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Signs of the Times #1083
Today [Aug 27] I caught this, it seems Planet X and moons, Ben in Italy. Note, Planet X and moons confirmed! [and from another] Certainly the same object were capture by Ben and MLSO! Yet nothing on the media, or the NASA web site, about these anomalies! [Note: confirmation that a coverup exists, and amateur astronomers taking photographs have indeed captured evidence of Planet X and its many moon swirls.]
Signs of the Times #1082
Something weird is going on below us [Jul 18] ‘Satellites in low-Earth orbit over Southern Africa are already showing signs of radiation damage suffered as a result of the Earth's magnetic field weakening above our part of the planet. The decay in the Earth's magnetic field was becoming increasingly apparent in "the South Atlantic anomaly", a huge deviation in the Earth's magnetic field. This month, the European Space Agency (ESA) approved a multimillion-euro space mission, called Swarm, to measure the anomaly, which stretches from Southern Africa towards South America. The observatory has also recorded a faster-growing deviation between true north and magnetic north over Southern Africa during the past 10 years, drifting steadily westward. Taken together, the blip and this drift point to an imminent reversal in the Earth's north-south magnetic alignment.’ [and from another source] What the hell can this (right) be? [and from another] I have noticed an increased redness in the sky at sunrise and sunset [Aug 26] for the last few months. Now even at night in darkness there is a strange red glow in the atmosphere. I honestly think great changes are upon Earth and this is only the beginning. People in New Zealand are noticing the same phenomenon. [Note: Planet X arriving from the direction of Orion, a southern constellation, affecting the magnetic field primarily from the South and the glow from Planet X can be seen from the southern hemisphere, primarily.]
Signs of the Times #1081
We have frequently described that the obstacles that Nancy is given, the campaigns against her, are allowed to partially succeed, so that she appears to be damaged and limping, because this eliminates by sometimes a thousand fold the campaigns that would be generated against her. Should you have a success on the air waves, Lou, showing and demonstrating the astonishing nature, the degree to which we can understand what is in your mind, you would probably be prevented from having her on ever again. You say you’re your own man, but you need to be up in business. You need to have your children safe. And these are the types of pressures that are put on people. She is allowed to be on your airwaves to the degree that she is, and you in business, only because it is debatable and is debated, and you stand as an agnostic in this matter. [and more] Please get this information in your hands, because when it really starts to move, and you are having panic, things will not work well. The internet won’t work well. Media distribution won’t work well. There are books you should be ordering and getting and stocking up. You should be getting seeds and gardening equipment and fishing rods and fishing hooks, now, while you have the time. Get into this, folks, this is our advice. [Note: new ZetaTalk on Transcript of Aug 27, 2004 Lou Gentile radio show.]
Signs of the Times #1080
Locusts descend on southern Italy [Aug 25] ‘Swarms of locusts have descended on tourist spots in Italy, including the town of Matera, where Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ was shot. The insects, reminiscent of Biblical plagues, engulfed the ancient stone city, scaring tourists off terraces.’ [and from another source] Locusts ravage northern Nigeria [Aug 19] ‘Mauritania remains the worst affected country, with officials saying that up to 80% of the harvest has been eaten and one million people could need food aid. Locusts have also landed in vast numbers in Chad, Mali, Niger and Senegal. If the vegetation dries up due to a lack of rain, he says, they will then move in search of food across the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia. Major foods such as cassava and millet are being damaged, as are cash crops vital for export earnings. ‘ [and from another source] Farmers Facing Ruin [Aug 28] ‘Farmers hit by the worst harvest in memory are considering abandoning cereals and grassing over fields. Bad weather has left farmers facing multimillion-pound losses as waterlogged wheatfields are written off. Farmers in the north facing financial ruin after abandoning both oil seed rape crops and cereals such as wheat. In many respects, ground conditions were similar to the 1845 potato blight in Ireland. Blight is now appearing on the potato crop in parts of Britain for the first time in many years.’
