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ZetaTalk: Economic Collapse

Note: written Dec 15, 1996.

The world banks are justified in their constant fretting about the health of their industry during the panic that will occur going into the cataclysms. The worth of paper money is a fragile thing, based more on confidence than anything, paper money can plunge in value overnight, and often does in unstable countries where printing more paper money is seen as the solution to underfunding of government ambitions. History has shown that banks and the value of the dollar fall during economic depressions, and the years preceding the coming cataclysms will see crop failures in the face of atypical weather and intractable droughts, insurance company failure due to weather and earthquake severity, and a general lack of confidence.

In the face of lack of faith in the paper money system the world banking community has come to rely upon, there will be a return to the simple method of barter - you give me a bushel of apples and I’ll give you two gallons of milk. People long reliant upon credit and shopping will begin to lower their debt and begin to rely upon themselves, leaving the banking industry without customers. This will of course create a panic of sorts within the banking industry, which like organized religions are seeing their economic base shrinking. One can expect anxious maneuvers like forced participation and alliance with various large corporations, but this is only a stop-gap measure and such maneuvers will be challenged. Most people, if speaking truthfully, express only resentment for their bankers, who are seen as a parasite on the backs of the working folk.

Note: below written during the September 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have predicted a collapsing economy, to the degree that it would drop to 1/4 of its strength as it stood at the end of 1999. It is not there yet, and will continue to fall, each country’s problems impacting the others, each failing company dragging others down. During the Great Depression and Stock Market crash, people in fact did not die because of the lack of strength in the economy, but lived more simply. Of course, there were the elite who jumped out window rather than face the horror of living a simple life and actually working for a living, but we are not considering these in our statement above. We are here talking about the innocents of the world. During the Great Depression, banks failed but were not called to account, mortgages late by foreclosure in the main not done, and all rode until times got better, in the main. There are stories about failures, foreclosures, families losing homes and farms, but the vast majority simply looked the other way and rode it out. Why foreclose when there are no buyers? Why close the doors of the bank, revealing a failing, when other banks are in the same stance?

The barter system emerges, people working for each other on a day by day basis, for food or an exchange of goods. We anticipate a real impact where storms and quakes take out cities, insurance companies fail, and the government must step in or the homeless population increase. Those countries where the population is allowed to die, starve, get diseased and lay by the roadside in this state, will simply continue this practice. Those countries where the government is expected to step in and rescue tax payers thrown into this state will muster forth troops, supplies, and mostly promises. Thus, families will be thrown on the good graces of their neighbors, the extended family, co-workers, or philanthropic individuals. This is a precursor to the situation that will exist after the shift, so get used to it.

Note: below written during the October 5, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Control of the Stock Market is under the control of money managers more than is understood. Where is it assumed that the public controls stock selloffs, as they can supposedly request that their brokers sell or buy, most stock is in the hands of money managers who cannot have this bidding done by the public. 401K funds, for instance, are seldom given the right to demand buy or sell, with only a portion of the control given to the holder. Thus, money managers, under the hand of elite, who hire them and can fire them, are told not to sell, even with bad indicators, or even to buy when the indicators would say otherwise. Thus, the market is still artificially upheld, but panic will eventually take over. What would case the panic? Money managers who do not have a profit stream to maintain their staff, their payroll, will eventually override the requests from above, and sell. The need to simply survive, to meet payroll, and greed, the desire to have a quarterly profit bonus delivered, will cause individual actions that bump into each other, causing what we will call a plunge. Since this is so much in the hand of man, we cannot predict days, nor do we consider this a priority as money is not where your concerns should be. Not being materialists, but concerned about the suffering of the innocents of the world, we think this a misplaced focus!

Note: below written during the Jan 11, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We predicted some months ago, toward the Middle of 2002, when the Stock Market swings were extreme from day to day, that the brakes had been lost and the Market could collapse suddenly. There are many forms for these brakes to take, and following that July dip, the market has held steady in spite of nothing but bad indicators, worldwide. How is this happening, when layoffs continue, bankruptcies continue, public confidence low and buying at a virtual standstill Disasters such as planes dropping from the sky, decreasing use of the air for travel, train derailments, increasing business and insurance losses, and increasing illness. Whole cruise ships get ill, and pull into port in an attempt to sterilize the ship. Military bases take sick, with common illnesses such as Strep Throat. no country is leading as the engine to pull the world out of what is now being termed a recession, but which in fact is a depression, akin to 1929. Starvation is rampant worldwide, in countries already affected but where new, not announced in the media. Immigration is a concern of countries deemed strong, such as the US and Australia, so that repressing immigration has become brutal. How can it be, then, that the US Stock Market is rising, or stays steady, during increasing problems?

Each quarter, the projections are made such that the next will do better, indicators high, the trends turning about! These are false indicators, but who would know this? How many are privy to the facts from which such pronouncements are made? It was stated that the 2002 Christmas season would be a boon for retailers, but only when Christmas was upon them did they announce the results, a bust. It is now being announced that many business are starting to refurbish their inventories, and how many in the general public are privy to this information? Each factory worker knows that inventory is down, and no plans to refurbish, and layoffs planned, but assume this is just their company, their industry, their locale. This is not more true than the rosy Christmas shopping projections, but the truth will be delayed for months, if possible. In the US, insurance was increased, to be backed by the US government in cases where terrorism is involved. Likewise, the Bush Administration is bribing Wall Street, by promising and pushing for such legislation that the wealthy individuals, the public in general, would rush to buy stocks! No double taxation of profits! Stocks the best buy for all! In analysis of the impact, this does zero for the economy, as funds would not go to those who could make purchases, the profits delayed for at least a quarter, but Wall Street would be awash in eager buyers! The effect? Analysts, the money managers who do not sell when they think they ought, like the good little go-alongs they are, are being rewarded. As this is in the hands of man, it cannot be predicted with certainty how this will play out. Stocks now are being held up by the money managers who are under directives not to sell, at threat of loss of jobs or worse.

What will be the trigger bringing this house of cards down? It most likely will be Earth changes affecting corporations that need to access their funds, such as a subsidiary affected by a quake needing rescue. A warehouse collapsed, the inventory needing to be extracted and moved, key employees needing relocation. The Board of Directors looks over the situation, and the only source of funds is their stock portfolio, and they sell! Multiply this several thousand times, and a panic of selling could occur. This can be stopped, the Market closed, but this is an obvious move. We have predicted some years ago, in late 1999, that price fixing, a freeze, might occur. But if the Earth changes are wide spread, across the West and East coasts of the US and Canada, for instance, affecting simultaneously the UK and western Europe, as well as Japan, this might be out of control. Thus, is it not manmade happenstance that will create the panic, but the Earth changes that will not stop, that could.

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