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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 17, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Dam Breaks At Alabama Coal Plant [Jan 9]
The Tennessee Valley Authority says a waste pond at its Widows Creek power plant in northeast Alabama has ruptured but the spill is contained. The spill comes after a major rupture last month in Tennessee, when a dike released nearly a billion gallons of toxic-laden ash. The cause of the failure is under investigation.
[and from another] Homeowner Discovers Massive Sinkhole In Yard [Jan 8] One Tri-Cities homeowner woke up to a surprise Thursday morning and it wasn't snow. It was a strange morning for the Callahan family. The hole grew 21.5 feet wide and 8 feet deep. The cause is still anyone's guess.

The Continental Divide represents change in the past, when land was pushed against land, pushing UP and over, and then stopped being pushed, at rest, at least temporarily. For the Continental Divide running up through the western half of the N American continent, this push takes place during every pole shift, and the landscape reflects this. Rock to the west of the divide is broken, tumbled, as what was pushed over does not slide easily but catches at many points, and thus moves in jolts and fits, breaking as it goes. Therefore, to some extent, a continental divide represents broken rock, at least the part that was most recently pushed up and over might be considered broken rubble. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) waterways run down between ridges that were formed in the long distant past when the Appalachian Mountains were formed. During the formation of a continental divide, the rock that is sliding up and over does not simply stop where it lands, as when the pressure releases there is some adjustment backwards - thus the many ridges and valleys between mountain ranges in mountain building regions. The rock pushed up and over at the top of a continental divide is thin, the edge of the push, and thus can separate readily.

Please explain what sort of activities contactees and Star Children may be involved in.

In that humans are as varied in their life circumstances and soul lessons as they are in numbers, this would be impossible to answer. How many eons do you suppose it would take to have Nancy type the answer? A Star Child impoverished in rural India would have a different mission from one incarnated as a wealthy woman in Japan. One is limited by funds, the other by cultural inhibitions. Perhaps the Star Child in India is concerned about the caste system and wishes to see it break down, the different castes embracing each other in love. The one in Japan may be concerned about sexist restrictions and the lonely lives many in Japan live due to an oppressive work ethic.

Then enters their soul history and what personal lessons they are currently set upon. The one in India may have come from a planet and culture that afforded a strong sense of security to the intelligent life-form on that planet, which perhaps had no natural enemies and abundant food sources. Being placed in a situation where the threat of starvation is a daily affair is thus a challenge for this Star Child, who must put his insecurity and distress aside in order to proceed with his self-assigned mission. The Star Child in Japan may have in the past spend many lifetimes as a slave, without hope of relief due to physical constraints, but perceives the work ethic and restrictions in Japan to be just as oppressive. Whereas in the past openly challenging oppression brought more pain, in Japan, in the legal system and media attention available to a wealthy woman, this is not the case. Thus the soul lesson for this Star Child is to pursue justice and not be passive. For contactees, the situation is similar in that no two cases are alike.

What was different when countering voter fraud this time? What new measures were taken by the people trying to manipulate the voting, and what new measures were taken by the Zetas and the Puppet Master crew? Were any contactees and Star Children involved in these activities?

We explained the techniques used to counter election fraud after the 2006 election, so the techniques were not a secret. In any case, given enough time, those trying to perpetrate election fraud would have figured them out. They would have questioned the individuals who were supposed to take action as to why the actions were not taken. They would have collected their electronic devices to determine if they had been broken, re-programmed or removed. In due time, the overall pattern would have been clear - if the mind of man carried the intent, the Zetas could discover it and notify their human counterparts to block the plan. Thus for 2008 the only hope was to try to prevent the plan from being openly in the mind of men, so as to avoid it being read via telepathy, or to have the plan so rapidly disseminated that human hands could not stop it. The first approach was to rely less upon actions by individuals in many thousands of places, as it was obvious that we, the Zetas, could read thousands of minds and that many thousands of our human counterparts were ready to act upon our intel. A cast of thousands was not the key to being able to pull off election engineering, thus.

