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Sightings, Photos, from the General Public, from late May 26, 2003 to July 22, 2003

July22/2003: Similar Midday Sun/Cloud from Italy, Midday Sun/Cloud from Alberta, Midday Sun/Cloud/Moons from Texas, Noon Cloud from Arkansas, and Sunset Cloud from Alaska, same phenomena! Midday Sun/Cloud from Wisconsin, next day Sunrise Sun from Wisconsin, Sunset Sun from Pennsylvania, and Sunset Sun from Georgia, all behind welders glass. Sunset Sun from Seattle. Sunset/Sunrise Sun/Tail series from Alberta. Sunrise Sun from Arkansas. Sunrise Sun series from Italy. Continuing SOHO Fakery amidst a good SOHO C3 catch.

July16/2003: Distinct Sunset Sun White Persona from Arkansas, distinct Sunset Sun Red Persona from Arkansas. Midday RedCloud from Italy. Distinct Midday Sun persona from China. Distinct Sunset Sun from Alberta. Noon RedCloud from Moscow. Sunset Sun from Washington with both personas. Noon Sun with both personas from New Zealand, confirming location. A New Zealand series showing Midday Sun with both personas, Midday Moons, and Midday RedCloud. Australia Midday Sun with both personas, showing retrograde motion. Continuing SOHO Fakery amidst a good SOHO C2 catch.

July11/2003: Dramatic SOHO/EIT burnout and the Zetas Explain, its the tail, Solar Flare NOT, and SOHO Fakery afterwards. Massive Sunrise Sun/Cloud from Italy confirming size. Sunset Moons at Lake Huron, similar Sunset Moons in Vancover. Sunset Sun, and another Sunset Sun from Vancouver, both showing independence from the Sun. Sunset Sun from Egypt, occulting the Sun. Sunset Sun from Vancouver comparison to previous. Another Sunset Sun from Vancouver. Monster Sunset Sun casting rays in Florida.

July7/2003: Noon Sun in Iraq. Noon Sun/Tail from Italy, and Noon Sun/Tail from Florida next day showing increase! SOHO shows consistent appearance. Dense Moon Swirl from Kentucky. Sunset Moons from Austria. Noon PurpleSky from China and matching Sunset PurpleSky from Texas. Atlantic Rift Stretch documented in photos from Spain! Double Reflection/Moons from Florida. Sunset Sun from Ontario with both personas. Midday Sun from Florida with both personas. Sunset Sun from Washington. Sunrise Sun from Arkansas.

July1/2003: Double Reflection from Vancouver. Double Reflections from Iceland/Spain. Stunning Sunrise Sun/Moons1, Sunrise Sun/Moon2, and Sunrise Sun/Moon3 series from China, showing moving moons! Sunset Sun/Moons from Lake Huron, Sunset Sun/Moons from Norway, and Sunrise Sun/Moons from California, all showing the same moving moons and debris. SunSet Sun in Texas/Colorado showing sunset vertical flare. Noon Sun from Italy showing Monster Personas, and Sunset Sun series from Ibiza and Sunset Sun from Lake Huron showing the same monster second sun setting!

June28/2003: Moon as Mirror from Hawaii. Filtered Noon Sun from Florida, showing both personas. Noon Sun from Florida showing consistency. Noon Sun from Quebec. Intense Brightness of double suns from Santorini. Intense Brightness in Colorado/California/Nevada, causing vertical lens flare. Sunset RedCloud from Arkansas. Sunset RedCloud from Florida. Sunset RedCloud from Colorado. Sunset Sun/Moons from Lake Huron. Sunset Sun/Tail from Colorado. Sunset Sun from the Grand Canyon with descending persona. Sunrise Sun from Italy.

June24/2003: Sunset Sun/Moon from Korea, moons moving, captured also on the SOHO C2 same day, and SOHO C3 same day shows Planet X!. Sunset Sun from a converted debunker! Midday Sun/Moons from Italy, with sameday characteristics as Sunset Sun/Moons from Vancouver! A Sunset RedCloud from Santorini and a sameday matching Sunset RedCloud from Vancouver! Sunset Sun from Colorado. Sunset Sun from the Grand Canyon. Sunset Sun series from California. More Cams Down. RedSky at Night from New Zealand.

