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Issue 123, Sunday, March 8, 2009
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Mexico Drug Wars

If Somalia has been taken over by pirates raiding cargo vessels off the Somali coastline, is Mexico about to follow suit? An all-out war between the government of Mexico and a couple drug lords is putting this question to the test.

Thousands of Mexican Soldiers Pour into Violent City in Crackdown
March 4, 2009
Armed to the hilt, they came from land and air, determined to restore order to Mexico's most violent city. Nearly 2,000 Mexican soldiers and armed federal police poured into the border town of Ciudad Juarez. The city - just across from El Paso in Texas - has been ravaged by drug gangs. Just this month 250 people were killed there by hitmen fighting for lucrative smuggling routes. The soldiers are the first contingent of as many as 5,000 troops and federal police being sent to Juarez. Almost 2,500 soldiers and federal police have been there for nearly a year, but they have failed to curb the violence plaguing the city of about 1.6 million people. President Felipe Calderon's military operation is supported by the United States, which is concerned the violence could destabilize Mexico, a key trading partner, and spill over the border.

Described as a 'narco insurgency' that threatens the entire nation, the scale of the crisis was dramatically underscored last week when the city's head of police in the city was forced to flee. Robert Orduna had been warned that one of his men would be slaughtered every 48 hours until he quit. The drug lords kept their promise: they butchered five of Orduna's officers in ten days. The killings came after hit-lists were pasted on shop windows warning of 'never-ending' bloodshed until police 'backed off' - and Orduna left town. 'I can't allow my men to continue losing their lives,' Orduna said in a statement after being smuggled out of his office, where he slept inside a bulletproof cage. 'I am presenting my permanent resignation.' To the dismay of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Orduna had only been in the job for six months: his predecessor fled across the border to Texas after he, too, was told to leave town or die. He, in turn, had replaced a police chief murdered by the gangs.

Certainly this type of warfare for profit and territory is not new, throughout history and around the world, but this level of violence is new for Mexico. Yes, much of the drug trade flowing into the US comes through Mexico, and yes, the police are often complicit with the drug lords. But to lose control of a city on the border with the US? How did we get here? Per the Zetas, this is part of a trend during the Transformation, whereby the spiritual orientations separate and polarize, eventually leading to those individuals with a self-centered focus being removed from the Earth. This is a gradual process.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/15/1996: Increasingly, among certain sectors of the populace or in certain locales, violence is on the increase. The argument that a deprived or poverty stricken upbringing should be taken into account is wearing thin on citizens finding the crimes they are reading about inexcusable. Savagery, without any remorse, and among younger and younger perpetrators. What is occurring is not that society has failed, or that the jails are inadequate, or that the poor are despairing, or that the schools are lacking in opportunities for all. Look to the past, when conditions were so much worse on all counts. What is happening is the increasing dichotomy of society, with the Service-to-Self oriented being placed with each other by the birthing envoys. Those granted a last incarnation in order to make a final decision are frequently placed in a setting not unlike the Service-to-Self culture they would end up in - a sociopathic gang.

Ciudad Juarez, formerly a resort town for the rich and famous, is in the wrong place at the wrong time - a border town where the Mexican drug lords are fighting over territory. Ruthless and power hungry, these types of individuals are not concerned about the bloodshed or the nightmares they give to those living in the war zones. They are out for profit and control, for themselves. It is not just the drug lords in Mexico who have these characteristics, however. The same could be said of the barons of Wall Street.

