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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 29, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Is this a legimate photo?

As the close-up photo shows, this can only be a beam made of wood. When the Annunaki inhabited Mars to mine for gold ore, they were presented with a landscape which, as we have stated, had not progressed in evolution past the moss and bugs stage. They were of course familiar with stone and mortar architecture, but the beauty of wood, flowers and the songs of birds was something they had become accustomed to enjoying on Earth. They transported some of this, and whereas the fauna and flora they transported died out as the atmosphere of Mars was lost and the planet cooled, wood can withstand these changes. NASA is aware of the deserted cities left behind by the Annunaki, and does not have the rover traverse that area. But a transport spot will often show traces of the former activity, and this was unexpected!

What happened in India? Who did that and why, can you please ask Zetas. [and from another] Captured terrorist's account of Mumbai massacre reveals plan was to kill 5,000 [Nov 29] The only terrorist captured alive after the Mumbai massacre has given police the first full account of the extraordinary events that led to it - revealing he was ordered to 'kill until the last breath'. Azam Amir Kasab, 21, from Pakistan, said the attacks were meticulously planned six months ago and were intended to kill 5,000 people. He revealed that the ten terrorists, who were highly trained in marine assault and crept into the city by boat, had planned to blow up the Taj Mahal Palace hotel after first executing British and American tourists and then taking hostages.

India and Pakistan have long been enemies, fighting over land and with religious differences. There have been numerous attacks on India similar to the Mumbai attacks. There is no special relevance in the timing of the attacks. The Muslims from Pakistan who were part of the attack force considered this a suicide mission, and thus fought to the death. The mission was to cause India the greatest insult to its public persona, and to set back commerce by causing those conducting commerce with India feel insecure. Much has been made of the fact that two of the assailants were British citizens of Pakistani descent. It is where the heart is, not the country originating the passport, that matters. They considered themselves Pakistanis first and foremost.

I have a question about the Hum, or low low-frequency humming noise not audible to all people. What is the source of this sound? Why can only some people hear it? Are we to expect more of this and other kind of phenomena?

The hum has been heard in various places around the world where the rock is under stress, being pulled apart in some manner, and is thus vibrating. A vibration can be best understood as being a process whereby a large rock snag gives way, then the rock layers move slightly, and then they snag again, held in place. Any movement of rock layers will cause a vibration, as will a movement that suddenly stops. This is a gradual separation of rock, not the sudden separation that great quakes generate.

A hum has been frequently heard in Taos, New Mexico and along the St. Lawrence Seaway both on the Canada and US sides of the seaway. The seaway of course is being pulled apart, opening more widely - a split that ends in Wisconsin and Minnesota and rumples the ground all the way west to the Black Hills of South Dakota. The hum in New Mexico is present due to fractures in the rock that parallel what we have called the diagonal pull between New England and Mexico (with a line going through the New Madrid area). This is not the only such diagonal line affected by this torque. Another goes through New Mexico.

I know you don't usually do this but do the zetas have anything to say to me? Trinity (owner of GLP).

We sympathize greatly with the situation you find yourself in - stalked by an unstable character who has your name and physical address. We work to spare Nancy this kind of horror, but not everyone can get a dispensation, so to speak, from the Council of Worlds. Each such protection requires they allow us to interfere with the free will of man, so such protections are rare. We, the Service-to-Other Zetas, appreciate the service you have done mankind by hosting the GLP website, and hope that you and your family remain safe!

Why Trinity is leaving? Does he know something about the end of Internet or something the like? [and from another] Can ZetaTalk save GLP?

Trinity explained his reasons for leaving, on a pinned thread. He is under attack, potentially physically from an unstable individual, because of his ownership of the GLP website. His first concern, as he stated, is his family's safety, as the website can be run by other individuals who do not have this immediate safety issue. There are angels, in human form, who will ensure that GLP continues.

In a recent ZetaTalk chat, the Zetas helped to confirm orbs are Spirits. What does it say to someone who has so many that show up in the pictures they take? I mean should we expect a dialog, an awakening? Is seeing them with our physical eyes next? Is there a veil that is lifting? Does such appearences portend anything?

In fact, the humans in the vicinity are aware of these spirits, on a soul-to-soul level. It does not require physical sight to be aware. Conversations with disincarnated spirits are on the increase because so many souls on Earth will be freed simultaneously from their bodies during the pole shift, and many are being prepared for the exodus.

We are now almost into December and to me it seems as far as earth changes go, thing are about the same as they were some months ago when the Zeta's said we would go from a 2/3 to a 6 by the end of the year. Social/political there has been some world turmoil with the markets, banking, insurance situation but that does not seem enough to move the scale up very much from a 2 or a 3. I know there is still a month left in the year but it seems like some pretty drastic earth changes would have to happen in that time to move the scale up to a 6. Can the zetas comment if possible?

