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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 12, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Obama's plane had mechanical difficulties today and was forced to land in St. Louis. The NTSB is now getting involved, calling the incident "extremely serious". I have been told by a family member that the MD-80 is among the most reliable of passenger planes, so while the part that unexpected slid could have moved as it did, it would be a rare incident. Question for you and the Zetas must therefore be if someone decided to "take out" Obama for some reason, or was this what it claims to be - "just one of those things?" [and from another] Carrier Says Safety of Obama's Plane Was Not in Question [Jul 7] The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday that it is investigating what caused Senator Barack Obama's plane to make an unexpected landing today in St. Louis. The presumptive Democratic nominee for president was traveling from Chicago to Charlotte when the pilot's first officer announced that they were experiencing controllability issues with the pitch of the MD-80 series aircraft. Those on board were told the issue was a "minor little problem," and the plane remains in St. Louis this afternoon for maintenance. In statements today, the NTSB called the incident "an uneventful precautionary landing" and Midwest Airlines, the carrier that runs the charter plane, said "there was never an issue as to the safety of the flight." The carrier said an emergency slide in the tail cone of the plane had inadvertently deployed in flight. The Federal Aviation Administration said today that a slide deploying in flight does indeed happen from time to time, and could cause flight control problems. Indeed, on Monday NTSB chairman Mark Rosenker called this a "serious incident. It is extremely serious in this particular case," Rosenker said. "There are hydraulic lines back there. There are control cables that deal with the elevators and other areas of control surfaces for the aircraft, and could potentially make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fly the aircraft."

We have made the statement that Obama is protected, not only by ourselves but by many humans working to ensure the numerous assassination plans do not succeed. We, as telepaths, are aware of plans and inform our human counterparts who intervene. In cases where there is no time to intervene, due to having to explain circumstances and go though channels, we intervene. This was one such occurrence. A deployed tail cone is indeed a minor incident, and this we caused to happen so there would be a change in planes. What had been put into place in Obama's MD-80 would not be put into play in the future, as there would be no reason to bring the plane down now that Obama was no longer the passenger. A plan laid in place but never executed, in essence.

On the new plane, the group planning to cause mischief must start again, and in the meantime our human counterparts can counter and eliminate them. We have in the past stated that those who plan murder deserve by karmic justice to have the same done to them. This has been our mode, along with our human counterparts, for several years now. Thus, when we say "eliminate", we mean just that. They will not be making plans in the future, of any sort.

Is this storm perhaps hindering clear vision for satellites that might be used for an attack on Iran? [and from another] Middle East [Jul 12] A massive dust cloud hovered over the Middle East in mid-June 2008, stretching from Iraq to India and spreading south past the Arabian Peninsula. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Aqua satellite captured this natural-color image on June 18, 2008. This image shows part of the storm, including some of the thickest dust, concentrated over the Arabian Sea. Besides the heavy band of dust south of Oman, the storm creates a faint dusty haze covering almost the entire region.

Dust storms are easy to whip up and certainly disrupt air traffic from Diego Garcia where the US and Britain have a secret base. Without this type of intel on Iranian movements provided to Israel, they would be flying blind on any bombing runs. Meanwhile, other methods of thwarting the ambitious Israelis are afoot.

Stephen Hatfield has been vindicated in his fight against the FBI over his now admitted non-involvement in the 2001 anthrax attacks. Was he ever really suspected or was he just selected as a likely fall guy? Will the elements of the CIA that actually perpetrated this attack ever be prosecuted? This seems like a glaring hole in the neocon script that continues to draw attention to the lack of pursuit of real culprits who had access to the military grade anthrax.

Indeed, it was clear that the only anthrax source identified was a CIA lab in Utah. Once this was announced, nothing more came of it. Hatfield was clearly innocent from the start and was dragged about to divert attention from the use of the CIA to aid the Republican White House. The anthrax delivered to Democratic senators was from the CIA lab, and this was confirmed and announced by the media. All evidence has been destroyed, and thus unless someone comes forward to confess, there will be no prosecutions in the future.

Lets get your view on Tony snow's death, was it a natural death from colon cancer or was something else behind this death?

Tony Snow's death was natural. He had been failing from cancer for a long time, with repeated remissions and recurrences. As we have stated, those who get cancer that cannot be treated are often longing for death as an escape. He worked for more than one Bush administration, but was not considered likely to be a source of leaks and thus never targeted. But the burden of the lies he carried was something he wanted to be rid of.

