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ZetaTalk: Sociopathic Gangs
Note: written Mar 15, 1996.

Increasingly, among certain sectors of the populace or in certain locales, violence is on the increase. The argument that a deprived or poverty stricken upbringing should be taken into account is wearing thin on citizens finding the crimes they are reading about inexcusable. Savagery, without any remorse, and among younger and younger perpetrators. What is occurring is not that society has failed, or that the jails are inadequate, or that the poor are despairing, or that the schools are lacking in opportunities for all. Look to the past, when conditions were so much worse on all counts. What is happening is the increasing dichotomy of society, with the Service-to-Self oriented being placed with each other by the birthing envoys. Those granted a last incarnation in order to make a final decision are frequently placed in a setting not unlike the Service-to-Self culture they would end up in - a sociopathic gang.

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