We were asked this question a week ago and the answer has not changed. A year ago, the US government was bragging about its economic state -- no recession and everything booming. Now all the talk by the media compares the present circumstances with the Great Depression. The markets and the economy, worldwide, will not come out of this but will slide steadily downward until the time of the pole shift. Riots are beginning to break out, not only at a local Wal-Mart over eagerness to get bargain electronics, but due to anxiety over food supplies and the bleak future. Last week, we stated that more must occur for a rating of 6 out of 10. And more will! About this, we can say no more.

What are the two extremely bright objects in the southwest sky - visible around 5:30 pm EST - just as the Sun is setting? Venus and Jupiter? Venus and Sirius? Should we be concerned about the brightest one? It seems so large, so close. And where is Earth's dark twin right now?

Those interested in sighting Planet X should not be looking to the night sky nor for bright objects near the Sun. Planet X was visible when it was on the opposite side of the Sun, reflecting sunlight back to Earth, and when it was at an angle such that sunlight could reflect back to Earth. In 2004 and years following the Planet X complex was below the ecliptic, and thus at an angle which enabled reflection. It has now risen to the ecliptic, and is turning in place to point its N Pole toward the Earth. It is now positioned such that sunlight reflects back to the Sun, so the complex looks, from Earth, like a dim fuzz ball. This will eventually change, with Planet X placed far enough to the right of the Sun to support a return of the Second Sun sightings. And when the last weeks arrive, there will be no doubt, as it will come from the direction of the Sun and grow in size, as legend and prophecy portend. At present, your best evidence of Planet X is the Earth wobble and resulting erratic weather and tides.

What do the Zeta's know of Chronic Lyme Disease and the prevalence thereof? What is the best course of treatment? It seems to be epidemic in Maryland, especially in my neighborhood.

Lyme disease is well understood, as it is a bacteria the body does not have the ability to resist. Most who are infected cast this off well, as is the case with syphilis and tuberculosis, but some individuals do not have the immune system resistance.

Can you comment on the meteor/s seen in the northwest. Was it the same meteor seen in Canada and Washington?

There were two meteors of record, on subsequent days. There will be others, without a doubt. When the tail returns with vengeance, there will be so many meteors they will no longer be in the news. The establishment will generate some excuse about wayward asteroid particles to explain the numbers.

I have a question about the uptick in global violence: Is the underlying cause of the violent behavior core emanations and/or Planet X gases? Also, as it can only be a matter of time before the wave of violence reaches the US, do the Zetas have any advice on how to weather events, especially psychologically?

We cannot give you reassurance, as matters will indeed get worse. Rioting over many matters will be on the increase, with police violence used to suppress this. Rivalry and border conflicts often wait for opportunity, and when the Earth changes bring about quakes and floods this can be the opportunity for conquest or retaliation. Illness and insanity will be on the rise. Having your eyes on the goal, the end goal of living a life where love is the commodity, where you help others with their troubles, brings the most satisfaction in this type of environment. Love overrides these problems, even if fighting or rioting result in death and injury. The soul remembers heroism and caregiving, feels protected and supported rather than abandoned, and thus love grows. Plan a setting where survivors can build a life together, helping each other, rather than any comforts a salary and assets can bring in today's world.

I live in Montreal, how nasty it is going to be with winds and quakes? Should I dig a hole in the ground? Also, after the day (the pole shift), is money going the be of service for a time or will everything change after that day and it is survival time, group reorganizing and the like. I mean if the Internet still functions and some basis for cooperation from corporations are in place, will mortgages and bills still be in place?

Please utilize the resources made available on the ZetaTalk website. Nancy has compiled a Safe Locations page, with a PDF equivalent, that discusses the seaway and Montreal in great detail. Those with assets such as paper money, precious metals or works of art will try to enforce that these mediums of exchange continue, and in some locations for a brief time they may, but the world in the main will move to the barter system quickly, and well before the pole shift.

Group reorganizing? If cities are imploding and there is no distribution of fuel or food because the roads are torn up, migration will be the norm among many desperate survivors. Satellites will be torn from the skies, so unless the Internet is locally supported by landlines or some sort of shortwave packet relay, it will not function. Obviously, if your home is trashed and the bank is not functioning at all because there are no electronic communications, you will not be paying bills or a mortgage! You do need to take the time to actually read the ZetaTalk website.

I was wondering if the Zetas could give any helpful instruction for someone wanting to channel a STO entity? Is it similiar to giving the Call but then receiving guidance on a more conscious level?

