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Shifting Orbit

May 7
I can't understand why nobody in the scientific field or the media is noticing the erratic lunar movements. Just two days ago the moon rose almost due East, last night it rose way too far to the South here in New York. How can people not notice the change? And secondly, why would the moon change orbital direction but everything else stays the same? [and from another] An observation regarding the Moon. It is so bright and it appear to be one night far North than the next night far South. As it moves through the sky, here in New York, it seems to speed up than at times it seems to slow down. It now 5:25 AM and I have been awaken by the light of the Moon. Although it's not a full moon yet, it appears to be, weird indeed!
May 8
The Transit of the moon was in a very odd trajectory. It is moving up from extremely low on the Southeastern horizon and moving to the West, north west at a skewed angle. This flattened trajectory was even more pronounced last night than ever before. Something is very wrong here.
May 11
Early this morning, 0240 hrs, in El Paso a very orange Moon was at Alt 14 and Azi 132. Per Skymap, Alt 4 and Azi 115 was expected, too far SOUTH.
May 13
I have noticed here in Louisiana that the moon's orbit has been way to the South recently, as compared to a northern orbit just weeks ago.
 May 26
As for what has moved. Beats me. But I know for sure the moon is setting 2 mountain peaks north of where it ever has. And was rising in the southsouth east earlier this month.