Internal coding in computer systems was used as a replacement for human actions by those intent upon election fraud. If the election results were to be transmitted to a certain spot, where they could be altered by those intent upon fraud, the ISP of this spot was hard coded into programs so that it could not be readily changed on election night. The fraudulent alterations were likewise hard coded, so no human thought could be a clue as to where the action might be taking place. Computers cannot be read via telepathy, and the programmer's actions were done long before election night.

But the original plan was known to us, and the ISP of the collection site was known, and even if the ISP could not be changed without bringing down the entire electronic flow on election night, there were steps that could be taken. There are databases that direct Internet activity via ISP addresses, and these can be altered to temporarily switch traffic. The election results were switched to flow to a controlled site which passed on the correct results but also passed the totals on to the fraudsters. When the fraudsters altered the data and sent it on in what they assumed would be considered the official results, they were given every indication that their manipulation had been a success. It was only the next day, when the results were in, that they realized they had been fooled.

Would the Zetas comment on the Planet X/Nibiru conference in Rome on Feb 7-8 2009? Speakers are Jason Martell, Andy LLoyd, Marshall Masters. Is this a gathering of wannabes or what? You can see the details of the conference here. There is some English text on this link.

This conference presents nothing more than what is presented to the American public via Coast to Coast radio and various lecture circuits where the 2012 crowd ply their wares. All historical evidence that applies to Planet X, such as its discovery by the IRAS team in 1983 and the subsequent cover-up and murder of astronomer Dr. Robert Harrington, the mystery of sudden climate change and the many theories for its cause, the theories proposed by the Project Camelot crowd about the galactic center, and the reasons for the Norwegian seed bank project will be presented - all for a fee and please buy the book and video. As we have stated, anyone willing to claim that the nearest date for a catastrophe will be December 21, 2012 and no sooner, is wined and dined and not harassed.

We stated in 1995 that Planet X was going to be arriving - when no one else was making such statements - and were ridiculed. Now practically everyone on Coast to Coast is talking about Planet X. We stated at that time that the weather changes experienced to date would be starting - when no one else was making such statements - and weather changes did occur. We gave coordinates for the tracking of the inbound Planet X and these proved remarkably correct during observatory sightings in early 2001, infrared imaging during the winter of 2001-2002, CCD imaging during the winter of 2002-2003, and visual sightings around the world in the early spring of 2003. Planet X arrived where we said it would be when we made the RA and Dec prediction some 7 years earlier - such is our accuracy.

For this we are being ignored because the establishment, in particular the Bush/Cheney administration, does not want ZetaTalk taken seriously by the public. ZetaTalk has exposed their ambitions to be kings of the world in the Aftertime, to be sitting on the Middle East black gold they assume would be a prime commodity for world takeover after the pole shift. We exposed the Bush clones for what they are. We worked with the Puppet Master to prevent Karl Rove's election engineering in 2006 and 2008. And we are telling the public the truth when we state that the pole shift will occur prior to 2012.

As the question implies, these speakers are “wannabes,” those who want to be the messengers. But they are only self-promoters, and will never replace our emissary, Nancy. In time, our statement on this matter will be proven correct. But for the present, the 2012 crowd can sell their books and videos and strut about on stage. They have not been asked to make predictions that can be proven or disproven, nor have they ever done so. Those who listen to such self-promotion and discard a proven track record do so at their peril.

What kind of effect has the internet had on humanity? So much more information at our fingertips, compared to lets say the 80's when curious people probably got curious about something and then moved on with their life, rather than learning about it on the internet. Many more people would have probably accepted that planes knocked down the trade center, not the case with youtube. Obama quotes taken out of context, look for the whole quote on youtube. Wikipedia. It's too bad the pole shift will ruin that. (I imagine telepathy is like a web, just instant.)

