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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 1, 2013

On May 25, live seismographs around the globe indicated sloshing magma on a massive scale. Considering this was observed 36 hours after the 8.3 quake in Russia and over 24 hours after any reported quakes above magnitude 6, will the Zetas please elaborate on this apparently new symptom of the ever-worsening Earth wobble? 

A magma wobble was observed as early as December, 2003 when the Earth was stopped in her orbit, finding Planet X in her path. The magma wobbles were obvious in 2004, appearing regularly in the Pacific after quakes. At that time the Pacific was more affected due to the S Pole tug by Planet X which was rising from its approach below the Ecliptic. By late 2004 these magma wobbles following quakes had spread to encompass the globe. This new phenomena seemed to disappear from the live seismographs due to the USGS tuning the sensitivity of the seismographs down. Seismographs no longer turned black during quakes, and the magma wobble was imperceptible.

What has changed in 2013 that the May 24 quake in the Sea of Okhotsk created a global magma wobble? Just as this quake jolted the entire Eurasian Plate, all the way to Finland, it likewise jolted the semi-liquid magma below the plates. Liquid disburses pressure quickly, as anyone utilizing a high-pressure hose understands. It is the reason the Earth’s oceans have tides every 6 hours when the Moon only tugs on the water every 12 hours.  Water adjusts quickly. What does it mean when ALL the seismograph stations show a wobble after an obvious plate movement as occurred on May 24?

Just as plate movements adjust the relationship of plates to one another, they adjust the established magma flows beneath them. If storms are evidence of air pressure in the atmosphere adjusting, these magma wobbles can be considered a type of magma storm. High pressure moving to low pressure, with perhaps new prevailing westerlies being established due to a changed sub-plate geography. Plates, as we have explained, are not smooth on the underside, but lumpy, with mountains and valleys and thus routes by which magma can flow. When this changes, radically, it takes the slurry of magma some time to establish new flow patterns. Thus, magma wobbles!

The question I have is Russia backing Sierra Government in the coming “War” for selfish reasons. This would be because they are aware of Planet X a.k.a. Nibiru is coming and with the information from the Zeta’s as to flooding of central Russia. The government of Russia is planning a move to this safer region. While the elite would wish that the strong leaders and people of Russia to be washed away and thus wish to control the region prior to the crustal shift.  [and from another]  Officially intended as a brainstorming on rising Islamist political forces in the region stretching from the Atlantic coast of Africa to the Gulf that is wracked by popular protest and discontent, the conference offered Russian officials, academics and journalists an opportunity to drive home the notion that conservative Russian Orthodox Christians and Islamists share a common value system. In reaching out to the Islamists, Russia hopes to catch several flies in one fell swoop. It aligns itself, despite differences over Syria, with a political force that is on the rise and demonstrates that it can still wield influence in the Middle East and North Africa. [and from another]  Russia is after friendly relations and productive cooperation with all countries in Africa. President Vladimir Putin said this in a message to the Addis Ababa summit marking 50 years since the foundation of what is now the African Union. He also praised the Union’s role in conflict management, peacekeeping and advancing social and economic development across Africa.

Everyone wants a good partnership with African countries, because as we have so often stated Africa will be above the waves in the Aftertime, temperate, and relatively under populated. It also has oil reserves. The issue of AIDS and Ebola viruses is considered minor by those wanting to inundate Africa, as careful quarantine and hygiene is considered effective containment. In fact, these viruses are considered a scourge of the locals, a population reduction mechanism, rather than a threat. European countries have a bond with S Africa, countries in the Middle East have a bond with Islamic countries in the northeast of Africa, and US oil interests have tried to make inroads along the Ivory Coast. By its firm partnership with Iran and Syria, Russia plans a firm handshake with Islamists throughout Africa.

I would like to ask such question. A few days ago President Vladimir Putin is met with President Viktor Yanukovych. Most likely, the heads of countries discussed current problems, but perhaps there were other questions. Could our friends to answer - is there any interaction between Russia and Ukraine in relation to the expected announcement about Planet X or about Pole Shift? What plans have the elites of Ukraine in relation ordinary citizens, disclosure of Planet X and Pole Shift? [and from another]

We have repeatedly mentioned that Heads of State around the world were informed by Bush in the Fall of 2003 about the near presence of Planet X. They were told at the time that no severe Earth changes would result, and that since panic in the public was the larger concern that this was a matter of utmost secrecy. Other than spreading rumors among family and friends and business associates, such official information was held close. Now that the announcement admitting the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, is planned and about to be implemented, negotiations between Heads of State have reached a fever pitch.

