The plates are starting to move in accordance with predictions we gave to the public almost a year ago, when such plate movement was not in evidence. What will become of HPH when the Zetas strike it big, and there is no question that our predictions, provided to the public for free, were accurate but they, HPH, missed entirely? Why is HPH staying away from what is obviously on the public's mind? It is not that they cannot pick this up in their pattern analysis of word frequency and association. They discard this information on purpose, and ascribe any public anxiety to other causes. They are leaned on, and told that support of the ZetaTalk message, in any manner, is not to occur.

Just ahead of the announcement admitting the presence of Planet X, evidence of Clif High’s denials and attacks against ZetaTalk are disappearing from the Internet. But I located a 2008 Project Camelot interview in a Yahoo Cache, the original site already scrubbed. ZetaTalk is Goat Farts, i.e. disinfo, per Clif. Why is Project Camelot trying to bury this interview so quickly, at this time?

C:  The Planet X stuff is a non-starter. It appears to be almost 100 percent disinformation from our viewpoint. In our data-sets, Planet X is within a very deep subset of what we call the SpaceGoatFarts, in an area of disinfo. We’ve never shown any of the Planet X info emotionally, in the context in which we use, to come out of that category. The whole idea of the context of Planet X as was originated and is mostly… most completely embodied by the zetatalk thing that has never come out of the disinfo bin in our SpaceGoatFarts. Now, there’s a whole lot…
K:  Now what about Nibiru? In other words, are you having problems with the choice of language here?
C:  No no no. I’m sorry, but we don’t show Planet X. We don’t have an emotional archetype that supports them outside of the disinfo category.

Look at them run! Half Past Human will have to close their doors due to the Cindy Lou effect, per Clif. A former fan, George Ure of the Urban Survival website, has threatened to pollute the airwaves by implying that other software, beyond the treasured webbots that Clif High has relied upon, would be just as reliable. Thus a feed back loop will pollute the results. Clif fears he will have to close his doors. No mention will be made, presumably, of how wrong he was about Planet X and in particular, about ZetaTalk.

(The) Cindy Lou Effect
July 14, 2013
Reluctantly, within a short month or less of the appearance of the Cindy Lou effect, I will be forced to close down our server garden, and no longer employ Igor. Cindy Lou effect also will f*^& over Google trends, and NSA, and a whole bunch of other folks doing large scale data mining. Oh, and we can all thank George Ure for this Cindy Lou effect.
Urban Survival
Since the web bot project coverage began in 2001, the site has also been the thought leader in public descriptions and applications of predictive linguistics since 2001.  If someone says predictive linguistics was invented in 2006 (as one academic claimed) he's full of crap and you can visit the web archives yourself if you doubt it.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/20/2013: The first repercussion will be a massive drop in esteem, wherein their reputation becomes mud. The second repercussion of having so willingly duped the public will be rage, as their product was not cheap. The third repercussion will be lawsuits, demanding refunds and demanding compensation for bad choices made based on their assurances. Since the Internet is exploding with reports of visual sightings of orbs around the Sun, how will they explain this massive omission? It is obvious their omission was deliberate, and this gossip will spread. HPH will claim their data was polluted by the Cindy Lou effect wherein the cover-up itself created a skew in the data. They will blame a former colleague, George Ure for encouraging other web bot projects which then created feed-back loops. And they will likely find a way to continue to market their product! 

HAARP Demise

HAARP, the Alaskan facility that bombarded the ionosphere to test the reaction on communications with satellites, and measured the Earth’s magnetic field in the process, has closed its doors! This happened in May, 2013 and where the sequester cuts are being blamed, per the Zetas there is more afoot. Per the Zetas, HAARP has always been used for disinformation, to cover the Earth changes caused by Planet X. Earthquakes, erratic weather, booms and hums and groaning from distressed rock, and atmospheric changes – all caused by HAARP, per the disinformation artists.

ZetaTalk Expose 11/15/1995: MJ12 cooked up the HAARP mystique. Since activities in association with Service-to-Self aliens included strange low frequency sounds, HAARP took on that aspect. Since aliens had been known to create blackouts and MJ12 wanted the illusion of a human hand at the switch should this ever happen again, HAARP took on this aspect also. As secret programs can not be proved or disproved, this issue will never be settled. Since the public has given credence to HAARP, it is likely to take on extra baggage, becoming, on paper anyway, a larger program. But like the Wizard of Oz, it is not at all what it seems.