Signs of the Times #1079
We have been hearing about all of the bridge collapses in the Tampa Bay area on the news for the past year but for some reason this news has recently been pushed to the back burner and we rarely hear of it now in the media. [and from another source] ‘The $300-million elevated portion of the Crosstown has serious design flaws around most, if not all 197 of its support piers. Tests revealed the ground beneath the piers is less sturdy than originally thought, delaying construction while officials figure out how to prevent a collapse similar to the one in April that brought down a pier near 78th Street.’ [and from another source] Death Toll Rises To Four In Building Collapse In Eskisehir [Aug 27] ‘Death toll rose to four after a factory building under construction collapsed in central province of Eskisehir on Friday. Officials said that they supposed the construction collapsed due to a crane and assembly defect.' [and from another source] Phivolcs sends Geologists to Sinking Glan Village [Aug 25] ‘The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) central office is sending a team of geologists to look into the sinking of a large land mass in Glan, Sarangani Province. Nani Danlag, science research assistant of the Phivolcs seismic observatory here, said Phivolcs director Renato Solidum Jr. has already assigned some personnel from its geology division in Manila to immediately examine the still unexplained phenomenon.'
Signs of the Times #1078
Yes it´s Venus and yes it is bigger again [Aug 29] than last week. It was supposed to be getting smaller and further away. This is not the case. Not only is it getting brighter every week, it is also getting biggger. No wonder people are noticing. In my whole life it has never been this big, and I´ve been watching the heavens for 40 years. [and from another] It looks like a mini moon here [Aug 28] in California too. [and from another] Interesting how all the Gov sites make it look like it´s no big deal. I have been watching this planet a good many years myself, and what I see now is unbelievable! This morning [Aug 28] here in Arizona I was out with my dogs about 4 AM, it is like a mini Moon. [and from another] I´ve watched it closely since June 8/04. Thru my telescope Venus is still getting larger [Aug 28], not smaller as some say here. It is brighter and even larger so it looks like Venus is coming towards us, not away. I know what I am seeing and I believe my eyes. [and from another] I see venus every morning as I walk to work at 5 AM (weather permitting) and I can certainly say that it is the brightest that I have ever seen it. Bright enough [Aug 27] that workmates have commented on it. And I am in central, North Island of NZ. [and from another] I live in NC and its due east from here. I have seen it from 5.00 AM to 6.30 AM [Aug 27]. Its about 7 to 9 times brighter than when it was at its closest a few months ago. You have not seen it this bright.
Signs of the Times #1077
Where I live [Aug 27] in Quebec, Polaris is at least 10 or 15 degrees off of where it used to be. These are the facts. [and from another] I just went out [Aug 27] to look at the stars and if I saw correctly Polaris is not North here either. I implore everyone to look for themselves. [and from another] It is 12:15 PST, [Aug 28] Northern Idaho. The ladle is pointed downward, and the cup tilted upward. It is normally the other way around, with the ladle upward, and the cup downward. I have been watching it set for two months now, and it has always set looking the same to my knowledge. Until lately. Is something changing? [Note that the Posture she describes, with the ladle pointing downward, is not appropriate for August 28, 2004 but fits exactly for Dec 25, 2003!]
Signs of the Times #1076
Moon Facts 'The line formed by the Moon´s course on its 29-day journey around the sky is tilted slightly to the Ecliptic. This means that, while the Moon´s pathline intersects the Sun´s pathline (Ecliptic) twice during one lunation, its path is tilted slightly so that it separates from the Sun´s path by 5.15 degrees at maximum.' [and from another] 'At most, 28.58º from the equator.' [and from another] My grandfather is 86 years old and it was he who told me this summer that in his whole life he had never seen the moon rising where it was in July. He has a telescope on the boathouse of his cottage and he told me he has been an avid moon watcher since a teenager. [and from another] Moon set too early [Aug 26] It´s now 11:51 PST and the moon is just now touching the southwestern horizon, leaving the sky 4 hours too early, and a full 38 degrees off from the Sun´s set at about 7:30 this evening. It never rose higher then 40 degrees azimuth from level. It was a rise in the deep southeast; a fast clip along the southern horizon; and is already set in the southwest. In short, the moon never left the southern skies, never rose, never followed the ecliptic of the sun, and has set a full 4 hours earlier than it should have, according to ephemeris data, and star charts. [and from another] I noticed the moon yesterday [Aug 26] rising in the southeast here in south central Texas. I noticed it did not rise high in the sky as usual and it set in the southwest around 2or 3 AM central time. [and from another] The moon has been rising in different positions. One night it will be southeast. The next night it will rise directly south. It recently rose west-southwest! The moon had risen on the western side of my apartment building.