Is there a reason that the red dust from Planet X is still not being seen? Or bright red sunsets lighting up the Sky.

We have described heavy red dust as something that will occur only hours before the pole shift. We have described light red dust as something that will waft over the Earth increasingly as the N Pole of Planet X turns toward the Earth. Since this tail is not pointing directly at Earth, as yet, the bulk of the red dust is not directed toward Earth. There is also the matter of distance. In the weeks before the passage, when rotation slowing begins, the Earth is drawn toward Planet X so that the distance between them shortens dramatically by many millions of miles. It is then that the red dust can hardly be ignored.

Since the Zetas "guide" Obama, did they have him flip-flop on FISA and forego his promised filibuster as a pay-back to the Puppetmaster for working with them?

No. And you misunderstand the meaning of "guide".

During the pole shift the Zetas say that the Indo-Australian plate will slide down and 3/4 of Australia will be below the sea/ocean. Why is it that there is no forewarning in any forms for the populace? No UFO sightings, no cropcircles, etc. Are these people all a condemned lot already? If there are any could the Zetas tell us who they are and in what form?

All parts of the globe have UFO sightings, whether or not they are published in the news. People from all parts of the globe request counseling, give the Call, and are visited. Australia is no exception.

I would be glad to hear that about India where 1.2 Billion people currently reside. No CropCircles, no UFO sightings!

How can you say that India does not have UFO sightings? They are accepted among the populace, and thus these sightings do not create a stir. Crop circles which use up valuable farm land in a country where food is an extreme scarcity is not a favor to this populace. The people of India are very intuitive and open to the thoughts of others. Thus, their collective consciousness is very busy all the time discussing what is to come, and what if anything to do about it.

I currently lived in the Sichuan basin area. I've viewed your new video about safe locations. I would like to know how safe the Sichuan basin area is during the pole shift.

Certainly, the people in the Sichuan basin do not need to worry about flood tides from the ocean, but the basin has several other worrisome issues. Beyond the mountain building that is a given where the Himalayas heave over land when India pushes under them, there is the issue of climate change. Today, Sichuan is temperate, but after the pole shift Sichuan will find itself very close to the new S Pole. If unprepared for this temperature difference, survivors will freeze.

How far east will the mountain range move? Will the Cheungdu city be badly affected? What will be the temperature range approximately? Any places in China that you recommend as safe places after pole shift?

The Himalayas will move at least 200 miles during this coming pole shift, and will rumple the land for many miles ahead of actual mountain building. Put your finger in the middle of India and assume that to be the South Pole. Place another finger in your area and measure the distance. Now look at lands that far away from the Earth's poles today. That will be your climate. You figure this out.

Many New Agers claim that the poleshift has been postponed for some reason as it was initially expected to take place sooner but it will occur the next years according to their tellings. Is this true? If yes, why has it be postponed, by whom and how?

This seems to be a logical conclusion when the speed at which Planet X zoomed into the inner solar system is compared to the time it takes Planet X to creep around the Sun. But different factors are at play. When Planet X left his dither point midway between his two foci (the Sun and the Sun's dark, unlit binary twin star) he heard only one call, to approach the Sun, a gravity draw. It of course took many centuries for the dither point to be resolved, and during that time Planet X was listening to both his gravity draws, both the Sun and the binary twin. But as the binary twin lost the gravity tug contest, and the Sun won in this contest, Planet X picked up speed. Once enough distance had been placed between Planet X and the Sun's binary twin, the gravity draw from the Sun not only became the dominant voice, it became the only voice.

As we have stated, there is no friction in space, and speed approaching the speed of light is thus possible even for large objects. When Planet X drew near the crowded solar system the Repulsion Force kicked in, forcing this planet to put on the brakes. We have explained that momentum is at play during the passage, so a creep occurs even when Planet X is literally suspended at an arm's length away from the Sun. When Planet X begins to leave the solar system, as it is currently doing, it will gradually pick up speed. This is a long explanation for a short answer, which is that a delay is not being arranged by aliens.

Since the shift will not occur before Obama takes office, is it safe to go back to the cities now and earn a decent living until the New Madrid rips or the 3 days of darkness happens? It seems unlikely that Bush and Cheney will be able to effect their martial law plans, now that the Zetas have proclaimed a third Bush clone is now in control.

We have stated that those who move to safe locations and practice gardening or gather herds and flocks will not regret having done this early. Each person must determine their own life path, which we will not direct.

