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Issue 754, Sunday March 14, 2021
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Sun Block

Due to the massive Petrol Monsters wafting about between Nibiru and the Earth, we have been anticipating the public becoming aware of day turning to night to some degree, as the Zetas predicted. These Petrol Bubbles show up on filtered photos, but can they be seen in unfiltered photos? Photos taken on January 15, 2021 high above the atmosphere from a satellite do indeed show the Petrol Bubbles. These are not Sundogs or Rainbows. They are clearly Petrol Bubbles.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/28/2021: This photo shows the degree of blocking that mankind can expect to see in the future. Day to night, on occasion, in certain locations.

This is Real Money from Space
February 26, 2021
The US Mint has just released a reverse-proof dollar coin honoring the Hubble Space Telescope. The students of Earth to Sky Calculus took it one step further, flying a whole roll of Hubble coins to the edge of space.

Gifts from the Edge of Space
January 15, 2021
On January 15, 2021, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus flew a whole roll of Hubble coins to the top of Earth's atmosphere. Launched January 15, 2021, as hitchhikers on board a cosmic ray balloon, the coins spent 2 hours in the stratosphere floating as high as 35.3 km (115,814 ft) above the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California. After the balloon popped (as planned), the payload parachuted back to Earth, landing near the Ubehebe volcanic crater in Death Valley National Park.

What about the view back on Earth? On February 25 a bizarre split Sun was captured on film from Sarasota, appearing to be sliced in two and moving in opposite directions. One side of the Sun pulled up and to the left, while the other side dropped down and to the right. There seemed to be dual reflections on the water.

February 25, 2021 Sarasota,Florida at around 5:41PM. Interesting capture today. The Zetas have mentioned more sky phenomenon on the way. The Sun distorted from the massive Petrol Bubbles. You can see the prisms effect due to the greasy elements from Nibiru and how hazed out the Sun is from them. The bottom left corner of the sun looks to be blocked by one of the large Petrol Bubbles we have been getting in our pictures. Petrol Bubble looks like it getting closer to being in front of the Sun like the Zetas have mentioned which at times might block out the sun. You can also see the iron oxide surrounding and mixed in as well.

On February 27 SOHO images indeed showed that something was blocking the left side of the Sun with the left side of the Sun being darkened.

Also on February 27, a video from Italy showed the sunlight diminished but then suddenly blooming into day, with a throbbing motion.

Also on February 27 in California, unfiltered photos show the Sun behind gloom in the skies but then suddenly brightening. One can see from the position of the Sun in the skies and the campfire that these photos were taken only moments apart. The California beach campers assumed they were seeing an eclipse, but per NASA no eclipse is expected until June 10.

Here us Californians had an eclipse yesterday. The Sun before the eclipse, then the Sun during an eclipse. So Freaking amazing.

Solar Eclipses: 2021 - 2030
A concise summary of all solar eclipses from 2021 through 2030 is presented in the table below. The first column gives the Calendar Date of the instant on greatest eclipse. The second column TD of Greatest Eclipse is the Terrestrial Dynamical Time when the axis of the Moon's shadow passes closest to Earth's center. The third column lists the Eclipse Type which is either Total, Annular, Hybrid or Partial.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2021: When the Petrol Monster bubbles made their appearance on filtered photos, we predicted that more phenomena would start – day to night on occasion - and it has. Light rays bend readily, and when influenced over a vast area, such as the span of space between a Petrol Monster and the Earth, can indeed affect the sunlight trying to make its way through that Petrol blockade. These Petrol Monsters are huge, and can easily block half or even all of the Sun. When only half the Sun is blocked, the sunlight will be diverted to the side for that half, as was captured on a split-Sun photo.

The SOHO satellite hugs the Earth, and is thus affected by the blockade. Where SOHO may make excuses or take their satellite images offline temporarily, when photos taken from Earth show a Sun shade at the same time, the Petrol Monster as cause is proven. Blocked light can make it seem as though the Sun is throbbing, as was captured in Italy, or that the light is arriving in waves as a Kansas infra-red surveillance cam showed during a Kansas power grid blackout. All this will make the public, who is yet to hear that Nibiru exists, uneasy.

Race to Mars

The Zetas are on record stating that in 2003 President Bush informed Heads of State that Nibiru was real and had arrived in the inner Solar System. They were reassured that nothing more than high tides and a few earthquakes would result, and that they would be updated regularly. These Heads of State have also been told that by January, 2021 Nibiru would no longer be deniable. By early 2020 many Heads of State were apparently getting nervous. The globe was already having high tides and earthquakes. How much worse was it going to get?