Thousands of Mexican Soldiers Pour into Violent City in Crackdown
March 4, 2009
The war is being fought between a bewildering array of gangs, many of them using ex-Special Forces soldiers recruited from the Mexican military. Much of the bloodshed is being orchestrated by Joaquin 'Shorty' Guzman, one of the world's most wanted men, who leads a cartel from the Pacific-coast state of Sinaloa. Guzman has already turned his homeland into his own personal fiefdom. Guzman, who wears orange ostrich-skin cowboy boots and gold jewellery in the shape of machine guns, has been battling the rival Gulf Cartel for control of Tijuana, another town near the U.S. border, where he has posted videos of executions and beheadings of rivals on the internet. He has also left headless corpses of rival gangs in playgrounds as a 'warning to the next generation'. Not content with his estimated £15bn drugs business on the Pacific coast, however, Guzman wants to expand his empire into Ciudad Juarez, currently in the hands of rival Vicente Carrillo Fuentes.

Fuentes, who has had a $5million (£3.5m) bounty put on his head by the U.S., has for years controlled this overland shipment route for billions of dollars worth of drugs into the U.S., running his operation from a quasi-military headquarters possibly in Chile or Argentina. And the crisis has even spilled across the border into the U.S., where there has been a spate of killings and kidnappings by the murderous cartels. Barack Obama has been warned that Mexico's drugs lords now pose as big a threat to U.S. national security as Islamic insurgents. The U.S. is now planning to deploy the military to the border to try to contain the bloodshed. As one of the Mexican president's aides predicted last night, if the government gave up its fight against the cartels, 'the next president of the republic would be a drug dealer'.

The Zetas describe those who are out for themselves, regardless of how much pain their ambitions cause to others, as being in the Service-to-Self spiritual orientation. Since they will be removed from the Earth, one by one as they die, and not allowed to reincarnate on Earth, they are in essence having their last gasp during this lifetime.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/15/1995: This small percentage of perpetrators are skilled, even at birth, in victimizing others. They take joy in this, as this increases their sense of power over others. Establishing the pecking order within a group of Service-to-Self entities is a study in violence and intimidation. You, on Earth, will witness this as your world becomes increasingly polarized during the Transformation.

Will this affect the US? The drug wars have already affected the US along the Arizona, Texas, and California borders. Guns are being smuggled into Mexico, and kidnappings and executions are occurring in Phoenix and southern California. Where this will lead is yet to be determined.

U.S. Rattled as Mexico Drug War Bleeds Over Border
March 1, 2009;_ylt=A0wNcwPArqpJlWIA5ANZ.3QA
Hit men dressed in fake police tactical gear burst into a home in Phoenix, rake it with gunfire and execute a man. Armed kidnappers snatch victims from cars and even a local shopping mall across the Phoenix valley for ransom, turning the sun-baked city into the "kidnap capital" of the United States. Violence of this kind is common in Mexico where drug cartel abductions and executions are a daily feature of a raging drug war that claimed 6,000 lives south of the border last year. But U.S. authorities now fear that violent crime is beginning to bleed over the porous Mexico border and take hold here. Execution style murders, violent home invasions, and a spiraling kidnap rate in Phoenix - where police reported an average of one abduction a day last year linked to Mexican crime - are not the only examples along the border. In southern California, police have investigated cases of Americans abducted by armed groups tied to the Tijuana drug trade.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he wants 1,000 troops to guard the border. The state's Attorney General Greg Abbott is backing legislation to crack down on money laundering and human, drug and weapons trafficking through the state by the warring Gulf and Sinaloa cartels. Lawmakers in Arizona heard testimony on border violence last week from police and prosecutors, who are seeking more robust measures to seize smugglers' assets, as well as cracking down harder on gunrunning to Mexico. Washington has stepped up support for Calderon, pledging to give Mexico helicopters, surveillance aircraft, inspection equipment and police training under a $1.4 billion plan to beat the cartels in Mexico and Central America. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano - a former Arizona governor - told a Congressional hearing last week she was focused on curbing the southbound traffic in guns that are being used to arm the violent cartels.

Booms and Shaking

What is causing the increasing number of booms reported across the US, often accompanied by shaking? Are these earthquakes? Not according to the USGS. Skywatch Media recently reported on several of these cases, showing how prevalent they are. These incidences are not reported in the mainstream media, though they do make it into the local press. From Florida, Texas, Minnesota, California and even from Australia the reports just keep coming.

