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Issue 248, Sunday July 3, 2011
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Pacific Compression

The Pacific will compress by 250 miles at the Equator during the 7 of 10 S American roll. This 250 mile compression is the sum total of 47 miles due to the tilting of the Philippine Plate, and 78 miles due to the folding of the Mariana Plate and Mariana Trench. An additional 125 miles of compression comes from the overlapping of the Pacific Plate parts in the center of the Pacific.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/4/2010: The Mariana Islands on the lifting eastern edge of the Mariana Plate will tilt and move an estimated 47 miles closer to the Philippine Islands. The Mariana Plate and the Mariana Trench to the east of this plate will essentially disappear, having folded, with only the Mariana Islands in a tentative survival situation. This provides an estimated 125 miles of room for S America to roll to the west, but the plate boundaries in the central Pacific have also been steadily adjusting. Overall S America now has 250 miles to roll, dragging the Caribbean and pushing over the Cocos and Nazca plates before it. This 250 miles is the degree of rip in the south Atlantic Rift, affording the African Plate roll room to maneuver.

The Pacific, per the Zetas, is not one plate but four.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/2010: The Pacific Plate is assumed to be a single plate, but it is not. Hawaii, which rides higher after every major adjustment in the area, is rising, and this can only be the case if there is subduction of a plate somewhere, pushing the plate that Hawaii rides on up. The Society Island are on a chain that forms a line with the Hawaii Islands, and such a rise is not a coincidence. This is also a fault line, where a plate that is subducting under the Americas is rising commensurately along these island chains. There is a fault line running from Kamchatka to the Society Islands, and both will rise during the pole shift.

When compression along this border occurs the Aleutian Islands would be pulled into a bow, snap with quakes, and the ocean buoys would show heaving of the floor due to temporary compressed magma in the area. This occurred on June 24, 2011 when the Aleutian Islands suffered a 7.2 quake and buoys in the area showed a heaving or undulating floor in the days before the quake. Clearly, something happened on the ocean floor!


This was reflected all the way to the plate under Australia on that same day, June 24, 2011, as noted by a sharp eye'd Pole Shift ning member. The curve under Sumatra and Java lifted, while the Coral Sea experienced more water.

Methane Death

As the Zetas have long explained, the Earth changes, plate movements of the 7 of 10 scenarios especially, cause rock layers to slide across each other, releasing trapped methane gas. Birds are acutely sensitive to methane, thus the canary in the coal mine situation where miners are warned of methane in the air when their canaries stop chirping. Bird deaths around the world were featured in Issue 211 of this newsletter, and were mentioned within ZetaTalk in 2005 and 2007 when there were Earth fart days.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/9/2007: Why were these Earth farts and moving ground experienced from Italy and the UK throughout the US and even in Australia, all seemingly simultaneously? We have explained that the plates of the globe have been loosened up, the rock fingers holding them firmly against one another broken off, so a fluidity has resulted.

Methane kills by asphyxiation, a lack of oxygen.

Health Effects of Methane
When methane is present at high concentrations, it acts as an asphyxiant. Asphyxiants displace oxygen in the air and can cause symptoms of oxygen deprivation (asphyxiation). It is not expected to cause unconsciousness (narcosis) due to central nervous system depression until it reaches high concentrations.

Massive fish kills have been reported the past few months. Many of these are due to the heavy winter in the northern hemisphere, where so much ice formed over inland lakes that the fish were deprived of oxygen. But excluding all reports that have any kind of an explanation, such as cold fronts killing tilapia in the Philippines, or fish dying in calderas that might be emitting volcanic gasses, or aquatic life in a frozen inland lake or downstream from a possible pollutant discharge, there are still reports worldwide, affecting a wide variety of species, as noted on the Pole Shift ning. Those cases, which have no explanation from the experts or occurred on ocean beaches where pollution is unlikely to have caused the kill, remain a mystery. Only plate movement with resultant sudden release of a methane cloud can explain these deaths.

