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Signs of the Times #1574
Flood of illegals turns into a tsunami [Mar 29] 'Sen. Lindsey Graham hears about illegal immigration whenever he travels his home state of South Carolina. And for good reason. South Carolina, a state with historically few illegal immigrants, saw a 1,000 percent increase in their numbers from 1990 to 2004. With 55,000 undocumented residents, South Carolina ranks far behind the nation's leader, California. But the issue is boiling throughout the country as illegal immigrants make their way to more cities and states than ever.' [and from another] Likewise, you will find human populations beginning to migrate. These migration not only happen in cases of severe starvation, such as in northern Africa south of the Sudan, where people just stumble like sticks in any direction, looking for food, but also occurs when things get bad enough, when crop shortages are bad, and people begin to wander. They're looking for something better. So you will have migrations and you will have guards against migrations. Rifles at the border, pointed and saying don't come a step further and shooting people for little reason. This is already starting to raise its head in the anxiety that the United States expresses about the people south of their borders. ZetaTalk: 1999 Predictions, written Apr 15, 1999. [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1573
The eclipse was like all others, where the tiping and wobble of the Earth and the extreme orbit of the Moon are controlled by the aliens to effect an Element of Doubt so those who would go insane seeing things amiss or seeing they were being lied to by the government or because they realized it was the end time would not be forced to do so. This same element of doubt is in play with UFO's, where those who cannot deal with it are allowed to deny. In addition, to take a photo of an eclipse one must use lens so dark that even stars are blanked out. Planet X is not brighter than a star, it is a brown dwarf, not a hot sun. Also, this particular eclipse was over Third World countries in the main, with slight connection to the Internet, so unlike past eclipses, photos contradicting the NASA line would not emerge. Spaceweather has amateur photos, but has been caught doctoring and being selective in the past. So, the eclipse more or less happened as expected, at least in the media. [Note: do you see the stars in the lens darkened photos?]
Signs of the Times #1572
Primary voting-machine troubles raise concerns for '06 [Mar 29] 'More than 30 million Americans will be voting on unfamiliar equipment this year, after modernization required by the Help America Vote Act. Congress passed the law in 2002 to address problems stemming from the 2000 presidential election in Florida. Among early trouble spots: In FORT WORTH, an initial ballot count showed about 150,000 votes even though there were only one-third that many voters.' [and from another] More glitches trigger halt in testing of new county voting machines [Mar 30] 'A state voting-machine examiner yesterday halted testing of the machine Allegheny County PENNSYLVANIA intends to use in the May primary, saying it was pointless to continue until a critical software problem is resolved. Problem during a test for vote tampering. In an instant, he said, he was able to transform a handful of votes into thousands.' [and from another] 'The Help America Vote Act requires states to have a Statewide Voter Registration Database and requires all voter registrations (and re-registrations) to be matched against any prior registration information and information in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database and the Social Security Administration (SSA) database. However, states have discretion over how exact the match has to be, as well as what happens to people whose voter registration forms don’t exactly match the DMV or SSA records. If the Bush-McPherson standards continue to reject 43% of all voter registration and re-registration forms, it means more than 8,000 people a day who are legally entitled to register to vote may not be able to do so, and that’s just in L.A. County.' [and from another] Fla. AG Subpoenas Voting Machine Companies 'Diebold Inc., Election Systems & Software Inc., and Sequoia Voting Systems Inc. have refused to sell equipment to let disabled voters cast ballots without help in Leon County. Elections supervisor Ion Sancho has been outspoken about his concern that the devices can be easily manipulated to change race outcomes.' [Note: as part of the Decapitation of the Bush administration, increasing questions and exposure on the hackable voter systems, used in 2004 debacle.]