ZetaTalk Insight 5/27/2006: In May of 2003, Bush called all heads of state around the world for meetings in France, all simultaneously there, ostensibly there to mend fences over Iraq. So because of the danger of phone calls or email/electronic communications being tapped, even if encoded, heads of state meet on these issues face to face. They fear the word would get out, for instance, on the Internet, and there you'd have it and you'd have to be admitting to the populace that the cover up is in place and what has been going on. They have, since that time, since the Fall of 2003, only been meeting face to face.

What else would cause China, the USA, and the UAE to set out for Mars – simultaneously? The Emirates Mars Mission Hope Probe was launched on July 20, 2020. China’s Tianwen 1 was also launched last July on a Long March 5 rocket, the most powerful launcher in China’s inventory. And NASA also launched its Perseverance Rover in July, 2020 from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. They are all arriving at Mars in early to mid-February too – simultaneously.

Mars 2020 Mission
On Feb. 18, 2021, NASA's Mars Perseverance rover makes its final descent to the Red Planet.
NASA's Perseverance Rover nears Touchdown on Mars this Week after a 300-Million-Mile Journey
February 18, 2021
Mars was likely once home to rivers of running water and enormous crater-lakes. What happened to Mars, and can the same thing happen here on Earth? After a 293-million-mile trek across the expanse since its July 2020 launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, the upgraded rover is slated to land on the Red Planet
Spectacular Video Released from China’s First Mars Mission
February 15, 2021
China’s space agency has released a pair of spectacular video clips from “selfie” cameras on-board the country’s Tianwen 1 spacecraft as it braked into orbit around Mars on Feb. 10. The Tianwen 1 probe is China’s first spacecraft to reach Mars. The ambitious mission consists of three spacecraft, with an orbiter, lander, and rover riding together for the seven-month voyage to the Red Planet. Tianwen 1 launched last July on a Long March 5 rocket, the most powerful launcher in China’s inventory.
China's First Mars Mission, Tianwen-1, Successfully Enters Orbit around Red Planet
February 10, 2021
The milestone makes China the sixth entity to get a probe to Mars, joining the United States, the Soviet Union, the European Space Agency, India and the United Arab Emirates, whose Hope orbiter made it to the Red Planet just yesterday (Feb. 9). If the Tianwen-1 rover and lander touch down safely this May and get to work, China will become just the second nation, after the United States, to operate a spacecraft successfully on the Red Planet's surface for an appreciable amount of time. (The Soviet Union pulled off the first-ever soft touchdown on the Red Planet with its Mars 3 mission in 1971, but that lander died less than two minutes after hitting the red dirt.)
About EMM
Launched 20th July 2020. The Emirates Mars Mission "Hope Probe" will be the first probe to provide a complete picture of the Martian atmosphere and its layers when it reaches the red planet’s orbit in 2021. It will help answer key questions about the global Martian atmosphere and the loss of hydrogen and oxygen gases into space over the span of one Martian year.
Emirates Mars Mission
The spacecraft was developed by MBRSC and the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado Boulder, with support from Arizona State University (ASU) and the University of California, Berkeley. It was assembled at the University of Colorado. The mission is being carried out by a team of Emirati engineers in collaboration with foreign research institutions, and is a contribution towards a knowledge-based economy in the UAE.

Regardless of the Earth being in its expected calendar position (February) or where, per the Zetas, it was pushed back by Nibiru into a halted orbit position (August) – Mars has a great view of the drama to come. Earthlings can see Mars and the view of Earth from Mars is clear and direct. Thus these probes and landers from China, the UAE, and the USA can see the ongoing activity between Nibiru and Earth. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2021: Given that China, the UAE, and the USA all launched probes to Mars in July, 2020 scheduled to arrive at the Red Planet in February, 2021 it would seem there was a race in process. This relates to the expectations given by NASA to Heads of State worldwide that Nibiru would be undeniable by January, 2021. Heads of State received an extensive update in early 2020, and those countries that could afford to build their own orbiters and/or rovers or could buy the expertise set out to view the approach of Nibiru from a stable vantage point.

Probes flying through space are subject to gravity tugs and slinging debris, and are hard to stabilize. Using the gravity of Mars and a firm footing, calculations as to distance and speed of Nibiru can be determined. Currently riding in the southern skies when seen from Earth in 2021, Mars gives an uncluttered view of the path that Nibiru will take during its passage. China, the UAE, and NASA all rushed to launch at the earliest opportunity which for all three was in July, 2020. Thus this is not a coincidence, but a clue that the existence of Nibiru is real, and well known by the elite.

The probes are allowed a view of Earth, as this does not break the Council of Worlds rules, but the Council has made it clear that the elite cannot escape to Mars or the Moon. Despite Elon Musk making promises in 2016, his ventures will not be allowed to succeed. Accordingly, his big space faring rockets are crashing and burning.

