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Recipes w/Taste Testers Comments

The first seven Trials are the work of Mr. Shuichi Inoue (Ichi), Chef.  They were performed at the TT Inc. Headquarters Laboratory during early July of 2000.


NOTE: In late afternoon of the day Trials 6 and 7 were conducted, an individual repairing the roof was presented of a cup each of Trials 6 and 7.   He was quite leery, as word was around town that "we" ate worms.   After carefully looking and smelling the two samples, he tasted Trial 6 and with great relief concluded it was a good vegetable soup.  He then sampled Trial 7, stating it tasted like chicken soup but without any visible chicken.  When informed that it was, indeed, worm soup he was rather shocked and surprised, asking why there wasn't a "wormy taste."

Further Trials are yet to be conducted.  Most will be prepared by Mr. Ron Darby.  Building upon "lessons learned", only large mature worms will be used.  A method of cutting the worm "down the middle" along it's full length will allow total removal of the intestinal system.  This, in turn, will remove the issue of sand.

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