I've been reading comments of a couple of videos on YouTube where they show people getting hurt, and I'm shocked by the number of people who just think the videos are just soooo funny. I'd say a good 85 percent find it funny and leave comments like it was good that it happened to them for being stupid, etc. I've been like wow throughout the day, and has left me with a good perspective on reincarnation and what it means to be STO. What's going on here? Is it denial that something bad could happen to them or someone they know, is it lack of experience from past lives, is it a human animal thing, or are people just that bad?

Sadism is the ability to separate what is happening to another from what might happen to the self. When the Service-to-Self person is in control, causing pain or deliberately ignoring it in another, they feel powerful. There is also the thought, from past lives, that if another has been the scapegoat that a victim has already been chosen, and it is not them. Certainly, the lack of empathy does not indicate a Service-to-Other personality.

Why are thousands of people flocking to Virginia Beach, Virginia because Edgar Cayce stated that this will be a safe area during a pole shift? Thank you and the Zeta's.

We have explained that Cayce was speaking of the time before the actual pole shift, and was speaking of the time when the rotation of the Earth stops. During this time the water that normally gathers around the Earth's equator, due to her rotation, flows to the poles and away from the equator. Thus, the water will seem to draw away from the coastline. We have warned repeatedly that this should not be taken as a sign of safety by those along coastlines. The water will return, with a vengeance. Cayce answered in an abbreviated manner, while ZetaTalk is much more verbose and detailed. Trust what we are saying and do not linger on the coastlines when rotation slowing has begun!

Japan tests all its cattle for mad cow disease before it goes to market. USA tests less than 1/10 of 1% of its cows for Mad cow. Many countries refuse our beef and dairy. Some suggest that recent cattle mutilations might be secret testing for mad cow. Also, suggested is that the recent upswing in Alzheimer's might actually be Creuzfeldt-Jakob Disease, the human form of mad cow disease. Just what do the Zetas have to say about the state of our beef and dairy industries and the possibility of hiding cases of mad cow disease from the public and maybe even letting it into our food supply?

The USA has mad cow disease, a point of fact, and the Bush administration knows this. They are leaning on other countries to take US beef, but are not having much success. The Bush administration even punishes those slaughter houses that want to test all beef, because they know what will be found. The uptick in Alzheimer's is occurring quite outside of any incidence of mad cow disease in humans, though the cause of death is not allowed to be listed as mad cow disease. Few autopsies are done on those dying of senility, as the cause of death is obvious. Those fearful of eating beef might consider switching to poultry and fish, which are more efficient for the Aftertime in any case. Better yet, practice eating bugs!

Is the Hollow Earth theory correct? If yes, how can you explain the pole shift in conjunction with it? If not, what really is there in earth's core?

The Hollow Earth theory is absurd. What do you think causes volcanoes? Molten lava! This is completely incompatible with a hollow globe, and illogical.

Could you please clarify this for me? Last week during the chat you said that "Contactees are not altered. This is not part of the visitor/contactee relationship. By the rules we are obliged to follow we are not allowed to step in and alter contactees." ../index/zeta461.htm [and from another] "[Nancy] suffered heart damage, which she has known all her life, and which is the cause of her struggle with heart failure at present. We, the Zetas, have assisted her often and to this day to remain alive. Without this assistance, she would have been dead a decade ago." ../index/zeta397.htm [and from another] "Our emissary, Nancy, allowed her brain to be implanted with Zetan genetic material, on more than one occasion, in preparation for her role as a communicator during the Transformation." ../transfor/t18.htm [and from another] I also thought that members of the new MJ12 would have to be somehow altered to receive suggestions/instructions.

MJ12 members are not altered, nor would MJ12 have allowed that. They understand our thoughts as our contactees do, via telepathy. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and Nancy is one of them. She was a contactee before birth, as she has explained. She agreed to this communication role and prepared for it. The Council of Worlds makes exceptions. What we were explaining last week was that as a matter of normal operations we do not alter contactees, even if they request this. An exception from the Council of Worlds has to be made in every case, and was made in Nancy's case. She was an exceptional soul due to her firm resolve not to give in to Service-to-Self intimidation, and our expectations of her have been rewarded.

When are we to expect a visit from the Zetas? And will we in our lifetimes see ETs on mass on Earth?

As we have explained in the Awakening section, sightings and mass sightings are done when the populace is ready. This varies, from individual to individual and among communities. There will be no mass landings as you imply, as we have explained, because this would cause anxiety in many parts of the globe. It is not our intent to increase fear.

