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Issue 823, Sunday July 10, 2022
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Global Flooding

The Pole Shift is predicted to occur in 2026 or perhaps 2027, so is close at hand. After the 500 foot tides that will result from the sloshing caused by a rapid crustal shift, the globe will have to deal with a 675 foot sea level rise caused by the heat of friction along the ocean floor. The cold water of the ocean deep will heat up and expand. Many parts of the globe will have to resort to houseboat living.

In 2022, many parts of the globe are already experiencing this dilemma. Flooding is epidemic. Houseboat communities are already in place in Vancouver, Peru, and Viet Nam. Houseboat living is among the best survival techniques, as explained during the December 7, 2015 USAEBN broadcast. One can build a houseboat from junk, even using empty soda bottles under the houseboat as a floatation device. Be resourceful and discover the freedom of mobility that houseboat living can provide.

China's Record Floods as a River Hits 100-Year High
June 23, 2022
Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated from the worst-hit parts of the region, which includes Guangdong province, a manufacturing and logistics hub that is home to China's tech capital Shenzhen. China's ministry of water resources on Wednesday placed its highest flood alert on the Pearl River basin, saying water levels at one location "surpassed historical records" and that the provincial capital Guangzhou would be impacted. Summer floods are common in parts of China, but these have been getting more extreme in recent years as a result of climate change.
2022 Australian Flooding
April 19, 2022
By the end of the first week in March, Southern Queensland and northern New South Wales (NSW) had each received more than a year’s worth of rainfall in a week.
Argentina and Chile – Heavy Rain Causes Deadly Mudslide and Floods in South
June 8, 2022
Heavy rain has affected areas of southern Chile and southern Argentina since 06 June 2022. Flooding in Chile has damaged roads and homes, prompting evacuations. Meanwhile one person died and several were injured after the rain triggered a mudslide in the province of Río Negro, Argentina.

Houseboat living is the answer for anyone worried about flooding. It is the best of both worlds, as one can have container gardens on a houseboat and harvest the seas as well. The key to building a houseboat, even on an emergency basis, is floatation, which is essentially displacing water to create buoyancy. For the long-range planner, there are houseboat specifications at hand.

Building a Houseboat
You can build it on factory-built houseboat pontoons or build your own wooden pontoons.

ZetaTalk Advice 2001: Our suggestion is to plan for a floating community, as fishing will be abundant in the Aftertime. Build your boats now, in anticipation of this. You may be laughed at, as a modern day Noah, but you will be master of your own country so to speak, and able to travel where you wish.

Sri Lanka Collapse

In May the Strange Sounds website sounded the alarm about Sri Lanka. Corruption among the politicians had created a crisis. The politicians wallowed in the wealth that bribery can bring, while the common man struggled. They were rebelling, stoning the politicians. But this was not to be the end of this story. The Zetas predicted more such rage and rebellion, particularly when the public learned about the Nibiru coverup. But not a month later Sri Lanka reported their economy had collapsed. The Zetas predicted it would be the first of many.

Crisis in Sri Lanka = Signs of Things to Come! No Gas, no Food, Country is Bankrupt, Politicians Beaten and Murdered, Government Buildings on Fire
May 18, 2022
Western elites don’t understand that what is happening in Sri Lanka is mathematically inevitable on a global scale. A group of politicians stripped and on ground begging for their lives. If you create inflation by increasing prices, and you decrease the contributor class’s purchasing power through wage suppression, taking jobs overseas, and automation, and you evade taxation by offshoring corporate wealth instead of paying taxes, you create poverty and desperation that eventually erupts as violence. Increasing prices + decreasing purchasing power = inevitable poverty, followed by violence. Politicians and elites cars being dumped in the ocean.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/18/2022: The Sri Lanka crisis shows why the Nibiru coverup crowd is in a panic. They know the rage that will erupt when the public realizes the impact of a Nibiru passage, and connect the dots to understand how and why they have been lied to over the decades. The Sri Lanka crisis is not over Nibiru but over the usual political corruption where many politicians become wealthy via gifts that are essentially bribes.

Sri Lankan Economy has 'Completely Collapsed', Leader Says
June 22, 2022
Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has said the country's economy has "completely collapsed", leaving it unable to pay for essentials such as oil imports. It follows months of shortages of food, fuel, and electricity, and the realization that even the credit lines from neighboring India that have sustained the country so far will not be enough. In April, it suspended payment on the equivalent of £9.8bn in foreign debt.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/18/2022: Barely a month ago we noted that political corruption was responsible for the Sri Lanka crisis. Rather than properly manage the economy into a self-sustaining focus, their politicians were bribed to cater to such avenues as tourism. Loans from monetary funds are limited by the threat of inflation. Without the Paper Promise that keeps the banking industry afloat, there is only the barter system and rage. Lots of rage. Sri Lanka may be the first country to have their corrupt political system collapse, but this will soon become the norm.