Why is it suddenly closing its doors? And just ahead of the announcement admitting the presence of Planet X too! Per the Zetas, DARPA will take over and map the Earth’s increasingly erratic magnetosphere swings.

HAARP Facility Shuts Down and will be Dismantled
July 16, 2013
The sprawling 35-acre ionospheric research facility in remote Gakona, Alaska, has been shuttered since early May. In the meantime a new prime contractor will be coming on board to run the government owned-contractor operated (GOCO) facility. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is expected on site as a client to finish up some research this fall and winter.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/20/2013: The sequester, wherein some projects had to be cut, certainly affected these decisions, but what is the real reason that poking at the ionosphere is to cease? In no small part has the announcement affected this project, as the need for disinformation has ceased. If the HAARP facility is closed, no longer funded, then these lies will die down and be replaced by real reporting on the effects Planet X is having on the Earth’s atmosphere. The real reason for shuttering the facility, however, is to provide housing for a new project that will simply measure the bombardment of particle from Planet X. What is DARPA to be doing there, moving into the closed facility? The equipment is not being removed. They may no longer be bombarding the ionosphere, but they will continue to measure reactions! Of prime importance is the magnetic assault from Planet X.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Humility

In Issue 347 of this newsletter, on May 26, 2013, I featured a posture by Neil deGrasse Tyson wherein he called aliens stupid for having space ships that spin – “Why do only ‘Stupid’ Aliens Build Flying Saucers that Spin?” This, per Neil, showed they did not understand the laws of astrophysics, such as Angular Momentum. At the time I sputtered and produced some new ZetaTalk on the need to adjust to a new gravity field when arriving quickly into 3rd density.  Now on July 13, 2013 Neil has assumed a new posture vs a vs aliens and their contact with Earth. It is now the humans who are stupid – “Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Worried That Humans Are Too Stupid For Aliens.”  What an about face! I stumbled all over myself parsing out compliments.

Excellent and commendable presentation! Most? aliens (95%) are here because they love us, adorable toddlers that we are, and the few (5%) that think like colonists are restrained by the rules. Yes, there are rules and a police force! Read all about it at ZETATALKdotCOM. They were toddlers once too. Don't we care for our young? Don't we take pride in influencing them for good during their development? They are also here to arrange (genetic engineering) for mankind's next leap forward. They are here but hiding from us until we get comfortable with the idea. So as not to scare us unduly. Ever meet an intelligent toad or jellyfish? It takes a bit of getting used to. Check in with your subconscious, you've? probably already met one.

And when someone asked “Is this leading to a Men In Black scene where you take us to a post office and show us a chain smoker with 16 arms hiding in the back sorting mail and listening to punk rock?” I pointed them to BeanBag man, who has more than 16 arms, er, claws.

The Zetas predict that given ZetaTalk accuracy, a debate over the coming Earth changes, and the potential severity of the coming Pole Shift, will be inevitable after the announcement, and how better to capture the attention of the public than a debate between Nancy and a notary such as Neil!

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/18/2013: Faced with potential ZetaTalk mania, where the public will avidly read and become acquainted with ZetaTalk, the establishment has braced for the reaction to ZetaTalk predictions on coastal flooding and sinking lands such as in India and western Australia. They plan to counter our predictions by pointing to prediction failures such as a passage in 2003 (it did arrive in 2003 but did not pass). The 7 of 10 plate movements also have been slow to roll out, though once again started on time at the end of 2010. By such debates, perhaps with notables such as Niel deGrasse Tyson, the public will be both presented with the ZetaTalk warnings while simultaneously reassured that it is not likely to be that bad by a respected astrophysicist. This is their plan.