If the Zetas mission isn't to save lives, as you said it isn't their mission last week, what is the point of ZetaTalk at all?

Can you think of no reason for the visitors to be here other than to save your sorry skin? The soul lives on, and remembers what it experiences. As we explained only recently, the soul remembers being abandoned, such as the soul in a child abandoned by its parents during the pole shift. When people understand what is happening, what is to occur, and can plan, then they can take steps to care for their dependents. Even if death is eminent, it can be done in an atmosphere of love rather than panic.

Weather Channel Is Sold to NBC and Equity Firms. Any significance in this sale?

No. This is not part of any cover-up attempt.

An old kidnapping case in the Nebraska area which dealt with kidnapped kids and pedophilia, has opened a website and speaks of the ties to the CIA: Along with what is known as the Franklin Cover-up, the case also dealt with midnight tours of the White House by drugged kids and Boys Town, where some believed the boys there were being harvested. In Minnesota the famous Jacob Wetterling case brought the problem of disappearing kids to the forefront again. Are all these kidnapping cases related? Nothing seems to break open, but whoever is behind all this must have plenty of power. Do the Zetas know who is masterminding this? Is it a small well disciplined group or a huge ring? Will there be some opening into the horrendous abuse of children by men in power?

We would refer you to our previous writeup entitled "Pedophilia" for an explanation.

I read a post about Earth's rotation and anomalies occurring. It was said around 7:00 to 10:00 am EST the Earth slows down and then speeds up again to resume 'normal' rotation speed. It was said the Atlantic Ridge in the middle of the ocean was facing the sun, high noon, when this effect occurs. I too, viewed such a distortion in the Earths rotation by marking shadows every hour. It is clearly evident this is occurring and I would like your comment on the issue. Does this mean 'X' is getting close enough to start effecting Earth in more drastic ways? How strong will this rotation effect become? It seems this is why the cranes in New York city were failing and why oceans were sloshing. Is this the 'real' reason why the World Trade Center towers were destroyed? Because of their massive height and design they could not withstand the shifting of gravity when the rotation speed alters. [and from another] For whatever reasons, there is something happening to Mother Earth and her spin/orbit. I have seen enough to believe with out a doubt there are events of wobble, tilt, and/or rotation issues. Some people call my markings fraud or delusional but the truth is anything but complicated to understand. It was real and accurate enough. There are issues from 7:00 am to 10:30 am and they seem to occur again 12 hours later but that is hard to tell since the sun sets before the full effect can be charted.

The WTC disasters were not due to an anticipation of the wobble or slowing rotation. The Earth's rotation is driven by the core, but the tugging on the surface of the Earth causing any delay in rotation of the crust or any pushing away of the magnetic N Pole of Earth causing the wobble are not driven by the core. When the core turns, a strain is placed upon the magma which connects the core to the crust, and when the strain is great enough the crust moves to relieve the strain. We have stated that during the week of rotation stoppage that the Earth moans, as the core is being held back by the crust and the strain is not relieved. But at the present time, the pull on the crust is not strong enough to hold back the rotation of the core, so hesitation and catch-up are occurring.

Would Ananda in the Sierra nevada mountains in CA be a safe place during the pole shift? Ananda is a spiritual community based in California although it has several communities worldwide now. People live there a simple life. I had another question. Is it true what is written in the Bible that any place where there are more than 10 people who love and live for God, God will spare that place?

You must analyze the safety of your locations based on what we have detailed in the Safe Locations documentation on this website. The Sierras will experience mountain building, and one can simply look at a satellite image from space to see where the rumples have occurred in the past. All humans on Earth will be subject to the cataclysms. We have stated that highly Service-to-Other humans have been given the offer of a lift, which will allow them to escape being killed during the pole shift. Almost all refuse, as they have a feeling of responsibility to others around them who have not been given such an offer. You should not assume that people living a simple life are highly Service-to-Other.

We got some news from New York, that a USA military member states a meeting between ONU (United Nation Organization) and USA., has been place last week. This meeting supposes to be relate it to release UFO information to the media (TV ) to the rest of the world, "that we are not alone". Could you explain about this?

