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Planet X: INBOUND! Trends #5

By Jan 10, 2003, the Moons were recognized by Avis, due to light
intensity and size, as not being noise.

  Date    Moons
  12/28      2
  01/10     12
  01/18     24
  01/25     27
  01/28     29

TREND #5: Moons rival existing stars on the comparison DSS, Avis

    As the dozens Moons began being recognized as
    Distinct Entities, increasingly Avis recognized as
    other than noise, the dense tail splotches stopped
    showing up in the images.

    [Red] Trail or Tail of Moons and whatever following
    drops down and to the right. Possible Moons are
    130% over background for Red Table and 120% over
    background for White Table.

    There is so much clutter from Moon swirls and stuff, it
    is difficult to say where it is. The Moon Swirl cloud is
    spread out and become clouds. The amount of hits I
    got with Avis in the main area of swirls (up/right of
    coordinates) is quite significant. The Swirls have
    reached the point of triggering light threshold
    recognition which would indicate closer. Note: Dec 28
    did not trigger Avis recognition in compact Moon
    swirl area.

    The illustration provided has all objects that have
    triggered Avis recognition on each frame and on the
    Sum. Red are Avis recognized. Where on Dec 13 the
    objects were at pixel size, they are now of enough
    intensity to trigger Avis recognition thresholds.

    Since each frame is 1024*1024 pixels, and the field of
    view is 23.6*23.6 Arcminutes, each pixel represents
    3.8411458333333e-4 Degrees. ... Assuming that
    Planet X at 3 SunPluto, ... From existing ZetaTalk:
    "You can consider the Moons to be within 5 million
    miles of Planet X, as the maximum distance they will
    stray."  Maximum Moons tail size at
    3 SunPluto = 5e6 / 74617 = 67 Pixels

    On my submission: Yellow - Avis Recognized only.
    PX White - Avis Recognized. PX Red - Avis recognized.
    Faint stars were taken from Sarah McIntyre DSS image
    on her site. Most are not Avis recognized.

    Many possible Moons. The circled Yellow are Avis
    recognized only. I do see a few other objects standing
    out that did not meet Avis light.