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Issue 351, Sunday June 23, 2013
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times
Bahamas Stalagmites

Do under water caves in the Bahamas carry evidence of past passages by Nibiru? They show red iron oxide dust, solidified in the stalagmites in caves that were above ground in the past. As with the East Coast of the US, the Bahamas sink with every Pole Shift as the Atlantic Rift pulls apart and weakens the edges of the rift. Per the Zetas, the evidence of red dust appearing every approximately 3,600 years is less astonishing than the excuses and explanations grasped by humans who fear to comprehend the cataclysms that have afflicted the Earth every 3,600 years.

Climate Clues Found In Ancient Underwater Caves
November 3, 2011
The stalagmite samples from the Great Blue Hole showed three periods of rapid shifts from a wet to dry climate in the ancient Bahamas. These periods correlate with so-called Heinrich events in the North Atlantic, which are a well-studied phenomenon where very cold periods are followed by a rapid shift to a warmer climate. Curiously, the team also found high levels of iron in the stalagmites during the Heinrich events. Iron shouldn't be there since there are no known nearby sources.
No Holes Barred
Fall, 2011
From deep within the caves, the researchers also gathered dozens of stalagmites. These calcium carbonate formations built up during the ice ages, when sea levels dropped and the sinkholes were dry. The stalagmites are solid, with layers that are basically like tree rings related to age, so you can date them. Red iron deposits in the stalagmites are remnants of dust that blew across the Atlantic from the African Sahara thousands of years ago.
The Universal Hologram: Human Brains Are Very Odd Places
February 13, 2010
Here is a stalagmite that was cut in half: It has rings like a tree.  The dark lines are iron which comes from dust blown from Africa.  The densest rings of black iron in this deposit are actually greatest pre-54,000 years ago.  There were very, very few humans back then.  But they had something very big: fire.   The use of fire to hunt game was the big thing.  We basically set Africa on fire.  The fires had the greatest effect not since 12,000 years ago but before this.
Heinrich Event
The events are rapid: they last around 750 years, and their abrupt onset may occur in mere years. Heinrich events are often marked by the following changes: Pollen indications of cold-loving pines replacing oaks on the North American mainland; decreased oceanic salinity, due to the influx of fresh water; increased grain size in wind-blown loess in China, suggesting stronger winds. The mathematics of the system are consistent with a 7,000-year periodicity.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/8/2013: Once again human scientists refuse to see the elephant in the room. The periodic nature of the Earth changes is staring them in the face, yet they refuse to look or comprehend. It is deliberate amnesia, because the thought is so very scary. Of course the Heinrich events happened approximately every 7,000 years, as the periodic return of Nibiru, aka Planet X, occurred every 3,600 years. Do the math! Does this not equate to 7,200 years, a multiple of 3,600? The stalagmite red lines are identified at 11,000 and 14,000 and 21,000 years – rounded as this is not a precise business. Does this not equate to 10,800 and 14,400 and 21,600 years, a multiple of 3,600 years?

The theory that red dust, laden with iron oxide, is blown west from the Sahara is postulated even today to explain red dust in Europe and the US. Absurd, beyond absurd, but any theory is better than facing the idea that the crust shifts every 3,600 years as the giant magnet that is Nibiru, aka Planet X, passes by. Of course ice at whatever was the N Pole at the time melted, increasing the fresh water in the Atlantic. Of course plant lift in now warmer climates changed from cold loving to heat loving plants, or vice versa. And of course newly deposited red dust was solidified in stalagmites carrying the dust in the drip.  

Wobble Ice

The past few months have seen an increased Earth wobble, with the result that the US has seen a colder Spring and Summer. On May 26, 2013 – Memorial Day weekend – New York State and New England were pelted with freezing temperatures and up to 3 feet of snow.

Northeast Frost, Freeze Concerns Tonight
May 26, 2013
Since Memorial Day is typically deemed as the unofficial start to summer, many people of the Northeast may find it hard to believe that frost and freezing temperatures are a concern tonight.
Upstate New York Pelted with 3 Feet of Snow
May 27, 2013
The freak snowfall on the mountain, which stands along the border between New York and Vermont was part of a larger pattern of turbulent weather in the region.

