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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Mar 3, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction chat.

Could the zeta's comment on the significance of bringing to the public's attention the issues in the care of returning veterans, especially the Walter Reed and VA troubles. What can we expect to be the bottom line of these revelations, particularly with respect to possible war with Iran and our inability to field a healthy, well equipped military. I am thinking about all the health issues connected to Depleted Uranium and how the cost of caring for these people, in many cases for the rest of their lives may be a bigger "national security" issue than any others we have recently faced.

Certainly, the Bush administration did not expect this day to arrive. As we have previously mentioned, they expected the pole shift to happen in 2003, and the massive theft of funds supposedly going to Iraq to never be investigated. Thus, these funds were internally stolen from veteran's care, which they assumed would never reach the public eye. Depleated Uranium has several reasons for being in Iraq. One is the sale of this poison so that certain cronies get wealthy. Thus, it is considered a hardening agent for metal, and never mind the poison. Second, Iraq and soldiers are considered a test ground, to see what would happen to a populace exposed, how they would weaken and sicken. It is no secret that this group in control of the White House expects to sort out those they want to live and work as slaves, and those they want to kills off. Unless one wants to shoot everybody, execute them, the means of killing unwanted mouths is starvation or poisoning. So where does this leave the poor vets who have been exposed, who are fathering babies with birth defects, etc? When the pole shift happens, all will be in the hands of their families and friends, as social services will stop. This is a sad story, but not unique to this world, and part of the spiritual lessons those incarnated deal with on planet Earth.

Floating around in the rumor mill is that US Special Forces tried to arrest Cheney as his airplane was getting ready to leave Australia, and three people were killed. Any truth to this? The 'attack' or bombing at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan while Cheney was there was probably a PR stunt. Any comments? [and from another] Cheney plane lands in Singapore after minor problem [Feb 25] U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's plane, which encountered a mechanical problem after leaving Australia to return to the United States, landed safely in Singapore on Sunday. [and from another] Afghan base bombed during Cheney visit [Feb 27] A suicide bomber killed as many as 20 people outside the main US base in Afghanistan today, coinciding with a visit to the base by US Vice President Dick Cheney. Mr Cheney was not hurt. There had been an all-base announcement to say it was a red alert, the base is under direct attack. The attack occurred inside one of the security gates surrounding the heavily guarded base north of Kabul.

Was it an accident that Cheney's plane had electric problems, in Asia, when just months ago the Bush Air Force One had mechanical problems, forcing a switch of planes? Both these supposed mechanical problems were caused, in hopes that either Bush or Cheney or both would become more vulnerable on alternative transportation, the better to do away with them. We have stated that there is a group, strong and broad, in the US government who wants them both done away with, simultaneously if possible. There is hardly an arm of the government not packed with these individuals, in high places and often acting quite the opposite, as though they were Bush and Cheney supporters. Rumors emerge, often deliberately inflated, so that the public can begin to think along these lines. There may be an arrest at some point, but it will be when Bush and Cheney decide to declare Martial Law or invade Iran and go on the media to do so. Such an arrest, while legal at the present time, is being held in abeyance to avoid public panic and confusion. But if such a public announcement were made, that issue is moot! Given the state of panic in Bush and Cheney lately, such a move might occur, Bush desperate to achieve his goals and frustrated at every turn by lack of cooperation from the US Military, from Congress, and from the world at large. Cornered animals jump in many directions!

Iraq And U.S. Invite Syria, Iran To Meet [Feb 27] The United States and the Iraqi government are launching a new diplomatic initiative to invite Iran and Syria to a neighbors meeting on stabilizing Iraq, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday. After first rejecting much of the Baker-Hamilton Report, the White House is now embracing a key component of it - engaging directly with Syria and Iran. The move reflects a change of approach by the Bush administration, which previously had resisted calls by members of Congress and by a bipartisan Iraq review group to include Iran and Syria in diplomatic talks on stabilizing Iraq.