There are constant meetings among countries about this issue. Many countries have taken the lead, such as France and Chile, and many others have been more open than the US for years, such as Russia. Meanwhile sightings are increasing and the public sees the cover-up as ridiculous. The reason for reluctance is that those who perpetrated the cover-up fear being challenged by their public. The intelligence arms of the US military were front and center during the cover-up, as members of MJ12. Much heated argument now goes on behind closed doors, and very little progress occurs. We expect this to be the case right up to and past the time of the pole shift. Meanwhile, sightings are on the increase, etc.

The mood of the common man or woman worldwide is, it seems, fear. Mostly money. Can't pay my bills, every day falling behind more and more, with no relief in sight. Is stress going to cause the total collaspe of society?

The problem here is the way society is structured. When the medium of exchange is always money, it puts a separation between people. Put this aside and follow your heart is our advice. If you see someone in need, help them, share what you have with them, and expect others to follow suit. This has the effect of making all feel relieved. Every time you, as an individual, helps another without being asked, without expecting to be compensated, you relieve more than that person, you also relieve yourself because you realize that a new mode of conducting relationships is in place.

It seems events are accelerating (food shortages, economic downfall, etc.). Yet no one in power who has knowledge of the coming cataclysms has said a peep about what may lie ahead. I realize this is in the hands of man but do the Zetas expect any revelations or at least hints in the months ahead from those who know? Aren't some in power willing to say something to help the greater populace to prepare and, if not, what is holding them back? Also, what is the state of the food shortages at this time? Do enough stocks still exist to keep the illusion going that there are no shortages in rich countries such as the United States? How quickly can we expect this to change?

Food shortages are in the news because food stocks in wealthy countries are lacking, and thus the populace is being prepared for steps like price freezes and limited distribution of goods. You can buy one loaf of bread, for instance, but not two. Indeed, how matters will unfold is in the hands of man. We have stated that many involved in the cover-up are aghast and aggrieved and want desperately to inform the public. They may or may not crack and speak before they are dealt with by those perpetuating the cover-up. Assassinations may occur. We anticipate that there will be a blurting out of the truth during times of sudden Earth changes, when news media announcers are so upset at the extent of the disasters that they forget and "let the cat out of the bag." All this is in the hands of man.

Can the Zs comment on if anyone else has the same implants as you do, or if they will give them to contactees in the future? And if a contactee already has an implant- what would happen if it was removed, would it be replaced?

Nancy is, as we have stated, unique. Contactees who are regularly giving the Call have implants, and agree to this or the implant would not be placed. They are simply locating devices. A contactee is unlikely to be able to remove his or her implant as they are organic devices and do not appear on x-rays or any such screening. If accidentally removed, such as if an arm or a leg were amputated, it would be replaced.

Alois Irlmaier was Germanys most gifted seer of the 20th century. He had a track record of many accurate predictions, like Edgar Cayce. Of course he also spoke about cataclysms. So please don't ignore him! Would the Zetas care to explain how his visions about WW3 and the Russians invading Western Europe etc. came about?

As we have stated, the affairs of Earth are in the hands of man. We have talked about the predictions of war in the Middle East, of the End Days involving battles in the Middle East as being related to the knowledge that oil lay under the sands there, and that oil would be important as the Earth became populaced and developed technologies. It may be that the humans giving prophetic visions did not know this, but their alien visitors did. Europe developed into its many languages and countries because of the many mountain ranges that separated the growing populace. Russia did not have such hindrances. Thus, it was likewise logical that Russia would be the dominant power as it has been. But not all prophecies proceed as anticipated in the past. Earth is in the hands of man, and change of direction occurs!

I read on the ZetaTalk website that Zetans do agree that they have implanted devices in the past on humans and also there are stories of how they would enter children's bedrooms in the night etc. They also say that they don't want to encroach upon humans' free will. Now the above things, does it not mean they are doing things against the will of humans involved? If someone is ready and asks them to be contacted it's fine, but in cases where they kidnapped humans, is it not the same as enforcing their will upon the humans?

We do not kidnap humans. Whoever tells you this is lying. There are Service-to-Self humans who give the Call to Service-to-Self aliens, and have what they might term a bad experience. The Service-to-Self are cold and might make promises they do not keep, for instance. The human might make requests of the aliens responding to their Call and not get what they asked for. They complain bitterly in contactee support groups, claiming they were mistreated. But they asked for the contact and by the nature of their intent, they asked for contact with the Service-to-Self. There are also many within government agencies who do not want the populace to welcome the alien presence. They spread lies and call these contacts "abduction" which they are not. Thus, you should be skeptical of these stories, as stories are what they are.