Elon Musk Unveils Plan to Colonize Mars
September 27, 2016
The first human mission could take place in 2024, he said, and could deliver people to the planet in about 80 days. Musk said “The main reason I’m personally accumulating assets is to fund this.”
SpaceX Rocket Lands in one Piece — before Blowing up into Giant Fireball
March 3, 2021
The Starship leaned slightly as it stood on the landing pad, and flames came out from the bottom. The prototypes were developed by CEO Elon Musk’s space company in the hopes they’ll one day carry humans on missions to the moon and Mars. Musk said he was “highly confident” the spacecraft will reach orbit “many times” and be safe for human transport by 2023.

Nibiru Excuses

The cover-up over the near presence of Nibiru continues. Russia launched a weather satellite on February 26 to film the Arctic in infra-red. Is this all to monitor the ice melt, as claimed? Per the Zetas, it is to determine stress on the border between the N America Plate and the Eurasian Plate. This will tear, or be under pressure, when the New Madrid Fault Line is forced to unzip. Is the Arctic beginning to have earthquakes? Yes!

Russia’s Soyuz-2-1b Launches Arktika-M No.1 Weather Satellite
February 28, 2021
Because the Elektro-L satellites operate in equatorial geostationary orbits, their coverage of the Earth’s polar regions is limited – which is where Arktika-M will perfectly complement their observations. The primary instrument aboard Arktika-M is a visible and infrared spectrometer, derived from the MSU-GS spectrometer flown aboard Elektro-L. This will be used to image the Earth in at least ten different wavelengths ranging from visible light to the thermal infrared. Visible-light and near infrared images will help meteorologists monitor cloud cover and atmospheric water vapor, while thermal infrared data can be used to track temperatures.
Russia Launches Satellite to Monitor Climate in Arctic
February 28, 2021
The Arctic has warmed more than twice as fast as the global average over the last three decades and Moscow is seeking to develop the energy-rich region, investing in the Northern Sea Route for shipping across its long northern flank as ice melts.
Arctic Sea Ice News
Sea ice processing is currently having problems. Daily Sea Ice Index/Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis values after February 19 are erroneous. NSIDC is investigating the issue and will correct it as soon as possible.

ZetaTalk Opinion 3/31/2021: Russia is not seeking weather change information, they are seeking information on heat from tension along the N American Plate border. What delays the New Madrid Fault Line unzipping and rupture is the flat top of the N American Plate. The flat top runs from northern Japan to Iceland – directly through the Arctic. Rock under distress will emit heat, and the New Madrid rupture will be reflected in the Arctic as well as the Atlantic. Siberia will experience tsunami, and any structures Russia has in the Arctic can expect earthquake activity.  

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/28/2021: The New Madrid rupture is now free to progress, reacting to Plate Movements elsewhere.

And the sky lights expected from Petrol Bubbles exploding when they encounter the oxygen in the atmosphere? Just NASA running some experiments. Photos posted on the ZetaTalk Followers FaceBook page and elsewhere show a pink cloud visible in the sky from New York City and New Jersey, all the way to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

A strange red light in the sky is reported on social media over different parts of the island. But from New York and New Jersey reports also come in.
Saw a Pink Cloud? It Came from a Rocket Launch
March 3, 2021
The cause of the cloud? It was the payload for a sounding rocket that launched from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore. The rocket flew up to the edge of the atmosphere and released a small amount of vapor into the near-vacuum of space. NASA said it was only about the equivalent of two barbecue grill propane tanks and that the colorful vapor is completely harmless.

NASA began dusting the ionosphere in 2017 when Nibiru’s neon clouds first started to become obvious. 2017 is when the ice in the Arctic began rotating counterclockwise, averse the normal clockwise East to West motion. Thus in addition to neon cloud excuses, we are also being given a new excuse for the counterclockwise rotation in the Arctic. The Nibiru coverup excuses are alive and well! And being repeated.

"Space Hurricane" Spotted Above North Pole, Study Finds
March 3, 2021
For the first time, a team of researchers from China, the US, Norway, and the UK, have spotted an eye-catching phenomenon above the North Pole, in what they're calling a "space hurricane." The new study said a 600-mile-wide swirling mass of plasma "rained" electrons down on the North Pole. It was only until now that the existence of space hurricanes has been confirmed. Researchers still need to study the space hurricane in more depth to see if its geomagnetic activity can disrupt GPS satellites and or land-based power grids.

PIOMAS Arctic Sea Ice Volume Reanalysis
March, 2017
A strong negative thickness anomaly is present along the Siberian coast of the Chukchi Sea. Some of the sea ice thickness anomalies seem to be associated with ice motion anomalies showing a counter clockwise pattern centered on the North Pole.