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Lou Gentile Show
August 27, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

NANCY: Glad to be back for my monthly update. I’m doing great, thanks, but how about you, slipping and sliding in Pennsylvania, more sinkholes, roadways destabilizing, sliding into quarries and the like. Any of that affecting you personally?

LOU: {Not so far.]

NANCY: Today I have my usual update, but I’m going to spend a little less time belaboring orbit changes and disasters around the world, and focus on Florida vs the Pole Shift. In other words, what happened with Charlie, and how this is a preview of what people can expect during the pole shift, because it kind of brings it home.

I do want to touch on a cold spot migration which perfectly documents the Earth wobbles which the Zetas announced to the world would happen, on this very Lou Gentile show on May 25. They said it would start to become evident, and it did, in May. We had the Hudson Bay cold spot. And then, in July people were noticing cold water off Nova Scotia, the cold water anomaly. I’ve been collecting weather maps from, and showing this periodically. This month, the Earth wobble has gotten extreme. Depending upon where you are in the world, the Sun is either continuing to move to the North, or very rapidly moving to the South. The Earth wobble as described by the Zetas over a month ago in detail, said the USA and Siberia, the Hudson Bay cold spot and across the globe over there in Siberia are where the N Pole points away from the Sun and therefore that’s going into Fall, and the other two parts of the globe are over the Pacific including Alaska and Japan and Europe, are where it tilts toward the Sun. And they are continuing to have the Sun too far to the North if not migrating to the North and very warm weather. This is very dramatic. You can see the migration in the maps here from August 19 to August 25. Folks, go and check my website and click on that right hand side where I have Lou’s name with an exclamation point for this most recent, the page that I put up for the Lou Gentile show, and I have these maps side by side. The cold spot, the Hudson Bay cold spot, has migrated now to where it’s approaching Alaska, its moving along the Rockies, and guess what, over there in Siberia, lower Siberia, here we have a Siberian cold spot developing. It is warmer above that spot, and all around that spot. We have the same thing at Hudson Bay. Well, so much for the Hudson Bay cold spot, and Siberian cold spot, documenting what’s going on, and this call comes together with reports from people who are observing where they find the Sun and the weather reports.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was an interesting convergence of signs. The Zetas have mentioned this, where you can take the weather, the Earth wobble, the Moon and Sun and constellations appear to be and how many fireballs we have coming in, just a slew of them, and these are not just the annual such and such meteors, these are big rocks that are thudding down, and you can pull this together with what the ancients have said, ancient prophecies, and folklore has reported for convergence, and also the photos that I get from people. So there was something interesting on the Dark Star website, that somebody alerted me to. They were talking about a couple diagrams from ancient Babylon and something more recent. Ancient Babylon goes way back and is reputed to be per Sitchin, Zacharia Sitchin, was the hominoids that inhabit this passing planet (Planet X, Nibiru, Marduk, under various names) they were on Earth mining for Gold and relayed to the ancient Babylonians, Summeria and the like, particulars about its passage and what to look for. And there’s another drawing, I take it to be Middle Ages, a drawing about a dragon, Azoth, with its tail wrapped around two suns and a moon. The moon happens to be reflecting light from both those suns, and we have had that reported, where the moon will appear to have a light source other than the sun, in addition to the sun. And also the ancient Babylonian shows the moon and two suns.

Well, one of the hallmarks of my photo section has been the Second Sun, and I have an example of one from South Africa, 9 months ago I believe it was, a very dramatic photo capture of the Second Sun which has been seen by many. They think the Sun has risen, and woops, here comes a Second Sun, so the first one was either false, or the second, in any case, two suns rising and two suns setting. We’re having less of that today because Planet X is so close to the Sun, so that is just extra brilliant and almost harshly metallic and white, not yellow, in appearance. But a year ago, and up to 6 months ago, the Second Sun was dramatic. So also crop circles show and interesting correlation which is that it’s not simply going to be that the planet zips past causing a pole shift, we’re going to be in for a wild ride. A dual 270° roll as Planet X moves along the magnetic flow lines of the Sun, and then it tries to align with the Sun, and then its below the Ecliptic and then above. Actually, if you play with magnets, you cannot force a 270° roll. If you float balls in water, that are magnetized, and have the dominant one go below, then above, then move them closer or whatever to see what a free floating magnet might do, you can’t get that 270° roll, so something else is going on there. One of those thousands of sub-atomic particle flows the Zetas are always talking about. But here is depicted the contorted 270° roll, not only in crop circles but in these ancient drawings. Also, we have photos showing Planet X moving, as we look toward the Sun, from the right to the left. It’s migrating to be more Sun centered, and coming between us, and the visualization of where we can expect to see the moon swirls and the corpus in photos, or what people have reported looking through welders lens at the Sun, and see these moon swirls and even being able to see them move, which they do, they twirl amongst themselves. So all these things are signs that confirm each other.

And the next thing I want to go into is the lessons of hurricane Charlie, but first I’m going to pause, take a sip of tea, and let you get a word in edgewise.

LOU: [Where is Planet X now?]

