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ZetaTalk: Pre-Shift Quakes
Note: added during the Apr 5, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Can the Zetas comment on the Pacific Northwest Earthquake called slow or silent. It goes from Oregon to Vancouver BC. It is in process and has been for some time. started Feb 26 and continues. Overall measues 6.7 but energy release is slow but continuous with very little shaking and experts stumped.
#zetatalk IRC channel

We have stated in the past that quake patterns going into the shift would take peculiar paths, all indicative of what is coming.

Stretching along the Atlantic has been recorded during 2002, when trail derailments, exploding buildings, and sudden sinking of land occurred. In the Pacific, compression has resulted in increasing volcanic activity along the ring of fire, but also in movement of the continents in the direction we have predicted they would move during the shift! We have stated that new land would emerge between the tip of South America and Africa. This is caused by a plate that extents into the Pacific being pushed down there, so it pops up between the tips. During this, the tip of South American moves into the Pacific. This has repercussions in the Caribbean and Central America. This part of the world, the Caribbean, is obviously in a stretch zone, as roads and fences can be seen under the waves off Bermuda. Stretching in this part of the world will cause volcanoes to ooze, explode, as the surface will be weaker. As the Pacific pushes under the North American continent, simultaneously, what changes can be expected there? These Pacific plates are moving up as well as under, as the compression goes in all directions. Thus, there is continuous pressure for the slip-slide of the many fault lines along this stretch to move, which they are doing. That this is new, a type of quake not reported in the past, should not be astonishing. Where are the quake statistics to compare against, 3,600 years ago?

What should the world expect, during these next weeks, quake wise? Examine the Scripted Drama scenario we gave many months ago. We stated that as the South Pole dragged upward toward the Equator, the stretched Atlantic would rip. We stated that this would simultaneously result in a ripping of the St Lawrence Seaway, and the African Rift, and the Red Sea. We stated that the continents of Africa and Europe, released from the tension of the Atlantic stretch, would rush eastward, plunging India under the Himalayans suddenly. Take this in little steps, quake-wise.

Stretching results in quakes, as the plates underneath, in layers like flaky pie crust, release. Stretching results in land not supporting prior buildings or roads or bridges, which suddenly collapse. Stretching also results in volcanoes oozing more lava, or if the skin of the Earth thins, an explosion. This could occur in all those areas we have listed as expected to rip greatly: Red Sea, African Rift, etc. Compression where the tip of South America is pulled into the Pacific has repercussions on all edges of that massive South American plate. India can expect to experience sudden quakes and dropping sea levels. Australia can expect to find the oceans along the westerns shores to be invading the land. And points north along the Pacific, which will compress in all directions, can expect to find land either slip-sliding continuously, or in jerks, depending upon the known fault line behavior.

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