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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 18, 2013

There was a West Wing evacuation this morning, supposedly due to a smoking transformer. Is there more to this story? Is it related to the pending Nibiru announcement? [and from another]  The evacuation came after smoke was seen in a mechanical room, the Secret Service said. Multiple fire trucks raced to the building at about 7:15 a.m. Secret Service officers blocked off the entrances to the West Wing. [and from another]  An electrical transformer near the West Wing malfunctioned and set off a smoke alarm in the West Wing. The transformer problem was quickly resolved. Electricity and personnel access to the West Wing has returned to normal.  The First Family was unaffected.

Is this matter as the press is reporting, merely a malfunctioning electrical transformer in a utility closet in the West Wing? It was a warning, to Obama. The cover-up crowd has notably attempted several assassination attempts against Obama, and there are more than the public has sensed. If threatening Obama himself has not canceled the planned announcement on the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, then the cover-up crowd is now threatening the family. The rigged wiring and timer will be traced and the perpetrators dealt with quietly, but none of this will affect the outcome of the announcement. If anything, these threats have made Obama grimly determined to proceed.

Recently a most mysterious and startling discovery was brought to public attention, after a video was posted to YouTube which is depicting Earth imagery presumably captured by a satellite, under the stewardship of Google Earth, as it overflew the region around Verneukpan, Southern Africa. A keen-eyed ZT fan and PoleShift Ning member quickly posted said footage on this very site, as a blog said ZT fan/member being struck by the eery possibility that this is a spiral warning , from those who came before. Suffice to say that the revealed images, of exquisitely inscribed pictographs and the like, which describe huge spiral murals and geometric shapes etc, the scope and detail of which can only be viewed from on high, have to be seen to be believed. Would the Z please reveal whom it was, that carefully carved these incredibly intricate images into the S.African terrain, and why? [and from another]  [and from another]

The spirals and Nazca-like lines carved into rock near Verneukpan, S Africa are genuine and were done in the past by the Annunaki. These are, as with the Nazca lines, landing guides. But why the many spirals, which are seen in recent crop circles as well as on cave walls? Spirals are seen in the sky prior to a passage, due to magnetic tornados formed in the atmosphere. Thus, early man drew them to warn future generations. But in S Africa they adorned landing stripes to indicate an escape route for those Annunaki  left in harms way as the Pole Shift approached.  The Flood was caused by a displacement wave from half-melted Antarctic ice, and those trapped at the tip of S Africa were vulnerable.  

Any update on the Obama announcement about Planet X? Do the zetas expect panic after this announcement, in countries like India, Australia, UK which will be effected extensively? Any advice on how to help others accept the inevitability of drowning in these countries? [and from another] This week and last David Cameron has been clocking up the air miles travelling first to Russia for private face to face talks with Putin and now is in Washington for the same with Obama.  Rather than Obama doing the rounds himself which would be much more high profile, Cameron can act as go between without raising eyebrows, and as we know the US, UK and Russia are the three main countries that have been at the helm of the cover-up all these years. No doubt discussing the pending announcement, the stated reason of discussing the situation in Syria is not sufficient to explain why the British PM has to visit in person as normal diplomatic channels and other ministers would usually be sufficient.
[and from another]  Obama must be worried about panic, but he must also know that this is much bigger than himself and possible panic. Before there was even a possibility of an announcement, the Zetas said that if the truth was not known prior that mankind would be forced to live through a worse experience in learning the truth far too late as the last weeks arrived suddenly with no "official" warning or revelation. It has made me fully realize just how valuable an announcement would be for humanity. So given that Obama is working hard to get the announcement made, is he getting enough help/assistance in this effort? Once an announcement is made, many more important questions can be asked and answered with more information shared by the Zetas to the common man- correct? Now with the IRS scandal and Benghazi response still being attacked... It would be so much more productive for people to understand the "real" problem that is on the horizon in planet x and the poleshift. Sure be nice if mankind didn't go out deceiving one another up until the very end and had at least a moment of honesty with each other even if it has to be dragged out of us kicking and screaming. 