Signs of the Times #1571
The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll [Mar 30] 'September 11 was the true face of corporatized terror. The “unanswered questions” that make up the core of the 9/11 Truth critique of the so-called Official Story. Like: How, if no steel-frame building had ever collapsed from fire, did three such edifices fall that day, including 7 World Trade Center, which was not hit by any airplane? And why, if hydrocarbon-fueled fire maxes out at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and steel melts at 2,700 degrees, did the towers weaken sufficiently to fall in such a short time—only 56 minutes in the case of the South Tower? And why, if the impact destroyed the planes’ supposedly crash-proof flight-recorder black boxes, was the FBI able to find, in perfect condition, the passport of Satam al Suqami, one of the alleged American Airlines Flight 11 hijackers? And how to explain the nonperformance of the FAA and NORAD? How could they, an hour after the first World Trade Center crash, allow an obviously hostile airplane to smash into the Pentagon, headquarters of the entire military-industrial complex, for chrissakes? And why did the Defense Department choose to stage an extraordinary number of military exercises on 9/11—occupying matériel and spreading confusion about who was who on that day?' [Note: as part of the Decapitation of the Bush administration, increasing questions and exposure on the 911 debacle.]
Signs of the Times #1570
What will happen in human society as the cataclysms approach and become increasingly clear, even shrill, in their warnings? Families will increasingly be forced to rely upon themselves and the community they live in. Increasingly polarity will intensify, such that some communities share and support each other more, while others close their doors to each other with brutal indifference. ZetaTalk: Likely Reality, written Nov 15, 1999 [and from another] This is unlikely to ever reach the point of certainty until the last weeks, when the Earth rolls its N Pole away into 3 days of darkness for the Northern Hemisphere. But what of the months leading up to this point? Those of good heart, sensing change and taking the Earth changes seriously, and able to face the threat without retreating into denial, will make plans and act upon them as they are able. Opportunistic looting will of course occur as it does today. Looting occurs after fires or quakes or when rioting overwhelms the police system. Camps to take in refugees from quake ravaged cities or drought or flood ravaged regions will be on the increase, with food shortages affecting these camps and riots breaking out. These will be handled in the same manner as today, with riot suppression and allowing those outside the camps to simply die of hunger and exposure. This goes on today, in Afghanistan, in the Sudan, in Korea, and among the homeless in American cities. The wealthy will increase their defenses, hiring patrols and building fences. Cities will become more dangerous, those with criminal tendencies seizing opportunities. Reaction to any gangs that form, intent on preying on others, will include not only the police and military assigned to keep order, but militias determined to defend their communities. This will occur in any case after the shift, so is a prelude to life after the shift. The drama then switches to the local arena, which depending upon the polarization that occurred may be good hearted or self serving or full of panic stricken people who neither planned nor plotted ahead of time. Those in hard denial will continue to plod through their life as though nothing were happening, walking like automatons amid the din and the melee. Insanity will take a sharp up-tick, with many losing touch with reality, sitting in stunned silence or preaching their version of reality. The last weeks will in essence be an exacerbation of the behavior each has assumed months before hand, those preparing taking their final steps, those taking advantage seeking to reap riches and control from others, those uncertain before in panic, and those in hard denial shrill and insulated. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Until the Last Days.]
Signs of the Times #1569
Airing now once a week on Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows for the month of March. For those unable to listen to audio on their PC's, the scripts for the various shows become available as links from the ZetaTalk Media page as soon as the show airs. Currently available for the shows for Mar 1, Mar 8, Mar 15, Mar 22, Mar 29.
Mar 1 - Decapitation, Demise of the Bush Administration Determination of Bush & Co to secure the White House in 2000, Supreme Court fiat, Gore winning the popular vote. Relationship to expected arrival of Planet X in 2003. US Military revolt against Bush, removing football August 2003. Precedence during Nixon era. Navy hanging with Bush, thus Bush forcing resignations in the military and assignment of Admiral to Northcom. Subsequent Navy revolt. Kerry desired by Puppet Master due to military background, hoping to bind the military to again to the US. Puppet Master rage when 2004 election fraud kept Bush in power. How vote fraud is accomplished and leaves no trail. Reasons for Kerry's concession. Puppet Master revenge via economics, Federal Reserve rates, and leaks such as Downing Street, CIA redition, Plane affair, NSA spying. Likelihood of Martial Law called by a panic stricken Bush, and likelihood of success.