Australia Maneuvers

Global Warming, which was born and promoted as a cover for the Earth changes caused by Planet X, is another casualty of the announcement. The Zetas warned that the establishment would likely keep their claims, as legislation requiring the common man and corporations to reduce their carbon footprint had been enacted, and lawsuits aplenty would result if the fraud was admitted.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/15/2011: Once set in motion, and with such esteemed spokespersons as Al Gore leading the charge, the establishment tweaked the data to support their claims, and until it was discovered that they used erroneous data to lie about the matter, were able to fool the public to a great extent. By then, to maintain the illusion that politicians were taking the Global Warming excuse seriously, carbon tax laws had been passed. In the world of government and greed, money collected for any reason is not given back, not returned. Once started, a trend is hard to reverse.

But lo, in Australia, they are suddenly reversing their carbon footprint tax, even though the reversal will cost the government dearly!

Kevin Rudd to Announce Scrapping of Carbon Tax
July 14, 2013
The decision could slash electricity bills by up to $150 a year for families spending $2000 annually, assuming a floating price for carbon emissions as low as $6 per tonne.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/20/2013: We have stated that Global Warming will continue to be supported, as the cause of the Earth changes, because the lawsuits that would otherwise evolve would clog the courts. Where governments can rarely be sued, public outrage can linger. Is the public to be charged for the cover-up? This is injury twice over! The Australian government is trying to avoid this rage.  

Prime Minister Rudd also quickly took measures to ensure that the boat people from Indonesia and elsewhere would not arrive on Australian shores. Cobbling out an agreement with New Guinea, all boat people in the future would be sent promptly there. Quick, before the announcement, make arrangements!

Australia Bans all Illegal Boat Refugees
July 19, 2013
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has banned all illegal boat refugees from ever settling in the country. All new unauthorised asylum-seekers will be sent to Papua New Guinea under a regional resettlement deal, declaring future boat refugees will have 'no chance' of staying in Australia as refugees. In exchange for PNG's agreement, Australia will fund further aid initiatives.


NASA and the German space agency, DLR, have collaborated on a flying telescope that rivals the Hubble. High above the atmosphere, it would obviously get a clear view of the approaching Nibiru, aka Planet X. Why is SOFIA getting press now, when this idea has been in the world since the 1990’s? After the announcement there will be a need for regular reports on the progress and trajectory of Nibiru’s passage, and articles on SOFIA will be readily at hand.

A Window Seat for the Telescope SOFIA
February 24, 200
Earlier this month, an infrared telescope with a mirror diameter of 2.5 meters got a permanent place at the window, and now it looks through a hole in the fuselage of the historic Boeing 747. Mirror Telescope, roughly equal in size mirror the Hubble Space Telescope, closed red cover. The observatory on the plane, known as the Stratospheric Observatory infrared (SOFIA), to fly to an altitude of 14 kilometers. More than 99% water vapor in the atmosphere is below this height. Water vapor absorbs infrared light, and at this altitude, SOFIA will be able to receive infrared images that are impossible for even the largest ground-based telescopes. Participated in its construction specialists NASA and the German space agency DLR.
NASA Plane Visits Christchurch
July 14, 2013
The NASA-modified jumbo jet houses a telescope that's capable of making new discoveries in the solar system way above the Southern Hemisphere. Touching down for a three-week-long scientific mission, NASA's billion-dollar giant flying observatory is about to be deployed over southern skies. "We've been working on this since the '90s, and this is the first Southern Hemisphere deployment – one of many, we hope," says NASA mission manager.

An infrared telescope! That was the type of scope used when NASA first went looking for Planet X in 1983, and found it. Infrared is ideal for locating this smoldering brown dwarf of a planet, as it emits heat from its molten core as well as a dim light via deep rifts in its oceans from the chemical processes in its core. What is SOFIA looking for? Per the Zetas, there can be no question. Once again, they are peeking at Nibiru.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/27/2013: 1983 revisited! It was in 1983 that NASA and JPL first sighted Nibiru, aka Planet X, via an infrared scope lofted above the atmosphere via a balloon. This resulted in the famous front page article in the Washington Post on December 31, 1983 declaring that an extra planet of the solar system had been discovered. And then the cover-up descended like a black blanket to snuff out all discussion. Planet X is so shrouded in red dust that it is difficult to discern amidst the swirl. SOFIA of course will allow NASA to discern the body of Nibiru, and they hope precisely chart its trajectory during the coming passage.