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Wobble Change Witnessed in New York
on Sep 2

An amazing thing happened today September 2, 2004 at 6:35-45 PM EST in New York. Coming out of work I decided to lean up next to the building wall I work at in downtown Syracuse. While waiting for my wife to pick me up, I was slightly cold while out of the Sun, which was 2 feet in front of me. I decided to lean against the warm walls of the building instead of walking forward into the sunlight and having to stand unsupported. What I witnessed was truly amazing, the street faces East to West and I saw with my own two eyes was the sun moving West to East for a few minutes as I was bathed in total sunlight (stunned) for 5 minutes, and it reversed direction and continue as normal. For who want to document this event, I suspect it will occur again around 6:25 PM to 6:45 PM. Look for it. I know what I saw seems impossible, but I saw it. If I were not standing in the edge of the shadow I would have never noticed. I am just reporting what I saw and hope someone else notices the same thing today.