The humans who become a successful channel do not do so because they simply wish this. Such a wish is most often a self aggrandizing gesture. Humans who work as a team with Service-to-Others entities looking for a communication or action route do so because they are highly Service-to-Others and have proven this through repeated incarnations. They can be counted upon not to muddle the message or place themselves ahead of the message or the mission. There are also other considerations such as the life circumstances the human finds himself in, and the DNA native to the human's incarnation. If you wish for this role, you must first become highly Service-to-Others and demonstrate this through repeated incarnations. This is our way of stating that you don't qualify, or you would not be asking.

Are the earthquakes coming soon?


How can the Moon eclipse Venus on Dec 1 if the Earth is halted? The Earth would have to be in the right place vis-a-vie the Sun, Venus, the Moon, and the stars, which would mean it would have to be moving around the Sun appropriately. Are the Zetas moving Earth around the Sun?

No, but we can easily move the Moon.

How can Obama choose Laurence Summers to be Economic Advisor or Treasury Secretary? When he was president of Harvard he said women were genetically inferior to men mentally by reason of DNA. I have to agree with the Natl. Org of Women on this one. What do you think Nancy?

You have asked Nancy to address this as well as ourselves, but she is in agreement with us on this point. There are differences between the sexes, in the brain as well as below the waist. Studies of small children raised in an environment where there is no pressure to behave in any particular manner find little girls setting up shop inside cardboard boxes while little boys want to climb about on top of the boxes. Women have more verbal skills. Men have more mechanical skills. We could go on but Summers was not expressing discrimination against women, as both sexes are allowed to succeed in any venue where their skills ensure success. There are mechanically gifted women, and men with high verbal skills. Summers was just stating the obvious, not suggesting women could not compete or that they should not have the opportunity.

Are the recent swarms of mild earthquakes in Arkansas a precursor to major activity on the New Madrid Fault line?

Yes. We have stated that the quakes on the New Madrid will be greater, overall, than the quakes on the West Coast, prior to the pole shift. Just what happens when, we cannot say.

The zetas has said that the STS aliens use a lower form of technology - computers - than do the STO to hear the 'call'. These computers locate the energy that comes from great frustration and anger, which is usually a symptom of selfish souls that get angry that their needs aren't met, etc. What about those who get angry at selfish people who seem to go about exploiting, lying, stealing, insulting, etc? They also generate anger, but anger at selfish people who cut in line, absolve themselves of accountability, point the finger at the innocent, and laud themselves as better than others. Can the STS aliens differentiate between these types of angers? Do good-hearted people thus unknowingly become 'tools' of STS aliens? Won't the STS be called upon as never before when the cover-up starts to crack and the effects of the food shortages, high prices, etc start to take effect?

In our explanation on the anger vibe that the Service-to-Self monitor, we mentioned that it is the continuous anger that signals a Service-to-Self human giving the Call. Righteous anger does not last. It is a burst of feelings. The emotions that will arise as the pole shift approaches will not simply be rage. A Service-to-Other individual takes stock of the circumstances and takes steps to help others. Anger is considered a waste of time and emotional energy. A Service-to-Self person will of course increase their level of rage, but they are already spotted by the visitors as being Service-to-Self so nothing has changed there. Undecided humans are more likely to experience emotions of dismay and abandonment or grief. What is there to be angry about? One cannot rage at the weather or the Earth for having an earthquake.

What does the Puppet Master plan to do about the world banking system in a crisis?

Who do you think is putting money into the Federal Reserve? This is funded by the House of Rothchild, primarily. He does not want to see a banking failure, and will ensure that one does not occur, as we have stated.

I have noticed a sudden increase in alien disclosure favoring like reports in the mainstream media, this is nothing new but is the Obama administration taking a new initiative to finish what Kennedy started?

This has all been beginning well before Obama is in the White House. Increasing disclosure has been in process for some years, albeit only evident in other countries until recently. The Bush administration has been resistant, but is facing the reality that they are washing out and will not be in power in the near future. It is the increase in mass sightings, and the percentage of the populace who frankly believe that aliens not only exist but are visiting, that is pushing disclosure. Obama need do nothing!

My wife was raped by a state game warden who was friends with the judges and the prosecutors and not prosecuted or even charged. He lied and passed a lie detector that he is an alcoholic and she consented. She has mental illness and in our state if you rape a mentally ill woman you get 1/4 the time of raping a healthy woman. When the pole shifts occur are we supposed to give him shelter and food if he comes back knowing there is no law? You do not have to answer this personal question personally, but many people have dangerous neighbors. What is the solution if they show up after the pole shift?

We have stated that at a time when one cannot call the police, as the phones are down or the police not responsive due to their own concerns, then one must take matters into one's own hand. Justice will be meted out more directly. If others intend you and your family harm, will you stand and let this happen? If you have no other means to protect the community other than to eliminate the attacker, then this must be the solution. Comfort yourself that you are doing no worse to this individual than they intended for you. A type of karma. Vigilante justice will prevail, in most places, because the police and court systems will be nonexistent.

