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ZetaTalk: Face to Face
written May 27, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Any comment from the Zetas on the Blair Bush visit. Was it another face to face pole shift discussion?Fox, from Mexico, was also there same time, as was someone from Israel. What were they talking about - all those face to face discussions with Bush?

Indeed there are hardly any such visits, where heads of state meet, that the coming pole shift is not talked about, especially among the countries that are aware of what is coming. We were questioned perhaps 2 or 3 years ago on who the major players were, who was aware. In the past it was US and Russia, Britain and Germany, Japan and Israel as strong partners with the US, and the other countries in the main simply not sure, speculating, having heard the rumors, but not sure. In May of 2003, Bush called all heads of state around the world for meetings in France, all simultaneously there, ostensibly there to mend fences over Iraq. The shocked faces coming out afterwards for photo opportunities showed that something devastating had been discussed. We stated at that time that there was an admission that there was a presence in the inner solar system causing disturbances on Earth, but it was expected to pass and the only danger was going to be panic in the public. Therefore keep your mouths shut, we'll make it worth your while - bribery, intimidation, whatever was required in every country's case to gain cooperation.

Obviously the media is part of this, brought into the know, we've mentioned that. If you carry out a cover-up like this you're going to start with the observatories, which are funded by governments in the main, and all have a connection to the US Navy as a timekeeper and a coordinator. Universities get their funding from the government and therefore any observatory activity at universities is brought to bear under a national security pressure. It can be a national security requirement such that to talk about Planet X can put you into a criminal posture, so everyone must be quiet. Any astronomer not cooperating meets with an accident - there have been plenty of those. In the media, it also goes down the line from the heads of major media outlets, which are often wealthy and controlling many assets and not at all interested in seeing bank failures and the collapse of civilization. So they are willing to cooperate in any case. News casters are told that there are certain subjects that simply cannot be talked about - it's on the list and for the hosts, show hosts or their editors, that's how it gets controlled. It's simply not out there in the news. What news? And the public is unaware unless they notice something on their own as the Moon being out of place or the Sun being out of place or some such thing and wonder about the wild weather.

So because of the danger of phone calls or email/electronic communications being tapped, even if encoded, heads of state meet on these issues face to face. They fear the word would getting out, for instance, on the Internet, and there you'd have it and you'd have to be admitting to the populace that the cover up is in place and what has been going on. They have, since that time, since the Fall of 2003, only been meeting face to face. Here we have Bush running to Asia, we have Cheney running to the Middle East, we have Condi over there in Europe, and all these people coming to the United States. We mentioned Prime Minister Hu's visit from China, where we stated that his visit was primarily to discuss not only the pole shift but what territories to carve up afterwards. At what point does China consider it offensive that the US is sitting on territory, and should the US back off? Where is the line in the sand? OK you can have Japan, we don't care about it but we want Afghanistan, that type of interaction.

So clearly these meetings had as their dynamic pole shift discussions, but there was more. It is the situation in Iraq and the situation with immigration. Bush has long asserted that Canada and Mexico will be his - a piece of cake to expand the US military over both borders and occupy the larger territory. Fox has recognized that he could never resist and so has become a cooperative ally of Bush. As we've stated, the Guest Worker Program was to allow a stronger worker base in the United States. Useless eaters, the aged, the very young, the infirm would be exterminated or allowed to starve, forced to starve we should say. A stronger worker base would become slaves of the future. Thus this is a problem for Bush because the US Congress and the public are not simply going along like sheep with Bush's plan, and where the House and Senate are in such opposite poles that they're unlikely to get any kind of a reconciliation about it. Bush has alarmed everybody. The border is going to be guarded more closely. And resentment against illegal immigrants has been inflamed. People have been reminded that they're here and what they're costing the taxpayer. But Bush has not gotten what he wanted, which was to have his slave labor brought in, stamped with an ID and compliant in a registry. So this was the concern with President Fox during the visit.

As far as Israel and Blair, during their visit, that's clearly an Iraq discussion. What is called the insurgency is simply a desire of the Iraqi people to see their occupiers leave, and leave now. They have stated as much. What are they going to do now that the coalition block is falling apart? Italy is withdrawing now under new political management. In Britain, Blair is likely to lose his seat. Just be removed, and thus the handwriting is on the wall. Even in the US the financial squeeze is there where getting funding for Iraq endlessly looks less and less likely. It's beginning to get to the point where the Congress will turn over to be Democratic in the Fall and they may simply vote in that direction. So now what? Israel is very much afraid that the hornet's nest that has been stirred up will land on them. Iran is not going to be brought to heel as was the original plan. Bush cannot get the military to cooperate, they just simply refused, so now what? They don't have a good plan. Mostly they did hand wringing and commiserated and didn't really have a plan other than to carry forward. An obvious outcome of this meeting was for Bush and Blair to go forward and do the humble pie bit - I'm so sorry, I made these errors. Now that I'm more likable and more human, perhaps my ratings will go up in my favor. If this is the only thing they can come up with then they really have no plan. But those were the things that were discussed. Their agreements on territories after the pole shift, alliances after the pole shift, these were already firm and not under debate.