There are increasing leaks about the White House culpability in 911, a nervous stock market, Republican's having second thoughts about their support of the War in Iraq, the coalition falling apart and deserting Iraq in droves, and the Plame affair in the public eye again due to Libby's trial, reminding the public that the White House is full or traitors and criminals. Anything else to frustrate and worry Bush and Company? How about the inability of their frantic attempts to force the US Military to invade and bomb Iran? They have antagonized Iran, arresting diplomats and refusing to meet with them, calling them an axis of evil. Iran ignored the barbs. They have set black ops into Iran to arm and encourage internal rebellion. Iran arrested the rebels and pointed out to the world who supplied them. They placed a compliant Admiral over the military in the Gulf region, and gave him orders to attack, which he ignored. They beefed up the military in Baghdad to support a planned overthrow of the elected government, but the coup has just recently failed. It is clear to even a reluctant Bush and Cheney that they lost in Iraq, and are stalling for time. Those in Congress and the military expect the White House to act as though it wants a resolution there, not just control of the oil fields. Thus, Bush is reluctantly going through a fašade of trying yet another of the Iraq Study Group's recommendations - conferring with Syria and Iran about how to stabilize Iraq. This is not sincere, nor will it come to any change in US policy, but it will allow the world to see who is sincere about stability, and hear their recommendations!

The gradual Planet X awareness campaign seems glacial to me, I know most people have no internet access, depend on mainstream news etc, but the slow year after year glacial build to awareness just contributes to the surreal nature of this world currently. Is this just how it must be?

What will create an escalation in awareness of the coming pole shift is primarily the increasing Earth changes which will not proceed at a lineal pace, but exponential. There will also be signs in the sky, not Global Warming or emissions from the Sun, which will clue the populace to look to prophecy and folklore for an explanation. Rage against what they perceive to be a coverup of the pending passage, certainly known to the White House and NASA, will emerge. Open discussion of who has predicted these matters, with great accuracy, will emerge. False covers that the establishment has put forth as spokepersons will be seen for what they are, and truth will emerge stronger for having been suppressed.

Last week two of our tabloid newspapers in the UK announced that the world is going to end in 2012 - Armageddon, and the Conspiracy Files, a BBC series, openly talking about the fact that Dr Kelly was murdered and did not commit suicide amongst other things. This week they are tackling the Oklahoma bombing and suggesting that the US government was involved. This is a major change in what the media is telling the public. My question is: how on earth are they able to get away with such frank discussion of the true facts?

The media is not controlled by the politicians, it is controlled by the Puppet Master, who owns them. To the extent that the Puppet Master wants the populace to not get rebellious against the establishment in power, they support this power structure. Thus, the truth about Bush and Blair is allowed to be suppressed. But we have predicted, in the Bush Decapitation writeups done years ago, that at a certain point the Puppet Master will find it expedient to serve up a scapegoat. The public is about to see, for themselves, that Planet X is indeed near the Sun as we have stated since 2003, and will be enraged at the coverup. Bush and Blair are to be served up as the villains, so a gradual hate campaign, based on the facts, is being allowed to develope.

On Sunday it was reported the Iraqi President suffered a stroke. The Iraqi Vice President was reported to have survived an apparent assassination attempt on Monday, the following day. In earlier postings, the Zetas said Bush is not happy with the independence the Iraqi leaders are showing. Are we seeing the hand of the Bush group at work? [and from another] Iraqi President Falls Ill [Feb 25] Sources in Amman and from Talabani's office in Baghdad told CBS News that the 73 year old had had a stroke, but in a televised interview his son said that Talabani suffering from fatigue or exhaustion. The U.S. helped with a medically-equipped transport to get Talabani to Jordan. [and from another] Car Bomb Attack Injures Iraqi Vice President [Feb 26] The Iraqi vice president escaped an apparent assassination attempt Monday but suffered bruises and was taken a hospital to be examined after a parked car bomb exploded near a building where he was attending a conference. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, a Shiite. Iraqi's other vice president is Tariq al-Hashemi, a Sunni. [and from another] Iraqis Reach an Accord on Oil Revenues [Feb 27] Iraqi officials say all such contracts will be subjected to a fair bidding process, but American inspectors have reported that the upper echelons of the government, including the senior ranks of the Oil Ministry, are rife with corruption. There are also fears among non-Americans that American companies could be favored.