Signs of the Times #1075
An Aug 28 Global Quake was preceeded by a quake coverup.[and from another] Here goes a nice sized earthquake. 2004/08/27 00:45:53.0 32.7S 71.1W Mw7.8 A ELRO NEAR COAST OF CENTRAL CHILE Now mind you this came from The USGS doesn't always like their findings says they are automated and sometimes pick up "false readings". Thats a pretty big false reading. [and from another] Indeed, the USGS did not like those readings, and suppressed posting automated seismograph readings until Monday, after a weekend, so they can be sure the public hears what they want them to hear. However, the big global on Aug 28 primarily hit S. America. The official record now only reads:
2004/08/27 00:43:53.6 27.7S 71.4W 33 Ms5.6 M GSRC NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE
2004/08/27 00:43:51.9 27.5S 70.9W 11 M 6.0 M NEIR NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE
2004/08/27 00:43:48.3 27.5S 70.7W 2 mb5.9 A MIX NEAR COAST OF NORTHERN CHILE
[and from another] Extinct East Africa Volcano threatens to erupt.[Aug 26] ‘ Long thought to be an extinct volcano, Mt Elgon's recent activity has stunned experts, who now reckon its quiet may have fooled them. [and from another source] The last major eruption occurred in the early Pleistocene Epoch (12 million years ago). Only minor eruptions occurred since, the most recent being about 2 million years ago.
Signs of the Times #1074
Paul Solomon is a well known channel with several books out. The quote from is Earth Changes and the New Planet Earth. I fould this book in a garage sale for a quarter and read it in one sitting, I could not believe how much it correlated with the Zeta material. READING 604, Page 8: ‘The time will produce a magnetic stress on one side, as it were, of the physical globe, the planet, and cause some shifting of polarity in the magnetic fields of the Earth. A number of earthquakes about here and there in the slipping of the crust. You'll find dramatic changes in weather at both ends, all corners of the globe.’ READING 193, Page 10: ‘That shifting of the poles will come abruptly. And this area will be found in those series of changes or some three slippages of the crust of the earth. As there is the passing close of that red planet, so will the crust of the earth be attracted toward it, as it would be approaching; so then that upper pole or the North Pole will point in the direction of its advance. Then as comes close or at its point nearest the earth, so then will the pole point directly upward or in the portion that direction that now exists or near, and in the passing away of its presence from this planet, so then would the poles shift again in a third time toward the opposite direction.[and from another source] ‘Paul Solomon was a modern prophet who received readings from an entity he and others came to refer to as the Source. In addition to revealing the profound spiritual meaning and significance of these last times in which we live, he presents the greatest perils and potentials of our impending future. In his later years, he expanded his work to help the less fortunate. After serving as a volunteer with Mother Teresa in India, he formed the organization Dignity International. For his efforts particularly on behalf of the enslaved children and refugees of Thailand, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.’ [Note: an older book predating ZetaTalk, once again a confirmation from valid prophets of the coming pole shift.]
Signs of the Times #1073
On Aug 19 a cold spot Migration was noted, as Planet X is not moving from the right side of the Sun to pass in front of the Sun. By Aug 25 this migration had Increased dramatically. The increase in the Earth Wobble is clearly shown with a Cold Spot now in lower Siberia, temps at the N Polar region warmer than this more southerly location! The wobble, occuring four times a day, puts N America and Siberia (on opposite sides of the globe) pointing the N Pole more away from the Sun, and Japan and East Europe (on opposite sides of the globe) with the N Pole pulled more toward the Sun. [and from another] Farmers Almanac said sunrise [Aug 23] was to occur at 6:01. That’s a 42 minute late sunrise! [and again] Sunrise is late again [Aug 26], 6:45, my farmers almanac published times show it should have risen at 6:03. What I noticed significantly is the shift in location. Just 2 mornings again the sun was hitting my house at an angle shinning on the North Side of my Garage. Today it is shinning directly through my front door. This is a significant shift SOUTH. At this rate it will be south in now time at all. Isn't it a little early for such a shift? [and from another] Here in Wisconsin the Sun is rising in the East and setting almost due West, but when I can get the sunball exactly, it is about 8° both East and West too far to the NORTH, still. However, the migration to the South has been very rapid, as earlier we have had the Sun in our North facing windows at sunrise. [and from another] After being too far to the North, I have watched sunsets here on the West Coast for 3 or 4 weeks now [Aug 24] move steadily South almost to the point of the Fall Equinox straight out West.