Mar 8 - Aftertime - the Hours, Months, and Years after the Pole Shift Choas in the hours after the pole shift, regardless of planning. Role of action lists to direct anger and anxiety. How the Y2000 crisis relates to the coming pole shift. Taking advantage of all the rotting bodies. Migrating germs. What to do when emergency services are overwhelmed by the injured. When, how, and why rotation of the globe restarts. The new geography, and how this is affected by melting poles. The new N Pole, and the magnetic/geographic alignment anticipated. How the worlds deserts will be affected by the climate changes. How plans for Martial Law or a carryon government will play out. How the elite bunkers will fare, and what this means for survivors. How vegetation and wildlife adjust to a climate change. Volcanic dust, and the new prevailing westerly winds. Whether a nuclear winter scenario will emerge. The best planned survival community with hydroponics and wind and water power and carbon arc lamps. The likely survival community eating bugs or chicken and fish and low-light gardening endeavors.
Mar 15 - Global Quakes, What the USGS Won't Address Onset of global quakes in March, 2003. What constitutes a global quake, characteristics, number of countries participating, relationship and timing of earthquakes. USGS answers to queries, avoidance of the issue utterly. USGS dumbing down the Richters, and evidence that this is going on. 12 hour wobbles and blobbles preceeding or after a global quake, and the cause. How magma surges contribute. Relationship and timing of volcanic activity to global quakes. Yellowstone and New Madrid seismograph 12 hour signatures. How and why the Atlantic Rift acts like a magnet on the surface of the Earth. Relationship of this magnet to the global quakes, and continental rip. Sweeping arms of the Sun and the whiplash or ricochet they cause between the Earth, Planet X, and the dark twin of Earth. Dramatic increase of volcanic activity since 2003. How the Earth's crust shatters, and affects civilization. Rotation stoppage in folklore, and how this relates to global quakes.
Mar 22 - Oashpe, a True Channeled Book When and where written. Topics covered by the Oashpe with parallels to ZetaTalk. Planet X termed the Red Star. Description of orbit and magnetic effect on the Earth. What happened to Atlantis, and how the demise of Atlantis was assisted. The Kosmon era, intended from the start for the Earth. Aliens in attendance, both good and bad by nature. Grades of spirits, from infantile to angelic. How the spiritual ranks interact with each other. Crowded incarnations, ghosts, and possession. How Columbus was assisted to locate America, and how the Constitution was assisted in its birth. The role of those who had been killed during the Inquisitions. Organized religion and politicians, how these become corrosive. How contactees are inspired. God's work by good deeds, not by words. The time after the pole shift, and the formation of new communities. What trades and professions will be continued, and which discarded.
Mar 29 - The Power of the Caring Heart Why Service-to-Other communities fare well, and how they compare to Communism, Capitalism, and communities guided by organized religion. Examples on Earth. How to identify a Service-to-Other person, and characteristics of the spiritually immature. How actions, and preparations for the coming pole shift, show spiritual maturity or immaturity. How the caring heart is guided during troubled times, for greater success. The role of contactee groups, or behind the scenes meetings on space ships. How contactees are being guided to meet each other and migrate to safe locations. Relationship of the Star Wars trilogies to the current Bush administration end times games. How Service-to-Other communities will deal with the selfish or lazy, and techniques that work best. Under what circumstances zeta/human hybrids will become neighbors, and share their technology. Factors that prevent technology sharing, or enhance the likelihood. The perpetual power pack, and how to interface with such a gift.
