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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 20, 2013

Around 160 leading scientists from 10 countries are in Wellington this week with the intention on studying activities at the boundaries of the Pacific Plate and the Australian Plate, a multi-million project financed by the National Science Foundation of USA. Based on the 7/10 scenario from ZetaTalk, it is cleared to me (I am guessing) that they are on a mission to evaluate the rising and tiliting of the Indo-Australian plate in order to collect data and gauge on how far the plate has risen and tilted.  Once they have collected enough data, perhaps they could piece together a sequence of events that would follow suit.  It seems that they are now agreed to ZetaTalk that the Indo-Australian plate rising and tiliting is the key to all other plate movements around the world! However, wouldn't it be easier to just read ZetaTalk?  Why bother doing all these extra works?  Are they trying to take credits off Nancy and Zetas? What are their real intentions of these projects? Are they likely to succeed in whatever they want to achieve? [and from another]  Scientists want to learn more about the tectonic surfaces we ride on and what happens at their boundaries.  Among the proposed projects is a multi-million dollar plan to drill into the interface between the Pacific and Australian plates east of Gisborne to obtain direct evidence of the processes occurring at the plate boundary. For scientists striving to solve the mystery of newly-discovered "silent" earthquakes, the key to the puzzle might be hidden just off the east coast of the North Island. These quakes, also known as slow-slip quakes, represent movement between tectonic plate boundaries over periods of weeks or months, rather than in a single large thrust.

Why is a US foundation, the National Science Foundation, so interested in the lifting plate edge at New Zealand? Without a doubt, this is because it IS lifting, despite official denials, sending Australian rivers on the east coast of Australia backwashing inland and registering on buoys in the area. This is, of course, in accordance with ZetaTalk prediction on the Scripted Drama on how plates will move during the increasing Earth wobble and the fact of the 7 of 10 plate movements which confirm our predictions.

What do they hope to achieve with this further study? They hope to find a way to measure the rate and direction of plate movement, as indeed, a rise on this plate border translates to movement elsewhere. In other words, given that the 7 of 10 plate movements are proceeding as we have outlined, and given that the Indo-Australian Plate is the brake point, causing others to follow when it moves, they want to establish an early warning system for plate movements elsewhere around the world. 

Would the Zetas care to comment on the election of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela?  The article says he had a double digit lead in the opinion polls just weeks ago but the election seems nearly tied.  The numbers remind me of the elections Bush stole.  Considering he was Chavez's personal choice to succeed him; were there attempts at vote fraud? 
[and from another] Tight Win for Chavez's Heir Spells Uncertainty for Venezuela  Maduro's narrow win came as a shock to many ardent Chavez loyalists, who had become accustomed to his double-digit election victories during his 14 years in power, including an 11 percentage point win over Capriles last October. The 50-year-old former bus driver, whom Chavez named as his preferred heir before dying from cancer, edged out opposition challenger Henrique Capriles with 50.7 percent of the votes in Sunday's election, according to election board returns. Capriles took 49.1 percent, a difference of just 235,000 ballots. Capriles, whose strong showing beat most forecasts, refused to recognize the result. Maduro, who does not have Chavez's charm, saw his poll lead shrink in the final days of the campaign. Even then, the vote was a lot closer than most people expected. Chavez comfortably beat Capriles by 11 percentage points and 1.6 million votes in October.

Where Chavez had a double digit lead against Capriles during his elections, such political popularity seldom is delivered en mass to an heir. At most, it gives them a strong start, an advantage at the start of the campaign. Have outside parties been trying to meddle in this election? Without a doubt, and several points were shaved off Maduro’s victory count due to this. Chavez took the oil profits from outside corporations and gave this to the people, and the oil corporations been trying to turn back the clock ever since.

Is Bob Beckel trying to get a jump on the announcement? [and from another]  The Fox News Channel's Bob Beckel Admits We Have Had ET Contact! On Fox News Channel, Friday, April 5, 2013, hosted by Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfied, Dana Perino, Andrea Tantoaros and Bob Beckel, (Democratic strategist). They usually discuss news of the day and politics in a round circle format. Bob Beckel began his comments, "I think, I have to be a little careful on how I say this. I think there absolutely has been visitors from other places on this planet." This was a pretty amazing statement coming from a source that has worked closely with the White House and the Democratic Party. 

Inevitably, during the announcement admitting the nearby presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, it will be noted that ZetaTalk was right about the matter all along. And how could this not raise the issue of the alien presence, especially when the public begins to explore the long track record of ZetaTalk accuracy on many issues. Where human science was ignorant or puzzled about so many issues, the Zetas explained these scientific principles – the gravity repulsion force, the nature of Nibiru as a wandering planet on a sling orbit, the solar system lying within a larger magnetic field, the speed of light not being the limit, and the futility of nuking asteroids to name but a few.