Signs of the Times #1072
It is colossal, massive and gigantic. I am truly out of words! [and from another] Venus is definitely getting closer to us now [Aug 24]. It´s closer than last week as I´m looking at it with my telescope. [and from another] To me, it is getting bigger. I have been watching this for months now, and if it’s Venus or not, something is not right, it is getting way to big and bright. It is just above the tree lines on the West Coast USA [Aug 24], in the eastern sky. [and from another] Venus does not do this every year. I have never seen it like this before [Aug 24] and I´m an amateur astronomer. It is getting closer to us. [and from another] I don’t care what anyone says about Venus and her movements. I’ve watched the sky all my life. There has never been anything this huge hanging in the NE sky [Aug 25] in Australia before, why suddenly is Venus appearing so large? [and from another] I have watched the night sky my whole life and Venus has never been so large [Aug 25]. Compared to last month it definitely is closer. I am starting to fear something is wrong. [and from another] I saw it at 5:15 AM [Aug 24], I live in the East Coast, for all I know it might be Venus but this thing is huge, it´s not even the brightness that got me it´s the size, why is this not mentioned in media outlets, the size is amazing. [and from another] I have never in my 68 years seen anything in the sky that looks like that. I have worked days, nights, come and go at all hours, and have never seen Venus look like that. [and from another] From here it looks like Nancy Lieder was right. Venus is not making a complete transit and is getting pushed back towards Earth. Venus is brighter every day. [and from another] Simple fact is I have often looked up at a nights sky and thought to myself oh look there´s Venus, but never has it looked this big and bright. For me [Aug 26] it´s doubled in size and brightness. [and from another] Compared to 2 weeks ago [Aug 26] Venus has gotten much brighter.
Signs of the Times #1071
The Moon has set a considerable distance to the South [Aug 23] of where it did the night before. It is my personal observation that the Moon´s path has varied enormously in the course of 24 hours. This change is far greater than I have ever seen before. Living out here in the country in Texas with a good view of the sky on clear nights,I have watched the path of the moon for many years with my unaided eyes. I´m not interested in the opinions of people trying to convince me I did not see what I saw or that what I saw is not unusual. [and from another] I saw the same thing from here last night [Aug 22]. St.Catherines, Ont. [and from another] Moon was too far South again last night [Aug 23] here in Mississippi. [and from another] In my house the external walls are exactly oriented to North-South and the corner to East-West , so it is easy to make the comparisons of the position of the Sun and the Moon at the hours in which they would be at these degrees. [Note: For both Italy and Japan, where the N Pole points more toward the Sun during the Earth Wobble, the Moon's orbit would sling low on the horizon. Expected to be 20° high, it is seen through the poarch railing in Italy, LOW, and coming out of that wobble to where the N Pole points more away from the Sun, still too LOW.]
Signs of the Times #1070
How can it rain fish? [Aug20] ‘The latest in a series of bizarre British weather phenomena is a rain of fish. It may sound like the stuff of legend, but such events are increasingly well documented. On Wednesday, the village of Knighton, in Powys, was reported to have endured such a fishy deluge. Not a story easily believed - an odd site for a Biblical-style plague, one might think, perhaps to be followed by the waters of the nearby River Teme running red with blood? Some believe that these events may give a clue to the origin of the plague of frogs recorded in the Book of Exodus. Two US scientists have come up with an explanation of the 10 plagues of Egypt as a series of linked natural disasters - each following as a result of the other.’ [and from another source] My husband is an electrician and he's getting numerous calls to put in generators, installation of generators is up about 500%. I live in north central Pennsylvania. One strange phenomenon that keeps happening here are sink holes in the roads. A mile from where I live there are two sections of road that keep sinking. One is a state road and the other a local road. The state road has been fixed 4 times this year. These are the animals we or our friends have seen: Bear, raccoon, deer, fox, mink, a kind of black cat like a panther has been seen by many, mountain lions, rattle snakes where they have never been seen. They're also not running away when seen by people like they used to, so beware.