Sanibel Residents Report 'Boom and Shake' on Island
February 19, 2009
Sanibel residents reported this morning a loud boom and shaking on the island. Officials with the City of Sanibel Police Department said they have received calls about a disturbance in the area and are investigating. There is no information on what could have caused the noise and shaking. "It sounded and felt like an earthquake. The walls were shaking." The shaking lasted about four seconds and occurred around 10:43 a.m.
Texans Report Sonic Booms
February 15, 2009
The Texas Department of Public Safety received calls from residents surprised by sonic booms about 11 a.m. Calls came from an area from Dallas to Houston.
South Side Blasts Reemerge, and Not All Can be Explained
February 21, 2009
The enduring mystery of the south Minneapolis explosions rattling both windows and neighbors' nerves has once again reared its head. A new spate of nighttime blasts, roughly 100, have been going off since summer, something that has been occurring intermittently for nearly three years. The last time that police investigated the spate of explosions, in 2006 and 2007, they were finally able to determine the source: fireworks, most likely set off by teenagers. This time, though, only about half can be explained. Fireworks and exploding electrical transformers account for the explained half, "but for the rest, we just don't know. We can't explain it." Police are continuing their investigation.
O.C. Residents Feel Mysterrrrrious Shakingggg!
March 4, 2009
We are used to earthquakes in the Southland, but this was no quake either! Or a sonic boom. Dave Lopez was on the scene to investigate what made the Earth move yesterday under his feet and everyone's else's -- around 9:15 pm. Windows shook, nerves were rattled, dogs barked and everyone thought, maybe, we were getting ready for the big one. More than 70 calls were logged into 911 by frightened folks thinking someone was breaking into their homes. Experts still don't know what caused the shake and the shimmy.
Booms Still a Mystery
February 18, 2009
Police are still bewildered by the explosions that rocked Guanaba in the past two weeks and say no one has come forward with any information about what could have caused them. Residents of the area first heard an explosion that shook their houses on February 5 at 8.30pm. The following Wednesday, February 11, a similar noise was heard, although residents said it sounded further away. Police have established it was about 2km from the first one but that is where their investigations have come to halt.

The Zetas have ascribed these booms and shaking and humming to Earth movement, often in a stretch zone where rock is being pulled apart. The issue comes up frequently. Per the Zetas, it is variously a snap when rock must break apart, or air clapping over water when the water heaves, or an explosion of methane gas released into the air. Booms are primarily an atmospheric phenomena, recorded in the atmosphere, where earthquakes recorded on seismographs are occurring deep within the rock strata.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/17/2007: As with booms heard elsewhere around the world, no seismographic registration occurs because this is rock adjusting without a jolt. Pulling apart as we have endlessly explained about the stretch zone behavior. A snapping rock in a compression zone makes the rock on both sides of the snap jump into the air, thus causing clapping in the air when air rushes back. The snap itself is not considered more than a minor quake, on the seismographs, as this is primarily an atmospheric boom.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/3/2007: Land that is near large bodies of water experience booms, as the water heaves and drops due to adjustments underwater, the plates adjusting. Such booms can be heard overland also, but are more common near water. Basically, this is air clapping, as after a heave there is a drop, causing the air to rush together. This is the process creating thunder, which can certainly be a boom.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/9/2007: Earthquake monitors measure movement in the rock, but not movement in the air above ground. Methane, escaping from pockets released to the air by the movement of rock layers, especially in the stretch zone where these rock layers are being pulled apart, can fumigate the area while rising or can explode.

Martial Law Agenda

The story about how the Bush administration handled the torture issue is beginning to emerge. It is not so much the issue of torture that is the shocker, as the implicit support for martial law inherent in the internal memos that passed within the White House during the Bush administration's reign of power.

