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ZetaTalk: Where is Planet X?
posted Feb 5, 2005, but produced on live radio during the Jan 28 Lou Gentile Radio Show

People are astonished when we say, and seem to be saying, month after month, it’s right next to the Sun, it’s coming around the Sun, it’s between the Earth and the Sun, but in fact, in December of 2003, when the Earth, trucking along in its orbit, encountered this body coming into its orbit, Planet X, it stopped the way you would if you discovered an elephant in your driveway and that was the only way you could pass. Well why couldn’t the Earth sneak around? Because there are particle flows, as we have described, immense numbers of particles that create a block, and there’s crowding. Planets are swept along in their orbits, and stay at a distance from each other where they are comfortable with the particles that go into and out of the Sun. So Planet X creates a big disturbance in the equilibrium, a crowding of particles around it, behind it, so that the Earth is caught in the cup. Nancy has described this as a stick in the river where you can see the water flow around it on either side, creating a little ridge, a cup in the water in front of that stick. And sometimes you’ll have something bobbling in the water in that cup, it doesn’t go down the river, it’s stuck in that cup. This is where the Earth is, stuck in the cup, and Planet X is that stick, causing ripples in the particle flows that create the cup.

Currently, Planet X is not quite at the mid-point between the Earth and the Sun, very close to the Ecliptic or the Sun’s middle, and consequently you cannot see it because it’s like a dull fuzz ball in front of the Sun and reflects back the light that hits the dust cloud so intensely that it’s a terrific glare. If you were on the Sun’s side, looking at it, you’d be blinded, but if you’re on the Earth side, looking at it, it looks like a gray fuzz ball. So that’s where it is, and it has progressed from being below the Ecliptic in December of 2003 and down near the Sun’s South Pole, to rising up to the Ecliptic, from the right to the left as we have described in its retrograde orbit. This may seem slow, but it’s only been a year. And who’s to say, among human cultures, how fast a large planet, 23 times the mass of Earth, a big magnet who roars into the Sun and comes to a screeching halt as it skids around the Sun because of the Repulsion Force, the anti-gravity force, and gets ready to take off as it punches its way through the Ecliptic which is very crowded with particles going in and out of the Sun. This is something man does not have knowledge of. Numerous prophecies say ‘look at the constellations’ and the Book of Enoch states, ‘the constellations will not be right for the seasons’. They knew this was not going to be a fast process, not this time.

Nov 2, 2003 photo taken in South Africa, the Second Sun