Are there any 'false gods' currently in control of portions of the Earth as they were back when Oashpe was written, or have they all faded away since the era of 'kosmon' began? And what will happen to our souls when they dis-incarnate from our bodies during the shift, for those that won't survive physically?

We addressed this Oasphe question a week ago, and the answer still stands. There are plenty of false gods on Earth. One only need look to the number of people expending every waking minute in pursuit of riches in worship of one of the gods - wealth. We suggest you read the Density section to obtain answers to your questions about what happens when you die.

Are any of the meteors seen actually falling space ships in some sort of STO vs STS war with battles resulting in alien deaths?

No. By the rules instituted by the Council of Worlds, such battles are not allowed to take place in front of human society. This was not the rule several thousand years ago in the past, during the era referred to in the book - the Vedas, but it is in place today.

What will happen to all the abductees/contactees before or after the pole shift? Is there a agenda for them?

Mankind is much confused over the relationship between those who give the Call and their visitors. Aliens do not direct humans in their activities. Humans choose their roles. Most certainly contactees have agendas, most often they are not so concerned about themselves as they are for their families or for their communities. We provide a platform and location for them to discuss these issues with others who have mutual concerns and potentially can work together. Meetings between contactees can be composed of a small group or a large crowd. They're getting organized!

Dr. Stephen Greer has written a book about a secret international cabal that has time travel, anti-gravity and hidden bases and creates false alien abductions to create fear and even has satanic blood rituals at the highest levels for those who have the most potential for violence. Is it true that STS humans are that bad? Is something being done to contain these types and maybe end that?

Humans do not have access to time travel, no matter what the rumors claim. Service-to-Self aliens have interacted with humans since humans were first genetically engineered into consciousness and were sparking souls. This is nothing new. Those in the Service-to-Self orientation try to increase their numbers by encouraging brutal acts against others, as this dulls empathy. Thus satanic rituals have been sold by those counseling humans who have given the Service-to-Self call. Promises are made, but no rewards are forthcoming to the humans who have given the Call or committed atrocities because this is not allowed by the rules governing visitations. So just as those Service-to-Self humans who give a Service-to-Self call would not hesitate to lie, the Service-to-Self visitors also do not hesitate to lie.

How bad will the earthquakes be that are just about to happen.

We are not allowed, by the Council of Worlds, to give you the magnitude, date, time, or place of a pending quake.

Last night one TV station played George Lucas's Star Wars, IV, A New Hope. I hadn't seen it in years! Why now. Was "A New Hope" a reference to Barack Obama (as went his campaign slogan) and also, I noticed during a battle that Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ben) light sabor was blue, (Democratic) while Darth Vador's sabor was red (Republican) Am I reading way to much into this? Of if Lucas knew, then how?

We have explained that many authors or those in the movie business are contactees or even Star Children, not there by accident as it is an ideal position to be in during a tranformational time such as Earth is experiencing. Republicans are more notably hawks, and thus it was an intuitive decision by today's media to assign their states the color red. Red is also the color of anger, a Service-to-Self emotion as we have been discussing. It is notable that the Emperor encourages Luke to "give into" his anger, as this supplants empathy and replaces it with the euphoria of conquest. There was no future vision that allowed the author of Star Wars to assign such colors. It was intuitive on his part. The idea that a quest for good, as in a rebuff of suppression and the rules laid down by those in the Service-to-Self, should be called a "hope" is also not a future vision. Hope is what drives most humans to live one day after another, and not despair.

After the pole shift there will be many left injured with broken bones and the like, unable to walk or look after themselves. Besides giving basic first aid for these injuries and without drugs, how can pain be reduced for those suffering these types of injuries?

Humans in modern society are unaware of how death and injury normally proceed, as their medical services are such that life is sustained, and thus pain is acute for a longer period of time. Normally shock sets in, and death follows soon thereafter.

If Earth, Venus,"Dark Twin" are caught in the "cup", how is Venus continuing to fly by?

Venus does not "fly by". The view from Earth is that Venus is either in the morning or evening sky, in essence to the left or the right of the Sun from Earth’s viewing perspective. All we have to do is ensure that Venus is pushed to the right or the left, to support this impression.

Is Obama reading or being kept aware of what Zetatalk has to say and has he informed Michelle?

Yes, in both cases. This is not something that we are going to discuss, as we stated previously. They have requested privacy, and we are providing this to them.

Is it true that the Vatican has sent its own satellites out to photo Planet X and has its own secret radio telescopes and knows all and has decided not to tell anyone about this even though they could as they are independent of governments?

The Vatican rented time at a Tucson observatory, and certainly is aware of the presence of Planet X. They are not looking out for the common man, whom they bleed for funds without conscience. They will be looking out for their personal safety, and thus support the cover-up.