Extraordinary Measures
March 2, 2009
In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Justice Department secretly gave the green light for the U.S. military to attack apartment buildings and office complexes inside the United States, deploy high-tech surveillance against U.S. citizens and potentially suspend First Amendment freedom-of-the-press rights in order to combat the terror threat. Many of the actions discussed in the Oct. 23, 2001, memo were never actually taken. But the memo from the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel-along with others made public for the first time-illustrates with new details the extraordinary post-9/11 powers asserted by Bush administration lawyers. Those assertions ultimately led to such controversial policies as allowing the waterboarding of terror suspects and permitting warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens.

In October 2001, they were trying to construct a legal regime that would basically have allowed for the imposition of martial law. On Jan. 15, 2009-with only five days left before Bush left office-Bradbury rescinded three other legal memos written during the president's first term that claimed broad powers to unilaterally suspend treaties, bypass restrictions on domestic surveillance and take other actions to combat terrorism without the approval of Congress. He offered no explanation for why he waited until the waning days of Bush's presidency to withdraw them. The newly disclosed Oct. 23, 2001, memo was in response to a request to determine if there were any restrictions on the use of the U.S. military inside the country in targeting terror suspects. The Yoo memo essentially concluded there were none.

Sensing the Bush administration's agenda, the public has repeatedly queried the Zetas about the possibility of martial law. Per the Zetas, this was unlikely to occur in the US or other countries functioning as democracies because the public would object too strenuously.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2001: Martial Law is a device that cuts both ways, so will not be used lightly by those in power, and only if they feel they have no other recourse. Martial Law will be utilized only as a last resort, often dropped as soon as possible thereafter, and we anticipate only in those countries where the rich strong-arm the poor today. Martial Law is in effect today in some countries, for instance China and Indonesia, though they would not call it such. Human rights are nonexistent, and the government uses the military to support itself. The repressive will get more so, the democratic or socialistic remain so. Countries are striving, at this time, to do the least that will disturb their populace, already uneasy due to weather and crop changes and a world-wide depression not yet called that openly. Thus, they will not rock the boat, but will to the extent they can impose Martial Law techniques without fuss from the populace, do so. Thus, Martial Law in the US is not expected.

Nevertheless, the Bush administration tried multiple times to trigger martial law. On record are a Rayburn building shootout which followed a failed attempt to create a train wreck between New York City and Washington DC, which resulted in the Rayburn Building shootout, and a failed attempt to use the Emergency Action Notification network to announce martial law directly to the people.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/21/2007: We have warned, almost on a weekly basis on the GLP live chats, that there is a confrontation building between the Bush White House and those in the government who know the White House to be a criminal enterprise, one that is also illicit due to voter fraud in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Recent attempts at establishing martial law include the June 26, 2007 Emergency Action Notification attempt and the Rayburn Building shootout the year before. These are only a couple of examples known to the public, but hundreds have occurred behind the scenes. Bush has ordered martial law many times and likewise been blocked and ignored. Bush is desperate to declare himself President for Life, via declaring martial law such that elections can be canceled. It's not for lack of attempts on his part that this has not been put before the American public.

Now that the Bush administration memos have been released, the truth is out about the agenda the Bush administration was following. Now that the Bush administration cannot quell media reports on the matter, the public is being informed. And many in Congress do not want to stop at a mere release of the memos. They are demanding hearings.

GOP Senator Would Support Probe of 'Shocking' Anti-terror Memos
March 5, 2009
Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) said he was opposed to any Truth Commission tasked with investigating Bush administration abuses, but that he could support criminal investigations into political appointees who authored the controversial OLC memos. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Leahy's hearing on the feasibility of setting up a nonpartisan 'commission of inquiry' into national security abuses over the last eight years met with strong support from a variety of sectors - civil libertarians, some corners of the military and human rights advocates. Leahy said the commission could be imbued with subpoena powers and even the power to grant immunity to those who agree to testify. But he also warned that the commission would not rule out criminal prosecutions for witnesses who perjure themselves.

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