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Signs of the Times #1096
New Crop Circle, Miamisburg, Ohio [Sep 1] 'The formation is in 7-8ft corn (maize) and is swirled generally clockwise. The formation is not aligned with the rows of corn in the field, but 'offset' by about 30 degrees. The corn stalks in the formation were found lying flat to the ground but unbroken, without any scuff marks on any stalks discovered (no mechanical damage discovered so far. The stalks in the smallest circles are curved to make the central swirl of the lay. Each of the circles has a single, standing stalk of corn left in the center.' [Note: Planet X is approaching the Ecliptic at a 32d angle (the offset) in a retrograde (clockwise) motion around the Sun. This newest Ohio CC has within it the 2003 Ohio CC showing degree of occultation of the Sun to expect. The 2004 circle is showing where Planet X is now, in that regard, the 2003 CC where the point of drama will begin.]
Signs of the Times #1095
A Sep 1 Pacific Triple was accompanied by S. African explosions. A Sep 4 Pacific Triple was followed closely by a Sep 5 Huge. [and from another source] South Africa Gas Blast [Sep 1] ‘Five workers have been killed and more than 100 injured in an explosion at a giant chemical plant in South Africa. Energy firm Sasol said routine work was being carried out at the plant in Secunda, 150km (93 miles) east of Johannesburg, when the blast happened. Thirty-two people had to be taken to hospital, and an investigation of the Wednesday morning explosion was being carried out, said the firm. The plant is the world's largest producer of coal-to-synthetic fuel. Some 500 people were carrying out routine maintenance at around 0940 local time (0740 GMT), when an apparent gas cloud exploded.’
Signs of the Times #1094
Officials seeking source of Fort Wayne's mysterious booms [Sep 2] ‘Fort Wayne officials are trying to figure out the source of mysterious booming noises that have shaken houses on the city's northeast side. The city began investigating this week, but so far they don't have a clue to the source of the booms.’ [and from another source] In Florida [Aug 31] I know that we have a .gov site that monitors sink holes. Sink holes are taking place very quickly. Many people in a Port Richey subdivision are concerned because of an outbreak of sink holes. I personally know someone who has just recently dealt with sinkholes and every neighbor around has a problem with sinkholes. They are dealing with cracks in the foundation and cracks in their walls/home. [and from another source] Mystery Dust Coats Local Neighborhood [Sep 1] ‘Authorities are working to locate the source of a mysterious orange dust that covered a local neighborhood on Wednesday. Residents in the industrial city told Local 4 they've seen dust before, but said the orange color was unusual. Local 4 learned that the orange color of the dust is often associated with iron products.’ [Note: Texas and Florida in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #1093
Image of the Portuguese Coast [Aug 31] ‘International the Space Station, for the North American astronauts, thousand of photographs of the Portuguese coast, ... next to Lisbon, more properly in the deep of the ocean,... the existence of a formation extremely anómala, apparently of geologic origin. This formation is recent ... a time at the last glaciation that raised the level of the oceans, thousand of years. ... Perfectly made by one objecto of great dimensions and weighing thousand of tons. Here it is one of the images caught for a satellite of the North American Air Force, equipped with radar and equipment infra-red ray.’ [and from another source] Atlantis was land near the current continent of Europe, which was pulled into the Atlantic during the continental rip that accompanies violent pole shifts and thus disappeared dramatically under the sea. This demise was assisted by extraterrestrials, who took advantage of the natural cataclysm to adjust the balance in spiritual orientation influencing developing human spirits, in line with a determination by the Council of Worlds that such an adjustment was needed. Atlantis had been essentially invaded by the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet, who prior to the quarantine that is now in effect were considered simply another hominoid race within your Solar System. Interactions between humans and these hominoids were allowed to proceed without interference, but increasing slavery of humans by these giant hominoids was tripping the balance so that humans were less and less free to choose their orientation based on their true feelings and increasingly influenced by feelings of helplessness. Thus, an adjustment was required. [Note: per the Zetas, Atlantis was off Europe in the Atlantic, not the Carribean, and was deliberately sunk. Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1092
FEMA Flip-Flops [Aug 7] ‘FEMA was seeking bids from three major real estate and/or engineering firms to help prepare for the creation of the emergency cities, using tents and trailers. FEMA has put out a bid notice for the program to build the temporary cities. The bid is not only a matter of public record, it also is available on the federal government’s Web site. [and from another source] The name of the program is entitled Standby Technical Assistance for Disaster Related Operations. The firms only need be hired by January of 2003. The Standby Program is being implemented to prepare for all types of disasters. The program’s main focus, he said, is on natural disasters. What natural disaster had caused such a need for the largest program of its kind ever in the history of FEMA? What natural disaster would require FEMA to create emergency cities in different geographic areas of the U.S. at the same time?’ [and from another source] World Food Reserves Decreasing Rapidly [Aug 29] ‘The world is consistently failing to grow enough crops to feed itself, alarming official statistics show. Humanity has squeaked through so far by eating its way into stockpiles built up in better times. But these have fallen sharply and are now at the lowest level on record. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation's (FAO) latest report on global food production says that this year's harvest is expected to fall short of meeting consumption for the fifth year running.’ [and from another source] We don´t have a beach here [Sep 1] in our city, Recife (Pernambuco State - Brazil) anymore!