Are their clues as to the how and where of the announcement in the latest exchanges between Obama and Putin and Cameron? Obama sent an encoded letter to Putin on April 15, 2013 and now, a month later, Cameron is visiting Putin and Obama. Is Cameron acting as a mediator? Certainly Obama had problems making the announcement last Fall. In late September he tried using the Emergency Alert System, which failed due to sabotage.  Then in October he planned an Oval Office Address, which was challenged at the TV stations by injunctions claiming a hoax was in process. Then having lost the first debate with Romney, Obama turned his attention to getting a second term.

That the cover-up crowd was still at work was evident, but so was evidence of bait and switch maneuvers, catching those who would counter Obama. In February an attempt to implant an EAS hoax concept was done via a Zombie Appolocypse hoax. This was almost simultaneous to Obama’s golf weekend which was designed to look like the announcement was being planned for that weekend. General Allen resigned a day later, a rat caught in the trap. Since that time, the public has had no clue as to the plans re the announcement except for odd communications between Heads of State. And there we must leave it! To say more would be to clue in the cover-up crowd. Better that they stay clueless.

Clearly the announcement has been delayed. Planet X was confirmed inbound by the IRAS scope in 1983 but the establishment feared that the public would panic. Given the geology of the Earth, and the mythology and prophecy that supports the geological evidence, mankind would take such an announcement seriously. When the announcement was first planned, there was a debate on whether panic could be reduced if it seemed that Nibiru had just arrived, thus detracting from ZetaTalk which paints a grim picture of the pending Pole Shift. Honesty won out. Admitting it had been around for years would imply that tomorrow is likely to be no worse than yesterday or last year. Thus ZetaTalk will inevitably be credited for their 17 years of accurate prophecy.  

Faced with potential ZetaTalk mania, where the public will avidly read and become acquainted with ZetaTalk, the establishment has braced for the reaction to ZetaTalk predictions on coastal flooding and sinking lands such as in India and western Australia. They plan to counter our predictions by pointing to prediction failures such as a passage in 2003 (it did arrive in 2003 but did not pass). The 7 of 10 plate movements also have been slow to roll out, though once again started on time at the end of 2010. By such debates, perhaps with notables such as Niel deGrasse Tyson, the public will be both presented with the ZetaTalk warnings while simultaneously reassured that it is not likely to be that bad by a respected astrophysicist. This is their plan.

Is this being caused by the slip-slide of the San Andreas fault or is it due to the "stretch zone" becoming more active? If such incidents are becoming televised more, is it to desensitize the public? Plates stretching? And is there any connection to the increase in sink holes occurring? TONS of sinkholes occurring! [and from another]  One by One, Homes in Calif. Subdivision Sinking [and from another]  Loud Booms Compilation in Colorado and California, January 16, 2013
[and from another]  One Sinkhole Killed, and Many Others Opened, but Experts Counsel Not to Panic  [and from another] Boulder sinkhole: Folsom Street likely to remain closed until next week  [and from another] Abandoned Underground Mines Resurface, Cause Sinkholes

Stress on rock layers occurs during plate movement, during compression and subduction, and during the pulling apart that occurs in stretch zones. If the plate movement is significant enough, compressed rock layers can snap and shoot at an angle into the air, forming mountains.  During subduction, the plate on top can rumple. In stretch zones the thinning rock layers can destabilize bridges or cities, which can tilt and sink. The ground nearby of course responds to any of this either by heaving or splitting open into crevasses. If caverns due to karst limestone erosion exist, the rock surrounding these caverns can destabilize and break, creating sudden sinkholes.

While the cover-up over the nearby presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, continues, the public is increasingly disturbed by evidence of such Earth movement. Earthquakes are increasing in frequency and force, but this is denied and under-reported. The compass is increasingly erratic and unreliable as is increasing electromagnetic interference with electronics, but this is either blamed on the sleepy Sun or ignored by the media. When signs in the skies, such as the Sun and Moon out of place, are noted and likewise ignored by the media and NASA, the public connects the dots. Meanwhile photos and videos of Nibiru are increasingly circulated on the Internet. The result is deep distrust of the establishment, and a sinking sense by the public that they are not being told the truth.