Signs of the Times #1069
An Aug 26 Pacific Wobble [Aug26] preceeded by Detroit sinkhole and Bahrain outage and Atlanta explosion and a Seattle main break and New Zealand fireball. [and from another] To ‘The very clear sky after a strong wind showed this impressive belt on the object as you see. Regards, Alberto’ They respond: ‘Sorry to send you a form letter in response.’ [and from another] Alberto's photos below, showing shift of Planet X to the left in just a few short days, toward Sun center, as confirmed by Earth Wobble reports and weather maps, Sign #1073 above. [and from another] Space junk lights up skies [Aug 26] ‘It may have caused a stir on earth, but a bright light over south-western NSW last night was not a meteor, an astronomer said today. Police stations from Mount Druitt to Goulburn received dozens of phone calls reporting an extremely bright light and two explosions about 11.30 PM (AEST) yesterday. The light was most likely caused by nothing more than space junk burning up, said astronomer Vince Ford, from Canberra's Mount Stromlo Observatory.’ [Note: the astronomer's 'opinion' is given, despite the numerous smoking meteor pieces that have been recovered recently during such events. This will be the next cover-up excuse, suppress the finding of meteor chunks, but report astronomer opinions.]
Signs of the Times #1068
Sinkhole Area Still Unstable [Aug 23] ‘A giant sinkhole in Sterling Heights grew even bigger late Monday morning as repair crews worked to stabilize the ground surrounding it. The sinkhole opened up on 15 Mile near Hayes over the weekend. At noon Monday, the hole measured approximately 160 feet long and 60 feet wide. The cavity was estimated to be as deep as 30 feet. Crews could not say what caused the sinkhole.’ [and from another source] Water Main Break Spills 3.8 Million Gallons Near Port Angeles [Aug 23] ‘A broken water main spilled 3.8 million gallons overnight, flooding homes and prompting the City Council to order mandatory water restrictions. A 30-inch concrete main next to Olympic National Park Headquarters on East Park Avenue ruptured at about 3 AM Tuesday.’ [and from another source] Blast Linked to Power Line [Aug 23] ‘Georgia Power crews continued working Monday afternoon to repair underground power lines in downtown Atlanta that exploded overnight, sending manhole covers flying into the air. The explosion, which happened around 1:15 AM, was caused by an electrical line that supplies power to a traffic light caught fire before exploding. Homeland Security officials were also called to the scene. An official with Georgia Power said such explosions are not common. The force of the blast sent three, 50-pound manhole covers into the air.’ [and from another source] Bahrain Loses Power in 130-Degree Heat [Aug 23] ‘The power went off across Bahrain on Monday because of a technical fault, slowing business, hitting U.S. Navy operations and leaving people without air conditioning in the heat and humidity of the Persian Gulf. Temperatures soared by midday to about 130 F when wind and humidity is factored in.’
Signs of the Times #1067
Asteroid shaves past Earth's atmosphere [Aug 23] ‘The closest observed asteroid yet to skim past the Earth without hitting the atmosphere, was reported by astronomers on Sunday. The previously unknown object, spanning five to 10 metres across, has been named 2004 FU162. It streaked across the sky just 6500 kilometres - roughly the radius of the Earth - above the ground on 31 March, although details have only now emerged.’ [and from another source] Troops prepare for the Big One. [Aug 13] ‘The big one was a disaster exercise called Golden Eagle. A collapse of a building, caused by an exploding gas main at the Navy Yard served as the scenario for a joint exercise, which involved first responders from the Marines' Chemical, Biological Incident Response Force, D.C. Fire Department, Fairfax and Montgomery counties, the Army and various other agencies. Lt. Jesse Waters of the Military District of Washington engineers spoke about his unit's target -- a VIP stuck underground for two days.' [Note: all the non-VIP’s, meanwhile, are not being told of the real dangers, certainly not in a timely manner.]
Signs of the Times #1066
Mark Thatcher held over Coup Plot [Aug 25] ‘Mark Thatcher, the son of the former UK prime minister, has been arrested at his home in Cape Town. He has been detained by police investigating an alleged coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea. A spokesman for South Africa´s National Prosecuting Authority said he was held on suspicion of providing funding and logistical assistance. Sir Mark, who has previously denied any involvement, will appear before Cape Town magistrates later on Wednesday.’ [and from another source] Israel tells of bid for Secret Deal [Jul 29] ‘Israel tried to make a secret deal with the Government to stop the passports fraud affair becoming public. But intense behind-the-scenes negotiations stopped once the two alleged Mossad agents were charged with criminal actions and the scandal was exposed by the Herald. Israel Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said approaches were made after the Government told Israel in April that Eli Cara and Uriel Kelman had been caught trying to obtain a passport in the name of a disabled New Zealander. Reports suggest the top regional Mossad official was sent from Singapore to negotiate with New Zealand intelligence services and the Government. Israel´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not confirmed that Zev Barkan, another Israeli believed to have been involved in the passport scam, worked as a diplomat. Many top-level Israelis say they are surprised that the New Zealand Government did not make a secret deal with Israel.’ [Note: Britain and Israel, buddies of the US, positioning for world domination in the near future.]