We stated within ZetaTalk that one reason for the technology uptick at the present time is to adjust those humans who will be living in high tech communities after the pole shift to the reality of possibilities so they will not have a shock or much difficulty adjusting. Also, those humans who are not survivors but will be reincarnating in high tech communities will have a soul accustomed to technology. Your point is valid, in that the Internet, with instant access to information elsewhere, is much like telepathy, which is likewise instant and allows access to information understood or held by others.

Will there ever be "disclosure" before of after the Pole Shift?

We have explained that disclosure of the alien presence will not occur as most in the public would like, with a broad explanation and admission by the governments of the world, and in particular by the US government. The Awakening proceeds apace, as anxiety around the world drops and mass sightings increase. Many governments are disclosing what they know, notably France, the UK, Chile and Russia. It is too broad a step for full disclosure as such an admission begs the question of what else the government has been hiding, and the cover-up over Planet X is not about to crack at present.

Would you please tell if the current global seismic "hyper activity" is according to your predictions in relation with the approaching Planet X ? I am asking why it appears there are quakes in nomrally quiet places.

Nancy has recently computed the increase in quakes between a magnitude 6 to 8 during the years 2002 though 2008, inclusive, and found the increase to be 28%. This despite the USGS's strenuous attempts to dumb down the magnitudes and drop as many quakes as possible from their databases. We predicted that the increase in quakes would be lineal at first, then exponential, and announced recently that the point at which the increase would be exponential had been reached. One effect of this is that quakes formerly in the magnitude 1 or 2 range can now be felt, so they must be included if near a population center or else the populace suspects a cover-up.

But beyond the fact that the rock is moving, and moving farther than formerly when adjusting, is the fact that the stress on the rock is beginning to fracture those areas that had previously resisted. Stretch zones are notorious for suddenly giving way, and where this almost always produces broken bridges, water and gas main breaks, broken dams and sinkholes the like, at times this also produces what registers as an earthquake. For all these reasons, the perception is that quakes are occurring where formerly they did not.

Obama seems intent upon mitigating the economic collapse as much as possible but per the zetas the collapse is unstoppable. Can the zetas speak to any effects or benefit from his efforts in this area when it would seem that survival preps and more subtle and not so subtle pole shift awareness efforts might pay bigger dividends to people? I understand the immediate benefits of avoiding a complete crash with messy riots and all but per the zetas our economic system will soon become a moot point, will it not?

We have in fact predicted that though the barter system will increasingly be used, and stocks and paper money lose value, that the population is loathe to let go of what they are used to and thus the banking system or the medium of exchange will not collapse completely prior to the pole shift. Obama has a difficult task ahead of him, and at best he can encourage installation of windmills, family gardens, and service oriented communities where the youth do public service. Openly declaring that the End Times are upon humanity is greatly feared by so many, with arguments about chaos, deserted children, oldsters, looting and opportunism, that those wanting a more frank admission to the public are countered, endlessly, behind closed doors. Until the last weeks this may very well be a fact of life for the common man, who will remain ignorant in the main until they can see the monster in the sky or note an extreme wobble in the Earth with their own eyes.

I am curious about the STS orientation. Do some souls literally sit there for all eternity with no progress or movement after a certain point? If so what possible purpose could this serve in the greater plan?

It is our understanding that some souls never do budge from their self-serving orientation. What God's plan is in this matter we can only speculate and decline to do so.

Lots of people noticing things like a low or out of place Sun now. Without getting specific are we in for a bump up in potential revelations soon?

As we noted last week in the chat, what occurred during the winter of 2007-2008 is again occurring, thus the severe cold in the entire N American hemisphere. The magnetic N Pole of Earth is being pushed away, and this can be presumed to continue until the lean to the left begins.

Am I understanding correctly that 90 % of the current population on earth will not survive the pole shift? If that is correct, where is the best place to be if there is such a thing. If I am wrong approximately how many people will not survive this initial shift or is it that the people will have catastrophic problems by not being able to grow food and that will cause deaths?