Was it coincidence that the Iraqi President took ill and was ferried to another country, Jordan, just when the Shia VP narrowly escaped a bomb attack? All this occurring just when the oil rights to the country were being signed over, by the Cabinet, to American oil companies? The common link to these events is more than oil rights, intimidating the government of Iraq to sign over their rights, it has a basis in an attempt to take over the government by those who would be friendly to the US. Elected officials in a majority Shia country elected, not surprisingly, a Shia government, friendly to Iran. The Bush administration wants a cooperative puppet, and thus has been pushing for what they call a Sunni balance. It is not a balance they want, equal rights, but a return to a dictator, similar to Saddam Hussein, who will be cooperative. Was an assassination attempt thwarted? Several were, and have been before, and will be. The President was poisoned, or so they thought, the final act to occur on the US plane taking him to Jordan, but this was foiled. Thus, he recovered. The Shia VP likewise was shielded, but both these attempts were allowed to break into the public eye, to expose what has been going on, and the obvious hand of the US in these matters.

My question has to do with this article. Would the Zeta's like to comment? [and from another] Scientists Probe 'Hole in Earth' [Mar 1] Scientists are to sail to the mid-Atlantic to examine a massive "open wound" on the Earth's surface. The Earth's crust appeared to be completely missing in an area thousands of kilometres across. The hole in the crust is midway between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The team will survey the area, up to 5km (3 miles) under the surface. The hole in the Earth's crust was not unique, but was recognised as one of the most significant. The oceanic crust, usually 6-7km thick (3.7-4.3 miles), was simply not there. The crust does not seem to be repairing itself. A rock called serpentinite is exposed at the surface.

Since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, we have stated that the Atlantic will be ripping apart during the coming pole shift, and that predecessor quakes will have the Atlantic widening. We have spoken of the stretch zone, a term ZetaTalk created, pulling down the East Coast of the US and the West Coast of Britain, due to this rip, and pointed to the evidence that this stretch and rip are occurring now. How long has this 'open wound' been known to the scientists? This is not mentioned, so as not to alarm the public. It is new. And the rush to examine it is alarm at the increasing quakes and spreading Atlantic. We, the Zetas, have told mankind what to expect, and of course this is just the start. The cover-up, on the other hand, has lied, and scientists asked to cooperate with the cover-up were told matters would not get worse and the Passage would occur silently, the big worry panic in the people, not Earth changes. Now things are getting worse, and some scientists want to see for themselves! They no longer trust the placating words from cover-up central in the White House. reports a sudden increase in the frequency and intensity in weather phenomenon and weather related phenomenon around the globe. Is this a sign of increased wobble?

We have stated that the wobble would become more violent and wobble related weather would follow. More than this will occur, as the wobble tugs at the plates of the Earth's surface, causing them to move more volently. We have stated that by the time the last weeks arrive, that emergency management teams will be so busy just trying to rescue people and deal with the chaos that they will utterly turn a deaf ear on any attempt by people such as Bush to declare Martial Law or cry terrorist in an attempt to control the populace and mold the situation to their control. This is not a lineal increase, this will become explonential.

Can the Zetas explain the loud explosions heard in the San Diego area recently?

Land that is near large bodies of water experience booms, as the water heaves and drops due to adjustments underwater, the plates adjusting. Such booms can be heard overland also, but are more common near water. Basically, this is air clapping, as after a heave there is a drop, causing the air to rush together. This is the process creating thunder, which can certainly be a boom. As the N America plate is pulled in a diagonal, it forces Mexico out to the West, creating a bowing near San Diego, which forces an adjustment up the West Coast. San Diego is like an elbow, in this regard. An elbow that does not want to move readily!

It seems the Democrats are pushing for a phased withdrawal of troops with a final troop pull out by March 2008. "It will be viewed as a direct challenge to the president," acknowledged a senior Senate Democratic aide. "They are going to fight it tooth-and-nail." Can the Zetas comment on how likely this will happen. If the Democrats keep trying, can they succeed?

Everyone expects a standoff between Bush and the new Congress, as he can veto bills and they can only refuse to pass his laws and fund his endeavors. Thus, the status quo can continue, so he thinks. But what is not expected is the continuing problems in the US homeland, which will be struggling with the effects of Earth changes, in particular the New Madrid and related fault lines giving, affecting every area of the continental US. The states and their representatives in Congress will demand the troops come home, and the percentage willing to go on record against the useless War in Iraq will balloon overnight. Thus, this will soon become a rapid evacuation of Iraq, something we have long predicted. The Earth changes in Iraq will finish this effort off.

