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Moon Out of Place?
May 16, 2004
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The Moon being out of place is a result of the Earth moving under the Moon. At present, Earth has bumped into Planet X which has entered our inner solar system. Earth halted in its orbit, as have Venus and Mars, and all stand before Planet X which has a retrograde orbit, coming at the planets, a planetary Game of Chicken. A dark hunk of rock, Earth's Dark Twin, which shares the Earth's orbit, has come up behind Earth and also halted. All this puts Earth is a squeeze causing Whiplash when the normally benign Sweeping Arms of the Sun whisk the planets along in their normal orbits. Here's the recent record:

Whiplash March 10

The tilting Earth provided a tilted Face of the Moon going into the March 10 whiplash. To the right, the Face as it should be presenting, and as captured on film on March 8. The Moon's orbit is whacky such that this photographer in Spokane, WA is getting the view a person from the Equator would get, overhead in Spokane, the Moon too far North.

Whiplash March 26

Several reports documented the Moon too far to the South, following this whiplash. Moved from the North to the South!

Whiplash Apr 11-16

Going into the whiplash, the Moon was viewed in the extreme South.

Whiplash Apr 22-29

Following this whiplash, the Moon was photographed on the wrong side of Jupiter, too far to the North. Moved from the South to the North. At right, the expected position of the Moon for Osaka, Japan. Below, what was captured on camera. The illumination shows the Moon not only to the right of Jupiter, instead of to the left where expected, but the sunlight shining on the Moon from the wrong angle.

Italy also found the Moon to the North, tilted, during this time. It is the Earth which is tilted, however.


Whiplash, May 3-8

The Tilted Face was noted by many, as was a movement from North to South. The Blood Red color during the Eclipse suspicous.