The western fiat system was to blame, say the BRICS leadership. Based on debt slavery by high interest rates, the western banking system run by the World Bank and IMF is imploding. The goal was to own the New World when debtors defaulted, but instead the banks themselves are defaulting, unable to function. The BRICS network offered a different solution – fair interest rates. While the western fiat system goes down, will BRICS rise? The Zetas predicted the world would go on the barter system, and well before the Pole Shift too.

BRICS: Western Sanctions are ‘Weaponizing’ World Economy – Discussion about New World Order Independent from US dollar System
June 23, 2022
Xi, who spoke at a business forum ahead of the virtual summit with leaders from the BRICS economic bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, portrayed the world as being at a critical juncture as it struggled to recover from the pandemic amid what he termed new “security challenges.”

ZetaTalk Insight 8/23/2014: The IMF has an agenda of enslaving poor countries with debt, less interested in development than ownership, a form of financial colonialism. It is now obvious that the dollar’s dominance in financial transactions has slipped, with the Russian ruble and China yuan increasingly replacing the dollar as the currency base. As many European countries border on bankruptcy and the US is certainly bankrupt with China as its largest creditor, the dominance of the West in world financial markets is due to crash. Enter the BRICS.

The Zetas long ago predicted that the banking industry would be struggling as the Pole Shift approached, stating that this would rival the Great Depression.  The public has already become nervous, wanting to pull their cash out of banks. Where the Zetas predicted the stock markets would drop by 75% from a 1999 level, Ben Fulford predicts that the stock market will drop by 90% from its current level before the plunge ends. Per a recent MicroTrends chart these are equivalent predictions. The end of 1999 shows a DOW of 19,970 so a drop to a DOW of 500 per ZetaTalk. The end of May, 2022 shows a DOW of 32,990 so a drop to a DOW of 660 per Fulford.

Western Financial Hallucination Crashes into Reality
June 20, 2022
The Dow Jones industrial average has been down 11 out of the past 12 weeks; something that has never happened before. The closest was in the great crash of 1929 when it fell 10 out of 11 weeks. The consensus among top financial industry veterans is that stocks are going to fall 90% before this ends.
BREAKING: Run on the Banks in China – Long Lines in Henan, Shanghai, and Dandong
June 19, 2022
People are reportedly lining up for hours in China to obtain money from their bank accounts in China.  After years of COVID mandates and a government that the average Chinese down deep doesn’t trust, the people of China are scared that they will not be able to retrieve their life savings.
Stocks, Rupee Tumble as US Inflation Concerns Hit Markets
June 11, 2022
Indian equities tumbled and the rupee closed at a record low on Friday, tracking overnight panic on Wall Street ahead of the US inflation reading. Persistently high oil prices and fresh jitters in China over a rebound in Covid cases also soured sentiment, as foreign investors extended their selling spree.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/11/2008: We stated almost a decade ago that the world was heading into a depression, and this was based on an analysis of what business had to deal with as the Earth changes started to bite.

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/1996:  We have predicted a collapsing economy, to the degree that it would drop to 1/4 of its strength as it stood at the end of 1999.

EMP Spikes

Though EMP has been on the increase, the blast that hit on June 21 took the Nibiru coverup crowd by surprise. The Cloudflare outage on June 21 was quickly fixed but two days later the establishment retroactively rustled forth with its usual excuse - it was the Sun. Predicting after the fact has become the norm for explaining EMP caused by Nibiru, so this instance was nothing new. What caused a Sacramento Tesla to burst into flame a full 3 weeks after it was crashed and trashed at the junkyard? EMP at work. The timing matches the Cloudflare incident.

Half the Internet Died while You were Sleeping. Here's what Happened
June 21, 2022
It isn't clear exactly what caused the outage, with Cloudflare's official Twitter saying only that the "issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented." According to Cloudflare's incident report, the issue was reported at approximately 6:34 a.m. UTC, the problem identified just over 20 minutes later around 6:57 a.m., and the fix implemented at around 7:20 a.m.
‘No Need to Panic’ as Sunspot with Potential for Solar Flares Doubles in Size Overnight
June 23, 2022
Active Region 3038, or AR3038, has been growing over the past week. The sunspot is producing small solar flares but “does not have the complexity for the largest flares. There is a 30% chance the sunspot will produce medium-sized flares and a 10% chance it will create large flares.