It was we, the Zetas, who predicted the arrival of Planet X in 2003, precisely where and when we stated many years earlier. It was we, the Zetas, who predicted the Earth wobble that began in 2004, after Planet X arrived in the inner solar system, as we knew the magnetic influence of Planet X would cause this. It was we, the Zetas, who described the 7 of 10 plate movements and the date they would commence, with our astounding accuracy once again. If anyone has been unaware of ZetaTalk, the admission that Nibiru is real and has been present near the Sun for some time will introduce them to the history of the ZetaTalk saga. And how could this all be true, while the alien presence is false?

There are mixed reports coming out for the Boston bomb explosion. Based on these reports, there were two explosions and other unexploded devices have been found.  It seems to be a very organized crime and it does appear to me that this is a terrorist attack.  I have also heard on the radio that US airports have heightened their security two weeks ago before this event happened and it suggests to me that the authority was aware that something is about to happen but they don't know what exactly. If this is organized by the elite and establishment in order to respond to the pending announcement, then they have achieved their mission because this event has definitely raised the alert level labeling it as a terrorist attack, Homeland Security will get involved, FBI will get involved, and potentially martial law could be on the card. Would zetas like to comment? [and from another] Would Nancy and Zetas like to throw some light on the following article that the Boston's Bombing incident is "False Flag" and is a conspiracy by the Govt. to have more control on the population by creating fear. [and from another]  Two bombs were inside trash cans near the viewing area close to the finish line. Two unexploded devices has been recovered intact. Authorities have recovered surveillance video from the area which shows a man with what looked to be two backpacks near the scene just moments before the blast. [and from another]  The explosions occurred on April 15, tax day, which could be a further indication of a domestic connection. But the bombs were not directed against a government building or institution, which is often a hallmark of disaffected, lone-wolf domestic terrorists. And the style of the attack, in which one explosion was closely followed by another, mimics that used by numerous groups in the Middle East. [and from another]  The scale of the attack and the crude nature of the explosives, coupled with the lack of anyone claiming to have been the perpetrator, suggested to experts that the attacker could be an individual or a small group rather than an established terrorist organization. Rudimentary explosive devices made from pressure cookers have been widely used in attacks in Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Pakistan, all countries where the cooking device is common. Instructions for assembling such devices can be found in many places on the Web, including in terrorism “cookbooks” popular among domestic extremists.  [and from another] The Five Weirdest Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories Yet  If you get your news from conspiracy writer Steve Quayle, you might believe that the U.S. intelligence community knows something is coming, and it’s going to be connected to North Korea somehow. In the episode “Turban Cowboy,” which aired March 17, 2013, the bumbling dad character Peter befriends a Muslim man who involves Peter in a plot to blow up a bridge in the fictional town of Quahog, which he does by mistake at the end of the episode shortly after winning the Boston marathon. Conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones misleadingly cited tweets by and The Boston Globe staff reporting on police efforts to clear suspicious packages after the blasts, not before them. Standard procedure is the deployment of bomb-sniffing dogs and snipers ahead of a major event. Robertson wasn’t the only one eager to find a Muslim to blame for the attack. Former Fox News conspiracy host Glenn Beck was similarly certain Tuesday that Muslims carried out the tax day bombing, explaining on his show that “no American citizen blows up random people; that’s a Middle Eastern scene, that’s not an American scene.” Of course, people like Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski, along with a long list of extremist, violent political groups, have operated in the U.S. throughout its entire history. Alex Jones is convinced that the Federal Reserve, operating on behalf of a shadowy group of global banking elite, is preparing to use the tea party and patriot movement as a scapegoat to initiate mass gun confiscations, collapse the U.S. economy, and ultimately usher in a global currency and one-world government. [and from another]  The suspects are brothers of Chechen origin with the last name Tsarnaev, law enforcement officials told NBC News. The suspect at large, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is 19, was born in Kyrgyzstan and has a Massachusetts driver’s license, they said. The dead suspect was identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, born in Russia. The brothers entered the United States with family in 2002 or 2003.

[Written 4/17 8:15 am and called into the FBI as a tip.] Despite all the conspiracy theories, the Boston Marathon bombing has a simple motive and the perpetrator’s identity is obvious. Where the techniques used were typical of the bombs placed in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the recipe is broadly on the web for all to access, and the items cheap and available to anyone – a pressure cooker, nails, gunpowder, and an egg timer. This will prove to be assembled locally, with the perpetrator identified via store videos and a simultaneous purchase of all the items at once. The authorities will also likely have other evidence of the identity of the perpetrator, such as DNA or fingerprints, or photo recognition in association with placement of the bombs.