As detailed in the Safe Locations documentation on Zetatalk’s website, there is no “safest” place. There is only relative safety, depending upon many factors. What would be distressing for some might be less so for others. A fishing village in Norway might not find the thought of rising seas distressing because they already glean their living from the sea. A rural family in Nebraska might not find the thought of the power grid going down and a lack of food distribution onerous because they grow their own food and can anticipate being out of the drift of volcanic ash from the West Coast volcanoes. It is clear that some places on the globe will be overwashed during the pole shift or inundated afterwards. Some places used to a tropical existence will find themselves plunged into cold and die of exposure. Some people, particularly those who live in cities who are used to soft living and delivery of all foodstuffs will be distressed no matter where they are, as they lack survival skills and tools for subsistence.

Each individual needs to examine our statements on the Safe Locations documentation, and depending upon where they live today, what their circumstances are, and what their opportunities are expected to be - plot their course. No general statement can be made by us as to what might be the "safest" spot on Earth. Many have tried to hammer at Nancy as to her whereabouts at the time of the pole shift. She has placed herself in central Wisconsin, buying the old family homestead at an extraordinarily modest price which was the only thing she could afford. Where Wisconsin has good soil and water and she is in the middle of a rural area, it will likewise split open during the pole shift, as we have detailed. This was Nancy's only option, and should not be taken as the place all of humanity should run to prior to the pole shift.

Nibiru, also called Planet X, may have been photographed. Just wondering what the Zeta's think about this?

This is looking out into the night sky, and we have stated that Planet X is near the Sun. Thus, the orb can be considered to be a lens phenomena, a reflection of a light source from the Moon on multiple lens, and certainly not Planet X.

Then please explain GOTO telescopes unerringly tracking the Sun, if it is moving in unusual ways. Please explain how you can take a Noon Solar sighting with a Sextant or Quadrant and reveal your correct location on Earth. If what you were claiming is true, neither of these mundane activities should be possible. What is be the Zeta explanation for the fact that the North Star never moves out of the Wobble-Buster's field of view?

These types of questions, designed to impress the novice, fool nobody. GoTo scopes require being sighted on some solid fixture such as Polaris in order to find the constellations in the night sky, and then do so because the relative distance from the sighted object, such as Polaris, remains consistent regardless of a wobble in the Earth. All move as one in the sky. For those who are trying to debunk by saying otherwise, we point to the fact that most GoTo scopes are intended to be portable, and placed on uneven ground at night. Does one bring a level to ensure the ground is level? One moves the scope around until it sights Polaris and then the scope can "go to" the constellation desired.

Nancy has in her Orbits section documentation from individuals who noted that Polaris and its equivalent in the southern hemisphere, the Southern Cross, is too high in the dome or too low, or some degrees to either side. One of these individuals has a fixed scope that does not need to be adjusted upon each use on uneven ground. Those who say that no anomalies are occurring are lying, and generally have been paid to do so.

Did the plane that crash landed in Hudson river in NY get any assistance? Maybe a highly STO person gave the call.

This was a well documented accident, captured by many cameras trained on the Hudson, and in broad daylight. The tower released the conversation between the controllers and the pilot, who was experienced and level-headed, so the steps in his logic are plain. Simultaneous to scanning his gauges to ascertain whether he could get his engines functioning again, he was considering his possibilities for a crash landing site. He quickly chose the only option that would have allowed his passengers to be quickly reached by emergency personnel, which proved to be the case. This commendable rescue operation was due not only to a level-headed pilot supported by air traffic controllers but also by a city used to tragedy, as is often the case when prior experience sharpens the response time. Rescue operations have been repeatedly exercised, and this dedication paid off. It was nothing more than that -- a human experience, a rescue by human hands.

