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Feet to the Fire
May 30, 2004
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YES : Develop a Plan, research your Location and plan your Route to safety.
NO : Don’t Panic or make a big Operation out of your plans.
YES : A Trench during the shift, Temporary shelter, and short term Supplies for the week of rotation stoppage and the months after.
NO : Don’t Overslock or Hoard.
YES : Plan to rebuild Shelter, with Hand Tools, and a source of Heat.
NO : Don’t rely on government Assistance, as Camps are likely to become slave labor camps.
YES : Garden with Seed supplies, low maintenace Flocks and Herds, and Fishing and Hunting as the area will support.
NO : Don’t rely on Money to buy comfort in the future, or gather things that cannot be Bartered in the future.
YES: Be part of a Team, have an Action plan to keep people busy, and collect Books for future reference.
NO : Don’t go it Alone, nor be in the heavy Traffic lanes.
YES : Get into Short Wave radio, expect to be On Foot or boat when traveling, and keep your Bearings.
NO : Don’t expect Electronics to work, or to be Rescued by overworked emergency response teams.

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