My area was dusted for the first time that I know of. I woke up Monday to get my garbage can from the alley and it was coated in a reddish brown dust. I thought it was strange but let it go. The next day I went to work and my car was coated in the same dust except some of it was more orangish. It looked like a bunch of rust spots but when you rubbed it, it was just dust. There were small piles of it all over the roof of my car. It was kind of exciting. Never seen anything like it. I live in Northern Indiana, just south of the Michigan state line. South Bend, Indiana. Could also be the Iron Oxide dust/particles or Acid Rain that polutes Upper Mich and New England.

The answer to this question lies in history. Have you had such dustings before? To such a degree, and in such a consistency? We have had Orange Snow in Siberia, with a high iron content and rotting days after it appeared. We have had orange dust in Washington State, heavy, the only excuse the establishment could come up with was pollen! In 2003, red dust appeared aplenty as the tail of Planet X wafted past the Sun toward Earth. The reports are recorded on Nancy's website, under the title Red Dust. See if you can see your current situation in there, and expect more in the future!

Weeks ago, the Zetas confirmed the heart attack death of British Labour Party head, John Smith, and the subsequent assumption of powers by Tony Blair was no accident. A year after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Sir Mark Thatcher, son of former British PM, Margaret Thatcher, was arrested in South Africa as a participant in a failed coup plot in Equatorial Guinea. When arrested, his bags were packed, preparing to leave for the United States. Equatorial Guinea is a poor, but oil rich, country. Was this coup attempt part of the larger Blair, Bush alliance and was its failure due to alien intervention?

This failed coup was caused to fail by humans horrified at the raw hand of greed and power assumption displayed by the Bush and Blair alliance. Where this was a failed coup, they have inserted themselves into oil rich countries around the world, not just Iraq. Nigeria had 2,000 Marines inserted, on some lame excuse of helping them settle rebellions, for instance. Norway rejected Bush intrusions, but is considered a country they could overtake easily when the time comes. None of their plans will work, but they plot still and are determined despite all to be Kings of the World in the Aftertimes, sitting on Black Gold, oil, as the major commodity. They will instead find themselves savaged by others just as greedy, who will likewise not succeed.

A telescope located at the South Pole went operational on February 26, 2007. Scientists say they are looking for evidence of the big bang, etc. I would like to know what they really plan to use it for. Also, if it will provide the elite with any useful information or will it fail them in this regard? They also just recently launched a quintet of satellites into the Earth's atmosphere to study the Aurora Borealis. What is really going on with these new satellites.

Planet X is not a quiet threat, is swirls around, moves in relationship to Earth, and thus cannot be calculated as to angle or distance in its approach. We have stated that man does not understand the dynamics involved, the particle flows, and the force of such flows which they cannot measure. We have told the common man what to expect, but the humans in the White House and NASA prefer to come to their own conclusions. Thus, they send their scientists forth, their probes forth, and peer and theorize. This is what is going on.

Nancy the moon was in the middle of the sky like at the the North Pole of earth. The news also said something about a eclipse and the moon turning a reddish hue could you explain.

We have always, since the halted orbit of Earth and the erratic orbit of the Moon, arranged for key events like an eclipse to pull off as expected by the populace that will be looking to the skies. The reason is the requirement we are under to arrange for an Element of Doubt, so that each human can adjust to the coming changes without becoming insane, or the establishment will not panic and mow the public down in the streets out of panic that the public will riot. In this, we are more concerned about the reaction of the establishment than the public, who are frankly more stable! Thus, this eclipse is occurring as expected, courtesy of benign aliens pushing the Moon about. It will return to its erratic orbit shortly.

What's going on with the institution of Daylight Savings time Early this year March 11 thru November 4th. I assume they're trying to hide something from us. Can you elaborate on what's going on? [and from another] Could the zetas explain why daylight's savings time has been changed by 6 weeks? [and from another] In 2006, daylight time begins on April 2 and ends on October 29. In 2007, daylight time begins on March 11 and ends on November 4. [and from another] Pros and Cons of the Change in Daylight Saving Time in 2007. Energy use will be curtailed. [and from another] n Aug. 2005, Congress passed an energy bill that included extending Daylight Saving Time by about a month. Beginning in 2007, DST will start the second Sunday of March and end on the first Sunday of November.