Last week the Zetas admitted they erred in guessing that the "6" would come by the end of the 2008 calendar year. Can they explain how this "mistake" came to be made, and why we shouldn't believe they may have made a similar mistake about the 2012 calendar year?

There is a broad difference between predicting the impact of an uptick in Earth changes, sociological changes, economic downturn, and weather irregularities during the course of a 9 month period and our general statement about 2012. We are currently starting 2009, which leaves the possibility of the pole shift potentially not occurring for 3 years. Or perhaps it will only be 6 months or so. It's a matter of being able to hit a broad target or needing to hit a narrow target. The statement "prior to 2012" only requires us to aim at a broad target. However, the statement "by the end of 2008" is a narrow window.

Even though people choose to act on the information on ZetaTalk at their own peril, aren't the zetas hurting their own cause at times by warning us of things that either don't come to pass when they insinuate they will or exaggerate the events to come? Not only gas prices have come down but commodities like milk and butter too. Tornadoes have decreased dramatically in number since their high of May 2008, and though more volcanoes are erupting and there is the occasional mudslide or avalanche, there haven't been any dramatic events that would indicate we're anywhere nearer the dreaded poleshift as was suggested when that "6 out of 10 by year's end" was announced. Do the zetas realize how much of an impact their constant drumbeat of doom has had on the "common man" they profess to be helping? Do they understand now that it isn't so much impatience for the poleshift to occur but impatience for something to be either proven right or wrong?

We have hardly hurt our cause. There are those who want instant satisfaction, being able to announce to their fellow man that thus and so will be occurring, and when the pace of change does not align according to their expectations they feel let down. This is their problem, not ours. We stated in 1995 that weather irregularities would occur, followed by crop shortages, an increase in earthquakes, rogue high tides, and all of these did. We stated that the world was going into a second Great Depression, and while we were ridiculed about this in the past, it has emerged right on schedule. Do we have an ego about reaching a 5 of 10, rather than a 6 of 10 by the calendar end of 2008? We do not have the egos that some carry around, and thus do not have bruises. Our goal is to alert mankind, and we have not given nor will we give a schedule that is so precise that we go against the Council of Worlds’ rule that the date should not be known. Our goal is not to protect the egos of some who want certainty or want to avoid embarrassment among their friends.

Are the Zetas involved in the conspiratorial plot to claim themselves the creator of the Christian religion? Are the Zetas Fallen Angels or are they merely warm bodies created by the Fallen Angels as a place to instill the souls of the Nephilim that are driven to annihilate the human race to God shame?

None of the above. If you want to understand who we the Zetas are, then read the ZetaTalk website. You've obviously not begun to do so.

Can the Zetas comment on there being more younger guys going with older woman, and the increase of it happening, and how it pertains to the times that we are in and any meaning it may hold? Or just another sterotype and discrimination to break in society as we know it?

Many barriers are breaking down. This includes interracial dating and marriage and the roles that men and women play with each other. Men are more often becoming the housekeepers and taking over child care. If the wife has a better job or the husband has had a job loss, the husband and father finds himself at home while she works. This is a global trend, and does indeed reflect the fact that more Service-to-Other souls are reincarnating on Earth while those inclined toward the Service-to-Self are taken to another world. More tolerance is a natural outcome.

Being unavoidable, can the Zetas comment on the toxic levels of the dust from the tail of Planet X? What effect on the lungs it may have?

As we have explained, the tail of Planet X contains many components of oil, and thus are petrochemicals being greasy. Burning oil fields are known to be toxic to humans, and to a lesser extent the same toxicity might be assumed from the components in the tail of Planet X.

Some forums are warning that Obama will say in his first day that American Economy is broken and recession will sat for 2-3 years! Besides, dollar and T-bill bubble will collapse! Are TPTB are planing a controlled meltdown?

