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ZetaTalk: Storm Clash
written Feb 18, 2005

The twin cyclones in the South Pacific correspond with the recently observed change in surface spin!

We have defined Weather Wobbles as atypical wind storms resulting from sudden movement of the crust under the atmosphere during the Polar Wobble, but ocean currents are also affected, rushing first one way and then the next. Why would these not form, in the oceans, as a result of increasing wobble, especially as warm and cold air will mix during this sloshing, adding to the formation of tornadoes in the water, the whirlpool effect. What effect will an increased wobble, a more violent wobble, have on the major storms that form over the oceans of the world? Air currents follow the temperature changes in the ocean waters, heating and rising, or cooling and suddenly plunging, the normal storm formation finding a new additive to the mix, one the forecasters had not taken into account. It is of record that the Hurricane season in 2004 had more storms of higher violence than every before. It is of record that the typhoon season in Asia had almost double the number, breaking all previous records. The cyclone season for 2005 in the South Seas now appears to be following suit. But beyond stronger and more frequent storms, and more whirlpool formation, there will be an as yet unanticipated effect, storm clash.
The circular pattern of major storms on both hemispheres is due to the greater distance traveled at the Equator compared to the poles, the crust of the Earth pulling under the water at a faster pace at the Equator, thus creating a void behind water pulled toward the East, which is filled by water dropping into it from the direction of the poles, thus starting a clockwise rotation in the water in the Northern Hemisphere, and a counterclockwise rotation in the water in the Southern Hemisphere. This fact can even be noted in water in micro-environments such as toilets or bathtubs, where the swirl of the descending water most often takes this direction. The fact that magma under the surface is also moving in these directions adds to this tug. During a violent wobble the Earth lurches quickly, as has been noted at times by startled observers seeing the Moon or constellations move too quickly or the Sun hovering too long at certain times of day. Those carefully observing and recording such things are astonished, sensing they are actually observing the wobble, no longer theoretical but palpable. If water in a toilet or bathtub forms predictable little whirlpools as it goes down the drain, then water in the oceans, finding that part near or far from the Equator suddenly changed, or the magma motion suddenly changed, will have its dynamics changed. Where are the voids formed? What portion of the ocean is now moving faster, to create a void? And what effect will this have on an already formed storm, building in fury as it marches across the water toward land?
Swirling in the oceans and the air will only increase, not only becoming more violent and following each other in short order, but also will begin slamming into each other, creating weather conditions utterly unpredictable and horrific in their consequences. Forecasters will be dismayed. Water on the move, finding a blockage before it, mounts high, on land termed a tidal bore but in the ocean creating gigantic waves when the force of water moving in one direction meets another. These waves do not simply stand in place, they move in all directions, choppy, and huge. The storm surge anticipated during major storms is predictable, coming from one direction, as is the wind, but what would be the effect of surges and wind coming from different directions, simultaneously, during such storms. This battering will tear buildings to pieces, send missiles from all directions to smash into each other, and the crush of water from more than one direction crushing boats and barriers unlike the force of water on the move in a single direction. Those living under the path of these storms will be driven to their knees, and no explanation for why this has afflicted the Earth that fits, other than the Earth wobble.
Signs of the Times #1340
Twin cyclones batter the South Pacific, could combine into 'Perfect Storm' [Feb 16] 'Twin cyclones battered three south Pacific nations and weather experts warned they could combine into one giant, destructive storm center that would create havoc in the region. Olaf slowed down in the hours before it closed in on the main Samoan island of Savai'i and was a strong Category 4 cyclone, out of a maximum of 5, producing sustained winds over 250 kilometers (155 miles) per hour and 15 meter (50-foot) waves. Nancy had weakened from a category 4 to a category 2 cyclone as it passed through the Cook Islands, probably due to interaction with more powerful Olaf to the NW. The Cooks were still recovering from significant damage caused by a category 4 cyclone, Meena, which struck just 10 days ago.’