Signs of the Times #1568
Bush Defends Decisions on Iraq War [Mar 21] 'President Bush said Tuesday the decision about when to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq will fall to future presidents and Iraqi leaders, suggesting that U.S. involvement will continue at least through 2008. Acknowledging the public's growing unease with the war - and election-year skittishness among fellow Republicans - the president nonetheless vowed to keep U.S. soldiers in the fight. He also stood by embattled Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld. The news conference marked a new push by Bush to confront doubts about his strategy in Iraq.' [and from another] [Mar 18] 'A bitterly divided electorate gives President George W. Bush an approval rating of only 36 percent in the latest NEWSWEEK poll, matching the low point in his presidency recorded last November. His image as an effective leader in the war on terror is tarnished, with less than half the public (44 percent) approving of the way he's handling terrorism and homeland security. Despite a series of presidential speeches meant to bolster support for the war in Iraq, as well as the announcement of a major military offensive when the poll was getting under way, only 29 percent of the people questioned approved Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq. Fully 65 percent disapprove. The way the president has dealt with issues at home hasn't brought him much support either. His approval ratings for the handling of energy policy (28 percent) and health care (28 percent) were new lows, while approval on the economy (36 percent) mirrored his overall rating.' [and from another] Everyone assumes Bush has an agenda, when he is only the front for an ambitious interest group. Look to the military industrial complex, the contracts given to Halliburton, the cart blanche to the oil industry to reap immense profits, the relaxing of pollution controls, and allowing cheap labor into the country without constraints. Who stands to win re this? Certainly not Bush or his administration, per se. There are few choices available to this vested interest group, but the status quo is alarming, thus threats and ultimatums have emerged. Assassination, heart attack or a stroke, mental breakdown, all these are cards on the table, per the edict that has been given to Bush by this vested interest group. Bush is thus mustering a show of strength, all the while looking angry and deadly serious, as for him this is a deadly serious matter! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Corporate Thugs.]
Signs of the Times #1567
Dubya Clings to Failed Policy of Pre-emptive Strikes [Mar 17] President George W. Bush clung to his doomed doctrine of using preemptive force against threats of weapons of mass destruction despite his failure in Iraq, claiming Iran may be America's biggest security challenge. [and from another] Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse [Aug 3, 2005] The Bush administration is prepared to undertake a desperate military strategy to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions, while simultaneously attempting to prevent the Iranian oil Bourse from initiating a euro-based system for oil trades. Such an event would create pressure for OPEC and Russia to move towards a monopoly petroeuro system in an effort to cripple the U.S. dollar and thwart the U.S. global military presence. [and from another] Total oil production 1. Saudi Arabia 10.37, 2. Russia 9.27, 3. United States 8.69, 4. Iran 4.09, 5. Mexico 3.83, 6. China 3.62, 7. Norway 3.18, 8. Canada 3.14, 9. Venezuela 2.86, 10. United Arab Emirates 2.76, 11. Kuwait 2.51, 12. Nigeria 2.51, 13. United Kingdom 2.08, 14. Iraq 2.03 [and from another] Greatest Oil Reserves by Country, 2005 1. Saudi Arabia 261.9, 2. Canada 178.81, 3. Iran 125.8, 4. Iraq 115.0, 5. Kuwait 101.5, 6. United Arab Emirates 97.8, 7. Venezuela 77.2, 8.Russia 60.0, 9. Libya 39.0, 10. Nigeria 35.3 [and from another] The likely outcome is that the US will threaten and bluster, plant evidence against Iran that the US citizen and the world does not believe, rumble tanks and planes up to the border of Iran, and there the conflict stops. There will certainly be tense moments behind closed doors when the military is asked to take steps they refuse to take, confrontations that will not come out in the media until later, as leaks. Support for the US debt will steadily drop, with the US quietly going banana republic at least to some degree, while the 2006 elections take place and Congress changes its face to a more aggressive stance against Bush. Talk of impeachment, once not dared to be uttered, will increase, and an honest admission that Iraq may have to become several different countries in order to attain peace will be increasingly seen as the solution in Iraq. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Iran Boondoggle.]