Lakes in Canada were experiencing piles of shattered ice along their shores, caused by constant re-freezing during the thaw, as this Pole Shift ning blog details. Per the Zetas, this will prove to be temporary as the blending of the seasons will at some point prevent freezing at all!

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/25/2013: The ice flows piling up on shorelines in N America are certainly caused in the main by the more violent Earth wobble. This, combined with repeated thawing and freezing which has been a result of the incipient blending of the seasons. Hard frozen lake ice does not move under the wind, but when thin due to the Spring thaw is more mobile. Ice flows that would ordinarily be thick, and thus bump into one another but remain in place, are thawed to a thinness that allows them to fracture as they are thrust against one another, thus in a state that can be carried by waves readily. Is this likely to get worse as the 8 of 10 blending of the seasons progresses? It is likely to be a temporary feature, as when the blending is firmly in place, no significant ice will form on these lakes in the first place!

And how did the establishment explain this evidence of an Earth wobble? In an article using the words “pole drift” and “polar shift” and a circular “wobble” of the globe, they blame it all on Global Warming ice melt. The evidence does not explain what is happening to the globe, but NASA hopes you remember the catch words and equate it all to Global Warming, such is their desperation.

North Pole Dhifts due to Global Warming
May 15, 2013
The North Pole has shifted east because of ice sheet loss caused by rising temperatures, a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters has found, according to the scientific journal Nature. The pole drifted southeast toward northern Labrador, Canada, at a rate of about 6 centimeters per year between 1982 and 2005. But since 2005, the direction and speed of the pole's journey changed. It started moving rapidly east towards Greenland at a rate of more than 21 centimeters per year.
Global Warming Causes North Pole shift: Study
May 15, 2013
The study was carried out using data collected by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE). Scientists have long known that the locations of Earth’s geographic poles aren’t fixed. Over the course of the year, they shift seasonally as Earth’s distributions of snow, rain, and humidity change. Usually [the shift] is circular, with a wobble. Earth’s gravity field changes are measured by two probes by the GRACE, which can be used to study the shifts in the distribution of water and ice. 90% of the polar shift post-2005 occurred due to loss of ice and rise in sea level. The study was also reported in the international science journal Nature.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/18/2013: The Earth wobble has been the most difficult aspect of near presence of Planet X to disguise. Signs in the skies and electro-magnetic disturbances are blamed on the Sun. Any rising seas or erratic weather is blamed on Global Warming. Earthquakes and the increase in volcanic eruptions is suppressed in the press, and denied. Debris in the tail of Planet X zinging through the Earth’s atmosphere is blamed on space junk. But the Earth wobble, increasingly evident, has no ready excuse. NASA is acknowledging this problem in this latest GRACE study, which is liberally peppered with phrases such as “pole shift” and “wobble”.  NASA and other elites in the cover-up have great distain for the common man, and assume the public will be placated when they note the Sun or Moon out of place. What the public will make note of is that NASA addressed the obvious Earth wobble, had the opportunity to address it, and once again lied.

Larry King on RT

Just prior to the announcement admitting the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X in the inner solar system, Russian TV stations announced changes. OTR, newly authorized by Putin to be a station independent of political and corporate control, went on the air May 19, 2013. Per the Zetas, this was related to what was at that time the pending announcement.

