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ZetaTalk: No Delay
written Aug 23, 2004

If the Zetas were able to move Venus to make the transit happen, what if they are preventing or moving Planet X? In other words, can they or will they delay Planet X from happening? You know the story, about the White Lie, fool me once, shame on you, etc.

We have often stated that the Council of Worlds views the periodic pole shifts that wrack the Earth to be a Natural occurrence, an opportunity for spiritual growth in the schoolhouse Earth, like droughts and plagues and tornadoes and illness or accident striking unexpectedly. In these opportunities, man as an emerging spirit can either empathize with others caught in a plight or simply seek to enhance their own security, the many steps to be taken on the road to determining a spiritual orientation of either Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self. If droughts and plagues are today not eliminated so as to give man a playground, rather than a schoolhouse, why would these rules change simply because the impact will be greater, affecting civilization as a whole and not just single individuals or families? How is the loss of a spouse or parent, a life lived in pain or anguish, any less devastating simply because it happens to one, rather than to many? Is mercy and fairness weighed by volume, or by the pound, only tipping the scales when a certain weight is reached?

For those confused by how the rules work, exceptions are made only to provide a balanced schoolhouse for the souls emerging on Earth, not to alleviate stress by the pound. The 3rd Density lesson, your first lesson, should have a setting where there are advantages to caring for others as well as advantages in continuing in an infantile manner, caring only for yourself. The Council has interfered in mankindís setting where severe intimidation, such as by the giant hominoids who inhabit the Planet of Passing, Planet X, made it almost impossible for emerging man to chose the Service-to-Others path. As slaves, in the mines, they had no escape, no hope of escape, and bullied by giants could only wonder in terror if they would survive another day. This was deemed an imbalanced setting without respite, and these giants were encouraged to mine Mars and its moons, vacating Earth, eons ago, a Quarantine imposed. Such interference was likewise approved during the Venus Transit so the cracks in the cover-up would continue to creep, the doors of the cover-up not slam shut, as would be the case if the nervous cover-up artists were faced with angry questions from the astronomy community. In these interferences, a pending painful situation is not removed, it is only deferred.

Would the Council delay the passage of Planet X, slowing its creep around the S. Pole of the Sun for some such advantageous reason? No, nor do they block the weather, divert hurricanes or tornadoes, vaporize locust swarms, run flood waters backwards, or put a stopper in volcanoes. What would be the spiritual advantage, in a schoolhouse, in having this delay? Would more individuals become empathetic if yet another flood stranded families, beyond the many opportunities they already have to reach out to and consider others? Have there not been floods and droughts and bankruptcies and starvation aplenty in these recent months and years? Would more individuals hardened into a self focused orientation make a change in course because they witnessed yet another tragedy affecting a neighbor? The setting for spiritual choices is in place, and will be sharpened by the acute pain to be experienced during the shift. As is often the case, choices are made in such moments, when the choice is clarified. The screaming toddler stranded and about to drown, ignored rather than rescued by those thinking only of the risk to themselves. The trip back into a burning building to try once again to free a stranded resident, who would be burned alive if not freed. These are the settings soon to be presented to mankind, with scarcely a soul spared these opportunities. And a delay is not an advantage.