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Feet to the Fire
May 22, 2005 

PHOTOS: with MLSO Match
In August, 2004 an astronomer in Italy and the MLSO captured the same moon swirl and distinct debris during the same time frame.
PHOTOS: Planet X on SWAN
In December, it was noted that Planet X appears, backlit, on SWAN. SWAN uses Ultraviolet, in the non-visible red spectrum as is Infrared. Infrared was the means for locating Planet X in 1983. It showed up on infrared images of the sky in early 2002 moving in accordance with the Zeta coordinates. And here again, in the images taken by SWAN, once again we see Planet X just below the Ecliptic, just to the side of the Sun on the southern side, stationary for a 3 week period.
Not a sunspot as the Sun rotations completely during a 4 week period.

WOBBLE: on WeatherMaps
By November, 2004 the Earth wobble has changed to the Earth lurch, the magnetic N. Pole pushed away and the Sun too far South, except when shielded over the horizon so Siberia and Europe find the Sun too far North.
TORQUE: Evident in Tsunami Quake
ZetaTalk explained last May, 2004 that Earth is being twisted, in a torque, by the southern half being tugged back while the northern half continues to turn. This has excentuated, and explains exactly why the Indio/Australian plate popped as it did Dec 26, 2004. The Indio/Australian plate was forced to pop. This also explains why there are no quakes along the West Coast during this week, as the pressure is relieved there by the torque. USGS proof of the prophetic accuracy of ZetaTalk.
TORQUE: Global Quakes at the Face/Dark Consistently
Global Quakes at the Face/Dark points, when the Atlantic Rift is either facing Planet X as it rounds the Sun or in opposition, have been present since March, 2003, confirming the ZetaTalk statement about the magnetized Atlantic Rift. This pattern has no other explanation but the presence of Planet X, and is avoided utterly by the debunkers as an issue because it cannot be explained. Live seismograph charts are from the USGS, and show these positions as UTC 0:00 and 12:00 approximately. This was exemplified in 2003 in Yellowstone seismograph jitters, dramatically starting at the Face and easing at the Dark. This was exemplified recently on April 2, 2005 when Nord, Greenland had a 6.1 at 12:52:36 UTC and Indonesia a 6.1 at 00:59:22.
Apr 2, Inchon, Republic of Korea

ORBIT: Earth in the Cup
The Zetas have stated that the Earth halted in her orbit on Dec 25, 2003 and has remained there since. This is confirmed by Orbit observations, the Sun at a too high arc in the sky during the Summer, the constellations too high in the dome as during the Winter at night. Earth cannot move as it is Caught in the Cup of an eddy flow around Planet X. To prevent panic in those who would impose Martial Law, the control freaks in the establishment, they have been simulating the seasons by tipping the globe back and forth, in Apparent Precision.
ORBIT: Earth's Dark Twin
Normally exactly Opposite the Earth in their shared orbit, the Dark Twin became visible in the Spring, 2004 in the evening sky. Reports were intermittent visibility, big and yellow suddenly shrinking to small and blue, found directly to the West coming up behind the Earth. Photo capture on May 24, 2004 with correlation to one captured earlier on Jan 20, 2004.
ORBIT: Moon Orbit, a Year in Review
The Moon will appear to be upside down if viewed from the S. Pole vs the N. Pole, and every change in latitude skews this view. But the view for any given latitude should vary only by 7° 7 minutes, a movement called Lunar Libration, equivalent to the hour hand of a clock moving a mere 1/2 hour. The rotation of the Moon's face during a lunar night moved from a reported 45° on Mar 7, 2004 to 60° by July 31, 2004 to 95° by Sep 26, 2004. This Netherlands Feb 27, 2005 photo covering a mere 3 hours shows an almost 30° turn.
The Moon travels in a nearly circular orbit, around the Earth's middle will only a 5° offset from the Ecliptic. The orbit, like a hat tilted offset on a head, was consistently reported to be too far North when waxing after a new Moon, and too far South during wanning after a full Moon. Starting March 21, amateur astronomers familiar with Jupiter's presentation noted the Moons of Jupiter suddenly tilted like the hat. Where ordinariily seen over each ear at 9 and 3 o'clock, across, now at 7 and 1 o'clock! Close observation determined that Jupiter itself was also tilted, along with Saturn.

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