Tesla Spontaneously Catches Fire while Sitting in California Junkyard
June 23, 2022
The electric car had sustained major damage in a crash three weeks before and was scheduled to be dismantled when it caught fire. Teslas and other electric vehicles have been known to have issues with fires. It can be difficult to put flames out because the vehicles' lithium-ion batteries keep burning until all the energy is released.

The Shumann Resonance is a steady earth hum caused by the Earth’s magnetic field throbbing, per the Zetas. It remains at 7.83 Hz, and is considered the heartbeat of the Earth and so comforting there are commercial resonance generators to aid insomniacs. The Schumann Resonance has become increasingly erratic and impossible to predict due to the magnetic presence of Nibiru nearby. The ZetaTalk Followers forum frequently posts alerts when the Schumann Resonance spikes. Just ahead of the June 21 Cloudflare incident, the resonance was relatively quiet. Surprise!

ZetaTalk Description 8/6/2016: The Schumann Resonance is an Earth hum, caused by a broad vibration of the Earth within its own magnetic field. Since magnetons, and the electrons that chose to flow with them, are pouring out of the Earth’s magnetic N Pole and arriving at the Earth’s magnetic S Pole, there is a tension at the fat sides of the globe, around the Equator, of what can be described as a pull and push. Magnetons want to escape there, but are pulled back, causing this vibration. This is why the base wavelength of the resonance is the circumference of the Earth. Why is this becoming irregular at times, lately? There is a battle in the Earth’s magnetosphere, with the Earth wanting to align with the Sun but also being assaulted by a magnetic blast from Nibiru.

Farm Guards

Those of you who are new to gardening have by now put in your Spring gardens. Porch gardens are relatively safe until harvest time brings an onslaught of birds and squirrels. Lawn and field gardens can be protected by fencing, though deer will leap over a tall fence and rabbits burrow under. Some domestic farm critters known as Farm Guards will guard the flocks and herds, and have great courage. Donkeys and mules will take on a cougar, and the flock rooster is fearless, taking on man and beast alike.

But who would expect to find a large sow rooting around in the garden? This sow was fully twice the weight of the poor gardener, and got confrontational. These are true stories from the ZetaTalk Followers and Pole Shift Ning forums! 2022 has just started, but the stories are rolling in. Roosters will give their lives to protect their hens, and a hen will do so to protect her chicks from a chicken hawk. Geese are notorious guards, squawking loudly at intruders and attacking. And a good guard dog will chase off all manner of marauding wildlife.

While visiting a nearby hobby farm, I found myself approached by a Tom Turkey. It was mating season and he seemed to be coughing behind my back. The farmer’s wife explained that he was “drumming”, giving out a mating call. Not everyone was treated so affectionately, it seems, as earlier a full grown man had been chased back into his truck by this massive Tom Turkey. An attacking turkey will shape itself into a missile, beak first. Very fearsome. What to do if attacked by a Tom Turkey? Send in the ladies.
Geese are known to be Farm Guards, and this is apparently no light threat. I have this story from a reputable source in New Jersey. They had a big goose as a pet, given free range in the yard, and normally all went well. When a local cop pulled into the yard responding to a call, the cop would not come out of the squad car until the goose was restrained.
We had a serious rat and chipmunk problem in our chicken coops. Recently we bought some live animal traps to catch them, and they work great! The dogs go into a frenzy to get at the rats. We now have a fun morning routine; I release them in a small clearing and the dogs have an exciting chase, quickly dispatching the rodents! At first, we picked up and disposed of the dead carcasses, but soon found that they naturally disappeared over a few days, flies laid eggs on them and soon fly-larvae would appear creating a feast for chickens and ducks! After a few days, nothing left but fur and tiny bones! Nature recycles.
I love how Roosters are always on guard watching out for the hens. The best ones are the little bantams. "a chicken of a small breed, the male of which is noted for its aggression." However, they probably aren’t the best choice if you want a high-production chicken that will lay lots of eggs or produce tons of meat for you.
Who would expect to discover one morning a 300 lb hog - an old sow, rampaging through one’s garden plots, chomping, tasting everything in its path! So, check your fencing! The sow found a hole to slip through but appeared not to remember it when I was chasing her, yelling and flailing! In my case, with the sow, she became tired, irritated and finally challenged me - contest over. I waited (for two days) until she regained composure and left on her own.