Signs of the Times #1566
Bush Approval Falls to 33%, Congress Earns Rare Praise, Dubai Ports Fallout [Mar 15] In a Word...Incompetent. President Bush's declining image also is reflected in the single-word descriptions people use to describe their impression of the president. Three years ago, positive one-word descriptions of Bush far outnumbered negative ones. But the one-word characterizations have turned decidedly negative since last July. Currently, 48% use a negative word to describe Bush compared with just 28% who use a positive term, and 10% who use neutral language. The single word most frequently associated with George W. Bush today is "incompetent,"and close behind are two other increasingly mentioned descriptors: "idiot" and "liar." [and from another] The Puppet Master is not pleased, and will enact revenge, and the Puppet Master has more cards that can be imagined. The mess Bush has made rests like a turd on the front steps of the White House. The spiral down into an increasingly hostile and resentful populace, a rebelling bureaucracy, and worldwide disgust will only accelerate. The US will find itself without cooperation when reaching out for help to other countries in their endeavors while the Puppet Master enacts financial revenge, punishing the US to weaken Bush and Cheney. ZetaTalk: Diebold Wins, written Nov 3, 2004 [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again]
Signs of the Times #1565
This info can be found on Page 21 of 'Power Down" by Richard Heinberg: Worldwide Total Cereal Crop, Year and Reserves, all in Millions of Metric Tonnes 1999 ... 684.5, 2000 ... 633.4, 2001 ... 584.2, 2002 ... 466.6, 2003 ... 371.9 [and from another] Going into the cataclysms the weather will become unpredictable, with torrential rainstorms where not expected, and droughts likewise where not expected. Extremes of temperature will be experienced. Unusually warm winters, where the trees and shrubs will start to bud, thinking spring, and then be subjected to frost. Similarly, frosts will come late in the spring, almost into summer, killing the buds which have already put forth their tender shoots. Where today the world balances these situations, shipping produce around the world, during the years coming close to the time of the reappearance of Planet X, the giant comet, all parts of the world will experience extremes. At first, stores put up against such times will be tapped. After a bit, these stores will run down, and governments will get nervous. ZetaTalk: Crop Failure, written July 15, 1995 [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again]
Signs of the Times #1564
A Continent Splits Apart [Mar 15] 'Normally new rivers, seas and mountains are born in slow motion. The Afar Triangle near the Horn of Africa is another story. A new ocean is forming there with staggering speed -- at least by geological standards. Africa will eventually lose its horn. Geologist Dereje Ayalew and his colleagues from Addis Ababa University were amazed -- and frightened. They had only just stepped out of their helicopter onto the desert plains of central Ethiopia when the ground began to shake under their feet. The pilot shouted for the scientists to get back to the helicopter. And then it happened: the Earth split open. Crevices began racing toward the researchers like a zipper opening up. Normally changes to our geological environment take place almost imperceptibly. A life time is too short to see rivers changing course, mountains rising skywards or valleys opening up. In north-eastern Africa's Afar Triangle, though, recent months have seen hundreds of crevices splitting the desert floor and the ground has slumped by as much as 100 meters (328 feet). At the same time, scientists have observed magma rising from deep below as it begins to form what will eventually become a basalt ocean floor. Geologically speaking, it won't be long until the Red Sea floods the region. The ocean that will then be born will split Africa apart.' [and from another source] Stretching results in quakes, as the plates underneath, in layers like flaky pie crust, release. Stretching results in land not supporting prior buildings or roads or bridges, which suddenly collapse. Stretching also results in volcanoes oozing more lava, or if the skin of the Earth thins, an explosion. This could occur in all those areas we have listed as expected to rip greatly: Red Sea, African Rift, etc.
Pre-Shift Quakes, written Apr 5, 2002 [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1563
NASA finds another solar system mystery [Mar 14] 'How did materials formed by fire end up on the outermost reaches of the solar system, where temperatures are the coldest? The materials were contained in dust samples captured when the robotic Stardust spacecraft flew past the comet Wild 2 in 2004. A 100-pound capsule tied to a parachute returned the samples to Earth in January. The samples include minerals such as anorthite, which is made up of calcium, sodium, aluminum and silicate; and diopside, made of calcium magnesium and silicate. Such minerals only form in very high temperatures.' [and from another] Ah, the theoretical Oort Cloud. It is not real. The majority of comets visiting your Solar System return because they originated here, during planetary breakups caused by the periodic passage of the 12th Planet, for one. Look to the nature of your Solar System, the composition and shape of the planets. How would irregularly shaped chunks of ice, which in essence comets are, begin? The Earth was once a water planet, but lost much of her water following a collision with a traveling moon of the 12th Planet. Where do you suppose her waters went? ZetaTalk: Oort Cloud, written Jan 15, 1996 [and from another] NASA was surprised to find particles that had been formed in heat, in the comet particle collected by Stardust in 2004. Since the mythical Oort Cloud was assumed to be cold, leftovers, floating in space, this did not compute. But it computes with the Zetas explanation! [Note: Zetas RIGHT Again!]