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Japan Moon/Jupiter Switch
April 30, 2004

This photo was taken at 17:04 on Apr 30. Half moon is skewed? Please see reference photo.
Jupiter should pass under the Moon by 3°40m at 17:04 on April 30, 2004 according to Japanese Astro software.
Moon's diameter is 36°04m or 7.5mm on the pic.
Moon-Jupiter's distance is 110.8mm
110.8 / 7.5mm = 14.7 times.
So 14.7 * 36.00666 = 529.2979.
529.2979 / 60 = 8.821 = 8°.49m.15s
8°49m15s - 3°40m = 5°09m15s difference

The reference photo [right], taken from the web for Ichi's location and date/time in Japan, shows illumination coming from a different angle than the angle viewed and captured [below] in this photo that includes Jupiter. Note the Moon's orbit has been noted making sudden changes, during the Earth tilts.

Per Skymap, the illuminated side should be facing Jupiter, showing something further amiss with the orbits and placement. Jupiter is on the wrong side! Or rather the Moon is on the wrong side! Thus the true distance from the Moon is not the 8 degrees computed, but 8 + 3 or 11 degrees!