What type of issues are discussed, and what are the bargaining chips? First commonality is sought, as where two countries both have the same policy on a matter. This might be assumed for both China and Russia, who anticipate migration into their territories from flooding regions. For China this is from the south, and for Russia from the west in Europe, but both want firm and well protected borders. They agree to respect each other’s borders and thus troops do not need to be deployed along these shared borders.

Second comes the use of bargaining chips, such as between France and the new government in Libya which France assisted to be free of Gaddafi. France knows much of its land will flood, and Libya is right across the Mediterranean. The Ukraine is on the edge where some of its land will be above the waves, but all to the east in Russia will be flooded. Migration will flow in two directions, first from the flooding lands in Russia to high ground in the Ukraine, and then as Europe is likewise afflicted with flooding, back toward Russia in the desperate search for a land route to high ground. Russia does not want Europeans bridging over to Kazakhstan, which will already be burdened with migrates from Russia. Negotiations are thus in process!

Looking beyond the anticipated announcement by Obama admitting the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, last week Zetas talked about a new independent TV station in Russia will help generating public discussions filled with good information. This week, has announced that Larry King will host a mold-breaking political talk show on RT from next month, speaking to both leading establishment figures such as the US presidents, and those who are not afraid to go against the grain. This move by RT the Russian government owned TV network hiring the veteran media king hosting a political talk show deep in the American territory, there should be no issues in drawing audiences and he is likely to be used to ask all the hard questions and generate more discussions that matters to the American people. Would Zetas like to elaborate on the hidden agendas/motives on this move by RT and could this make any positive contributions to the pending announcement and beyond for the American people and the rest of the world i.e. countering on the cover up crowds?  [and from another]  King’s career has spanned 56 years and more than 50,000 interviews, but he says the show will break new ground. The veteran broadcaster will not shy away from causing controversy, or using his authority to give a chance to hear voices other media ignore. [and from another]  Legendary American interviewer Larry King is joining Russia’s English-language TV channel RT with a global reach of over 630 million people. “RT will air the new show ‘Politics with Larry King’, produced by in June as well as ‘Larry King Now’, which was launched on Hulu and Ora.TV in July 2012,” the Moscow-based channel said in a statement. [and from another]  Less than a two weeks after its discreet launch, Russia's new public television channel OTR is already struggling financially. The country's leading national channel, Channel One, is partially privatized (51 percent remains in public ownership), runs a range of commercial, news and entertainment programming and relies upon advertising revenues for its income.

Russians have been free to hear about aliens and Nibiru on Ren TV and TV3. Recently a new public channel, OTR, was approved by Putin, completely independent from Russian political control by official decree. We stated that OTR will host discussions on how Russia will survive the flooding that will come with the Pole Shift, something politicians are expected to stonewall.  Now RT, the English/Russian station, has joined the crowd. What is the nexus between the purely Russian stations and RT, which has a clear link to English speaking countries via RT? Larry King is likewise an American product, well known in the US and well known internationally.

The need to educate the public about the impact the coming Pole Shift will have is paramount in many minds. But likewise the awareness that politicians will stonewall the impact, denying that the public must leave the coastlines or can anticipate rapidly rising seas. Drastic climate change will likewise be stonewalled, as where some countries will gain a better climate, others will not. Migration is a huge worry among politicians, who fear the populace of India and Indonesia will flee by any means possible. How to simultaneously educate the public with the ZetaTalk message, which the political elite of the world fear is more accurate than not, while preventing panic and rioting?

Larry King is expected to challenge politicians from Russia and the US with frank questions on his new show. If the politicians wave aside questions about the accuracy of ZetaTalk predictions, geological evidence of past cataclysms, and current trends they will at least have heard what the politicians are refusing to address. This allows the public to do their own research. The public will be educated by this process. Is Larry King the last such celebrity to assume such a role on the eve of the announcement admitting the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X? Anticipate other such celebrities, known in other cultures, in similar roles soon.

