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ZetaTalk: Weather Wobble
written Dec 6, 2004

About 100 miles/hour gusty wind blew in Tokyo [Dec 5] and suburbs of Tokyo, damaged buildings and affected all transportation. After this gusty wind, temperatures went up over 25C like a September climate. This is the highest temperature in December ever recorded.

If the Earth has been in a Wobble since last May, at this early date a relatively gentle tug on the southern portion of the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift, was this a factor in the record typhoon and hurricane seasons? Most certainly. Now that a more violent Polar Wobble has started, will the weather be exempt? Hardly. Where the Earth is pulled, the atmosphere is not, and lingers where it was while the crust moves beneath it. Accounts of sudden wind storms, unexpected and out of season, are occurring. Jerking the Earth about under her cloak of air also creates temperature changes. It has been noted by those plotting the Lurch that the Earth appears to be swinging in a Figure 8, one loop of which swings the N. Pole of Earth forward toward the Sun over India, creating an uncharacteristic warm spot in Siberia in the polar regions. As the earth lurches from a position where the N. Pole is pushed away and then a rebound where it tilts forward, would this not push Japan suddenly under warmer air from the SE and create a verticle air flow likewise from the SE in Bavaria as well as sudden fierce storms from the NE in California? Have these been the report? Indeed.

Will this trend continue, and become more extreme? Why would it not, in an Earth wobble that we have predicted will become more extreme as Planet X swings its N. Pole, a hose of magnetic particles that cannot be ignored, toward Earth. Earth attempts to align with the dominant magnet in the Solar System, the Sun, but can only do so in this instance when its own vulnerable N. Pole is hidden from Planet X, that portion of the day when India faces the Sun. The push of the Earth’s vulnerable N. Pole away will occur with more violence, the rebound back to align with the Sun’s dominant voice will occur with more violence, and the weather will follow!

Signs of the Times #1238
Storm Strikes in Heart of Europe [Nov 19] ‘Winds gusting at up to 180 kilometers (112 miles) an hour were recorded at Wendelstein in Bavaria. The massive storm also swept across Scandinavia on Thursday disrupting land, sea and air traffic.’ [and from another source] 40 Missing, Five Dead after Storm Batters Philippines ‘Tropical storm Muifa cut through the country, sinking boats, causing landslides and blackouts and killing at least five, officials said.’ [and from another source] Up to 15 Inches of Rain causes Flooding, Forces Residents from Homes in Texas [Nov 21] ‘A storm that´s parked over southern Texas has dumped 15 inches of rain on the town of El Campo, southwest of Houston. At one point, rain was coming down at a rate of two-and-a-half inches an hour. Forecasters say up to 20 inches of rain could fall before the storm starts to move.’ [and from another source] Southern California Storm Dumps Snow Even in Desert Regions [Nov 22] 'The weather system, which developed in British Columbia and swept into California via Nevada, is called an "inside slider" for its rare approach into Southern California, from the northeast instead of the typical route through the Pacific Ocean.’ [Note: violent Earth Lurch causing jet stream to lurch.]