June21/2003: Sunset Sun/Moons from Ibiza showing dual reflections brightness of Planet X. Intense Brightness from Ibiza again, an increase in 2 Days, an increase in 7 Days, due to the effect of Planet X in front of the Sun. Santorini Webcam takeover and Doctoring and KeyWest Webcam takeover, all the same day! A monster Second Sun from Santorini slips through, showing the size increase within days. Sunset Sun from Vancouver. Midday Sun from Alabama. RedSunrise Sun from Italy.

June17/2003: Sunrise sighting report from South Africa. Sunrise Sun from Italy. Two Reflections at sunset from Santorini, and again, next day, the Sunset Sun has its own reflection. Sunset Sun/Moons from Lake Huron. Sunset Sun from Ohio. Sunset Sun/UFO from Ibiza of interest to submarines, and later Sunset Sun/Moons from Ibiza. Sunset Sun/Moons from Santorini, again showing them like an asteroid swarm. Two suns overexpose the light in this Noon Sun from Kentucky. Midday Sun from Washington State that stands the tests.

June14/2003: Webcams worldwide picking up Planet X, with sudden strange Mothership Effect noted too. Mothership in reflection in Spain. Noon Sun/Tail from New York. Dramatic Noon Sun from Greece. Sunset Sun series from Santorini, and another SunSet Sun from Santorini. Sunset Sun/Moons from Lake Huron, and Sunset Sun series from Texas showing independent Mothership Flare and Two Personas. Dramatic filtered Sunset Sun from Ontario. Sunset Sun from Australia. Sunrise Sun from Colorado. SOHO Up briefly, but down again as Planet X appears!

June10/2003: Dramatic Sunset Sun/Moon, and a Noon Sun double reflection on water from Santorini. Sunrise Sun from Ibiza. Midday Sun from Oregon through dark lens. Sunset sighting reports. Moon as Mirror from Antartica. UFOs appearing with the Mothership/Moons, a Mothership in Santorini, Mothership/Sun/Tail from Texas, and many Mothership sighting reports. SOHO/EIT cut and paste job with a Sunset Sun and a Mothership Sun from Santorini showing the same upper right spot, and later, the SOHO Down!

June6/2003: Mt. Wilson, under pressure to resume pointing at the Sunrise inserted Blanks, then a Substitute and another blank, then a Return. The next day, 5 More Blanks inserted between Valid Shots, then a Change in Direction away from where PlanetX Appears. Many reports of a Mothership Sun, despite Mothership Questions and an Overexposure similarities, a Sign to Mankind. A dramatic Mothership/Moons photo. Noon sighting reports, and the SOHO Down.

June3/2003: Live webcam at Mt. Wilson response and Explanation. Distinct Sunrise Sun from Australia and another Sunrise Sun from Oregon. Sunrise, Midday, and Sunset sightings and Reflection confusion. SOHO Burnout, during an unexplained Lapse in images. Partial Solar Eclipse reveals Planet X, and the Moon as Mirror from Florida! Sunset Sun from Italy showing PlanetX Moons.

May27/2003: Extreme SOHO Packet Loss due to Planet X and subsequent SOHO Doctoring evident. Another sunrise slideshow from Los Angeles Slide15, Slide16, Slide17, Slide18, Slide19, Slide20, Slide21, Slide22, Slide23, Slide24, Slide25 captured before Mt. Wilson observatory was aware. Noon Sun from Italy, and another Noon Sun from Brisbane.

May26/2003: Dramatic Sunrise Sun slideshow from Los Angeles coming Right/Under the Sun, with Planet X rising before the Sun in Slide1, Slide2, Slide3, Slide4, Slide5, Slide6, Slide7, Slide8, Slide9, Slide10, Slide11, Slide12, Slide13, Slide14. Amd a Sunset Sun from Arkansas.