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ZetaTalk: Survival Groups
Note: added during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Survival groups will be composed of a variety of diverse folk, shortly after the shift and in the long term. We will give some examples, in explanation, as the variety possible is endless, but some predictable patterns will repeat often.

Example 1
A family, with close friends, and extended family members have for some years been talking prophecy and watching the earth changes. They are serious, plan to the extent that their pocket books and other obligations allow, so have a site, supplies put aside, and an escape plan laid out. The week of rotation stoppage arrives, and many of the group are already at the site, the others en route. Several scenarios may ensue, depending upon location, neighbors, and personalities involved:
Example 2
A family has no opportunity to plan, or gather supplies, but is prepared to escape to a safe area, leave the city. The family finds themselves afterwards with no more than a few bottles of water and canned goods, a sweater, and a few hand tools in a backpack. They wander into the country side, find a friendly farm family, and all begin working on mutual goals and tasks. They are joined by others, also on foot or stranded, and those not compatible leave, those compatible fit in, and the community grows. The farm is isolated, by nature, so not that many arrive, and the sorting out process proceeds without being overwhelmed.
Example 3
A mid-sized community, seeing the earth changes and hearing predictions, decides to hold community meetings, town hall, and lay plans. The mayor is respected and doing his best, the community has many community minded groups and citizens, and serious discussions are held concerning problems. They bottle water, commandeer food and supplies from local stores, assess individual and family needs, and try their best to function as a governed community. The shift comes, and houses are blown off foundations, injured everywhere beyond what the trained medical personnel can deal with, and many heart attacks and strokes occur, a medical nightmare. Those who were to be responsible are in the main simply not found, are off wandering or sitting in the shadows, overwhelmed, gone mad, or failing to deliver on their promises, a frequent human situation. Food in storage holds is found missing, looted by those who knew about it and panicked, thinking of themselves.
Those trying to meet the needs of the community and follow through on the plans laid become exhausted, stumble about in fatigue, and finally simply sleep or get sick from the effort. Fights break out among the demanding, who may have had a role to play, forgotten this, and reverted to their true personalities when pleasant life in the town disappeared and distress arrived. Some new heroes emerge, but like the few trying to carry out the plan, they too become exhausted, as the majority are not these, but the childish, the selfish, and the demanding. Service-to-Other folk are in the minority, worldwide, and this expresses when stressful times arrive. In time, families headed by Service-to-Other individuals remove themselves from this scene, taking themselves and their dependents elsewhere, into smaller groups. In time, those who have not died, looted and then starved, or left, will be the immature in good health and strength, who will eventually go wandering in search of better times.

Thus, the best laid plans most often do not work out, and spontaneous meetings, often guided, work out best.

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