Massive Fish Die-Off likely due to Oxygen Depletion
March 8, 2011
Redondo Beach officials said initial assessments suggest oxygen depletion in the King Harbor basins caused the massive fish die-off.
1,000's of Dead Fish have been Washing up on Western Australian Beaches
March 10, 2011
Dead fish, eels and crayfish have been found on shores - with the coastline of Green Head, some 290km north of Perth, covered in now-rotting carcasses. In a cleanup operation at Green Head, 20km north of Jurien Bay, more than 15,000 dead fish were collected.
50 Dead Birds fall from the Sky near Sterling [Kansas]
April 7, 2011
The strangest part was they all died at within minutes of each other.
The Dead Turtles Found on the Beach, Australia
April 15, 2011
10 dead green turtles were found on an Australian beach in the Boyne Tannum Sand Island and near the mouth of the River Boyne. Autopsy was carried out, after which experts have excluded from the list of possible causes of death blows on fishing boats, the depletion of starvation and predation.
Mass Discards "Sea Frog" on the Beach Kamchatka Peninsula
April 18, 2011
In much of the coastline of the island observed the massive Bering Sea emissions of frogs. The mass emissions of marine frogs on the island were not recorded even once during the entire period of many years of observations.
Fears of Ocean Toxicity off Cape Town
April 20, 2011
Hundreds of dead abalone have washed up on Melkbos beach near Cape Town in recent weeks, prompting fears that the ocean in the area between Bloubergstrand and Melkbosstrand is toxic.
Ecuador, Playa Villamil Dead Fish Row
May 23, 2011
A row of dead fish, at least five feet wide and 3 km in length, appeared on Saturday on the beach, at the height of 2 km road to the Villamil Data, in Canton Beach, Province Guayas.
Mystery Disease Kills 300 Sheep Within an Hour
May 28, 2011
A Saudi farmer who went into his barn to take his 300 sheep on their daily pasturing was shocked when he found them all dead. The farm said he checked the sheep an hour earlier and they were all alive in their barn at his far in the western town of Qunfudha.
600 Dead Penguins Wash up in Uruguay
June 8, 2011
About 600 dead penguins, along with dead turtles, dolphins and albatrosses have washed up on Uruguay's Atlantic coast over the past few days. Experts are trying to determine what has killed the animals.

Global Warming Fail

According to Al Gore, the Global Warming debate is alive and well, and not a debate at all! Despite the embarrassment of fraudulent data and the fact that the Earth changes are not lining up with projections, Gore plunges on. But matters are getting heated (no pun intended). Tempers are flaring.

Scientists Face Death Threats Over Climate
June 20, 2011
The chief of one of Australia's peak science bodies says she has received a death threat relating to the climate change debate. The Federation of Australian Science and Technological Societies (FASTS) says misleading claims about climate science are spilling over into attacks on the credibility of scientific research in general.
Al Gore Blasts Obama On Climate Change For Failing To Take 'Bold Action'
June 22, 2011
Former Vice President Al Gore is going where few environmentalists - and fellow Democrats - have gone before: criticizing President Barack Obama's record on global warming. In a 7,000-word essay for Rolling Stone Magazine, Gore says Obama has failed to stand up for "bold action" on global warming and has made little progress on the problem since the days of Republican President George W. Bush. He says the president "has simply not made the case for action."

Per the Zetas, admitting that it was all a hoax, a part of the Planet X cover-up, would be just too humiliating.

ZetaTalk Perspective 6/25/2011: How to salvage the Global Warming excuse? This has been the darling of the cover-up crowd, the reason for the erratic weather, the high tides and rising seas, even the reason the world's populace should shift to a more vegetarian diet and less reliance on fossil fuels. Poorly managed, this ultimately was revealed for the hoax it is, data manipulated at the highest levels. Now those who have been hurt by legislated demands that they adjust their carbon footprint are furious and demanding blood. Should Al Gore apologize? The Global Warming hoax marched past the revelation of their fraudulent data and they will march past lack of cooperation from Obama, holding firm as the alternative is unthinkable. The alternative is humiliation, but more than that it would raise the question of why such a fraud was considered necessary. However, apologies will not be forthcoming due to the humiliation factor, even when the presence of Planet X is obvious.

