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TOPIC: Martial Means

The Y2K Bug offers a Test Opportunity, practice such as CB Exercises occurring in 1999, but some states are Resisting. Hoarding is forbidden by numerous Executive Orders, but Hunger can be used as a control mechanism. Civilian internment camps have long been Rumored, and many Military Bases make the point, Nellis Air Force base near Area 51 among them. Bunker Government plans are in evidence. The Contrails test in January, 1999 created illness and Uproar in the populace. Media Control is key. As 47 National Parks have been ceded to the UN under the Biodiversity umbrella, Foreign Troops may be the means to this end, regardless of the Constitutionality. A Military Presence is already unloaded in the US. A one World Government may be the goal. The technology for Implants allowing humans and animals to be Tagged and located by Satellite such as the GPS exists, and Remote Control is a possibility. The inventor, Dr. Carl Sanders, had Ethical Questions. The new Health ID Card is more direct. The late 2001 shooting death of William Cooper, who warned about Anthrax vacinations, is suspect, as are Germ Warfare experiments by the US.