Would the Zetas comment on this upcoming meeting between President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping?  Stating that the two face "weighty issues" when meeting in California is an understatement.  I would guess that PX and the pending announcement (or Post announcement issues?) will be a topic of conversations between them. [and from another]  The June 7-8 get-together at the private Sunnylands estate of late publishing tycoon Walter Annenberg is the first face-to-face meeting between the presidents since Obama's re-election and Xi's promotion to Communist Party chief last November. The summit comes months before the two leaders had been originally scheduled to meet. [and from another] The Bilderburg group meets at the end of the first week of June too in the UK so lots more face to face meetings between heads of state there too.

Is the coming announcement by Obama, admitting the near presence of Nibiru lo these many years in the inner solar system, on the agenda between Obama and Xi? Without a question - the top priority item under discussion. This is likewise the case during the Bilderberg meeting to follow, within a day. Thus by the first weekend in June, the elite and politically powerful, worldwide, will have had a chance for a last minute huddle on the impact of the announcement. It has been clear that coded messages have passed between Putin and Obama, in the form of letters. It has been clear that the UK’s Cameron has acted as a high level courier too, between Heads of State.

What will China’s role be during and following the announcement? Where Russia is to promote ZetaTalk, highly popular and respected in Russia, both Russia and China will act as backup for Obama, who has had problems getting the message out in the US. The cover-up over the near presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, originated in the US with an Executive Order by Reagan, and the parallel cover-up over the alien presence after Roswell also originated in the US. The US is so dominant in the world, with its massive military equally in size the combined military of all other countries, that they prevailed. The guilty, those who perpetrated these cover-ups, fear anger tossed their way, and want the cover-ups to continue.

When the announcement is scheduled, it will occur simultaneously in Russia and China and a number of other (unspecified) countries. The small group of people in the US who want the cover-ups to continue do not have this reach, nor are they in the main even in powerful positions within the US. Many are long retired, and those sympathetic, such as General Allen and General Petraeus, were forced to retire. Both China and Russia want their public to know about the pending passage, so orderly migrations and proper preparations can occur within their countries. If the announcement was blocked, repeatedly, during the Fall of 2012, it is now certain to proceed.

I just saw this on Before It Is News. Any truth to the date? You are mentioned in the article. [and from another]  The original prediction that Nibiru would collide with earth came from an unlikely source.  A Wisconsin woman Nancy Lieder said that as a young girl she was contacted by extraterrestrials called Zetas who had set up a communication device in her brain and sent out messages to her and they had told her about the Nibiru collision. Though she had predicted the year of doom as 2003, however it has been linked with the year 2013 after the interpretations with Sumerian and Mayan calendars. NASA is publicly denying anything about collision (and even deny the existence of Nibiru), but privately several sources in NASA have confirmed the projected collision date of July 21, 2013. [and from another]  April 2012 [and from another]  July 21, 2012

This repeatedly posted article gives an overview on Nibiru, based on ancient Sumerian and Mayan information, including the 3,600 year cycle. All to the good, in that this is currently denied by NASA. But the articles also include the word “collision”, reminiscent of the skewed Wikipedia article on Nancy and ZetaTalk which has long claimed that a collision, not a passage, was predicted. And why mention Nancy at all, unless to associate her with the Wikipedia article. Then there is the odd moving date of the anticipated collision, forever moved forward into the near future in these articles. Whenever the article appears, the date is around the corner, soon, but attributed to NASA, not Nancy.

The original authors of this article did not intend to debase of detract from ZetaTalk or Nancy, but to link her name to historical evidence, well respected, such as Babylonian Astronomy, the Enuma Elish, Alfred Jeremias, and Zecharia Sitchin. The intention was to be a primer on Nibiru. When taking heat from the cover-up crowd, they doctored the article to comply with demands that Nancy, and thus ZetaTalk, be ridiculed. Thus the inclusion of the world “collision” and the statement that Nibiru was “just outside Pluto”. The authors got the last word, however, by pointing out that NASA knows, implying the cover-up. In sum, this article is a positive move by a group of people trying to inform the public.