Signs of the Times #1091
Earthquake Safety Information ‘I have crawled inside 875 collapsed buildings, worked with rescue teams from 60 countries, founded rescue teams in several countries, and I am a member of many rescue teams from many countries. I was the United Nations expert in Disaster Mitigation for two years. I have worked at every major disaster in the world since 1985, except for simultaneous disasters. We collapsed a school and a home with 20 mannequins inside. Ten mannequins did duck and cover, and ten mannequins I used in my triangle of life survival method. The film, in which I practiced my survival techniques under directly observable, scientific conditions, relevant to building collapse, showed there would have been zero percent survival for those doing duck and cover. There would likely have been 100 percent survivability for people using my method of the triangle of life. The first building I ever crawled inside of was a school in Mexico City during the 1985 earthquake. Every child was under their desk. Every child was crushed. They could have survived by lying down next to their desks in the aisles. The children were told to hide under something. Simply stated, when buildings collapse, the weight of the ceilings falling upon the objects or furniture inside crushes these objects, leaving a space or void next to them. This space is what I call the triangle of life. The person who is using this void for safety will not be injured.' [Note: key point to remember, get beside, not under, large piece of furniture!]
Signs of the Times #1090
Here at Madrid [Sep 4], the Sun seems to come out more and more in the North direction, surely! But nobody hasn't yet started to speak about this. [and from another] At this point for Italy, sunrise, the Earth wobble is at a wobble change moving from the N Pole leaning away from the Sun at the lower Siberia cold spot to leaning toward the Sun at mid day in Europe. [and from another] I did not see sunrise today, Aug 31, in El Paso, however, shortly after the Sun was at Azi 75° and now, 08:20 hrs, about 90 minutes later it is at Azi 105°. [and from another] This is too far SOUTH for the sunrise in El Paso, a full 22° too far South! [and from another] The Earth Wobble, steadily increasing, has moved the Hudson Bay cold spot from the upper latitudes down over N. America during the Summer, and into lower Siberia on the other side of the globe. The hot spots are in the other quadrants, over Alaska and Hawaii, and over Europe. Those places located in between are experiencing Wobble Change, sunrise lagging in the direction the globe has been, sunset moving toward the direction the globe will be. [Note: for Earth wobble, Sun North in Spain, Sun South in El Paso.]
Signs of the Times #1089
Japan is at the wobble change location, where the Earth is moving from Sun too far to the NORTH, over Hawaii, to where over lower Siberia the Sun will be too far to the SOUTH. Thus a difference between sunrise and sunset would be expected, and is evident! For sunrise, the Sun peeking through the trees in a more northerly location, but rising later in the day, a shorter day. But sunset is definitely to the South and earlier. [and from another] An amazing thing happened today September 2, 2004 at 6:35-45 pm EST in New York. The street faces East to West and I saw with my own two eyes was the sun moving West to East for a few minutes. If I were not standing in the edge of the shadow I would have never noticed. [and from another] As you know it has been dark of late when I wake at 6:20 AM here in Kansas, Sep 5. However, this morning it was not dark at all. It was well into twilight. How can it go from being light at 6:20, to no light as I have noted in recent e-mails, back to being twilight, unless there is something (wobble?) going on? I can't believe others in my area haven't noticed this. [and from another] In Wisconsin, the Sun is still too far NORTH at sunrise, but is too far SOUTH at sunset. It is consistently too high in the sky also, the day too long. [Note: for Earth wobble change point, in Japan and New York and Wisconsin.]
Signs of the Times #1088
A direct TV installer [Sep 1] said the dishes seem to be 4 degrees out of alignment. Then they go back. [and from another] Two network channels just went off line right now in Texas [Aug 31]. It's 10 AM Mountain Time. Must be satellites not tracking in the right coordinates. [and from another] Polaris is said to represent the position of North Celestial Pole. A drunk Ozzie can always find his way home if he knows how to find terrestrial south. I live near the 37degree lattitude; that means the South Celestial Pole is supposed to be about 37 degrees off the horizon. I am observing the South Celestial Pole to vary in both evening and morning skies. I have observed it to be an additional 25 degrees higher off the horizon (total of 50 degree) and I have observed it to be up to 20 degree to the left of terrestrial south. One of several things might explain these anomalies. The Earth is tilting in a gentle rocking motion. The Earth might be pivoting alternately on one or the other axis. [Note: This degree of offset, 20 degrees, is consistent with what has been reported recently in Quebec for Polaris, the North Celestrial Pole.]
