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ZetaTalk: Drunken Lurch
written Nov 19, 2004

We have previously explained an Earth Wobble which became evident in early 2004 and accentuated during the Summer as Planet X leaned along the Sun’s magnetic flow lines, pulling the Earth into magnetic compliance with its tilt. This then eased in the Fall as Planet X aligned almost horizontally along the tight magnetic flow lines emanating from the Sun’s middle, since the S. Pole pointed outward toward the Earth is only an intake for magnetic particles flows. The Earth, at that time, eased its wobble as it aligned once again with the dominant Sun’s influence, ignoring Planet X. But as we hinted in the Timeline Clues given last July, things were going to change in November, and they have. Planet X is simultaneously:

The Earth wobble carefully documented by those allowing themselves to notice that the Sun and Moon and constellations are not where expected is now back, with a difference. The previous wobble had the lower portion of the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift grabbed twice a day, at the day and dark points when the Atlantic Rift was either facing Planet X or in opposition on the other side of the globe. The grab was essentially forcing the Earth into magnetic alignment with the tilt of Planet X. This eased at the dusk and dawn points when the Atlantic Rift was shifted to the side of the globe, creating a 4 times daily wobble which had Spain and Japan seeing the Sun high with warmer weather while N. America and Siberia found the Sun low and their temps cooler. We now have a twice a day wobble, a polar wobble.

The Earth is known to be rotating around geographic poles, which are offset from the magnetic poles by approximately 15 degrees, for the sake of this discussion loosely up from the S. Pole toward Tasmania and down from the N. Pole toward the center of the Canadian NW Territories. An aspect of the Crop Circles much analyzed on ZetaTalk last Summer was the Juxtapositioned arrangement representing the complicated magnetic dance that the Earth and Planet X are to engage in before this drama is done, wherein we noted a temporary end-to-end alignment during the 270° Roll that Planet X takes as it crosses the Ecliptic. During this roll, it swings its N. Pole toward Earth, pushing the N. Pole of Earth away, causing the prophesied 3 Days of Darkness during this temporary end-to-end alignment. Leading into this Planet X revolves in place such that its N. Pole no longer points almost directly at the Sun but points away, swinging toward the Earth, but this change does not happen suddenly. It is progressive. Leading into this, when Planet X slowly swings its N. Pole round in a clockwise direction, whither the Earth?

The magnetic poles of Earth present themselves to the Sun each once a day, at diametrically opposing times. When N. America faces the Sun and Planet X, the N. Pole is exposed in its location just above the Canadian NW Territories. As the N. Pole of Planet X is coming into play during the slow revolution of Planet X in place, the N. Pole of Earth leans away from this hose of magnetic particles, causing the Sun to seem too far to the South. This effect lingers until the S. Pole of Earth comes into view, dawn just South of Tasmania, at which point the N. Pole of Earth is out of view and negated. The Earth now attempts to move back into alignment with the Sun, the dominant magnet in the solar system, overcompensating in this wobble back to place the Sun temporarily too far to the North for Siberia and Europe. The drunken lurch back and forth will become more accentuated as the slow 270° Roll of Planet X continues, with the tilt of the Earth’s N. Pole steadily moving away from the Sun, until the 3 Days of Darkness is evident. Is this drunken lurch not already evident?

Italy Nov 16: At 13 :18 o’clock I noted a stronger deviation to West of the Sun, then I checked with digital compass and was surprised : azimuth was 210°, too much for the natural 197° in that hour.

Maryland Nov 13: I don’t remember ever seeing the sun setting in the SW. Seems like just the other day, it was back around slightly North of due West.

Australia Nov 13: The Sun appeared to set 5 degrees farther south yesterday in the southern hemisphere. Often this can be confirmed by a later observation of the position of the South Celestial Pole(SCP). A 9:00 PM observation in the evening skies placed the SCP about 7 degrees further left of a terrestrial target and 5 degrees lower to the horizon according to my reckoning.

Seattle Nov 17: For the Seattle latitude, the sun should set at 235 degrees on Dec. 22, the winter solsitice. Today is November 17. Tonight, as I do every night, I took another reading of the sunset - 235.8. In other words, the sun is already farther south now than it should be 5 weeks from now. The ongoing Sunrise is within the parameter of where it is supposed to be. It is the sunset that exhibits this recent deviation. It's similiar to an off balanced top. And it's not good news.