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Wobble Change in Japan
on Sep 1

I think sunrise move to south, set move to south!

Japan is at the wobble change location, where the Earth is moving from Sun too far to the NORTH, over Hawaii, to where over lower Siberia the Sun will be too far to the SOUTH. Thus a difference between sunrise and sunset would be expected, and is evident! The trend in Japan had been for a Sunrise North. This is still the case, with the Sun peeking through the trees in a more northerly location, to the left of the leaning tree and rigging lines, but rising later in the day, a shorter day.

But sunset is definitely to the South and earlier, as the wobble change is now moving the N. Pole away from the Sun, toward the lower Siberian cold spot. Here at a comparable time of day, the Sun is lower to the horizon, setting already, and to the left of the bush and trees, more South.