I read with interest that at a nuclear missile base in North Dakota 17 launch officers were dismissed. I did not believe the explanation given, as it seemed so unlikely, and I think there is something more to this story. To me it sounds a little too similar to the last incident where nuclear bombs were going to be send to Louisiana from the same base. Would the Zetas care to comment on the very recent event, a few days ago? As I recall in the earlier incident many of those involved died within days from accidents and a suicide. [and from another]  Underlying the Minot situation is a sense among some that the Air Force's nuclear mission is a dying field, as the government considers further reducing the size of the U.S. arsenal. Because there are a limited number of command positions to which missile launch officers can aspire within the nuclear force, those officers tend to think they have no future. It appeared the Minot force, which is one of three responsible for controlling — and, if necessary, launching — the Air Force's 450 strategic nuclear missiles, is an outlier. The Air Force told AP on Wednesday that the two other missile wings — at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont., and at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo. — earned scores of "excellent" in the most recent inspection of their ICBM launch skills. [and from another]  An investigation had revealed a force in disarray and resulted in the unprecedented removal of 17 launch officers from their duty at Minot Air Force Base, N.D.

In an unprecedented move, 17 officers in charge of nuclear missiles at Minot Air Force Base were removed from their commands. Is it just, as reports suggest, that their morale was low due to sequester cuts, and chances of promotions in the future slim? Minot was the base where nuclear missiles were stolen in 2007 and transported by plane to a Louisiana base, thence to be slipped out of the country. This plot was foiled, but not before several airmen were assassinated before they could cooperate with the investigation. Is this purge related?

A plot was being hatched to blackmail Obama into cooperating with the cover-up, now reduced to a small group of people demanding he set aside his plans to announce the presence of Nibiru. The DIA and CIA have remnants of this cover-up crowd, who are dwindling in numbers. Until the announcement is made, aggressive public prosecution of those responsible for such acts, which is essentially treasonous, cannot be done. But removing those cooperating with the cover-up crowd from power and influence can certainly be done. The 17 at Minot Air Force Base failed an inspection!

For more years than one would care to recall, the Common Man has been browbeaten by the Establishment Coverup proponents et al, beaten about the head with it, as they have attempted to scare the populace witless with their fear-mongering bait-and-switch misdirect that is the Global Warming aka Climate Change Lie, part of said Establishment Coverup of the incoming giant, Planet X aka Nibiru. We thought we had seen it all as those disingenuous story-tellers have tried to lump every single Earth Change (which ZT fans know are symptoms of the PX presence), on their concocted device, GW/CC. Whether it be from earthquakes to volcanic activity and beyond, that false premise GW/CC is guilty of everything, though thank God all pretty much de-bunked somewhere in the ZT body. Well, the beat goes on. Now that nasty Global Warming is tilting the Earth. Would the Z care to straighten this out? [and from another]  The North Pole has shifted east because of ice sheet loss caused by rising temperatures, a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters has found, according to the scientific journal Nature. The pole drifted southeast toward northern Labrador, Canada, at a rate of about 6 centimeters per year between 1982 and 2005. But since 2005, the direction and speed of the pole's journey changed. It started moving rapidly east towards Greenland at a rate of more than 21 centimeters per year. [and from another]  The study was carried out using data collected by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE). Scientists have long known that the locations of Earth’s geographic poles aren’t fixed. Over the course of the year, they shift seasonally as Earth’s distributions of snow, rain, and humidity change. Usually [the shift] is circular, with a wobble. Earth’s gravity field changes are measured by two probes by the GRACE, which can be used to study the shifts in the distribution of water and ice. 90% of the polar shift post-2005 occurred due to loss of ice and rise in sea level. The study was also reported in the international science journal Nature.

The Earth wobble has been the most difficult aspect of near presence of Planet X to disguise. Signs in the skies and electro-magnetic disturbances are blamed on the Sun. Any rising seas or erratic weather is blamed on Global Warming. Earthquakes and the increase in volcanic eruptions is suppressed in the press, and denied. Debris in the tail of Planet X zinging through the Earth’s atmosphere is blamed on space junk. But the Earth wobble, increasingly evident, has no ready excuse. NASA is acknowledging this problem in this latest GRACE study, which is liberally peppered with phrases such as “pole shift” and “wobble”.

NASA and other elites in the cover-up have great distain for the common man, and assume the public will be placated when they note the Sun or Moon out of place. What the public will make note of is that NASA addressed the obvious Earth wobble, had the opportunity to address it, and once again lied. NASA has been steadily digging its grave with their treatment of the Earth changes. It is not the pending announcement admitting the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X that will destroy their reputation. They are already despised.