We have stated that what is termed “the powers that be" do not want a meltdown in any economies, and are working hard to prevent or delay this. We have stated that the dollar will not collapse completely, but the value of items in paper dollars will be much less than the listed price so sales will be difficult to achieve.

With so many millions across the globe losing jobs, homes, out of work or homeless, how can anyone establish a garden or prepare with the little time left before the PS and the governments not even close to telling any country the truth? People have grown to not trust each other.

Are you planning a garden this year? Have you purchased the tools and seed? Have you educated yourself on how to save seed and what the best produce for your climate and region might be? Have you looked into co-ops in your area if unable to have a garden at your home, or familiarized yourself with farming in the area to see if you might keep chickens or goats on a farm nearby? You most likely have done none of these steps and are being too lazy to start. You prefer to complain and expect to be rescued.

Why are people buying so much ammunition all of a sudden? I went to my local Wal-Mart and found their shelves almost empty (except for trap shooting shells). What is going on? Are they afraid of each other, Obama, or px?

There has been a rumor that Obama will take everyone's guns away, and they fear that after January 20th this will be the case, a sudden executive order of some type. This rumor will die and the sales return to a normal pace shortly thereafter, when the rumor proves to be incorrect. Perhaps the rumor was spread about by those hoping to increase their sales of guns and ammunition.

For how long will Stevie (the guy who threatened to kill Obama) be locked up?

This is in the hands of man so could take numerous twists and turns. To add to the complication, this has now become a federal affair and a case the media might watch closely, as they often look for entertainment. Stevie will not be able to hide the fact that he is mentally ill, a manic depressive. But unlike his prior cases where he squeezed out of jail early by taking his medications, he has now broken federal law. There is no reason to believe that he would take his medications and not return to his prior criminal mindset again. There will be many evaluations and court hearings, all well publicized. No quick release will occur.

What are the Zetas allowed to tell us about the Annunaki? Is it true that all their plans have been changed? Care to elaborate?

The plans of the Annunaki are not known on Earth by any of the sources purporting to be channeling them. We, the Zetas, have explained that they are quarantined from man, so man need not anticipate encountering the Annunaki. Any statement from any other source is either disinformation intended to frighten mankind or an attempt to garner attention.

Can the Zetas explain this recent light phenomena in Latvia which apparently has scientists baffled? "These stunning images show mysterious columns of light streaming into the sky above the town of Sigulda in Latvia at the end of last month. Taken by designer Aigar Truhins with a standard digital camera, the photographs have prompted excited online discussions among amateur astronomists all over the internet. 'My son exclaimed, 'The aliens are coming!'' Truhins was quoted as saying."...

This is a known phenomena when lights rise up into the night sky in extremely cold weather. Human scientists have concluded that reflective ice crystals are involved, and this is close enough to the truth.

Can the Zetas comment? [and from another] Israel to cease fire in Gaza, no deal for Hamas [Jan 17] Israel called off its three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, saying Hamas was "badly beaten," but the Islamist group vowed to fight on in a war that has killed 1,200 Palestinians in the coastal enclave. Within minutes of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announcing that a unilateral ceasefire would start three hours later at 2 a.m. (0000 GMT) on Sunday, several missiles struck southern Israel. Olmert also cited what he described as internationally-backed understandings with Egypt, the Gaza Strip's southern neighbor, on preventing Hamas, which has smuggled in rockets through tunnels under the border, from rearming.

Israel, as we explained recently, is getting their licks in prior to Obama's inauguration. If Hamas cannot be rearmed, and the Department of Defense has refused to rearm Israel by delaying any shipments to them, then a restless peace must emerge. They have no choice!

When will the USA economy really fall apart. [and from another] What is the motive behind Obama's stimulus plan? How effective do the Zetas feel the stimulus plan will be?