Signs of the Times #1333
GPS systems are being updated nightly. [Feb 1] GPS was updated 20 minutes after the quake. I work for the USN. Believe this, we are not done rolling either, we are updating everyday between 2200 and 0100 nightly, check your GPS at this time they will not be correct. [and from another source] Funny my GPS did act up last night, It was late but don´t know what time it was, I´d have to say around midnight does that fit the time frame given? Don´t know military time table. [and from another source] Mine acted funny the other night, couldn´t get it to work for a good half hour, then it just came back on and worked. Is something going on? [and from another source] Yes, what ´is goining on´ is called recalebration. [Note: Earth wobble forcing recalibration nightly.]
Signs of the Times #1324
Heaviest Snowfall Ever Hits Moscow [Jan 31] ‘ powerful snowstorm that raged in Moscow on Friday was the heaviest day's snowfall since weather records began. Winter's return came with a vengeance after some of the mildest January temperatures on record, which recalled weather more like that experienced in April. Thursday was also the coldest day this winter, with the air temperature plunging to minus 17.6 degrees Celsius -- 2.4 degrees colder than the average for this time of year. [and from another source] A summer day of dust, thunder and freezing rain [Feb 3] ‘Freak weather brought a dust storm to Brisbane, heavy rain and hail to Sydney, and gave Melbourne its coldest February day on record yesterday. Lashing rain caused flight delays at Sydney airport after an electrical storm ripped through the city, bringing down power lines and trees and tearing roofs off buildings in the inner-west suburb of Gladesville. Hailstones the size of golf balls were reported in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, and wind gusts of 50 knots were recorded at Richmond in the west.’ [and from another source] Today - in Feburary - our hottest month, it is snowing on the Brindabella ranges around Canberra. We´re lucky if it snows on them in the middle of winter, yet alone the middle of summer. I don´t think that has ever happened before.
Signs of the Times #1321
During the last week of January, observers all over the world noted a visually obvious wobble in the Earth. [and from another source] El Paso, Jan 22-23 Six hours and a 45 degree shift in the Moon. Apparently, the wobble is taking place from 22:00 to 24:00. [and from another source] Australia, Jan 23: It looks as if the earths rotation stalled for a while on Sunday evening whilst Alt continued to decrease. Did it tip at this point whilst being held in position? [and from another source] Mississippi, Jan 25: The moon Friday and Saturday night stood still directly overhead for an hour. Last night (Sunday) it slowed but kept moving. [and from another source] Arkansas, Jan 25-26: On Jan 24, 2005, first light was around 5:30 AM and on Jan 26, 2005 first light was around 6:30 AM. I would say the wobble is getting worse. [and from another source] Australia, Jan 27: This morning Sigma Octantis appeared ten degrees left of a terrestrial target suggesting Earth´s South Pole axis was moved to the right away from the rising Sun. [and from another source] New York, Jan 27: I was staring at the night sky straight at the moon. I could swear that I saw the moon quickly shift to the left and back to its original position. My heart skipped a beat. [and from another source] Italy, Jan 23: I have scientific evidence of the tilt and wobble of the Earth's axis. I cut a slice of one spot in the images of Big Bear each hour. I put them in the exact position and we can see that the line from a spot and next is not linear .As the scope has a linear movement this line is the wobble of the axis. In the other side I take the same spot in different day from SOHO and an Earth observer. We can see that the angle is different by 6 degree. SOHO is correct. [Note: SOHO is not the Earth, and is not wobbling! Earth is wobbling.]
Signs of the Times #1315
Coast Guard sends help to stalled 'Semester at Sea' ship [Jan 26] ‘Coast Guard rescuers are rushing to a Semester at Sea research ship with 990 people on board that lost power in roiling seas Wednesday afternoon in the North Pacific south of the Aleutians. A 50-foot wave smashed through the bridge windows of the 591-foot MV Explorer around 2:30 p.m., pouring saltwater over electrical components on board and disabling all four of its engines. The Explorer, which was en route from Vancouver, B.C., to Japan, contacted the Coast Guard about five minutes after the wave toppled the ship. Semester at Sea is a university program sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh. It takes approximately 600 students from colleges and universities from across the United States and abroad, around the world for a semester.’