Obviously, the official reason for extending daylight savings time in the US is energy consumption reduction. No need to turn lights on late in the day, although this does the reverse in the morning. Thus, the energy savings are a wash! If this is the case, is there an ulterior reason for the extension? It has been known, by the establishment, that the Second Sun would again become visible as Planet X drew closer to the Earth prior to passage. Desperate plans were laid. Using chemtrails to fog up the view was one solution that has been in place and frantically running for the past couple years. Plans were also laid to prevent commuters from observing the sunrise. Farmers have no time to stare at the rising sun, as they are busy well before the sunrise. But commuters spend time on train stations, stranded in cars staring at the sights, or riding and likewise staring at the sights. In Winter, in the US, the skies are gray, overcast, and the Sun rising too late for the sunrise to be an issue. Look at March 11, the fateful day chosen for the switch. Without daylight savings time, the Sun is at the horizon at 7:30 am, a prime commuting time. But with daylight savings time, the Sun is well below the horizon, that moment when the Second Sun is visible gone, by the time commuters are likely to stare in its direction. Likewise, the sunset is pushed beyond commuting time. For those looking for a rationale as to why daylight savings time was switched so energy would be burned in the morning in order to save it in the evening, when this would surely be a wash in savings, this is the reason. As with the Discovery Channel excuse for chemtrails, they are hoping you do not look to the skies, especially at sunrise! So look!

When the the New Madrid goes, will it be the big one that widens the Mississippi River as much as 100 miles across, or will there be a series of large quakes as we progress in to the shift? I live in the Smokey mountains, so know that we will be prety much on our own when the time comes.

The New Madrid adjustment will affect so much area, in a domino manner, that it will not be a single large quake, but a series, separated by weeks and months. The primary adjustment will be within days, after shocks for weeks, but months later still, adjustments. The New Madrid is associated with fault lines that run up toward the Great Lakes, Chicago will adjust and rupture, Ohio will be pulled in places, and as we have explained, the land to the West of the Mississippi will sink in places. There is a known fault line that runs from the center of the Gulf up along the East Coast, thus the effect in 1811-12 in the Carolinas and DC on up to Boston. Then, as we have explained, there will be a bow from San Diego out to Arizona, which will rupture the great dam on the Colorado. When this bow, which forces Mexico too far to the West for the comfort of the West Coast, adjustes, it will be a slip-slide adjustment of the San Andreas and related fault lines up the coast.

For the last 24-36 hours there has been satellite disturbances to the cable media. Could you comment on the sats and what is going on with them?

We have predicted satellite interruption, failure, at some point during the approach of the pole shift, no date given. The reason for failure is electro-magnetic pulse, increased meteor and dust that erodes mechanical operation, and the Earth wobble. None of these were detailed during our prediction, which took place prior to the turn of the millenium. Based on our prediction and the results from the field, increased sats were put up so switching could occur. Still, the wobble, which was unanticipated by the establihment, affected the sats in operation. It has been known for years that technicians have had to tweak equipment to keep their sats in line of sight, and failure is now increasingly occurring for that reason. Unless they develope means to have a spot on earth point to numerous sats, this problem will increase. We expect them to blame the Sun or the weather, as they have no other handy excuse!

On February 16th, MSNBC reported GM was in talks to buy Chrysler. Is this serious or smoke and mirrors?

The establishment has plans on how to deal with bankruptcy in the corporate or banking industry within their borders. Having a stronger corporation or bank buy out a weak one is the favored method. The stronger one is encouraged, by many means, to take on a pile of garbage. Thus, public confidence is allowed to remain high, or so it is hoped.

I believe the sweeping arms of the sun have come around again since the Zetas last commented on the position of Planet X remaining at around 135░. Can they comment on whether any progress has been made or is it still stuck so to speak?

We mentioned that surges and plateaus would occur, during the 270░ roll. At present, the tail of Planet X is turning toward Earth, gathering in the space between the two planets, and its electrical charge is affecting progress. Just what the time frame is for this adjustment, we will not say, for the reasons we have repeated endlessly.