We have described what we anticipate to be a slow tumble, not a sudden crash. It is already falling apart, and has been for some years due to many industries being shipped overseas for cheaper labor. Since an economy is to some extent just a matter of getting money flowing again - so that this one now has a job and can buy goods and pay taxes and that one who sold the goods now likewise has income and can pay taxes and buy yet another's goods - the stimulus will be somewhat effective. Countering this will be the increase in Earth changes such as disasters, flooding and crop failures.

If the Obama administration can work magic and get new jobs started in the areas needed, less of a downfall will be perceived. For instance, if he gets the windmill industry cranking out windmills and communities to invest in these to avoid power outages, then power outages will have less of an impact on factory downtime. If he can get small family gardens or community gardens to catch on, then many without funds for groceries might find themselves instead with a new job, a new industry, to not only feed themselves but to feed others too. The plan is the key, and public cooperation with the plan is likewise key to success.

Some odd stories from the Chicago Tribune on January 15th (sorry but can't find links now) regarding another train derailment causing delays out of Union Station and a man acting suspiciously (he turned out to be a Secret Service agent!) causing a train delay. I thought these recent rail events were strange considering Obama's train trip was today. Anything going on?

The Secret Service rarely announces threats to a President or someone they are guarding, as this is considered to be encouraging copycat attempts. Rather than run a train over a suspected bomb laden track, some sort of an announcement is made to explain why the train is not rolling. All malfunctions are considered suspicious until proven otherwise. Nothing more than that.

You have previously mentioned that mankind has incorrectly 'lined-up' or misinterpreted the Mayan calendar with our Gregorian calendar in regards to the December 21, 2012 end date. What about other prophetic work that mankind has interpreted?

1. Dr. Carl Johan Calleman has an alternate way of looking at the Mayan calendar in which he brakes up the calendar into different Underworlds which each consist of seven 'days' and six 'nights'; or thirteen heavens. Each underworld goes from inception to completion 20 times faster then the previous underworld which accounts for our perception of 'time is speeding up' since events occur with greater frequency. He also has an end date of October 28, 2011. Studying his work is very fascinating and it seems to have some merit. Can the Zetas comment on his unique interpretation of the Mayan calendar and the different end date?

2. Saint Malachy produced a list of 112 short Latin phrases sometime between the end of 1139 and the beginning of 1140 that is suppose to list the succession of popes starting with Celestine II (1143) until the 'end of the world'

3. Terence McKenna has an interesting interpretation of the 'I Ching'. Using fractal mathematics he found a numerical pattern in the King Wen sequence of the I Ching. When this sequence is graphed it produced what he referred to as 'Timewave Zero'

Each prophet or prophecy stands on its own merits, and many have stood the test of time in claiming the attention of mankind. Many prophets have proven their worth by predictions that have come true. Saint Malachy was prophetic about many popes and those wanting certain confirmation have extended these predictions to the present day popes by tenuous connections. That his list has come close is a credit to his precognitive abilities, which is as we have explained an ability to think logically and project into the future based on past events. Our rule since the start of 2002 has been to decline to comment on the predictions or comments of others unless this other source has some prediction accuracy. Saint Malachy qualifies. Your other two sources do not. There is, in short, no reason to believe what they say.

When we are very near the pole-shift, there is the option to warn and inform others about the pending cataclysm, when there is nothing that the majority of the populace can do in such a short amount of time other than prepare themselves psychologically for death or disaster. I am conflicted about this, is this an interference in the life lessons of others? Or should we strive to state the truth, no matter the despair for some the truth might create?

We have stated that allowing others to prepare, mentally and emotionally, for death is a worthy goal. It allows goodbyes to be given, love to be the focus, the anticipation of an afterlife or lives to follow to be the focus, and any sense of abandonment to hopefully be eliminated. To be suddenly taken by surprise leaves the soul in distress, wanting to haunt about to settle issues with loved ones. Those surviving are distressed as they do not know if their loved ones are safe, injured or have died. An early warning, rather than silence, is thus a favor to all concerned, even if wailing and moaning from those not wanting to face reality is the result. Have courage, and inform others.