Russia's Ad-Free Public TV Channel Struggling Less Than Two Weeks After Launch
May 29, 2013
Less than a two weeks after its discreet launch, Russia's new public television channel OTR is already struggling financially. A pet project of former president, now prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, the channel secured just 700 million roubles ($22 million) from the Kremlin for its first-year operating costs. That's not enough to run the station, which went on air May 19, the ministry of finance says.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/25/2013: Putin and the Russian government are looking beyond the anticipated announcement by Obama admitting the near presence of Nibiru. Especially in Russia, where ZetaTalk is well known and well respected, there is bound to be concern over the anticipated flooding that Siberia and eastern Russia will experience after the Pole Shift. What will the Russian government do about this? Mass relocation? Floating cities? Will they argue that ZetaTalk is wrong in its prediction, while simultaneously allowing full access to the ZetaTalk message and the accuracy of its prior predictions? We have stressed that citizens must look to themselves, and not their governments, for assistance during the coming times. Self-sufficiency must be the guideline.  Merely discussing these matters will spur the public to such action, as they sort out their alternatives. These discussions, on this new independent TV station, are expected to be heated and filled with information. A good move by the Russian government. 

Barely two weeks later it was announced that Larry King will have a new show on the English speaking station RT, also Russian RV. Per the Zetas, this move too is related to the pending announcement. 

Larry King joins Russia's RT channel
May 29, 2013
Legendary American interviewer Larry King is joining Russia’s English-language TV channel RT with a global reach of over 630 million people.
RT America to Broadcast Larry King's New Political Show
May 29, 2013
King’s career has spanned 56 years and more than 50,000 interviews, but he says the show will break new ground. The veteran broadcaster will not shy away from causing controversy, or using his authority to give a chance to hear voices other media ignore.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/1/2013: The need to educate the public about the impact the coming Pole Shift will have is paramount in many minds. But likewise the awareness that politicians will stonewall the impact, denying that the public must leave the coastlines or can anticipate rapidly rising seas. Drastic climate change will likewise be stonewalled, as where some countries will gain a better climate, others will not. Migration is a huge worry among politicians, who fear the populace of India and Indonesia will flee by any means possible. How to simultaneously educate the public with the ZetaTalk message, which the political elite of the world fear is more accurate than not, while preventing panic and rioting?

Larry King is expected to challenge politicians from Russia and the US with frank questions on his new show. If the politicians wave aside questions about the accuracy of ZetaTalk predictions, geological evidence of past cataclysms, and current trends they will at least have heard what the politicians are refusing to address. This allows the public to do their own research. The public will be educated by this process. Is Larry King the last such celebrity to assume such a role on the eve of the announcement admitting the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X? Anticipate other such celebrities, known in other cultures, in similar roles soon.

Russia’s partnership with Obama was apparently also in the mysterious exchange of letters that occurred in April and May, 2013. First a letter from Obama, and then a return message from Putin. Doesn’t anyone use the phone? And what is the point of having a Secretary of State if one must resort to little pieces of paper? Per the Zetas, these messages were in code, so anyone intercepting them would never guess their meaning.

Obama Sends Letter to Putin to Improve Relations
April 15, 2013
President Barack Obama wants to ease diplomatic tensions with Moscow and had a letter hand delivered to President Vladimir Putin to propose new ways to cooperate. According to Putin's foreign affairs adviser, Yuri Ushakov, Obama's letter was "quite constructive" and contained specific proposals regarding arms control and economic cooperation. In return, Putin expressed his readiness to support the "positive signals" coming from Washington.
Only by Hand: Barack Obama Received a Letter from Vladimir Putin
May 24, 2013
Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev brought to Barack Obama the response message of the president of Russia. He transferred Vladimir Putin's letter during a meeting with the American president in the White house.

ZetaTalk Explanation 4/20/2013: Why would one Head of State send a letter to another, rather than get on the phone? What can be put into a letter cannot be overheard, as even scrambled phone calls can, and can carry coded information. Coded information can be arranged in the order of words and letters, in the double meaning of words, and in the emphasis placed on words by repeated use of such words. Russia will be countering the efforts by many clinging to the cover-up in the US by creating an Internet storm, with ZetaTalk at the center. The cover-up crowd would like to promote their own spokespersons, a matter Obama does not want to succeed.

