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Moon and Planet
after Mar 26 Sweep

El Paso, TX

The lighted portion of the Moon also indicates the direction of the Sun, indicating a TILT toward the Sun of the N Pole. The lighted portion should be to the NW, not directly North, indicating a TILT toward the Sun.

Mar 30: This morning, Monday, at 01:00 hrs, the Moon was at Azi 315° Alt 20°. I waited until it was low on horizon in order to more accurately measure the tilt angle of the lighted portion on the Moon area facing the Sun. The slant was 40°. When I triangulated this with the level horizon as the hypotenuse, the angles were 40°, 90° and 50°. That means the Sun would, if I could view it, be 360°. Almost above the North Pole or way North. Per Skymap, should be at Azi 285° Alt 30°, again an Ecliptic difference of 30°!


The Moon was observed at midnight to be low on the horizon and SOUTH of where it should be. Jupiter was observed at midnight to also be SOUTH and the Ecliptic angled a full 22°.

Mar 30: Moon in the NW Alt 40° with the left halt lit. Per Skymap the Moon should be Azi 287° and Alt 29. Jupiter in the WSW Alt 50°. Per Skymap Jupiter should be at Azi 225° SW and Alt 48°.


The Moon was HIGH overhead, by 10°, suddenly.

Mar 30: Now, the Moon was very high, about 85-90° by eyes. Per Skymap should be 78° at most.


A difference in two hours on the Moon rise was noted between Mar 26 and Mar 27, not the one hour per day for the Moon transit, a tilt different of 15° for that one hour! And again, the reflected light not correct.

Mar 26: On Friday night it was about 8:30 - 9 PM and about an hour above the western horizon.
Mar 27: Saturday night it was about the same time, 9 PM, and 3 hours above the horizon.
Mar 28: Sunday at about the same time but at a 4 hours above the horizon position. And another thing, remembering where the Sun went down and where the Moon is setting, the reflected sunlight is wrong. If the lit portion of the Moon is reflection from the Sun's rays, then the Sun is not in the position it was in when it set.