What was the motive? Despite all theories pointing to April 15 being tax day in the US, or a similarity of the marathon of 26.2 miles to 26 children killed at Sandy Hook, or a Family Guy episode where a bomb is set to go off at the Boston marathon, or various parties claiming their favorite villains must have done the deed, none of these theories is correct. It was not a false flag operation designed to incite Martial Law. It was not done by Muslims resentful of support for Israel or the wars imposed on the Middle East by the Bush administration and other western interests. It is not an attempt to influence the Stock Market or the price of Gold.

All these theories miss the obvious. The bomb timer was set to go off at the finish line at a time when the front runners were expected to be crossing the line. This scene was staged to disguise the murder and maiming of a runner and his family, who were expected to be clustered in the area at the time. It was punishment, for various slights and insults in the past. The perpetrator was trying to hide behind the assumption that the bombing was caused by Middle Eastern terrorists, due to the recipe being one used in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The perpetrator will likely be identified as a Boston resident, sullen and given to holding grudges, a failure in his own eyes and resentful of the success of others.  

Recently there has been suspicious talk on the webs etc, discussing a little-known and science-befuddling substance known among the geology fraternity as “desert varnish”, a strange iron-rich substance found coating rock-faces etc in many places on Earth. First out of the blocks on 3/22 we have NASA, via their “Astrobiology Magazine”, asking the rhetorical question “Do Mars Rocks Have Desert Varnish?”, apparently after finding an, for them, unexplainable coating on Mars rocks they had been shooting with their lasers etc. Of course anything which is spewed forth from the NASA is immediately eliciting a posture of suspicion among ZT fans, Truthseekers et al, said skeptical position intensifying when, three weeks later on 4/13, loyally trotting in behind, that doyen among British press Coverup conspirators “” take up the baton with a twist, when they publish a most speculative piece; “Life on Earth… but not as we know it” Interestingly, included is an image of a native-American rock carving which is depicting electromagnetic spirals and what look like people and animals heading for where the mountain-goats are, i.e high ground. Bringing up the rear, a couple days later, we have “io9” (they come from the future), spouting the same line: “Is there a "shadow biosphere" on Earth? “ I  guess my Q is multi-pronged. ZT has revealed in the past that Man’s science is unaware of most of the existing sub-atomic particles which surround him in this third density reality. Have they unveiled more stuff? What is the nature of the desert varnish? Could the iron-rich deposits be PX aka Nibiru tail remnants, i.e. trace evidence of that retrograde outlaw planet? Or is this “shadow biosphere” of which they speak just the attempted construction of another boogeyman, carbon belcher, with which to browbeat and scare the populace and try to perpetuate their global warming Lie? Would the Z care to shine a light into their shadows? [and from another]  The varnish is primarily composed of particles of clay along with iron and manganese oxides.  [and from another]  Some people believe that rock varnish results from an interaction of small amounts of water from humidity in the air with the surface of rocks -- a chemical reaction that forms a coating. Others think there could be a biological component to the formation of rock varnishes, such as bacteria or fungi that interact with dust on the rocks and excrete varnish components onto the surface.  [and from another]  Across the world's great deserts, a mysterious sheen has been found on boulders and rock faces. These layers of manganese, arsenic and silica are known as desert varnish and they are found in the Atacama desert in Chile, the Mojave desert in California, and in many other arid places. They can make the desert glitter with surprising colour and, by scraping off pieces of varnish, native people have created intriguing symbols and images on rock walls and surfaces. Unexplained phenomena like desert varnish are important because they might provide us with clues about the shadow biosphere. We may have failed to detect the source of desert varnish for the simple reason that it is the handiwork of weird microbes which generate energy by oxidizing minerals, leaving deposits behind them. [and from another] There's the phenomenon known as desert varnish (see photo). It's an odd geological phenomenon, found in California and Chile deserts, where a nacreous sheen forms on top of rocks and sand. The sheen is made up of manganese, arsenic and silica, and scientists have not been able to explain why it forms. One possibility are microbes whose digestive process produces the varnish as a waste product.

Desert Varnish is merely the traces of red dust from the tail of Planet X, melting in water vapor or fog and then baked by the Sun, repeatedly. The only mystery is where the red dust comes from, as the passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X, is denied by mankind who prefers to let the trauma of these passages slip from memory. Of course Mars rocks have this varnish on those rocks where the red dust clung and did not blow away, or where the fog or water washing them in lakes and rivers and streams did not wash the dust away into the subsoil. Early man on Earth discovered they could easily scrap designs into the varnish, and often reported the passage that had just occurred as part of the stories told by the designs.