Signs of the Times #1087 Consumer Report Part 1: Look at this -- the Diebold GEMS central tabulator contains a stunning security hole. Submitted by Bev Harris on Thu, 08/26/2004 Issue: Manipulation technique found in the Diebold central tabulator - 1,000 of these systems are in place, and they count up to two million votes at a time. By entering a 2-digit code in a hidden location, a second set of votes is created. This set of votes can be changed, so that it no longer matches the correct votes. The voting system will then read the totals from the bogus vote set. Whether you vote absentee, on touch-screens, or on paper ballot (fill in the bubble) optical scan machines, all votes are ultimately brought to the central tabulator at the county which adds them all up and creates the results report. This problem appears to demonstrate intent to manipulate election. GEMS system contained three sets of books. Ask an accountant: It is never appropriate to have two sets of books inside accounting software. The data tables in accounting software automatically link up to each other to prevent illicit back door entries. In GEMS, however, the voting system will draw information from a combination of the real votes and a set of fake votes, which you can alter any way you see fit.
Signs of the Times #1086
Jobless claims jump [Sep 2] ‘The number of people filing for jobless benefits jumped last week, the government reported Thursday, as the latest reading on the strength of the labor market came in far worse than Wall Street forecasts. [and from another source] Retailers Post Disappointing August Sales [Sep 2] ‘The start of the back-to-school shopping season was a disappointment for major retailers, giving the industry a third straight month of listless sales. Higher gasoline prices contributed to the poor showing. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Limited Brands, Talbots Inc. and Costco Wholesale Corp. were among the companies issuing reports of sluggish sales Thursday.’ [and from another source] Vast Anti-Bush Rally Greets Republicans in New York [Aug 30] ‘Roaring two-mile river of demonstrators surged through the canyons of Manhattan yesterday in the city´s largest political protest in decades. On a sweltering August Sunday, the huge throng of protesters marched past Madison Square Garden, the site of the Republican National Convention opening today, and denounced President Bush as a misfit who had plunged America into war and runaway debt, undermined civil and constitutional rights, lied to the people, despoiled the environment and used the presidency to benefit corporations and millionaires.’
Signs of the Times #1085
The Ebert and McCain show, by Michael Moore [Aug 31] ‘Here´s a guy I´ve always sort of liked, a courageous war hero reduced to carrying water for the Bush campaign. Out of nowhere, he began to attack my movie, Fahrenheit 9/11. McCain decided to turn the convention into the Ebert and McCain Show. I felt really bad for McCain standing there on the stage. The man wanted to be president. That dream was snuffed out during the 2000 primaries, when George W. Bush´s supporters spread nasty rumors about what five and a half years in a North Vietnamese POW camp might have done to McCain´s sanity. The Bush supporters also spread other rumors that questioned McCain´s patriotism, even though the man was a decorated war hero. Still, McCain has offered to soldier on for Bush.’ [and from another source] Man Who Helped Bush Dodge Vietnam to Break Silence [Sep 1] ‘The Republican campaign gets ready for shock waves, as the former Texas official who says he pulled strings to get George W. Bush into the Air National Guard finally goes public. The campaign battle over Vietnam War records is still raging, but President Bush may soon be the one answering uncomfortable questions about his past service. Ben Barnes, the former lieutenant governor of Texas, will finally break his silence and talk to the press about what role he played in helping Bush get a coveted slot in the Texas Air National Guard in 1968. Sources say Barnes has already sat down for a "60 Minutes" interview that will air a week from Sunday.’
Signs of the Times #1084
Subtract light from the object and the belt is always there. Sep 1, 2004. Ciao, Alberto [and from another source] We have stated that Planet X is slung out along the magnetic flow lines emanating from the Sun, at an angle that approximated 45° but that this would sharpen as Planet X continued to rise to the Ecliptic. We have also stated that Planet X will do a dual 270° roll during its transit of the Ecliptic, a phenomena not demonstrable in mans laboratories as this is not solely a magnetic maneuver.
For those that would scoff, we point to man’s inability to explain why the Ecliptic exists at all, and why the planets all orbit the Sun in the same direction, and can speed up or slow down during perturbations at odds with Newton’s theories. Man cannot explain, nor reconcile the contradictions in their theories. The number of particle flows swirling around the Ecliptic, moving into and out of the Sun and swamping, at times, the hapless planets in orbit, are about 1,000 to 1, those unknown by man compared to what he vaguely understands.
These photos corroborate what we have stated about the angle of tilt in Planet X sharpening as it approaches the Ecliptic. The fact that Planet X stands beside the Sun, just beneath the Ecliptic, having zoomed in rapidly from outside the Solar System on a sling orbit not acknowledged by man to be possible, is proof that we are not ignorant in these matters. As our predictions on what is about to happen will soon prove out. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Rings of Planet X. The middle of Planet X is oriented at a 45° angle to the Ecliptic.]