Surging Clocks

Electromagnetic pulse, strong enough to stop all electronics on Air France 447 when it flew over the magnified Atlantic Rift, will increasingly create havoc on Earth. This is also true of the charged tail of Planet X, which has been wafting over the Earth, creating a blood red Moon on occasion. Clocks have started surging. Clocks and watches come in many varieties. Some, atomic clocks or watches, regularly check in with the Navy's master clock and reset if out of sync. This includes the Internet, and servers or PC's attached to the Internet, which in the main adjust their time to the Navy's. But most clocks are simply plugged into the electric grid or running on battery. If using the grip, they may require manual adjustment when the power is out. So why should those clocks suddenly be running fast? This occurred in Sicily in early June, 2011 as reported in the press.

Clocks in Sicily Mysteriously Jump Ahead
June 9, 2011
For over a week, the digital clocks in Catania have been perplexing owners by skipping ahead 15 to 20 minutes every day. The inexplicable time changes caught the attention of two computer technicians in Sicily, who turned to Facebook to confirm the phenomenon. Experts in the University of Catania's electronic engineering department have been unable to give a singular answer to explain the irregularity.

The Zetas have warned that mankind's electronics will have interference as Planet X approaches and the charged tail wafting the Earth will increasingly be pointed directly at the Earth.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/17/2007: We have stated that electromagnetic surges will occur, increasingly, as Planet X approaches and in particular as the tail wafts past the Earth. Tail effects are already being felt by humans, who report vertigo and nausea due to the gas in the tail. The compass has been erratic for a couple years now, but as the tail is charged, will have more problems than the past. The magnetic fields of Planet X and Earth clash, and this is not a steady state but a surging affair. In addition, there are more particles than electrons and magnetons involved, particles man is unaware of, that surge.

The Zetas also predicted that the establishment would thrash about to explain electronic interference, a surge or brownout.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/18/2009: There is too much complexity in electrical systems to make a blanket statement. Clearly Air France 447 had electrical interference, as did the Airbus crash off the coast of Yemen. The Airbus is completely dependent upon electrical controls, unlike other manufacturers which allow for manual controls during an emergency. Likewise, trains such as the DC Metro and the Disney Monorail were relying upon wireless signals for their automatic system. This is a window of vulnerability for electromagnetic interference. Where a blanket statement cannot be made, it is clear that interference is occurring when communications on the Internet bounce via satellites, during phone service, and even during the use of household appliances. There have been reports on this chat that appliances which refused to work were found to be sound and working later. Excuses will always be given in the press, no matter how illogical, as the rule is still to deny the presence of Planet X. If and when the Sun begins to have sunspots or activity that can be blamed, this will be cited as the cause. Lies may be spread about the activity of the Sun in order to allow this route to be used, so the public will not know the truth. Up until the present time, the Sun has been too quiescent, so such a claim would be questioned. But a desperate cover-up knows no bounds.

An early excuse was to blame the Sun, which was due to have its solar maximum in 2011 or 2012. But the Sun has been too quiescent. Now what? The establishment has amazed everyone by coming up with an excuse to cover the surging electronic clocks. They are going to run a year long exercise in the US to create surging on the electric grip. This is to start in July, 2011. How on Earth does that explain what is happening in Sicily now? And from comments on the Pole Shift ning, clearly happening in the US already. And if they want to experiment, why not do it in the lab? This shows the desperation of the establishment.

Power-Grid Experiment Could Confuse Electric Clocks
June 24, 2011
A yearlong experiment with America's electric grid could mess up traffic lights, security systems and some computers - and make plug-in clocks and appliances like programmable coffeemakers run up to 20 minutes fast. "A lot of people are going to have things break and they're not going to know why," said Demetrios Matsakis, head of the time service department at the U.S. Naval Observatory, one of two official timekeeping agencies in the federal government. Since 1930, electric clocks have kept time based on the rate of the electrical current that powers them. If the current slips off its usual rate, clocks run a little fast or slow. The group that oversees the U.S. power grid is proposing an experiment that would allow more frequency variation than it does now. The test is tentatively set to start in mid-July. This won't change the clocks in cellphones, GPS or even on computers, and it won't have anything to do with official U.S. time or Internet time. East Coast clocks may run as much as 20 minutes fast over a year, but West Coast clocks are only likely to be off by 8 minutes.

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