Last month President Obama had a phone conversation with President Putin. Our friends often said that President Obama is in contact with the heads of countries about the upcoming announcement. A few days ago President Obama sent a letter to President Putin. Could our friends to answer - maybe I am wrong and this is the usual procedures, or really there is increased activity between the United States and Russia, and all this is due to the upcoming announcement? What is the position of Russia and president Putin in relation upcoming announcement? [and from another]  President Barack Obama wants to ease diplomatic tensions with Moscow and had a letter hand delivered to President Vladimir Putin to propose new ways to cooperate. Obama's national security adviser, Tom Donilon, met with Putin and other officials and presented the letter in an effort to improve relations.

Why would one Head of State send a letter to another, rather than get on the phone? What can be put into a letter cannot be overheard, as even scrambled phone calls can, and can carry coded information. Coded information can be arranged in the order of words and letters, in the double meaning of words, and in the emphasis placed on words by repeated use of such words. If the letter is intercepted, this cannot be discerned on the face of the message, so all speculation is just that, speculation. What was being relayed? What would be so secret? There is only one issue not openly discussed by the media and openly admitted by Heads of State – the joint cover-up over the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X and the cover-up over the alien presence.

Admitting the cover-up over Planet X is in the works, and because of the accuracy of ZetaTalk it is anticipated that the cover-up over the alien presence will simultaneously break. Russia will work closely with Obama on these matters, as they have been more open with their citizenry over both issues. Planet X, aka Nibiru, has been admitted on their TV and Nancy and ZetaTalk quite popular in Russia and likewise getting TV coverage in Russia. Russia will be countering the efforts by many clinging to the cover-up in the US by creating an Internet storm, with ZetaTalk at the center. The cover-up crowd would like to promote their own spokespersons, a matter Obama does not want to succeed.

There seems to be a relationship between the explosion in Texas and earthquake swarms in Oklahoma as per image below (almost a straight line). Has this got anything to do with the bow stress or land stretching and sinking on the left hand side of the New Madrid fault?  [and from another]  The U.S. Geological Survey says several earthquakes have shaken central Oklahoma. The temblors began about 1:45 a.m. Tuesday and all were centered northeast of Oklahoma City. She says the strongest was a magnitude 4.3 quake [and from another]  Texas Commission on Environmental Quality cited the plant for failing to obtain or qualify for a permit in 2006. The agency investigated West Fertilizer on June 20, 2006, after receiving a complaint from a resident 11 days earlier about a strong ammonia smell. The building that’s on fire is called the Dry Barn and that it contained ammonium nitrate. Anhydrous ammonia tanks are visible to the left of the building.

Are the quake swarms in Oklahoma related to the fertilizer blast in Texas? Without a doubt. Note that both are situated along rivers, with river bottoms that adjoin both locations via underground aquifers. As we have explained, river bottoms are weak spots in the plate crust, thin spots that sag and thus they are where water pools and flows. Thin crust also tends to shift and tear more readily. The fertilizer plant was cited in the past, and did not have a good safety record. The smell of ammonia in the days before the explosion is a clue that loose joints in the plumbing were already present. The swarm of quakes north of the plant in Oklahoma jiggled the joints further, until a spark set off the explosion. We have warned that explosive material and natural gas facilities would be deadly during the Earth changes, and this is yet another example.

Would the Zetas care to comment on this story that appeared today on news sites?  Their explanations seem shady and it more looks like a cover for the increased quakes due to the bowing stress.  [and from another] Hurricane Sandy Lit up Seismometers Across US  Hurricane Sandy's fateful left turn toward the mid-Atlantic Coast in October last year lit up earthquake monitors all the way to Seattle, according to results presented at the Seismological Society of America's annual meeting. When Hurricane Sandy veered on Oct. 29, the sudden increase in crashing ocean waves sent rumbles through the Earth detectable on seismometers. The wave-on-wave collisions created what are called standing waves, doubling the energy directed at the seafloor, scientists reported today. The ocean gave the seafloor a little shove, sending seismic waves through the Earth.

Hurricane Sandy occurred during the Earth wobble, which had been regularly sending Atlantic storms veering into the East Coast, as had occurred during Hurricane Irene the year before. The wobble affects more than the atmosphere as the globe lurches around beneath it. It also affects the plates, which are jerked around and smash into one another. Thus the notable increase in earthquakes as the Earth wobble increases. Of course there were minor quakes along the New Madrid Fault Line. Notably there were no minor quakes in the Appalachian Mountains or the East Coast! The quakes were hardly a result of a storm surge, they were the result of the wobble, which these scientists are not allowed to discuss.