Signs of the Times #1065
Cover-up: The public, stunned, stands in the streets, forgetting their responsibilities, leaving the job untended. The authorities, in TOTAL, are discredited, and if citizen rebellion were feared, this rebellion would be total. No jobs attended, no payment of bills, no taxes paid, no courtesy to police or those in uniform, and people moving in ALL directions at once. With no explanation for what is happening at hand, speculation would rule. Every rumor would have a life. It is a rule, repeated in history, that when a catastrophe hits and the establishment has NOT been able to predict it, the establishment is blamed. Priests thrown into the fiery pit of a volcano. Kings slaughtered before the throne they are no longer deemed fit to sit. Cracked Cover-up: While the debate raged, plans, discussion, but not ACTION would occur. When the day comes when the location of the rising and setting Sun throws the speculation into a reality mode, each reacts as they have prepared. EVEN WITH something as unimaginable as a sunrise West would not cause panic, as this has been presented as something folklore and prophecy speak of as PRECEDING the true moment of catastrophe. Anger at a late notice would be defected to scapegoats put before the public eye during the debate phase, inevitably in this situation to involve NASA and those who controlled this agency for decades, and the Pope, who surely knew. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Two Scenarios.]
Signs of the Times #1064
We have often stated that the Council of Worlds views the periodic pole shifts that wrack the Earth to be a Natural occurrence, an opportunity for spiritual growth in the schoolhouse Earth, like droughts and plagues and tornadoes and illness or accident striking unexpectedly. In these opportunities, man as an emerging spirit can either empathize with others caught in a plight or simply seek to enhance their own security, the many steps to be taken on the road to determining a spiritual orientation of either Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self. If droughts and plagues are today not eliminated so as to give man a playground, rather than a schoolhouse, why would these rules change simply because the impact will be greater, affecting civilization as a whole and not just single individuals or families? How is the loss of a spouse or parent, a life lived in pain or anguish, any less devastating simply because it happens to one, rather than to many? Is mercy and fairness weighed by volume, or by the pound, only tipping the scales when a certain weight is reached? [Note: new ZetaTalk: No Delay.]
Signs of the Times #1063
Just how contorted does this passage become? Crop Circles from over a decade ago, in the early 1990’s, and ancient depiction’s show this to be an almost unimaginable series of twists and turns. Just wait. As the approaching monster planet, with its entourage of moon swirls and loose debris slinging into Earth’s atmosphere as fireballs, begins the dance of its passage, it performs before man on the stage of the Sun such that the dance cannot be missed. Ancient man watched the contortions with fascination and horror, wondering where their Earth, their home, was to go. Sunrise in the West was an indication that Earth was a dancing partner, and those who survived the wrenching earthquakes and flood tides that followed were determined to document for future generations what they had observed. Be warned, your relatively peaceful days of weather irregularities and orbit oddities will not last, and the wild ride to begin will not end until your Earth is thrown into a different twist, cities washed away, continents torn apart, and the expectations of the seasons quite beyond what memory serves. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Contorted Path.]
Brunoy, France : 2004
Canada : July 7, 2004
Appleshaw, 1995
Gline, 1994
Signs of the Times #1062
Avebury and the Dark Star [Aug, 2004] ‘The people who settled in the Avebury area and began to plan the stone circles there had witnessed a most remarkable celestial phenomenon. ... In any case, it is of interest to note that a third circle with an additional serpentine trail attached is to be found adjacent to Avebury, ... might indicate a Planet X-type object. ... Babylonian culture that seem to show a similar binary connotation. There is a clear trinity of celestial objects on this stella, towards the top; the Sun, the Moon and a third, radiant planet. Note the presence of the Babylonian deity Marduk further down the stella, a deity closely associated with Nibiru. It is interesting to compare this image with a later alchemical dragon, Azoth, with his two suns and a moon.’ [Note: the Second Sun appearance of Planet X and the contorted waving path depicted in many crop circles.]