Dow Drops 416 on Global Market Plunge [Feb 27] Stocks had their worst day since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. A 9 percent slide in Chinese stocks, which came a day after investors sent Shanghai's benchmark index to a record high close, set the tone for U.S. trading. The Dow fell 546.02, or 4.3 percent, to 12,086.06 before recovering some ground in the last hour of trading to close down 416.02, or 3.29 percent, at 12,216.24. Because the worst of the plunge took place after 2:30 p.m., the New York Stock Exchange's trading limits, designed to halt such precipitous moves, were not activated. [and from another] European Stocks Drop Most in 3 1/2 Years on Plunge in China [Feb 27] European shares slumped the most in 3 1/2 years after a plunge in the Chinese stock market rattled investor confidence and sparked a global slide in equities. China's stocks tumbled 9.2 percent, the most in a decade, on concern the government will crack down on illegal investments that helped drive benchmarks to records. Today's rout wiped out $107.8 billion from a stock market that doubled in the past year.

Termed an adjustment for over-inflated stocks, the drop in stock value on Feb 27th was an accident in the controls that sustain the false value in these markets. The DOW, as we have stated, is utterly controlled, with selling not allowed until buyers can be lined up, and price fixing all around. The Plunge Protection Team has a forced buyer in the stock portfolios of companies in the Military Industrial Complex, who are allowed to compensate any losses by raising the price for their goods. But in other countries, in China and India and elsewhere, the controls are not as mature, not as complete, and the market actually acts as a free market at times. To the horror of controlled markets, panic selling swung through Europe and into the US, and rides there still. Will such panic selling occur again? We have predicted that the DOW will retain its paper value, even when the stock is worthless, such are the controls in place. To the extend that a stock is held outside of the US, this stock can plummet, but other stocks can be inflated to balance the overall DOW rating. There will also be attempts to inflate worthless stock elsewhere, by fraud, as took place in the US going into the 1929 crash. Given this scenario, where stocks are crashing and rising, markets uncertain, increasingly stockholders will try to liquidate and put their money into assets of substance, such as land. But many will find liquidating their stocks blocked, sell orders ignored, and even a freeze on selling imposed.

Former Canadian Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer, has stepped forward and requested the governments release information on technology aquired during Roswell and the years up to present in order to save the world from it's apparent condition. Is there something more here than there appears to be? Is Mr Hellyer aware of our situation? Or is he on a quest for simple betterment and earth's hopeful rescue. [and from another] UFO science key to halting climate change: former Canadian defense minister [Feb 28] A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change, pointing to the enigmatic 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico as an example of alien contact. Hellyer shocked Canadians in September 2005 by announcing he once saw a UFO.

We have mentioned from the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that the cover-up over the alien presence laid heavy on the shoulders of those who felt that the common man deserved to know. As death approaches, some of these break their silence, risking assassination, in order to clear their conscience. If clever in their approach, they are not killed, and get away with it. An oft used approach is to claim a personal UFO sighting, rather than a revelation of state secrets. Of course this man was aware of what happened at Roswell, was a member of MJ12, and is fully cognizant of the extent of the cover-up! He will be watched closely now, so interviews and more revelations cannot occur.

As Rudy Guiliani is now a Presidential contender, did he have any foreknowledge of the events of 911?? And if so, what was his involvement? Just seemed too cool during the crisis. After the 911 attack, GW flew to Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska when he met Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway). Why was Buffett at Offut when the attack occurred? Was Buffett in on the attack? Who else was at Offut? [and from another] BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell [Feb 27] An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. The incredible footage shows BBC reporter Jane Standley talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head. Minutes before the actual collapse of the building is due, the feed to the reporter mysteriously dies.

We have stated that we kept Nancy out of the 911 issue to spare her energies for the larger message, which is the coming pole shift. 911 is contentious, has many warriors at the charge toward truth, and does not need Nancy to fill in the blanks. Here we have an item in the media about the WTC 7 collapse being known to the media an hour before it occurred, announced on BBC and the like. Such leaks will occur, and be used as ammunition by the many guns lined up against the cover-up. They don't need Nancy, and Nancy needs her energy spared.