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ZetaTalk: Rings of Planet X
written Sep 3, 2004

Subtract light from the object and the belt is always there. Sep 1, 2004.

Ciao, Alberto

Like the rings of Saturn, the planets of the Solar System sling out around the Sun’s middle, swept along in their orbits by the sweeping arms of the Sun, and the Earth’s moon swings out around her middle. Driven by rotation in the larger object they are orbiting, rings of dust around a planet, or moons orbiting a planet, or planets orbiting a sun, give a solid clue as to the direction of rotation in the interior of that giant. So what can be learned from the rings around the center of the object just under the Sun, just under the Ecliptic, rings only recently visible and able to be captured by the eager camera of an amateur astronomer? These photos are showing the dust cloud surrounding the corpus to be swirling around the middle of a tilted planet, when the photos are adjusted to align with an Ecliptic as viewed from the proper place on an Earth halted in its orbit at the Dec 25 position and tilted itself at a 45° toward the Sun.

We have stated that Planet X is slung out along the Magnetic Flow lines emanating from the Sun, at an angle that Approximated 45° but that this would sharpen as Planet X continued to rise to the Ecliptic. Planets orbiting a magnetic sun align with that Sun, but Planet X is not orbiting, but passing, and has come too close for magnetic comfort to the Sun in doing so, and thus the odd angle of its magnetic poles as it is forced to align with the magnetic flow lines of the Sun. We have also stated that Planet X will do a dual 270° Roll during its transit of the Ecliptic, a phenomena not demonstrable in mans laboratories as this is not solely a magnetic maneuver. For those that would scoff, we point to man’s inability to explain why the Ecliptic exists at all, and why the planets all orbit the Sun in the same direction, and can speed up or slow down during perturbations at odds with Newton’s theories. Man cannot explain, nor reconcile the contradictions in their theories. The number of particle flows swirling around the Ecliptic, moving into and out of the Sun and swamping, at times, the hapless planets in orbit, are about 1,000 to 1, those unknown by man compared to what he vaguely understands.

These photos corroborate what we have stated about the angle of tilt in Planet X Sharpening as it approaches the Ecliptic. The fact that Planet X stands beside the Sun, just beneath the Ecliptic, having zoomed in rapidly from outside the Solar System on a sling orbit not acknowledged by man to be possible, is proof that we are not ignorant in these matters. As our predictions on what is about to happen will soon prove out.

Etchilhampton, Aug 4, 2004


Coventry : July 4, 2004

Crop Circle confirmation of Planet X location vs a vs the Ecliptic