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SOHO Packet Loss
on May 27, 2003

I am well aware of the Pleiads, Alderbaren and the big thing in the middle of the screen ( the Sun ). What I am talking about is the blacked out bits ( packet loss ) with the white bits/flecks/shite in the upper right region on this image. Why has packet loss shown up with white bits? I have never seen this before.
Night Watchman
Ah, but ask them why Packet Loss is showing up here, now, and with 5 big EQ´s in one day and 6 volcanos erupting, and the government acting like an idiot, and the SOHO pics so heavily edited. This one got through. Somebody trying to send us a message, or just an error? In any event, Packet Loss shows up when the camera´s sensing system is shocked or ´overwhelmed´, like when an unexpected heat source shows up in close range. But in this case, some of the pixelation of the Heat Source actually showed through the so-called ´Packet Loss´.