NANCY: It’s so much in front of the Sun that there is no change, really. Now, I’ve thought about how to graphically explain. People say ‘how long it is going to take, how long has it been there beside the Sun’, and it doesn’t seem to be moving, but this particular planet does not orbit round and round. The planets around our Sun are all on the Ecliptic plane, and they all move in the same direction, counterclockwise, and that’s not by accident. We’re being swept around by the Sun’s internal rotation, by what the Zetas describe as sweeping arms of particle flows that come out from the Sun like a big broom, several of them actually, and sweeping us around in a counterclockwise orbit. We can’t go into the Sun because we’re held at bay by various subatomic particles that are crowded. It’s kind of like, its too intense, and particle want to diminish crowding. They push back, so we go as close as we can. And yet we’re held from moving out into space by gravity which pulls us toward the Sun. So these are the dynamics that keep planets going round and round in their orbits more or less, bobbing around, floating. And Planet X comes in, has a sling orbit, it comes in and slings through the solar system, turns around, slings back, because it has two suns that its slinging back and forth between. It overshoots and turns around and shoots back. So it came in very rapidly from the outer solar system, at a fraction of the speed of light, not the speed of light, I should say not the speed of light but more than. And people said ‘that’s not possible for a body to move in’. Well, the Zetas response was ‘there is no friction in space’, and ‘how do you know how fast a body can move?’. And the speed of light isn’t even the fastest, that’s what they said. So it came in very rapidly, and zoomed in from the direction of Orion, and then put on the brakes as it got close to the Sun because of the Repulsion Force, which is an anti-gravity force. There a very technical explanation for this on the ZetaTalk website in the Science section. Repulsion Force is really gravity particles pushing back. They float into a body and then push back, almost like, I use the term fire hose shooting, keeping the ball there. So large bodies have this Repulsion Force between them as well as a gravity attraction between them. This is one of the main reasons we don’t go into the Sun and the Moon doesn’t drop to Earth. The Moon is way too big and moving way too slowly to be held up there by centrifugal force. That’s not what’s keeping that big monster up there.

So as it got closer to the Sun and encountered the Repulsion Force, it slowed. It still has momentum as its passing, but its very slow. We don’t have any historical reference. We don’t have any precedence to point to, to say ‘oh, that’s like this solar system or that’, it’s new to us. It may not have been new to the ancient astronomers, they may have passed this information down, and they did attempt to pass down what they observed, which is why we have these ancient documents and drawings. But its kind of like, if you’re approaching an intersection, and you’re putting along and you’re doing the speed limit, 25 miles and hour, and you’re slowing down to take the curve through the intersection, and here comes a semi-truck going 52 ga-zillion miles an hour toward the intersection, right? Ahhh, he’s going to fly through! Then he puts on his brakes as he approaches the solar system and it screeches to where its going a fraction of an inch an hour, through the intersection. That’s what’s happening. Its operating differently than our usual planets. So, its between us and the Sun, with its moons. Crop circles have implied that its going to stand in front of the Sun and supplant, the Zetas have called it supplanting the Sun’s magnetic influence so that it becomes the magnetic giant that we’re listening to, the voice that we’re listening to. And when it does a 270 roll, we will participate in that, is the way they have described it, and the ancients have talked about sunrise West, that this happened, and prophecy has said, last month we talked about this Islamic prophecy that said the Sun must rise in the West and that is the time when the countdown will start, that you’ll know the time is nigh. And that would only be caused by either the S Pole standing upside down, or some odd aberration on where we’re pointing. So we have a wild ride ahead, and the only thing that I can point to, is what I’ve been talking about ad nausea for over a year, is the photos, the crop circles, where the Moon and Sun are.

The constellation are not right. Another thing that’s confusing, because people say ‘you look at something different in the Summer, and you look at something different in Winter’, that’s really not true. If the Earth is pointing N Pole and S Pole in the proper direction, it’s kind of like being in your back yard, you see all the stars overhead. And lets say you have a light in the middle of your back yard, as you’re staring at that light from one side of that backyard, the glare prevents you from seeing something in the sky. Run around to the other side, that’s looking at the Sun. But basically, all those constellations overhead are visible to you, and you can see them if not blocked by the Earth and you’re not staring at the glare. You can actually play with this. I’ve done this a great deal to confirm what I’m seeing. When I saw Ursa Major way out of place, by 15-30° depending upon what part, last April, if we consider that the Earth is tilted toward the Sun as the Zetas say, and we haven’t moved since December 25, that would mean I had a N Pole view. Well Son of a Gun, if I put N Pole into my planetarium program, Skymap, it brings up pretty much what I saw, where Ursa Major was, toward the top of the dome. You can confirm this, and the Zetas have stepped through that. You take a different location on the globe, you make the time such that the rotation, as to what time of day you’re facing the Sun is appropriate, and you can bring up the constellations that you’re seeing. People started reporting Polaris being off center last Spring by a few degree’s, up to 5 degrees this way or that depending on time of day, from Norway. We found it to be about 7-8 degrees off here, in the late evening, and I’ve recently gotten a report that it’s off in Quebec by 15 degrees. Now, because of the Earth wobble, you have to take that into consideration. There’s a difference, depending on the wobble and depending on where you are and depending on time of day. It’s not easy.

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