ZetaTalk Explanation 5/25/2013: Why is Obama concerned that ZetaTalk get the spotlight after the announcement? There are several reasons. Obama wants the populace to hear the ZetaTalk description, so they can make their OWN choices and decisions on where to live. ZetaTalk is considered a friendly alien face. After decades of disinformation on the alien agenda by the CIA - Hollywood movies such as Signs, ID4, and War of the Worlds – the populace is likely to become fearful when faced, inevitably, with ZetaTalk accuracy. Obama knows that self-sufficiency is key. The majority of the public will assume rescue by their governments, as occurs today after disasters. Most of the spokespersons the cover-up crowd would like to promote talk about survival but do so in the context of buying freeze dried food or guns and ammunition, neither of which will feed survivors for long.

Russian’s Borders

Putin has recently made trips to Kyrgyzstan and the Ukraine. Per the Zetas this has more to do with protecting Russia’s border than with trade issues. Russia will deal with immense flooding issues after the Pole Shift, with most of its populace requiring relocation. Drowning migrants from other countries would not, thus, be welcome. Per the Zetas, this is the primary item on the agenda with Russia’s close neighbors.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's Visit to Kyrgyzstan Early Next Month
May 22, 2013
Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Kyrgyzstan in early June of this year. Vladimir Putin's visit will also contribute to the development of friendly relations between our countries.
Putin, Yanukovych Discussing Trade, Economic Cooperation in Sochi
May 26, 2013
"I am happy to see you here and have chance to discuss bilateral relations, trade and economic ties, as well as our cooperation in the Commonwealth of Independent States in an informal setting," Putin said.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/1/2013: What type of issues are discussed, and what are the bargaining chips? First commonality is sought, as where two countries both have the same policy on a matter. This might be assumed for both China and Russia, who anticipate migration into their territories from flooding regions. For China this is from the south, and for Russia from the west in Europe, but both want firm and well protected borders. They agree to respect each other’s borders and thus troops do not need to be deployed along these shared borders.

Second comes the use of bargaining chips. The Ukraine is on the edge where some of its land will be above the waves, but all to the east in Russia will be flooded. Migration will flow in two directions, first from the flooding lands in Russia to high ground in the Ukraine, and then as Europe is likewise afflicted with flooding, back toward Russia in the desperate search for a land route to high ground. Russia does not want Europeans bridging over to Kazakhstan, which will already be burdened with migrates from Russia. Negotiations are thus in process!

Will Russia look beyond its borders, perhaps trying to establish a foothold in the vast lands of Africa? Much of Africa was formerly colonized by European countries, but this does not make African control a settled issue. There are indications that Russia is one of the competitors.

Russia Forges Risky Ties with Islamists
May 27, 2013
Officially intended as a brainstorming on rising Islamist political forces in the region stretching from the Atlantic coast of Africa to the Gulf that is wracked by popular protest and discontent, the conference offered Russian officials, academics and journalists an opportunity to drive home the notion that conservative Russian Orthodox Christians and Islamists share a common value system. In reaching out to the Islamists, Russia hopes to catch several flies in one fell swoop. It aligns itself, despite differences over Syria, with a political force that is on the rise and demonstrates that it can still wield influence in the Middle East and North Africa.
Russia Seeks Africa Partnerships – Putin
May 26, 2013
Russia is after friendly relations and productive cooperation with all countries in Africa. President Vladimir Putin said this in a message to the Addis Ababa summit marking 50 years since the foundation of what is now the African Union. He also praised the Union’s role in conflict management, peacekeeping and advancing social and economic development across Africa.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/1/2013: Everyone wants a good partnership with African countries, because as we have so often stated Africa will be above the waves in the Aftertime, temperate, and relatively under populated. It also has oil reserves. The issue of AIDS and Ebola viruses is considered minor by those wanting to inundate Africa, as careful quarantine and hygiene is considered effective containment. In fact, these viruses are considered a scourge of the locals, a population reduction mechanism, rather than a threat. European countries have a bond with S Africa, countries in the Middle East have a bond with Islamic countries in the northeast of Africa, and US oil interests have tried to make inroads along the Ivory Coast. By its firm partnership with Iran and Syria, Russia plans a firm handshake with Islamists throughout Africa.